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  1. Good thought. Didn't work in this case. The player they did buy was from Santos, so another Brazilian club, with a lower reputation than we have. Just frustrating that they were not willing to pay more than something like 70% for my player, but stumped up almost 200% of the value for the other one. Player - higher value, almost the same bid. Now unhappy Player 2 - first bid Player 3 - who they did buy
  2. I'm sure there are background mechanics that make this happen, but its annoying as $#W%. Have two wonderkid strikers. I'm managing in Brazil and literally anyone on my squad is sellable, but I just ask for reasonable value. Napoli has wanted the one striker for much of the summer window. They make an offer at exact same time at Leverkusen, for the EXACT same value (hate that happening). They both offer 12m for a 13m rated (yes I know the player's value is relatively, but still) 19 year old who has several years to run on his contract and a 39m release fee. Napoli won't budge and walk on my attempted negotiation. Leverkusen negotiate up to 33m but the player refuses the contract. He's upset that I didn't accept the Napoli bid since they are in the CL.... My captain was able to settle him. Then Napoli bids for the other striker. This one is 20 years old, has been more productive, has 4 years left on his contract which also has a 40m buyout. The offer 14m. Several million below his "value". Again, they won't budge. I try to negotiate and they walk away. 25m and I'd be happy. Maybe even 20m. But well below his value.... that feels like they are trying to scam us. Maybe Napoli is on a limited budget? Nope, 49m available. Then they pay the 21m release clause for another striker in the same league - an 18 yo wonderkid who has been less productive (basically half as many goals as the 20 year old). So why won't you negotiate with us and pay a bit more? And of course, the 20 year old player is extremely upset that I wouldn't take a below-market bid for him. Edit - and just had another Brazilian club bid for a 17 year old defender. He wants to join them because they play in the Copa Libertadores. Which they don't - they lost out in the qualifiers. But we do. And won it last year. Might win it again. Very rationale reason he would want to leave us for them.
  3. This probably more a rant than anything, but stuff like this is frustrating and just feels buggy. In the middle of the second season in Brazil. One of my star players says he's looking for a new challenge. Fair enough - I promise to attempt to sell him. He's a versatile attacker and 28 years old (not that common to have "in their prime" players in Brazil). Value is 15m and he's on a relatively low wage - 12K per week. It was August 30th I made this promise. I started offering him out. I started fairly high. After an offer or two, I encouraged him to try to find a club and he agreed. I continued to offer him out, dropping 1m each time. I've been burned before by offering players out way too low to start - a club will make a locked offer which tends to anger the player if you reject it, even though its massively below their "value". The only clubs interested in the player are MLS clubs wanting him on loan. Its now September 7th and he is saying he's going to cause a squad revolt because I failed to make any effort. What... what other effort can I make?
  4. Thank you tons for this thread, Herne. Been managing in Brazil and using the same 4-3-3 gegenpress that I've used throughout FM19. But after the first season ended, I wanted something different and happened to give this thread a read. Used the ideas here to create a possession 4-3-3 and its been quite interesting. I'm still tweaking and perfecting, but man, its been fun so far. Got the side rolling with it through the state championship, which is mostly a lot of matches that are mismatches in quality. But played two legs against Racing (who won the Copa Libertadores) in the Recopa Sudamericana and won it with 1-0 and 1-1. Just had a match against River Plate in the Libertadores that was similar - 1-0 win and they had 3 shots on goal all match. We aren't scoring as freely as we were with the gegenpress, but I'm honestly shocked by how defensively sound this has been. We dominate possession in most matches and simply don't give up chances. Still tweaking things but I don't want to push that too far. The football is pretty and fairly fun to watch, but its also damned effective. The squad is a typical Brazil mix - aging veterans with declining physicals and youngsters. I'm curious to see how things improve as the overall quality in the side creeps up.
  5. So this was a first for me. Got a news story that my first choice Right Back is "furious" at me and blames me for not being selected for the National Team and that his NT career might be over. ALL MY FAULT. This is, notably, my ONLY right back. He has played in six consecutive competitive matches, five of which were starts. He has played in 28 competitive matches thru the season into March and only been a sub in two of those. I had to rotate him a bit in November because his fitness was barely getting back into the 80s. Really not sure what he is expecting....? Same with another player, who identified that he wanted to leave as he was "homesick" just after the summer window closed. I promised to sell him and make repeated offers out. No one wants him. He gives me more time to keep the promise. I keep offering him out, willing to take a smidgen of his value. Winter window closes and my Ass Man tells me that that player appreciates that a reasonable effort was made.... but he is still furious with me for failing to sell him and will no longer interact with me. I'm waiting to have head a full on squad revolt over this, despite "being satisfied with the effort made". Also notable that he's out of contract in the summer. Player interactions and personality dynamics still feel buggy too often. I fully accept that even reasonable people sometimes do irrational and unreasonable things, but in a game, its pretty much impossible to differentiate between what's a bug and what's intended to be "player being unreasonable".
  6. Yes. Got the league table, then the Overview drop down on the top left should have Average Points available as an option.
  7. Not really. The -9 range is going to be between 150 and 180. Even if that player gets the worst possible potential, maxing it out still makes them a pretty good player. Skill distribution matters more than actual Current Ability, but generally speaking, a player with a CA of 150 is still going to be a very good player. Not likely a superstar for the very biggest of clubs, but a solid player for a club below that. And that's if they are absolute bottom of the possible range. And most of these recommended players are going to be pretty good to start with, meaning the possibility of them maxing their potential is a bit better.
  8. Could simply be a reputation boost.
  9. Mentioned this already, but.... Genoa sold a burgeoning superstar for 40m in the winter window. Spent a portion of it. The update doesn't appear to have adjusted their finances. At the very least, their bank balance should be significant larger than in the summer, no?
  10. I can't even open the Editor after the update. Crashes endlessly.
  11. Switched both FM19 and the FM19 to public beta and now the errors are endless. Can't close out of the crashed Editor without using Task manager Edit - I deleted the cache, switched both the game and the editor back to non-public Beta and now the editor runs fine.
  12. I'm running into the same issue with the Editor.
  13. Haven't managed in Italy in a really long time, so I decided to give it a try on FM19. First attempt was Atalanta - they seem like a fun club, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of 4-5 star prospects they have, and I made it worse by adding a couple more. Then I started up a save with Fiorentina and it started reasonably well, but felt like they were too stacked with talent and it was making it a bit too easy. So then for no particular reason, I tried out Genoa. Made it to mid-November and we are sitting near the top of the table, but that's helped by having played only a couple of the big clubs. The real problem I'm running into is the sheer number of players on First Team status. Which has led to a lot of them complaining about playing time. I tend to rotate but actually feel like I've given less matches to the younger players than I typically would. But the vets are being greedy. And it doesn't help that so many of them are on big money (for the club, at least) contracts, many of which run for another couple of years. Yet the players are already on decline and demanding more playing time. Not saying its totally unrealistic or wouldn't happen, but its just worse than I typically face at most clubs and its undermining my interest in the save. Think a post-update Genoa might be more interesting.
  14. If they are free agents, when you confirm the deal and then get the announcement email, you will get an option to let them join in trial. They can then train with you.
  15. Just wanted to do update Jose Mourinho leaving United but can't seem to find a way to indicate Ole Gunnar as an Interim manager. Know its there lol. Anyone?
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