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  1. Make South America Great Again!

    I think inactive leagues will have some impact, but not sure just how much of an impact. Things like fitness and morale seem to be... less accurate? Less emulated? Awesome to see you get over that Libertadores hump and become a dominant South American powerhouse. Love it.
  2. A Google search of some of your words there quite literally brings up multiple available solutions.
  3. Winter Transfers

    It will include data changes and corrections as well as transfers. So players will go up or down in skill, to more accurately reflect their real life counterparts. China and Russia both have windows that close later than almost anywhere else. That impacts the release date.
  4. Absolutely ridiculous "promise"

    I cannot disagree that the whole promise system is too binary, lacks nuance, and can be a bit opaque at times. I've run into issues with it a few times, making promises I didn't really realize are promises until you see it listed on the Promises screen or get a warning. But while it can feel misleading because the conversation never used the word "promise".... if you change that word to something like "commitment", its not hard to see that you've made a commitment to the player on this topic and if you fail in that commitment, they are going to be upset.
  5. Good thought. I know a low reputation player can't tutor at all. But didn't consider it could also have a zone where its high enough to mentor but not high enough for the mentee to want them. And that is literally the only thing I can see that separates this veteran from several others
  6. Mentoring question.... I've run into this a bit before. Pretty sure I even asked about but don't recall getting much of a response. Brought in a 39 year old winger on a freebie, pretty much entirely so he could mentor. He's decently versatile and hasn't bottomed-out physically yet, but his main purpose was to pass on his personality. He's described as Fairly Professional, but he has good Determination (14) and reasonable Ambition too. I looked at his other hidden attributes and all the personality traits are between 12 and 15 except Controversy, which is 9. No PPMs at all. I've tried 4 different youth players and all have rejected him as a mentor. Multiple times, as I've gone back and tried a different approach. Does't matter how I make the request, it gets rejected. Two of the players are strikers and two are DMs. The veteran is a different nationality but shares the same language - and others have accepted mentors with the exact same combination. What could be making the youth players reject the mentor? It looks like he's pretty much useless as a mentor....
  7. Sponsorship issue - Mexican league

    Cool, thanks for digging in.
  8. Bournemouth challenge

    Nice work, @Stackalee. Bournemouth are an interesting side - good enough to do well, but not good enough to make it THAT easy. They have a lot of solid players, but only a couple who are really at the level required for "upper level" Prem. Defoe, Begovic, and when he develops, Cook. Which is not to disparage the rest of the squad - just that they are good players you can still upgrade from, without having to spend like 100m on a single player. At the same time, there is enough overall quality that you don't HAVE TO resort to playing negatively just to survive. You have enough quality to play some nice football. The English-centric squad is a tough dynamic to hold to without focusing heavily on youth development or over-spending on English players. Its a fun side to build up. And being in the ePrem means there is resources to do it. There is often a new stadium not too far in as well.
  9. Bournemouth challenge

    I've had a pretty fun Bournemouth save on FM17 and I've eyed them up a few times on FM18, but haven't really dug into a save. I like using a 4-2-3-1 and they are reasonably well suited to it, with Lewis Cook looking like a nice Segundo Volante. Some other players I've targeted / considered: Marcelo - Brazilian DC at Rio Ave - good all rounder, Resolute personality, and has an EU passport. Walter Kanneman - Argentine DC at Gremio. Similar to Marcelo and probably better, but also likely costlier Lucas Romero - DM at Cruzeiro - an old favorite, still quite well rounded and sometimes transfer listed for 2-4m if you have Brazil active Lots of wing options, but it depends on what kind of winger you like. Portugal, France, The Netherlands, and Scaninavia make for pretty happy hunting grounds. Italy, Spain, and Germany too, but typically a bit pricier. Scotland has some nice options but the ones that will really help you are probably going to be too costly.
  10. Sponsorship issue - Mexican league

    Apologies for bashing on about this, but curious if its been looked at since the save was uploaded. Fully know there are lots of things being looked at, and many are a lot bigger. I'm wanting to give Lobos another, but don't want to if its an actual bug and needs to be corrected. But if its functioning as intended, or even something that can be corrected thru the pre-game editor, then I don't have to wait another full month for the next patch (and that's assuming it could be fixed in that patch). Thanks gents!
  11. Sessegnon - is he any good on FM 18

    Genuinely curious... rubbish in what way? He isn't a poor player by any means. He's amongst the most developed players for his age in the game. There is only a handful of players who are 16/17 and start with a higher CA. As for potential.... You can find screenshots of "fully developed" Sessegnon a few years into the game. He hardly looks rubbish.
  12. Sorry, poor clarity on my part. Muddling ME and graphics engine together.
  13. You are viewing the 3D graphics engine with a 2D view. So the only ME is the 3D one. Previously, there were essentially 2 match engines - one for 3D viewing and one for 2D viewing. Its why some user with lower-end systems can't run FM18 effectively because the single 3D match engine is more demanding. Which is unfortunate but having 2 MEs doesn't really make sense.....
  14. This was kinda mentioned already, but consider why you are trying to sell them. Chances are that its either that they aren't good enough for you, might be good enough as a whole but have notable weaknesses, or are overpaid. Those are all going to be factors for any club that might be interested in them. It happens in reality all the time when clubs are promoted - they are trying to get rid of Championship-caliber players who aren't really good enough for the Prem, but are getting Prem wages. Other Prem clubs probably don't want them and Championship clubs often can't afford the wages, even if the player is interested in moving down a level.
  15. Sponsorship issue - Mexican league

    Forgot to mention that the save does have the third division in Mexico active thru an Editor file. So did the first save where the same thing occurred. Several other Editor files. Don't think the third division file should impact sponsorships for the Liga MX club in any way that I can think of..... Kinda hoping its not an actual bug. I've been save hopping and keeping wanting to go back to manage in Mexico, but every other club I've looked at lacks something. Just really enjoyed Lobos, but don't want to try again with them until this is either resolved or its not actually a bug and won't change (in which case, not certain if I would try a third time with the club).