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  1. Carlos, a fairly promising 18 year old defender at Vitoria, is on loan at Jacuipense until 2022. That's the entire duration of his Vitoria contract. That seems.... unlikely?
  2. It doesn't feel buggy in the same way that some other transfer dynamics do, which is why I haven't reported it. I bet it just comes down to the individual clubs situation and how they value the player. The Russian club offering nothing has nothing to offer and just see a young player with a smidgen of potential that might be available. The 2nd division club can't afford to offer a lot more. The bigger club can afford to pay more and this specific club - Chivas - have a Mexican-player-only rule that makes them more desperate for young Mexican players. Its happened repeatedly with offers varying to similar levels for players in this save, but I feel its goofy rather than a problem, if that makes sense?
  3. So on FM 19, I complained quite frequently about AI transfer offers. How often they would start by offering "value" plus 20%, how they would refuse to negotiate up reasonably for a top level wonderkid, etc. One of the most annoying was going through an entire transfer sequence with one club, where they would make offer after offer- you would start by turning down say 20 and 3 offers later, reject 45m and then another club would come in and start all over by offering 20m. Just illogical, especially if the whole sequence was public offers. I'm seeing something kinda weird, but it might be very situational. I'm managing a Mexican club that starts in the 2nd division but we promoted. My first youth intake was mediocre - one player who I thought we could be useful and some lesser prospects. The lesser ones aren't useless but just don't quite have the potential to be useful. PA in the 100-120 range. I had offers for a couple of them and let them go. But I decided to keep two of them. But I've been getting absolutely constant offers from Mexican clubs for them. Like 5 offers a day. The players haven't gotten unsettled so its not really annoying. And honestly, some of the offers are probably good value. But its gotten weird... I'll get several offers in a day from different clubs, and the offers vary widely in value. I just got 3 offers for an 18 year old defender with 3 star potential and value of 525 (not K). One Mexican club offered 35K. A Russian club offered 2.3K. And another Mexican club offered 190K. That's... a pretty massive diversity in the offers.
  4. I'm not sure there is a stadium anywhere that compares to the view from Monterrey. Its pretty epic. Looking through Argentina, I don't see many that would compare. Estudientes La Plata play at Estadio Jorge Luis Hirschi, which looks like it has a nice setting in pictures - but I think those are renders rather than actual pictures as the stadium is being redone.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if Canada emulated it. Its only been a rule in Mexico for this season, I think. Its not a bad way to push teams to give domestic youngsters a chance in the first team. it was all but impossible for me to meet this season in FM but down the road, it should get easier. I imagine you aren't able to see the full squad.... but that wouldn't change that dynamic much. There are maybe 10 players under contract to the club. The rest are on loan. Not abnormal in Mexico for clubs outside the big ones. Lobos BUAP were like that before they ceased to be a club. Oaxaca have an affiliation with Chivas to loads of young players on loan from there, but all poor and way too many of them are leftbacks. The squad being so heavily on-loan players is part of what I meant when I mentioned this save made for some unique squad building. The kits are honestly one of the best things about Mexico. They are so cool and creative. Appreciation of the Pumas kt was actually what drew me to manage there for the first on FM, about FM17 or 18.
  6. I had a look at the rules for The Netherlands are you are right on the wage limit. It depends on their age, but its there. Must be fairly new - haven't had a long-term save on the Eredivisie since about FM18. Mexico is where I'm managing right now. I'm running Oaxaca, a small 2nd division. Squad-building is... unique. I enjoy Liga MX but they have added some rules in the past couple of seasons. They still have the 9 "Natural Born" Mexican players in the match day squad requirement. They have now limited the total amount of non-NB players you can register and also added requirement that every club must play U21 players for a total of 1000 minutes over the half-season or face a point deduction. Pretty sure there is a kid pack out there somewhere for Liga MX cuz I have one - just don't remember where I downloaded it. At some point, I want to take a step down in Brazil and try to build up a smaller club - Paysandu (like Cleon) or similar. Building Chapo back up would be intriguing as well. The history of those big clubs is amazing. But at the same time, the structure makes success a quicker chase. Its definitely not the worst way to get into managing on another continent, though. I see it much like someone fairly new to FM - there is a really good chance they grab a big club in a big league. But as they get more familiar with the mechanics of the game, lower league and different challenges often become more appealing. Not everyone does it that way, and some stay with the bigger clubs, but its a fairly common progression. Similar with South america. Financial issues are pretty prevent in South America, regardless of league. Almost everyone relies on player sales to balance the books. I read somewhere that one of the reasons most leagues down there run so many fixtures is that its way to boost income. Individual match-day income generally isn't high, because the clubs can't charge big ticket prices. So they run a load of matches instead.
  7. Meant to actually reply to the thread. South American has become one of my FM "happy places". I don't think I ventured outside of Europe in FM until about FM16 or 17. I kinda randomly tried Colombia and Mexico, and I really enjoyed both. I have a few saves with Envigado, a funny little club with a heavy focus on talent development. They bring through great newgens. Plus they have this funky half-stadium that is actually decently replicated in FM. Brazil has become one of my favorite places. I've quite fallen for the club Atletico Mineiro and have enjoyed saves with them on the last few versions. But they are a big club and the challenge in that regard is a bit minimized. Brazil is probably the "easiest" of the South American nations because of the combination of finances and talent production. The volume of matches you play means the quality young players absolutely have to play, and you can bring in tons of money selling them on to Europe. Domestic players all have release clauses and its pretty low for young players, so you can make a killing in the market if you seek those players out early. The foreign player rules are also a bit less restrictive in Brazil so you can have fun grabbing young talent around the continent. Between Teach's Argentinos Juniors save and reading "Angels with Dirty Faces", I've wanted to do Argentina for a few years. But when I've taken a look at teams, they always seems a bit too big or a bit... not right. I just have to find the club that really appeals, but that probably means I need to stop trying to find the "perfect" club there.
  8. Portugal has special rules for Brazilian players. Spain allows South American players to get Spanish citizenship after 2 years of residency but the non-EU limits apply until then. Germany and the Netherlands have no foreign player restrictions. Pretty sure Belgium is open as well. Your best bet is going to be starting a save with all of the lose leagues loaded (top division only) and reading through the individual league rules pages. They might have funky elements to the restrictions. There is always a reason that the money is disappearing. FM doesn't have a "club corruption" mechanism where the chairman is funneling funds out.... although it 100% should for realism purposes. Looks at the Debts and Loans screen and dive into the Expenditures. There will be something in there somewhere. Maybe you are paying interest on a big loan. Maybe you are paying high rent on the stadium. A quick peak in the editor and it looks like the club has an outstanding debt of 8m. Have you noted the payments on that?
  9. No need at all to apologize. Small bug in a weird spot.
  10. Apologies, as I rage quit after encounter this, so I don't have the save game at that point to upload. Managing in the Mexican 2nd division. Finished 1st in the aperatura. Played the SF against the team that finished 6th. 1st leg was a 2-0 win. 2nd leg was a 2-0 loss. I know Mexico uses the higher seed rather than pens. But after exiting the match, it said the 6th place team went through as the higher seed. Commence rage quit.
  11. Love and respect for all the time and effort you've putting in dragging so many of us a level or two. All the best!
  12. He tends to be quite cheap given his reputation. Probably 1 - 3 m, depending on timing. He has a lot of caps already so a WP is usually a yes. Can get snapped up quick and have seen him go to places like the MLS.
  13. Not sure there is any real way to answer this short of just... trying stuff.... But can't hurt to ask. New save in Brazil, so have a big squad with some pretty solid, versatile players, some of whom are quite good (for the level) technically. I'm using a 4-2-2-2 narrow box possession tactic. Part of the intent is that the overload of players in the middle makes for defensive solidity. My first try with it was to avoid having a press, having used a gegenpress a lot in FM19 and already in FM20, but a press does help so.... What I'm toying with is the roles for the midfield foursome. The 2 DMs and 2 MCs. I'm not married to any specific roles, but I do like the idea of having the playmaker in the DM strata. I fell in love with the Segundo Volante role on FM18 but barely used it on FM19 so a DLP and SV combo in the DM strata is what I was looking to build off of. I have the idea that in tougher matches, or even seeing out matches, I will move the DLP into the MC strata and have two more holding players in the DM roles (or even a ball-winner and a holder). The MC roles are the ones I'm still mulling and toying with. I initially wanted "simple" in the middle and had an MC-A ahead of the DLP and an MC-S ahead of the SV. I don't mind the movement and spacing of the DLP & MC-A attack combo, but not loving the SV & MC-S. They are sometimes too close. i adding a Stay Wider PI for the MC-S but that put him out near the fullback. I thought about experiment with a B2B role but I kinda feel like a B2B and a SV on teh same side of midfield would be too much. Experimented with Mezzala a bit. Just looking for suggestions on the MC roles. Open on the DMs too for that matter. Basically just looking for roles that combine well and don't overlap too much positionally but provide a nice balance between attacking movement and the defensive solidity.
  14. I did indeed use and editor file but tried a second time without it. Maybe I'll delete the league file entirely. Didnt realize that would impact it. Thanks gents
  15. So the available start dates for Brazil have changed and not sure if this is intended. Previously the Serie A start date option had you start in late April or early May but just as the state leagues were ending. Now its early June and that means you start a month or more into the league season.
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