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  1. Bigpapa42

    When are Mexico going to get some luck?

    Thanks Lucas. I do indeed follow Mexican football.
  2. Bigpapa42

    Transfer Offer Value

    None of this really matters, I guess. Something is really broken in this save. Quite possibly something I did at some point. Don't see much point with continuing. Either I sell my entire squad and second stringers for a third of what they should be worth, or I end up with a complete squad revolt that gets me fired. Its not just the constant derisory offers - I'm not getting below-value offers for some players. And then subsequent offers are even lower after the first offer is rejected. I've got a few reasonable offers I've accepted, but yeah... time for a save somewhere else.
  3. Bigpapa42

    Transfer Offer Value

    And Chelsea making an 11m offer for my 25 year defender, one of the only non-newgen players of note in the squad. His current value is 11m. Why.... would I sell for straight value? Same day - 3 offers of 15m for a player worth 14m.
  4. Bigpapa42

    Transfer Offer Value

    Okay so started keeping track a bit. Only a few days into June so no offers yet. But from June 1 to 7, there have been 10 media stories linking my players with a club in Europe. 6 different players - one has been linked 5 times to different clubs. Almost all of those have provided "possible deals" of 1m or less above the player's value. Only 2 were notably higher (16m value and 22m possible transfer to Spurs, 9m value and 27m possible move to Arsenal). Interestingly, the player who was linked six times had his value jump (won an award, I think?). So for the first 3 were when he was worth 11.5m and the possible transfer in the story was 12.75m. When his value then jumped to 16m, both subsequent stories gave the possible transfer deal at 17.5m. Again, its not the stories. Don't care about the rumor stories. But they seem to predicate what the offers will actually be. And I'm really looking forward to having my entire squad roaring mad all summer since I won't accept a face-value transfer bid for them. Edit - And the fun begins. 2 days and 5 more media stories later, the bids begin. Both are for Castillo. 20 year old player on a Key Player contract until 20205 (4 years), regular Mexican international, not unsettled or unhappy. 16m value. Tottenham offer - 10.5m up front, 1.5 over installments, 3m and 3m clauses, plus 30% profit Marseille offer - 10.5m up front, 2.9m in installments, 4.1m clause, 30% profit, non-negotiable. Spurs have 40m to spend and Marseille have the same. And another bid, for American DM. 21 years old, 12.5m value, also on a Key Player contract with same expiry. Monaco offer - 30m up front, 9m in installments, 12.5m clauses and 30% profit
  5. Bigpapa42

    Transfer Offer Value

    Just had 5 players in one day come and ask me about leaving to join whatever club is interested in them. This is going to be interesting.
  6. Bigpapa42

    Transfer Offer Value

    This is something that I haven't run into in ohter saves on FM18 and it wasn't really happening earlier in the save. I just finished season 4 and its been happening for the past couple of windows? And getting gradually worse. Managing Lobos BUAP in Mexico and turned them into a powerhouse by loading up on young players. Signed a handful of free agent day-one newgens, some Mexican and some from other active leagues in South America. As well as a couple American ones that joined once 18. And been actively poaching more, particularly from South America. Posted an earlier thread about the Mexican newgens not counting as Natural Born. Because these newgens played regularly, they tend to develop quickly. Fully aware I can't keep many of them long-term and anyone can be sold, but for realistic value. Sold two - a fullback to RB Leipzig (22m + 10m structured but some addons) and Dortmund (met the 38m buy-out clause on a striker). After that deal happened, I started noticing media stories linking my players with moves away for values not much over their player value. And those rumors turned into bids. And there have been quite a few of them. An example (by memory, sorry) - Sporting CP making an 11.5m offer for a 19 year old Wonderkid (has the in-game label) winger/striker who was worth 10m at the time. Full Mexican international, on a 5 year contract with First Team status, no release clause. Literally no reason for this player to be sold for 10% over his "actual value". The club making the offer had loads of money. But they don't seem to want to negotiate. If this happened once, it wouldn't be a big deal. A few times gets annoying. But I've legit lost count. Its different clubs (all 3 from Portugal, several from Germany, some English clubs), all of whom have money to spend. I should have kept track of these offers, and I can start if it might help. And there have been a couple of more legit offers in there, too, like Liverpool offering 23m for my American DM (10.5m value, 20 years old). I realize Mexican clubs have a bit of a reputation issue compared to Europe, but we've moved up quite a after winning the Club World Cup. We still have plenty of money in the bank, so its not austerity attempts. Some of these offers I knocked back with massively high demands and locked things in, which made the bidding club drop it. I did try negotiate on a couple of them - asking for about 30 total structured for a 10m player that got a 12m offer, thinking I would move down toward 20m. But nope, they walk. If the AI purpose of these AI bids is to start a negotiation process, why aren't they willing to negotiate? if they are intentionally derisory bids to unsettle the player, why aren't the following up and why so frequent? Most of these players are 18-20 years old. It even happened with my 25 year old defender, but it was Bayern Munich offer less than his value by a couple million. The frequency of these offers has made the last 2 transfer windows a pain. I've somehow avoided having a player get upset yet, but it will happen if this frequency continues. I just finished the 2021 season and about to hit the 2021 summer window. And looking at my squad list honestly frightens me... to whit: Star GK: wanted by Monaco Star DC (the same one Bayern thought I should sell for less than 8m when worth 10m) - wanted by Benfica, Chelsea, Dortmund, Porto, Sporting, Liverpool, Lyon Backup DC - wanted by Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Sociedad, Lyon Backup FB - wanted by Lyon Star FB - wanted by Schalke, Stoke, Watford, Wolfsburg Star American DM - wanted by Benfica, Liverpool, Man City, Man U, Porto, Leipzig, Sporting CP Star DLP - wanted by Porto Star Versatile Brazilian Wide Man - wanted by Benfica, Leverkusen, Tottenham, Sporting CP Star Winger/Striker - wanted by Benfica, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Lyon, Marseille, Leipzig, Schalke, Tottenham, Watford, Wolfsburg Star Winger/Striker #2 - wanted by Benfica, Dortmund, Leicester, Lyon, Marseille, Schalke, Watford Star Striker - wanted by Boca Backup Winger - wanted by Tottenham Most of these were freebies or nearly free, so honestly, I will happily sell if the value is there. But not 10-15m for a player "valued" at 10m. That's silly. With the exception of the Star DC, these are all youngsters (21 or under) with potential to get better. That usually requires paying a premium, not getting a discount. Edit - addendum - next Continue and I get news story saying Liverpool are chasing the American DM. Who they bid 23m for last window. Now they are willing to pay 18.75m for. Lol I guess finishing off a strong season drops 5m from your transfer value....?
  7. I am getting a ton of these offers of a bit over value. Players worth 9m and 10m getting 10m and 11m offers. Not even with a whole bunch of clauses to make it potentially 20m or something. These are full-blown internationals for the 27th nation, under 5 year contracts with no release clauses, and not unhappy. Why are clubs making these offers? I negotiate to ask for way more and they walk. I'm willing to sell any player, but not for face value. At least Liverpool offered something like 23m for my American DM (10.5m value), but balked when I asked for way more. These clubs have more money available to offer. I just had to pay 8.5m value to get a 5 star newgen central defender from another big Mexican club - 17 years old, tons of potential, but not really ready to start at this level. But Benfica and Sporting are expecting me to take 11m for my star 24 year old central defender? Makes sense. Edit - Bayern Munich, sitting on 118m, just offered 7.75m for the same defender. Who is worth 10m. If this is just an "opening offer", why are they unwilling to negotiate when I counter with something bigger? Edit Version 2.0 - and a 13.25m offer for a player worth 14.5m. Also got an offer for another player for almost the same price I paid for him six months ago.... that's generally not how "buying young talent" works, Brazilian clubs....
  8. Came here to post this. My manager changed color this time. That's always fun.
  9. They are different... but one often leads to the other. And it did. Since then, I've had a few fairly reasonable offers for the young stars on my squad. My wonderkid striker went to Dortmund for 38m because they his release clause. And right at the end of the window, his replacement - who is 19, also has wonderkid status and starts regularly - gets a 8.5m value bid. For a player with a value of 7.75m. The clauses could take it "all the way to 10.5m". So basically less than a million above his value. The offering club has 40m available. What's the point of that kind of offer?
  10. Player transfer value seems wonky at times. Have a few day-one newgens who have been developing into wonderkids. After the 2nd season, the first them of them to go was sold to RB Leipzig for 30m plus add-ons. He was a two season starter, value was about 7m, and he was already playing for the national team as an 18 year old. The bid was reasonable, club needed the money, and there a replacement in-house. Didn't want to lose him, but it made sense. A year on, my star player is a 19 year old striker who rotated in season 2 and was the star in season 3. Starts regularly for the NT and value is 9.5m. On a pretty big, long-term contract too. He's wanted by a bunch of clubs from Germany. And the media is saying he could leave in a "deal worth 10.75m". WTF? Why would any club sell their superstar for 10% above face value when there is literally no reason to? I would ignore it as media speculation, but it will probably result in the German club making a way-below-market bid, trying to unsettle the player, and a meeting with the player when they demand to be sold and want to set a value at an unreasonably low number. Edit - and another one. The replacement RB, worth 7.25m and on a 4 year contract, wanted by Benfica. Who will spend up 8.25m!
  11. Bigpapa42

    Make South America Great Again!

    That is... incredibly frustrating. I've run into it in a few saves, but never to that extent.
  12. Bigpapa42

    [Mexico] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I actually do generally create a backup file when I start a new save, so I have one from the first day of the save. Uploading now. File name BP42LobosStart. I only looked at one of the players, but he did not have the NB or trained in Mexico status from the start. I've edited about of the players that should have NB status using the IGE. It works just to added trained in Mexico.
  13. Bigpapa42

    [Mexico] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Curious if these players should indeed already be considered HB, as you said, @Freddie Sands. Just like to be sure before I edit them.
  14. Bigpapa42

    [Mexico] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Uploading it now. The players in question who were signed as newgen free agents at the start of the save are Ernesto Ibarra, Cesar Cantu, Salvador Martinez, Raul Jimenez, Jose Aguayo, Oswaldo Castillo, Edwin Chan, and Guillermo Hernandez. I believe all of them should be in the first team. File Name: BP42LobosNBIssue I already have the IGE and I'm pretty sure you can. I had to do it on FM17 with a save in Mexico when a data error left my GK as not NB when he definitely was. Adding nation trained seemed to work then. And maybe worth noting - other newgens in Mexico are considered NB when generated.
  15. Bigpapa42

    [Mexico] (Official) League Specific Issues

    All of the players I'm concerned with were first-day newgens created at the start of the save as free agents. Pretty much all of them were 16 years old, Mexican nationality, and born in Mexico. They had no previous history with any clubs. None are considered Nation Born. They have no Home Grown status. All of them played with the club in Liga MX in the first season, and we are now in the season so they should be meet criteria C....? According to the "due date" I found on custom views, they will be considered "home grown" for nation in October 2019. I'm currently in January of 2019. I'm currently struggling a bit to have 9 NB players in the squad, purely because these players have become a big part of my squad but are essentially foreign players. I'm really holding out hope they get the NB status in October. I've fought off the temptation to use the IGE to add it for a couple of them. And if they don't get it in October, think I'll resort to that lol