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  1. Our perspective as the gamer is often skewed, because the way we tend to do things isn't necessarily what happens in reality or by AI managers. Perhaps you don't play this way, but a great many people do. Its not uncommon to see someone with a squad made up almost entirely of players under 25. If they have any "veterans", its often purely so they can be used as mentors. High potential prospects get significant match time. This isn't necessarily realistic, at any level of professional football. Even clubs that bring through a lot of youth aren't that often turning 16 and 17 year old players into first choice starters. They more often tend to be blooded gradually. First team matches can be very significant in a young players development. There are great many factors, as others have mentioned - personality, coaching, facilities, injuries, etc. But playing competitive matches on a regular basis seems to have a significant effect, especially if the player is 18 to 21 years old with significant potential. It seems like the AI does some of those "unrealized potential" players, whether its because they lack the personality to fully develop or because they don't get the matches at the required level. If you spend some time looking thru the data (and hidden data) on a save that's gone a few seasons in, you will see plenty of unrealized potential. With both real players and newgens.
  2. Not an expert by any means, but.... -what is your actual tactical goal? How you are trying to get your side to play? Because looking at the tactics, it seems... muddled. I don't see a real actual intent. Knowing how you want the side to perform is pretty important when it comes to spotting the actual problems. -both shapes have players that are bunched. That's not automatically problematic, since the shape is just how the defensive shape is intended to look, but you need players who will move and link the lines. And that seems a bit lacking. Using the Counter mentality doesn't actually mean you are playing a counter-attacking game - mentality is more about risk-levels. So you are asking them to play without taking a lot of risks. Actually being counter-attacking would mean having a sound defensive shape with roles and duties that fit that. -playing high tempo and possession football aren't mutually exclusive, but they don't always work that well together. You need players of high caliber. You basically asking them to make the right decision very quickly. To work, you need players in the right positions and moving constantly, so there are multiple passing options - think of the way that Barcelona use triangles in the tiki-taka. But you aren't necessarily doing that. -you aren't protecting your back three in either shape. The DLP isn't a a true holding player, even on defend, and especially not from the MC position. You are giving up a lot of space between your midfield and defense, which seems problematic given that you are also giving up a lot of space on the wings. Would be surprise if you aren't sometimes getting hit with some early crosses to midfield runners that your defenders can't pick up. -having 3 forwards in the 3-4-3 as your "bigger opposition" approach seems contradictory to me. You have 3 players who won't help out defensively, and given the roles they have, won't even do a lot for link up play. Doesn't strike me as a conservative approach. But I don't know if these are actually causing problems. They are simply things that stick out at me as potential problems. But you haven't specified what the issues are beyond consistency. Being inconsistent is a pretty general problem. What are the specific issues you are seeing? If you can be more specific with both how you are trying to get the side to perform tactically and what the problems that are causing the inconsistency, it will likely be more effective in helping some of the tactical gurus on here provide some guidance.
  3. [Mexico] (Official) Data Issues

    A bit similar to Alamar's questions... why are some veteran Mexican-born players not considered Mexican-born? I have a save with Pumas and the veteran goalkeeper Alejandro Palacios looks like he should be considered Mexican-born. He was born in Mexico, no second nationality, never played outside of Mexico... yet he doesn't show as MB. I am not seeing anything that would make him count as foreign. I would simply edit but can't find anything in the Editor that would add that. Edit - found that it showed when I added that he had been trained in Mexico. Which appears to be the case, based on what I can find.
  4. Good, timely bump. This is a formation I've wanted to try forever - because of this thread and another from about the same time - and finally manged to do it in a couple of recent saves. Your recent blog post on it helped push me toward trying it. Been quite successful. I've used a slightly different approach but ended up with pretty similar roles and duties after some experimentation.
  5. They are chucking in crosses to no avail because who do you have them crossing to? You have a fairly small center forward and limited runners from midfield to help out - the CM-S will get up there sometimes but not as a consistent threat. so they cross to the striker, who is outnumbers by defenders, or maybe the other winger. As summatsupeer points out, crossing into an organized defense is a low percentage approach. Hitting crosses before the defense is ready works better, but you still need to be crossing to players who have a good chance of getting there. What are you really wanting out of the players? "Hitting crosses because 20!!!" isn't a tactical plan. How are you wanting them to perform, how is that accomplished, and how will you accommodate and support that in the side tactically? I suspect you are aware, but players don't perform or not perform in isolation. The side all connects together. those are two really nice players, BTW. What I like isn't the 20 Crossing but how well rounded they are. I would absolutely love having those two as wide mids in a 4-1-4-1 where they could absolutely anchor things because they can attack but are not defensive liabilities at all. Love 'em.
  6. Realistic Stadiums in 3d

    Definitely hope its being looked at, at least for some very future version if its not going to make FM18. The community editing aspect makes a lot of sense IMO and moves away from a lot of the licensing issues.
  7. Nothing major, just a few ideas I've been meaning to post up. Built-In Save Upload for Bugs Saw someone mention this in another thread awhile back and don't know if it ever got posted. I've hesitated on posting possible bugs a few times just because it can be a pain to post a proper bug post with enough detail, then upload the save. If the game could have an integrated save upload feature, that might make it easier on the gamer end. Obviously you don't want people uploading their saves with no information, so there would need to be some limits and some information attached to the upload. Good Players Make Decent Coaches There should be some randomness to this, but it seems totally random. Obviously not all good players become good coaches if they choose to pursue that post-career. But it seems like most good (for the level of play) players who I've had retire and become coaches end up being quite dire, without much potential to improve. At the very least, maybe they have low-ish CA but the potential to become good coaches. Its really fun (and rather realistic) to keep a club legend around to be part of the coaching setup. But when they go from being a really good player to a dreadful coach, you can't really do that without wasting a coaching spot. Walk Out Calmly Rather than the only option to end a press conference being to Storm Out, it would be nice to see an option to calmly end it. Ran into this recently where I had a journalist ask me the same question three times. Don't recall the question, but it was daft and none of the options were ones I wanted, so I kept taking the answer that wasn't an answer. The third time, I hit the Storm Out option. And the news story that followed was about me blowing up in a rage. But realistically, I imagined my manager simply staying calm, but calling an end to proceedings. Not flipping desks and throwing chairs. Variety to Questions Regarding interactions, with the media and with players, would be nice to have more variety. Not just different types of questions from the journalists, but even just different ways of having the same questioned asked. After a few seasons of doing press conferences yourself, its monotony. Realistic monotony in some ways, but in reality, different journalists will not phrase the same questions the exact same way. Would also be cool to see more questions Player Logic I realize this sometimes comes down to how the game can represent something, rather than the situation itself being wrong or illogical. But it can be frustrating when the player is upset about something that is not logical. And that's even realizing that emotional beings are always going to get upset rationally and logically. Recent example - at the biggest club in Colombia, I turned down an offer from a mid-level club in Argentina for one of my players. He is irate. Now Argentina is a bigger league but the clubs aren't really comparable - the current club is a full 1000 rep point above the club that made the offer. Other offers from some of Europe's biggest clubs came in, mostly negotiated up rather than outright rejected. But it was that one that made him want to leave. And he wants to leave to play at a bigger club. Yet the club he seems determined to join isn't bigger. They are notably smaller, and don't have continental football like we do. If the statement on why the player wanted to leave had a bit more clarity and said he wants to go to a bigger league, it wouldn't seem annoying IMO.
  8. Realistic Stadiums in 3d

    I'd love to see this. As a way around the licensing issues, simply add editable options into the database so its up to users to create more realistic stadiums. Even if they aren't exact, its still better than generic ones that don't match at all. I realize and accept that 3D is never going to be the focus, nor should it be. But they have added it, and they are working to make it better. They keep adding more and more 3D animations, which is great. But to say the rest of the 3D view is irrelevant and should be ignored.... that seems oddly picky, and it obviously does impact immersion. Again, that's why I like the idea of making stadium models editable to some level in the editor. That should be a massive add and then its up to the users to spend hours making stadiums look as realistic as possible, if that's something they choose to bother with.
  9. Which is why I took 5 minutes to create a thread, asking if anyone had seen anything like it, because maybe I was missing something? Rather than spend 20 minutes creating a more detailed thread in the Bugs forum for something that might not actually be a bug, which also might not get looked at (had that happen in the past), and requires me to download an FTP program so I can upload the save and again, possibly be told its not a bug anyway. I took the more efficient route and it got ignored. <shrug>
  10. I had this happen recently in a save. Created a thread to ask if anyone else had seen it and got ignored. Wasn't sure if it was a bug or I was missing something. Never reported it as a bug because I just wasn't certain. In my particular situation, I got an offer from a big club for a player, which was WAY below what I was willing to sell him for. It was like 1m structured. I negotiated it to like 10m structured. Got a message that they rejected that. Advance a few days. A get an offer from another club and a message that the negotiated offer from the first club was accepted. But they had already rejected my negotiation and what was accepted was WAY below what I tried to negotiate it to. So how did it get negotiated to the 1.5m they accepted? No indication my board was involved - I've had that happen before and its usually quite clear, plus you get a chance to protest it (the first time at least). I figured the save was toast, so I tried a bunch of different ways to get that to not happen. Everything resulted in that "offer" being accepted by PSG or the player freaking out. So I holidayed for the last 2 days of the window (when the offer was being made) and was able to continue.
  11. A cry for help

    Very much agree with Atarin. Defend deep long ball to TM is a very very low percentage approach. Probably lower percentage than trying to blast the ball from 40 yards every time you have it. You are asking your TM to consistently win the ball against multiple opponents. Unless your TM is leagues above the defenders, that won't happen consistently. Even when he does, what is doing with it? Does he have the close control and flair to outflank two or even three defenders and create a shot? Unlikely - most target men aren't that kind of striker. So hold up and wait for support. But as stated, how quickly can that support get there? If you are defending deep, the starting point for your support players is deep, meaning they probably only get into support positions before the defenders can get back if they are much faster. And if they can't get forward before more defenders can get back, you lose the advantage to getting the ball forward quickly in the first place. Its not impossible and there will be times it works. But its not effective football on a consistent basis. Its more lack of any better than a proper plan in the first place.
  12. Transfer Weirdness

    Unnecessary update, since it doesn't look like anyone read this or cared much lol. But I went back to the earlier save spot and managed to get past the end of the window by going on a holiday. The Ass Man rejected the PSG offer and the player didn't get upset - weird, because when I did that on one attempt, he freaked out. I never got the option to tell him he wouldn't play much there, which was the most reasonable option. PSG and 4 other clubs are still after him, so I'm quite sure I'll lose him in the next window. I'm just hoping I can get reasonable value for him. I realize there are a lot of factors tying into that - league rep, club rep, player rep, etc. But the offers have been just over a million. For a player who is basically James Rodriguez version 2.0, except a more rounded midfield playmaker than a pure attacker. At 18, he is one of the best all around players in Colombia with massive potential to get better. I know James left the same club for less than a million, but given that the club is now in the Copa Libertadore and doing well, its a bit more similar to when he left Banfield for Europe for like 5m (although the club rep isn't quite there yet, I realize). I've played plenty of other saves in other smaller nations with medium to smaller clubs, and its always a bit challenging to keep ahold of talented players, especially youngsters. These two saves in Colombia with Envigado, it seems to be worse than most. Big clubs are aggressively targeting players and making repeated offers (sometimes every single day) yet refuse to negotiate up much at all. I realize its just some AI logic preventing them from making the kind of offer that will actually help a small club and make that player development worthwhile, but its still really frustrating. You know the player will move to Barcelona or PSG and become a wonderkid worth 25m immediately, but they refuse to pay more than 1.5m for him. /end rant
  13. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    yeah, not a simple one. Thanks for the response. I've been mulling asking on a PC specific forum for a bit but held off - I can't really afford the upgrade at the moment, so I don't want to get too far into planning. But I am just curious. Thanks again!
  14. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    So this is just about planning. Which I've done before with no progress, but figure it can't hurt to ask.... Built a gaming PC back in 2011 and its held up surprisingly well. Intel i5-2500K, AMD Radeon 6950 video card (4GB), 8 GB Ram, and a nice big case (HAF X). The mobo went a couple of years ago and I had to replace it, so also upgraded to an SSD for the OS. Power supply went last year and had to replace that. I've been mulling an overall upgrade, but a new processor, mobo, video card, and RAM is going to get pricey. Part of my hesitation is how much of a difference it will really make. I mostly play FM on this rig. I run 25-30 leagues and it starts to slow down after a couple of seasons. But the graphics aren't really a big deal in FM anyway. Play some other games like Farming Simulator (don't judge me), No Man's Sky, and a few others, but not a ton of FPS shooters (those tend to be console games for me). I've seen some recommendations for the new AMD Ryzen processors. Anyone have any experience with them? Back when I built this rig, AMD seemed to be a full step behind Intel, but I'm not so sure that's the case now. Would a newer processor like the AMD Ryzen 1500 or 1600, mobo, and maybe 16 GBs of RAM make all that much processing difference in games like FM? Upgrading the video card is a pretty big investment. Something like a GTX 1060 or 1070 is going to be $300 plus. But sticking with the same video card I currently have will bottle-neck overall performance. That won't matter too much on games like FM, but would moreso on games like No Man's Sky. Still, its a way to do the upgrade in stages and not have to shell out as much at once. Basically, would I see much of a performance boost from a process/mobo/RAM upgrade, and would the bottle neck but too ugly to use the same video card for a time?
  15. Tutoring Problem

    Squad status of the younger player is too high already, or they are learning a PPM so can't be tutored.