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  1. Was really hoping there would be some kind of info one when to expect a fix. Its already killed one save.
  2. Rosario are interesting. I liked that they aren't overly loaded down with prospects (such a burden!) and have decent talent in-house. I've done better than expected but the money is an issue. Basically, we're bleeding money quite badly. But honestly, pretty much every club in Argentina that's currently in the top flight has some interesting history. Because they ran the split season for a long time, a lot of smaller clubs have won a championship. Lots of clubs have a legendary player or two, or some amazing moments. The whole history of Argentine football is quite interesting - Wilson ties is quite directly to the national identity of the nation, both real and mythological.
  3. Been trying to get a save going in Argentina for a few versions. Keep running into the same issue as the OP - can't settle on a club. Feel like I do have a decent knowledge of Argentina and its history - I've read "Angels with Dirty Faces" by Jonathan Wilson plus I listen to some podcasts that cover the country pretty well. I've taken to managing in South America in recent FMs, but mostly Colombia and Brazil. Never got very far with Argentine saves. On FM19, Teach's save with Argentinos Juniors turned my attentions to that club. They are quite intriguing. Good youth setup and they have a Club Vision of having the best youth system in the country. They developed Maradona and Fernando Redondo, among many other talented players. With the recent passing of Maradona, it seemed fitting so I started up a save with them. But it didn't take long to realize it wasn't grabbing me. Weirdly, it felt too easy. Loads of good young players. Some pretty good oldheads. But I also got a bit annoyed at managing to resign two of those top prospects to new deals that required me to promise to loan them out, when both would have pretty regular first team players. So back to trolling through the clubs and hoping something catches my eye... Banfield, Newell's Old Boys, Huracan, Estudientes... but I settled on Rosario Central. Can't even really explain why. They have a bit of a history but not really like Estudientes or AAAJ have, let alone a grande. They have a couple prospects but it is not a strong squad. Maybe I like the colors? The badge? I saw someone do a save with them on FM20 or maybe 19 and they were developing some truly monster newgen prospects. I also saw them get relegated on an FM20 save in Brazil. So I guess I'm "saving them". Its off to a flier so far. Won 5-1 in the first competitive match, which was a cup tie. And then the game froze so I had to replay it. Was sure it was going to be a loss but we won again 4-0. Tough slate to start the league season - Boca away in the opener and River Plate in round 4. Stole a 3-2 win at La Bombanera and was feeling pretty slick... then had a scoreless draw at home to Patronato. Making sure you have some leagues loaded that will provide stealable-newgens (basically everywhere else in South America except Brazil) and ones in Europe (and China) that will pay top dollar for the young players you develop. Its looking like it should be a fun save.
  4. The league was suspended after 23 rounds and never finished the season. So I think its a way of not including the results in the relegation table.
  5. This one might turn into nothing, as with my luck, the player will reject the contract. Starting with an upper level Championship side. Have a decent but not amazing 19yo Welsh winger. 3.5 star potential type. Not going to be Prem caliber even if he maxes out his potential. I started getting bids for him right away. Couple hundred K. Nah. then stuff like 5m, with 1.5m up front. Nah. Then 8m with almost 4m. up front. Yes please. Then 9m with 6m up front. More yes please. And most recent bid is from Wolves at 12m with 9m up front. Very weird - but happy-making - escalation of bid values.
  6. I tend to mostly ignore their "best" roles, as that's simply the game's interpretation of their skills. Putting everyone in their best roles seems to me to be the equivalent of just telling everyone go out on the pitch and do whatever they are best at... and that's not a tactic. I pick roles and duties based on the tactic itself and the roles around. Well balanced roles within a proper tactical structure that work with the role around them will allow a player to function adequately or better so long as they have something approaching the right skills.
  7. Arena MRV is the data base but there is no move set. :-(
  8. ED has a great point - if things are working and you are overachieving to expectations.... that can't be underplayed. But in terms of balance... to flip it around on you, where do you think the balance is coming from? Analyzing a tactic doesn't take innate knowledge - you just have to look at things and consider what they offer versus what you trying to accomplish, and watch when things unfold. Of the 10 outfield players, 5 are on attack. That's half of your squad. Both forwards, half your midfield, and a quarter of your defense will be focused on attacking, getting forward, and being aggressive. They will contribute less to the defensive phase. to an extent, you are trying to defend with 5 players only (keep aside, obviously). The 5 on attack won't be as singularly focused as they would if you had a more aggressive mentality, but its still pretty gung-ho. I'm not sure the Team Instructions necessarily match what your shape is. I mean, you want to focus play out wide but you only have a single player on each flank. they are also looking for overlap... but who is going to go out wide and allow for that? The Mezzala will some, but with an Attack mentality, I'm not sure how much he's going to hold up play. And when you WBs have the ball up wide far up the field, what is the plan from there? You have a central playmaker in the hole, but you TI is basically asking him to be bypassed with wide play. I'm wondering if he does get the ball once everyone is forward and he's not having clear passing options. Plus you've asked him to put the ball out wide.... In terms of firing off long passes... When that happens, what other passing options do the players have? Because I can easily see the WBs having the ball and looking to keep it wide but having no one to go out wide to. Your forwards and AM are not coming back to support. You are also asking them to do things at Higher Tempo, which means they are having to make make decisions fast. All but the very elite players are going to struggle to do that consistently. If your shape, roles, and Team Instructions don't work together to provide passing options, poor decisions are going to result. Some great advice I've seen on here many a team (Cleon? Rashidii?) is to think about how you want your players to defend. Think about the plan. How do you want to attack? How do you want goals to happen? Plan around that.
  9. Lokomotiv Moscow have been my go-to in Russia for a long time, and this is the first edition of FM in many years that I haven't had a proper save with them. I should since, since FM21 will be less fun with them as the better Miranchuk twin is now gone.
  10. It doesn't feel buggy in the same way that some other transfer dynamics do, which is why I haven't reported it. I bet it just comes down to the individual clubs situation and how they value the player. The Russian club offering nothing has nothing to offer and just see a young player with a smidgen of potential that might be available. The 2nd division club can't afford to offer a lot more. The bigger club can afford to pay more and this specific club - Chivas - have a Mexican-player-only rule that makes them more desperate for young Mexican players. Its happened repeatedly with offers varying to similar levels for players in this save, but I feel its goofy rather than a problem, if that makes sense?
  11. So on FM 19, I complained quite frequently about AI transfer offers. How often they would start by offering "value" plus 20%, how they would refuse to negotiate up reasonably for a top level wonderkid, etc. One of the most annoying was going through an entire transfer sequence with one club, where they would make offer after offer- you would start by turning down say 20 and 3 offers later, reject 45m and then another club would come in and start all over by offering 20m. Just illogical, especially if the whole sequence was public offers. I'm seeing something kinda weird, but it might be very situational. I'm managing a Mexican club that starts in the 2nd division but we promoted. My first youth intake was mediocre - one player who I thought we could be useful and some lesser prospects. The lesser ones aren't useless but just don't quite have the potential to be useful. PA in the 100-120 range. I had offers for a couple of them and let them go. But I decided to keep two of them. But I've been getting absolutely constant offers from Mexican clubs for them. Like 5 offers a day. The players haven't gotten unsettled so its not really annoying. And honestly, some of the offers are probably good value. But its gotten weird... I'll get several offers in a day from different clubs, and the offers vary widely in value. I just got 3 offers for an 18 year old defender with 3 star potential and value of 525 (not K). One Mexican club offered 35K. A Russian club offered 2.3K. And another Mexican club offered 190K. That's... a pretty massive diversity in the offers.
  12. I'm not sure there is a stadium anywhere that compares to the view from Monterrey. Its pretty epic. Looking through Argentina, I don't see many that would compare. Estudientes La Plata play at Estadio Jorge Luis Hirschi, which looks like it has a nice setting in pictures - but I think those are renders rather than actual pictures as the stadium is being redone.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if Canada emulated it. Its only been a rule in Mexico for this season, I think. Its not a bad way to push teams to give domestic youngsters a chance in the first team. it was all but impossible for me to meet this season in FM but down the road, it should get easier. I imagine you aren't able to see the full squad.... but that wouldn't change that dynamic much. There are maybe 10 players under contract to the club. The rest are on loan. Not abnormal in Mexico for clubs outside the big ones. Lobos BUAP were like that before they ceased to be a club. Oaxaca have an affiliation with Chivas to loads of young players on loan from there, but all poor and way too many of them are leftbacks. The squad being so heavily on-loan players is part of what I meant when I mentioned this save made for some unique squad building. The kits are honestly one of the best things about Mexico. They are so cool and creative. Appreciation of the Pumas kt was actually what drew me to manage there for the first on FM, about FM17 or 18.
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