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  1. Bigpapa42

    [FM18] Good Segundo Volante

    Been using the SV pretty much right through FM18. Best I've had is Wilfred Ndidi at Leicester. He had one of the highest AVR in the Prem and finished 3rd in goals.
  2. Bigpapa42

    Transfer Offers

    Guess I should clarify a couple of things... -I'm not having a squad revolt in the current save. I've had a couple players who came and asked to leave when the bigger club was first interested and who couldn't be talked down. But even when I turned down a locked offer that the player's agent has said they wanted to have accepted, But players have remained okay with it. Good squad dynamics helps with this quite a bit, I find. When it did start to happen in the previous save, it was after a barrage of offers for players. I would have a player wanted by 5 or 6 clubs, and they would make the exact same offer each day thru a week. No variance. A lot about it felt buggy and I did report it. This hasn't become like that yet... but I'm concerned that it could head the way. -I have sold players for big money in both saves. In the current one, I had a Portuguese winger go to Monaco for 56m and just sold a Serbian winger to Bayern for 55m. Both were worth around 18-20m when sold. If "reasonable" offers didn't happen, the "less reasonable offers" wouldn't frustrate. I don't expect to get 100m-plus like some players are going for, not unless I can fully develop an elite player. As pointed out, this is in Russia. The previous save was in Mexico, but I was still able to get 30-40m for players worth 10-14m. Even not every squad player I had was "worth" paying that much for, it just seemed weird that multiple clubs pegged their value so close to the listed value and kept bidding right around there. You want the player enough to make several bids... but not enough to increase the value to any extent? And again, most of the clubs were sitting on piles of money. When I say its an illogical process, its because the bidding club isn't following up. If the intent of these is "starting" bids that are a low and will be rejected, but begin a negotiation process.... they don't always make a follow up offer. And when they do, its damned near the same offer. so the following steps that should be there are missed. The bidding club's end goal isn't to agitate my squad or get me fired - its to get the player they want at a price they deem fair. So why take the first step and stop? Its not that these kind of bids are happening that makes me raise my eyebrow. its the frequency and how they seem pegged to the players value to a large degree. Its making the AI bidding process feel... linear. It doesn't typically feel that way, but the barrage of bids does. On FM17, I had a save in Colombia built around newgens and it was killed by a bug that I reported and it got sorted. Basically, several big European clubs (Barcelona and PSG were the worst) making repeated bids of essentially the same value. Repeated to the point of being aggressive in their approach but yet completely unwilling to negotiate up to any extent. Posted it as a bug, had the save looked at, and the SI Dev said it was the bidding club transfer AI locking in on a certain amount they were willing to spend on young prospects. This isn't that, because they aren't being targeted as developmental players, but as first teamers for these clubs. But it feels a bit like the AI is getting caught between those two approaches - player specific targeting, which explains the repeated bids, but allocating a certain amount of money to buying a position/role and then being unwilling to go much past that. A few of the bids have been well below the player's value, and sometimes below what was paid for the player. The first bid that had me looking at them more closely was a German club (Hoffenheim, I think) bidding under 7m for a player I had bought for 9m in the previous window. They made repeated bids but never hit the 9m mark I paid, let alone the 12m the player was "worth". And again, the club was sitting on piles of money. anyway, my main point of posting was wondering if others were seeing similar (doesn't seem like it) and whether its struck anyone else as buggy (doesn't seem like it). Thanks for the replies, gents.
  3. Bigpapa42

    Transfer Offers

    I realize the "listed" value of a player isn't absolute. Its subjective. An approximation. An estimate. If it was the starting point to a negotiating process, I would understand. If offers in that area happened sometimes, I would understand. My concern is that its a near-constant. That's why its standing out to me. Even if that value is an approximation, how often do you manage to buy a star player from another club - a big club - at that amount? Let alone at 20% less? When that player is a full international, on a big long-term contract with a club playing in the later stages of the Champions League, and not unhappy at all? Not a player who is already established as world class / elite, but has that potential? Because according to both my scouting reports and any attempts, landing that kind of player means paying way above their "approximate" value. Which is fine, because its generally the same for AI clubs. When the AI ends up going after a player that isn't "on the market", it might take a couple of bids. They generally end up paying well over the "value". But those bids don't generally start at the value or below the value of the player. And they don't stay there if a deal is reached. My issue isn't that it happens. My concern is that its happening frequently. In the current window and the previous one, I would estimate 7 or 8 bids out of 10 fell into that category. It definitely seems to be clubs saying "we want THIS player" in some situations, because they make repeated bids. But repeated bids at pretty much the same value, which just seems strange. Its standing out in this save and the previous save because I've never had it happen like this before. And after awhile it becomes impossible not to have players getting unhappy over having below-value bids turned down, it unsettles half your squad, and it falls to pieces. I mentioned a previous save where the same thing was happening but much more frequently - I got multiple bids per week for almost every player in the first team and could have sold 20 players from my first team if I had accepted them all. But offering clubs kept being unwilling to pay much above that "listed" value. Yet repeated offers. And yes, I might be able to leverage more if I offer the player out, but that means they are automatically transfer-listed and I'm not actively trying to sell the player. I'm willing to sell if you make a really strong offer.
  4. I ran into a big issue with this in a previous save, made a bug report post about it, self-replied 4 or 5 times but never got a response. it killed that save, TBH. So I'm curious if anyone else is seeing anything similar. Basically, I'm getting a ton of offers for players that are right around or below the player's "actual" value. When it first started happening in the previous save, it was constant media stories saying the interested club was intending to buy my player and it was almost always 10-15% above their value. So a 10m player was expected to cost 11m, a 15m player was expected to cost 16.5m, etc. It was a minor annoyance at first but when the media stories became bids at that amount, it became really frustrating. If its meant to be an "opening offer", the AI isn't following up with additional bids so it makes no sense. Currently in the third season in Russia, doing very well, developing some young stars, and seeing the same thing again. In the past 2 days in save: 23m value 23 year old midfielder - Dortmund offers 16.5m structured, which could rise to 23m, plus 20% profit of next sale 22m value 20 year old wonderkid striker - FC Bayern offers 19.75m structured which could rise to 25m, plus 20% profit of next sale I've seen a bunch of these. Hoffenheim offered like 11m total for my 23 year old FB who was worth 14m at the time. RB Leipzig make repeated bids of almost the same amount that was well under the "actual" value of another FB. Its not just German clubs, though. Prem clubs, La Liga, etc have done it too. There is zero reason I can identify for these clubs to assume these players should be be bargains. They are all happy (for the moment), under long-term contract that pay them quite well, playing regularly, and they all have major funds available. At this moment, Bayern have 223m and Dortmund have 215m. Some of the offers are open to negotiation. Sometimes I ask for a massive sum, partially locked, in response and they walk away. Sometimes I offer something more reasonable, and they walk away. Sometimes its a locked offer and I reject it and they walk away. They don't seem to come back with an offer that's a bit better. When they do repeat, its an almost identical amount. Its not a logical process for trying to land a player. I haven't seen other post about this issue, so I've been under the assumption it was something in that particular save. I have a number of data files, to add additional leagues and such. But now that its happening again in this save, I figured I would see if anyone else has run into it, or its an issue unique to make saves.
  5. Bigpapa42

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Not really funny, but a bit... weird, perhaps? Managing in Russia. signed a few first day newgen free agents at the start. The ones from outside Russia can't join until they are 18 so they are trial, so they can train and play youth matches. Didn't pay a lot of attention until I realized they were playing an attacking right winger, who I was retraining to be a standard right winger, at striker. And he was doing.... okay... Its only under 19, but he ended up with something like 39 goals. New season, he has 9 gaols in 4 matches at the same level. Its fun and I'm now retraining him as a striker. In the past when I've had strikers who overperformed their skills, there was usually still something you could point to - outstanding physicals, workrate, off the ball, etc. Not so much with Mr. David. Also, the game changed his skin color since this screenie so that's a bit amusing.
  6. Bigpapa42

    FM 18 - Russian League

    If you tactically accommodate their lack of pace, they can be a strength rather than a liability. They have plenty of other assets, just not any pace. In regard to replacing them, all three have strong tutoring personalities. Something to keep in mind if you are going to buy young. Doing well with Loko. Not quite halfway thru the first season and undefeated in the league. Drew with CSKA. Was going win-for-win with Spartak, until we played them. We won, then they lost the next one. So we have a bit of a lead, but there is a big gap between 2nd and 3rd. Europa League group is PSV, Real Sociedad, and AEK. Beat PSV and AEK but lost away to Sociedad. Still should go through but unlikely to top the group. Squad needs some work - there are some odd depth issues for a club that actually won the title, and only had 2m in the first window. Bought a couple of young players who are helping a bit but they need to develop.
  7. Bigpapa42

    FM 18 - Russian League

    Playing as Lokomotiv Moscow again. For general Russia advice, see above. You need to develop Russian players. The upside is that the league is top-heavy, so bottom teams are weak and you can give younger players some matches. Target foreign players for types & positions you can't find in Russia. Don't go overboard on buying foreign players, as there is a 30 player limit for league registration. If you don't develop Russian youngsters, you end up doing what Zenit often do in saves - overpaying for mediocre Russian players in their mid-20s. For CSKA, a big issue is the same as what they faced in reality - slow defenders. You pretty much need to cover for the Berezutskiy brothers and Ignashevich if you are playing them. And you don't have a lot of depth to not play them. AI formation is a 3-3-2-2 with wingbacks, and you have a couple of good wingbacks. I would probably do a 4-2-3-1 with two DMs to provide cover and don't get too adventurous with the wide defenders, so you protect those slow central defenders.
  8. Jedinak! Good lord, that's a sweet beard.
  9. Well this just got a bit more interesting.
  10. Its 4am here at kickoff. No idea what I am doing awake to watch this.
  11. Leicester start of the second season. On August 4, 2018, Andy King asks to speak to me and wants to leave for a new challenge. I agree to this, Transfer List him, and begin offering him out. No one is interested. I offer him out 3 or 4 times. The window has already closed. On August 18, 2018, I get the message that he is upset that I failed to keep my promise. What else does the game expect me to do there? 14 days to get a player sold. Is that reasonable? Is it realistic?
  12. The delay for scouting report can be absurd at times. I started the save with an in-game date of June 5, 2017. I have a pretty good sized scouting time and a bit shortlist, so I asked for a fair number of players to be scouted. In-save date is now August 16, 2017 and I'm still waiting on a report on one particular player I was going to target in this window. Two and a half months.
  13. Why not lol? Honestly, he has the playmaking skill to be effective pretty much anywhere on the pitch. there are some concerns - the Bravery and Aggression don't bother me much, but the Positioning seems likely to have some issues. Generally, I prefer to have my playmakers a bit deeper. It can help alleviate two problems that Arsenal seemed to face last year (and preivously) - stronger opposition controlling the midfield and cutting off supply and defensive sides playing deeper and cutting off space. Both of those situations seem to make Ozil less effective. This avoids that. And with plenty of runners around him, balls from deep that tear open opposition could be loads of fun.
  14. Toying with an Arsenal save. As a supporter, I pretty much never run the club. its weird, I know. My go-to formation in FM18 has been a Very Fluid 4-2-3-1 with two DMs and MC. Was gonna adapt it for Arsenal, possibly use an AMC to accommodate Ozil. Then I started thinking I could do it differently. One of the two DMs is a DLP. Xhaka could do that. Wilshire could be retrained to play there.... but so could Ozil. Anyone manage to turn him into a DM with any success?
  15. Bigpapa42

    When are Mexico going to get some luck?

    Thanks Lucas. I do indeed follow Mexican football.