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  1. For me FM15 or FM17 are two best FM in last decade. If you don't have any, then I suggest FM13, my third fav.
  2. FM2017 user checking in. Although FM15 was my personal favorite and highest played FM, I have moved on to FM17.
  3. Loki Doki for me, he is very funny. Golden FM because I like regen series.
  4. But your whining was about your entitlement as a paying customer. And I gave a perfect example of why it's a ******** entitlement logic. I will mention it again before you can start throwing another round of your hissy fit... ... If you don't like a product you have paid for it, don't buy it next time. If possible, get a refund. If it has a demo, try it, before buy it otherwise stay away. Don't you test drive many cars before buying a car you liked? Do you go back to other car dealers and bitch about flaws of their cars? You can keep playing your favourite FM for many years
  5. Ditto. I miss FM 2008 simplicity, even FM11 and FM15 were pretty much engaging and complex gameplay without extra "features". While FMT is good but it's still does not come close to FM08-like gameplay.
  6. You can always not to buy the game and keep playing the existing one. Nobody's shoving it in your rear end to make you buy every year.
  7. This is a ****** website, do not purchase from them. Fraudulent website.
  8. I voted three games - FM08, FM15 & FM16. Although I have all the FM games from FM08 - FM17, these 3 has special position in my heart. FM08: This was my first Football Manager game, I played management games for many years but FM08 was my first introduction to SI (beforehand I used to play Soccer World Manager and EA's Total Club Manager till 2007). So this game will always have special place in my heart. FM15: The best FM in my opinion which has solid match engine, dynamic reputation and league add/remove features. Not too much forced player/press interaction. I have played FM15
  9. Yes, definitely. You can distribute the payment over times. But AI manager might re-negotiate the amount accordingly. Also remember, your transfer budget will only be charged for that year's payment total, not the full amount. So this is helpful if you want to buy a player valued more than your transfer budget. Let's say, my transfer budget is 60M. I try to follow this rule to buy a player X valued 80M, like this: upfront: 30M 48M over 24 months = 2M / per month 2M after 40 Games (make it more than 90% of your expected total games this season) Few extras like sell
  10. If you are onto it, CM01-02 is free now and quite updated. You can try that. Website
  11. Honestly, what do you expect from FM? Both, FM and FIFA caters to different group of gamer. You like to play realistic football game? Fifa or PES is your best bet. You want simulation of real life football world with tactical battle against a matured and great AI? nobody does that like FM does. So its up to you, which type of football gamer are you. Choose accordingly.
  12. Upgraded on day 1. Yes, it had few issues during early time. But after couple of updates, I like it very much. You should've upgraded to it (if you haven't done it already). If you don't like it, revert back to WIn7 but this license will be forever for yours.
  13. welcome to age global warming and El Nino efect.
  14. Did he play all Senior, Reserve and U18 league games for your team?
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