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  2. Would really appreciate any help, I tried googling this and can't seem to find an answer. I tried everything in the preferences like using different skins, different resolutions, windowed mode, unchecking random unrelated options just to see if they would work and I can't find a solution. If anyone knows what could be causing this, I would really appreciate it! It really is very frustrating and it makes the game unplayable. Thanks in advance. PS #1: I'm on a Mac. PS #2: This is totally unrelated to the problem of the cursor moving by itself. I tried going into "big picture mode" on Steam and disconnecting any extra controllers and this did not solve it. The control of the cursor is 100% there and it works, it's just that it flickers constantly when it's moved.
  3. Hi Neil, I have tried every possible solution and I can't find a fix to this "flickering" problem. It is unrelated to the problem of the cursor moving by itself. This problem is more of a flicker where the mouse disappears and appears rapidly when being moved. Hope it is fixed soon because it makes the game unplayable because of how frustrating it is....
  4. I'm having the same problem and it is extremely frustrating, any help would be greatly appreciated! Please look into it, SI.
  5. The i9 9900k may be worth it based on this benchmark But then strange how there is almost a 3 minute difference on benchmark C here!? On the other hand this benchmark says that the 9900k isn't worth it. How can this one with an overclock and faster RAM be slower than the one above? It doesn't make sense.
  6. Bilal Kamal is another promising youth released by Norwich. I play him as an attacking right back but he can also play in central midfield.
  7. Hi dlyn, unfortunately that does not solve the problem of the flickering where the mouse rapidly disappears and appears when it's moved. It seems that the solution in that link is for a cursor that moves by itself. This issue is very frustrating, please look into it, SI!
  8. Yeah it's definitely something they need to adjust. I just hope they do it by release.
  9. I read all of the articles there and integrated elements from them into my game but I still feel lacking in this department as I can’t still create the type of space I want in my saves, especially when the opposition camps in their own half. I want to create the space in front of the defensive line and in between the channels in my save now as @Cleon said in one of his articles. All striker roles look similar in the final third. That’s the reason why I asked such a question.
  10. The ability to prevent your assistant from arranging friendlies. I like to plan my pre-season schedule quite carefully and he keeps arranging friendlies and I keep cancelling them.
  11. So, I went through a full calendar year last night without getting any offers and the only interviews I had were in National First Division (South Africa, 2nd tier). I accidently left one in the middle (TS Galaxy), and I made excessive demands at the other one upon realizing it was going to be an awful starting place otherwise. I was admittedly a bit selective, but I don't think unreasonable. Maybe a fluke, maybe bad luck. I was about half asleep for a good portion of it, so maybe missing out on good options "vacationing." Anyways, today I decide to reset and give it another try, with less vacationing, paying closer attention, etc. First two interviews were in the National First Division (NFD). Offered both. This struck me as odd (considering the competition and club reputation levels), and I didn't really want to start in South Africa, so decided to make an experiment of this go round. Expanded my application pool a little and tried to answer interview questions consistently: buying into board's vision, not demanding anything, realistically optimistic, etc. Anyways... South Africa: Applied to 8, interviewed for 7, offered at 5 in NFD. The only one I applied to and did not receive an interview for was still very much in the promotion hunt. I think I'd already turned down an offer from one of the two clubs that didn't offer. Applied to a few Premiership clubs with no luck. UK/Ireland: Applied to at least a hundred (none in Wales), interviewed for 9, offered at 5. No interviews were in leagues with more than 1 star. I had two interviews with 1.5 star clubs, both well into summer '20. Offered at one of them. I only got one interview in England, 6th tier, during Summer '20, with no offer. Mexico/Germany/Spain/France: Applied to a few randomly, with no expectation, and received no interest. Given the disparity, it seems either disproportionately easy to get positions in South Africa, or disproportionately difficult to get them in the UK. Maybe both. At this point, I'm probably just going to wait until release to get started, so might try a similar experiment in South America/Asia.
  12. I'm deciding between the i9 9900k and the i7 9700k, purely for FM. By the looks of this thread, the 9900k makes no difference vs the 9700k so it seems pointless to spend over £100 extra on the 9900k. The 9700k is probably easier to keep cool as well so will overclock better?
  13. I wonder if differences in cpu cooling affect this. A lesser cooler may allow you to hit peak boost frequencies, but only for a short time, while a better cooler may allow for sustained peak boost frequencies.
  14. I restarted FM and it seems to have applied the latest update. I am not able to reproduce this anymore! Here's hoping I don't get sacked again Thanks for looking @Rob Heckman
  15. ive double made sure nobody else is doing the contracts but me yet ive just had this screen most if not all my u19s have been offered contracts ..the other pic clearly shows im in charge of it
  16. I'd also add another good strategy is to always keep your best players on a minimum of 3 years remaining on their contracts. This way you can afford to ride out even the longest tantrums, I've seen players be upset for around 4-6 months so far never longer after wanting to leave to a bigger club. They then agree to sign new longer contracts straight away once happy to stay at the club. Rinse and repeat.
  17. There are mistakes on Niğde Anadolu FK. Its ID is specific but it looks like as Altınordu. When I tried to add kits and logos, Niğde Anadolu FK’s graphics are showing as with Altınordu.
  18. So, who did you sell in the first season and for how much in order to generate enough transfer cash to buy them?
  19. Today
  20. This forum is for reporting bugs in the match engine.
  21. This is what I've tended to do in this situation. I sell one maybe two of say 4 or 5 players who are unhappy only if I have identified replacements for them already. If not I just keep them unhappy, they usually get over it within a month of the transfer window once the other teams interest disappears. Often it doesn't cause too much of an issue beyond 1 or 2 players in the squad supporting them, if they are really important players most players actually side with you. There's not a lot you can do in regards to minimum fee release clauses apart from trying to negotiate them as high as possible or removing them in the initial negotiations (it may cost marginally more in wages to do this but is IMO worth it longterm). This strategy has worked well for me so far as Barnsley in Fm20.
  22. The biggest thing I am holding out for now is I would really hope SI would adjust all the players that start with 1 in determination. They have acknowledged it as an error in the way they released it, I just hope they fix it on or before the release date.
  23. Please upload specific .pkms if reporting to add to this issue.
  24. So I was looking through different clubs to start a save with when FM20 is fully released and I noticed some clubs have a preferred culture of signing players from countries that isn't theirs. Such as a 1 Dezembro in the lowest league in Portugal. They ask you to sign Canadian and Ghuayan players, which is awesome! This seems like it could be a very unique challenge. So I'm raising this to ask are their anyone clubs that have really interest cultures that anyone has noticed?
  25. Hi! I've come across a problem that there's given way too many penalties in some of my matches. It's very often the same team in the match who receives the penalties, and it ranges from up to 3-5 penalties a game. It has been both me and the AI team who's recieved these penalties. I also feel that when looking at the penalty situations in the match engine, the decisions made by the referee often is completely wrong as opposed to there beeing to many "clumsy tackles". For me the game is unplayable at the moment because of this, and i hope that it will be better after the next patch. Iv'e attached a match file in this post where i was given 5 penalties. Helsingborgs IF v Kalmar FF.pkm
  26. Son Heung-min is Korea A-team captain. But in this game, his leadership ability is too low. It's 5. I think captain leadership stats are 5 is too low.
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