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  1. This issue has been happening for several years already... I'm playing with Wolfsburg and Luiz Gustavo who has been known for his harsh tackles has recevied 3 Red cards already (I'm in Feb 15') each red card he received was after 2 Yellow cards so I've been kind with him in the first 2 times and gave him a warrning only. in the third time i decided to fine him for 1 week wage but suddenly he became unhappy from this. I mean... how on earth does a player doesnt accept his fine after repeating something that he has been fine for. this makes no sense. and this issue has been in FM since i remember. you just can't fine a player for a red card if it was after 2 yellow cards.
  2. It's almost impossible the get out of a bad form... you should do something about that.
  3. It's the same logos that i used in 14. From FMScout i guess.
  4. I just don't get it. A team that wins Man city\Man united\Liverpool atleast 2-0 at home should play on counter attacks agaisnt Bolton on the road? Does that makes sense to you?
  5. I understand what you're saying but look at the level that the team is playing at home, it's unacceptable to have such a big diffrence between home and away. It makes no sense that my team is the best home team in the league but barely wins Bolton\Wigan in away games.
  6. So in your opinion is normal and there is nothing i can do about it?
  7. Look at the diffrence betweem Home and away games: It's outrageous if you'll ask me.
  8. Is it just my team that really struggles on the road but unbeatable at home or everyone experience that as well?
  9. Will there be another patch in the Beta or we'll have to wait till the full game's release? It's really hard to play with these defences and goalkeeping.
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