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[FM22] England down to Level 10 Now available for download

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On 02/03/2023 at 17:28, Tractor_Boy_Rv said:


does anyone have the file they could upload for this as the OP is saying it's unavailable and I'd love to jump in to a lower league save.



You have to login to forum and download links will be enabled.

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3 hours ago, RossGib90 said:

I've extracted the files into the editor data file but it says incompatible in game.

Any ideas?

Are you sure you are using these files in Football Manager 2022? It won't work with other version. Also, there is a chance any another update file for England is already present, you can add only one edited data per country.

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1 minute ago, Blau87 said:

I have a similar problem then @RossGib90 ... the game tolds me that there are only 19 Teams in Combined County League South and it needs 20.

This one works fine though. I am using it.

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50 minutes ago, RossGib90 said:


Why your database is showing as 23.4.0 Update? That is Football Manager 2023 version number.

This forum post is for lower league database for Football Manager 2022. This is the reason you are seeing this error.

I think you have FM2023. For that, please use the database from here -


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