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  1. Love seeing the Sri Lankan player. Have some connection to the country, though I've never been, so would love to see a player like that come through in one of my saves. Another nice season underway. I am the sads to see Loko struggling so badly again, though.
  2. This was a bit strange. New save, having a training camp. When its time to select the players for the camp, I just use Auto-Select with Youth Prospects. I figure it might leave out a young player or two.... but no, it leaves out my #1 goalkeeper. Who is immediately upset. No reason to leave him out. He was not injured or unavailable or already fit. That was fun. Edit - and it also left out my #1 and #3 center backs. Extra awesome.
  3. Yup, and I have tried appealing. The points system for the appeal listed under league rules lists nothing for nations outside the top 50. when I appeal, it gets rejected outright, saying the player's nation is not in the top 50. Its not a HUGE problem. The player is a first-day regen with good potential. I signed him for free and loaned him to a club in the Ukrainian top division, where he did okay-ish. He has a mediocre personality but I can't mentor him until he gets a WP, so he might not become a world beater. He was featuring in U20 matches for his nation right away and was playing for the senior national team before Christmas. I think he has featured in every national team match (at least one of the levels) for the entire year. I just got an affiliate agreement with a club in the Dutch Eredivisie so I will loan him there. Even if he does well there, it will take a long time for him to get EU citizenship. I'll just hope his value goes up and I can sell.
  4. I was actually going to ask this exact question. Looks like my player won't be getting a Work Permit at all. The nation is ranked 101st. So that's not gonna improve massively. Was exited to have a promising youngster from my own nation. Guess I will loan him out again to shop window him and move him on.
  5. Sometimes. But not always. I have several regens right now that I am tempted to tutor due to low or low-ish Determination, but they have high Professionalism and Ambition so I really can't, at least with the mentors I have available.
  6. Determination is on-pitch attribute. A good, useful one. But it doesn't impact player development. Personality does.
  7. Tried as suggested. Waited until the start of May to request it and they will be done in the fall. so only about six months. Hopefully no extensions lol
  8. Slightly odd situation I haven't seen before, at least that I can recall. I'm managing Fulham and using George Williams as my primary left winger. His Match Fitness keeps dropping to Lacking, but he's playing nearly every match. He has missed 6 of the last 20 matches, but his Match Fitness has dropped to Lacking 2 or 3 times. He has missed no more than 2 matches at a time, has not been injured, and his Natural Fitness is 15. I thought Natural Fitness was linked to Match Fitness and a player with relatively high Natural Fitness would retain their Match Fitness longer...? Would something else be affecting this? I only have 1 Fitness coach for the 1st team but don't know if that would have a notable impact....?
  9. The Specialist vs Generalist roles connecting to the fluidity was a suggestion, not a hard rule. And its from several versions ago, so not longer needs to be applied.
  10. Ironically, there is a thread on the exact opposite topic - that there aren't enough "ideal" high potential regens. its really REALLY hard to assess something like this based off of one save, because there are a multitude of factors involved in how many high potential regens are generated and how they develop. Those factors are going to have an impact on different saves and how they unfold.
  11. I imagine that Simeone would feel rather like Tuchel felt last summer when Dortmund lost three of their best players, talents which could not be individually replaced.
  12. You mean like Bernado of Middlesborough, with 14 Tackling and 5 Balance and 10 Pace and 17 Stamina? or Mikel Villanueva of Malaga who is a bit similar? Those kind of unbalanced players happen. They are in the original DB. Perhaps not quite as common or prevalent. But they are certainly not uncommon. Short CBs who can't jump. Ridiculously fast strikers or wingers who can't do anything else. Great mental and physical attributes but terrible technical. One great technical skills and nothing else reasonable. You don't tent to see them at top clubs but they certainly happen in reality. Again, it might be more common and prevalent, but saying "this shouldn't happen" is not accurate to me, because that would be unrealistic. And you are right - character can potentially be improved. But its not guaranteed. Sometimes it just doesn't work. And a more developed youngster is more likely to require a higher squad status at a younger age (unless you are the biggest of clubs), taking away the option of tutoring sooner. But @aditya makes a good point - in reality, many players don't maximize their potential, whether its because they don't have the personality, because of injuries, because they can't overcome whatever weaknesses they have, etc. So a high potential player developing into a good player with a notable weakness is most definitely realistic.
  13. The basic problem is that if there is more adherence to a "youth template", you end up with far too many cookie cutter youths who, if they have the potential, will almost certainly end up as world class players. I've seen that in other sim games and it unbalances the game world as you progress. That's not really realistic - not every high potential player becomes Ronaldo, Messi, or Cristiano Ronaldo. These "ideal" prospects absolutely get generated in most saves. Players without overt drawbacks for their position who will become the next generations "best in the world" type stars. But those imperfect prospects are also important and realistic to have as well. Whether its ending up with a Messi-like player who is streaky or can't perform on a big stage, or a player with perfect technique, passing, and first touch but almost no creativity. You would end up not having a game world with those great but "flawed" players like Veron (little pace) or Ayala (short CB), etc. To me, one of the great dynamics of youth development is dealing with those "imperfect' prospects. That aspect of the game is really REALLY boring if you just have an assembly line of perfect prospects who are going to develop into perfect superstar players regardless of what you do. But if you have some imperfect prospects, you have a challenge. How can I maximize this player? How can I best address the flaw(s)? Do I retrain them to a new position? Can a PPM be learned to compensate? Can I work around it tactically? And when you develop that player into a great talent despite that flaw, you feel like you've accomplished something.
  14. But its not a problem everyone is seeing. So either its a bug in your game or something specific with your save. Saying "this needs to change" would represent it as a wide, common problem. And it doesn't seem to be. Plenty of us manage to see very significant improvement in certain youngsters. Even in attributes that cannot be trained at all.
  15. Those are two strange examples. Those skills can most definitely be developed, by both role training and skill-specific training. If they are not improving even with that training, its something with that specific player or perhaps your coaches. If those skills are already pretty high (not the 10 Crossing you reference), then improvement will be slower. In terms of success at crossing, I've got plenty of cross-assists from players with Crossing of around that. Its not Crossing by itself that will dictate the success of cross. It will combine with other attributes and also when he is being asked to do it tactically.