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  1. FM 2018 - Spanish La Liga

    Big thumbs up! A thread we've needed for a few years, I think. I haven't managed in La Liga for a long time, but its rather appealing. The quality of the league is impressive. I've been eyeballing Malaga for some reason and they have some truly outstanding players. Almost every club in the league does. And the newgens that Spain produces..... Might already be in the works, but might not be a bad idea to touch on foreign player rules in Spain and how the second teams work.
  2. Brazillian Box

    Used a similar approach and shape to great success in FM17. Haven't tried it yet in FM18 but the new roles should make it all the more interesting and fun. Might create one as a third tactic when I start a new save.
  3. [Mexico] (Official) Data Issues

    According to Wiki, that's fairly accurate over the past few years. A lot of friendly matches in the US. Not every single one, but quite a lot.
  4. [Russia] (Official) Data Issues

    Rotor-Volgograd Volgograd are set to move into the Zenit Volgograd on 25/08/2018, which is a sub-4K seat stadium. The Volgograd Arena is the new stadium being built for the World Cup that will be home to Rotor.
  5. The 4231 Explained

    Can't say I find the role overpowered or exploitative. I know how much testing has gone into the new roles, and I'd be posting in the bug forums if it seemed out of whack to me. The CV is like any other role - it needs to fit the tactic and the other roles and duties. When the tactic is balanced, you don't necessarily need exceptional players to excel in the role. I've played a couple of players in that role, but almost none of them have been above average in terms of pace. I'm quite eager to try it out with player who is quite pacey for the level, to see how much of a difference that makes. Something I've been mulling in this save... Anyone found any particular PPMs to be really useful for the SV?
  6. The 4231 Explained

    I am seeing somewhat similar, though with only one player. Using a similar 4-2-3-1 deep-deep (2 DMs, MC, ML & MR) based on Cleon's thread, with one of the DMs as a SV. Didn't have an ideal player so ended up using a first day American newgen who was somewhat below level for the competition but had rounded skills. Highest average rating on the team, started every match, 20 goals.
  7. Mezzela & Carrilero

    Thanks for contributing. Hard-working and well-rounded MCs should typically do well in these roles. Basically, box-to-box type players.
  8. [Russia] (Official) Data Issues

    The Miranchuk brothers are continually to play outstandingly well this season. Alexey could probably use a bit of a bump as he's scoring freely, and Anton needs a big bump as he currently isn't usable for Loko.
  9. [Russia] (Official) Data Issues

    I already asked and they won't be added until they are finalized and confirmed.
  10. Very very much this. FM emulates reality, or tries to. In real football, big transfers are rarely completed in a day. A huge transfer can take years of flirting and media manipulation and so on. If a team wants to keep a player, it generally means you are going to need to put in some work. Or simply be willing to stump up whatever they ask for.
  11. It can also make a BIG difference if you make the effort. Look at how big clubs operate with regard to a big transfer. Use the media. Declare interest, get a bid turned down, make the play unhappy (or unhappier).... that can be a huge factor in getting a transfer through for a player that their current club prefers to keep. Agree with what others have said - 0 chance that Chelsea would take 25m for Abraham. The Iheanacho sale isn't really comparable to what you are talking about - he was no longer wanted by City. They had Gabriel Jesus who they view as the bigger prospect so Iheanacho wasn't going to play. Its not like they were trying to desperately to keep him but Leicester just forced their hand.
  12. Fenerbache no budget player ideas

    It depends on what kind of players you are targeting and what leagues you have active. On a save with Pumas in Mexico on FM17, I was able to find shockingly good deals on some solid players in Argentina. Not superstars, but mid-20s vets with the quality to perform immediately, and I barely paid a million for any of them. Given that they aren't transfer listed from the start necessarily, that's a matter of timing. But well worth spending some time trolling thru club squads in Argentina if you have them active.
  13. Vitesse have some solid quality, and have for a couple of seasons. In addition to Buitnk, they have Julian Lelieveld, Milot Rashica, and Mitchell van Bergen that are all good prospects. Those prospects are part of what makes the a fun save.
  14. That's probably it. Most "limited edition" versions of games don't actually have a different version of the game. In some games, you might get an additional character or something. But most often, its some form of loot for fans that they can't get anywhere else.
  15. [Croatia] (Official) Data Issues

    https://community.sigames.com/topic/381687-fm-research-vacancies-how-to-contact-head-researchers-and-how-to-get-involved/ Just a couple of threads above