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  1. Haven't managed in Italy in a really long time, so I decided to give it a try on FM19. First attempt was Atalanta - they seem like a fun club, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of 4-5 star prospects they have, and I made it worse by adding a couple more. Then I started up a save with Fiorentina and it started reasonably well, but felt like they were too stacked with talent and it was making it a bit too easy. So then for no particular reason, I tried out Genoa. Made it to mid-November and we are sitting near the top of the table, but that's helped by having played only a couple of the big clubs. The real problem I'm running into is the sheer number of players on First Team status. Which has led to a lot of them complaining about playing time. I tend to rotate but actually feel like I've given less matches to the younger players than I typically would. But the vets are being greedy. And it doesn't help that so many of them are on big money (for the club, at least) contracts, many of which run for another couple of years. Yet the players are already on decline and demanding more playing time. Not saying its totally unrealistic or wouldn't happen, but its just worse than I typically face at most clubs and its undermining my interest in the save. Think a post-update Genoa might be more interesting.
  2. If they are free agents, when you confirm the deal and then get the announcement email, you will get an option to let them join in trial. They can then train with you.
  3. Just wanted to do update Jose Mourinho leaving United but can't seem to find a way to indicate Ole Gunnar as an Interim manager. Know its there lol. Anyone?
  4. It doesn't appear that I can. That was in the first season and I'm now in season 3. When I go back to 2018, the Campenato Mineiro matches are not available. I try to click on the score and it gives a "Full details for this match are not available".
  5. Curious if there is a reason behind this and if so, whether someone can explain it to me. Have an 18 year old striker. He's been my first choice for about a year, but the sheer volume of matches in Brazil means he plays about every second match. I noticed a dark green PR notification and when I looked, it says he has a pre-concern regarding how I've treated him and that he doesn't think the previous chat went very well. I looked thru this conversation history - just me praising him when he trained particularly well or when he won MOTM for multiple-goal matches. I may have been asked about him in a post-match conference but I rarely say anything too definitive in the press conferences, and it doesn't show anyway. so will praising his training (when its 10,0 or close to it) really **** off the player?
  6. You have bought very well. I had those 2 and Antonio Marin (plus some others) in a recent save. Brilliant players
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7cWK3En7gI Not quite sure what to title this. The defender scores a rather ugly own goal and the keeper then kicks the lower bar of the goal. It glitches. On the video I uploaded, it glitches a bit. In other views, it glitches A LOT. Like the kicked bar stretches beyond the top of the goal.
  8. Farrugia was my primary backup winger to Xadas and Marin in my Blackburn save. Developed into a solid all-around player. got called up and represented Malta though.
  9. Two and a half months into a new save in Brazil and just had both my veteran FBs complain about playing time through the state championship and early cups rounds. They have started, literally, every second match. I can't have them start every single match because they run their buns off and are at like 85% condition after a match. Not quite sure what they are wanting to stay happy....?
  10. My 19 year old Croatian goalkeeper just got an U21 cap as a central mid. Late sub but went on as an MC. Good for this fitness, I guess?
  11. I'm not sure if this is buggy or a legit concern being presented a bit oddly. I'm playing as Blackburn. Pre-season of Season 3. I sold David Raya in the winter window of season 1. I had grabbed a raw freebie prospect at the start, but he wasn't ready to take over. Due to time and money, I signed an 18 year old Israeli prospect who started and did well. Promoted for season 2. Added a newgen Croatian and a veteran. The Israeli and Croatian started in season 2 and we did well again. I started seeing a few players with concerns about the depth at GK, which I found odd. If they were concerned with the quality I could kinda understand - the two youngsters aren't truly Prem caliber yet but played very well. Just before the year three pre-season, I start seeing that players are upset over my treatment of my captain and morale has tanked. I never got any notification but apparently he expressed concern about the depth at GK and I ignored it. A team meeting is called because the squad feels there is a lack of depth. Not GK depth. Not GK quality. Squad depth. So I promise to spend money. I have a 20m bid in for a new RB. But apparently in promising to address overall depth, this somehow translated into a promise to buy a new GK. Despite having four in the squad currently. The logic here is.... illogical.
  12. Agree on Raya from Blackburn. I am playing as Blackburn and he was brilliant for me, playing as a Sweeper Keeper using a Gegenpress tactic. I imagine he would be less effective if you asked him to play more conservatively, because of attributes like Rushing Out. I lost him to Chelsea for 20m in the first winter window (they have barely used him at all) and because the window was almost shut, I ended up grabbing Haviv Ohayon from Maccabi Tel-Aviv. Not really Prem ready and more of a prospect, but he has over-performed my expectations so far.
  13. Not sure this fits here, but its about strategic squad building and Club DNA, so I figure here works better than elsewhere on the forum. Gone against my norm in my current save and started up in England and below the top division. Picked a Championship club, so not far down. Expected to finish in the bottom half so expected to build for a season or two, then push for promotion. But using a 4-3-3 Gegenpress approach, However, I'm doubting it will work as well in the Prem if current positioning holds. So I've started trying to put together transfer options, and started mulling this, so I'm curious what others do or have done.... I have a pretty good handle (I think, at least) on what kind of players fit the gegenpress approach, and of course the "right fit" players varies by position and role. But I've been debating where I should prioritize. Do I pick the player with high Stamina so they can run forever, or high Work Rate so they want to keep working forever? I can't afford the amazing players who have everything, so its picking and choosing. Anyone have an approach and particular attributes they prioritize?
  14. Standard complaint about injuries. I'm into December in a save with Blackburn and pretty much have between 6 and 8 players injured at all times. I know I play a demanding style but I keep an eye on the Medical Centre and try to watch for players who are at risk. Doesn't matter. I also realize there will be times you get smashed by injuries.... but it just seems to be continual on this save. Not sure there is any point to employing top Physios and Sports Scientists.
  15. Okay, perfect. Thank you. I wondered if it might connect to that oddness. I did try to dig for it but wasn't easy to find in English.
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