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  1. It was more a theoretical situation... 90% of my consumed beer is "free"... I run a pub in my spare time away from Football Manager
  2. YEAH! I'm sick of it! There's just no such thing as rewarding loyalty anymore! I've been shopping at Sainsbury for 10 years now and they STILL charge me full price for my shopping! I've been drinking at my local pub for 10 years now and they have the audacity to still charge me the full price for my beer! I'm sure i don't even have to tell you my displeasure at BP giving me a 0% discount on my petrol! What is it with all these business selling products at a price that allows them to make money!? As far as I'm concerned S.I should give everybody with a PC or Mac the game for free, lay off all their staff members, bring in 3 gerbils to create FM21 and give us that for free too! ... They make a fantastic game and sell it for a fraction of the cost of most games now days! So far I've spent 25p per hour of the game I've played, and it's been out a month... there's no better valued product in the world!
  3. It's between highlights, just has the waiting for next highlight box but no progression.
  4. First game using the hot fix and the game won't continue past the 70th minute in my match, it hasn't frozen as I can watch any minute up to the 70th and go back to my home screen etc. anyone know how I can force it to continue?
  5. Anyone else finding that they can't use the space bar to continue since the full release update? Worked fine during the beta. Using a mid-2012 MacBook Pro with Yosemite. Edit: Strangely, after posting this message and attending a meeting with one of my players, the space bar has begun to work again. I'm sure it's not a physical problem as I could type this message and use it to create a space in the search bar on FM. Weird!
  6. I'm in to my second year as Ipswich and am struggling to get anywhere, first season I finished 13th and I'm now 9 games in sat in 17th. Does anyone have any recommendations for tactics that work well with the players at the club?
  7. Tactic Gurus, I come to you in search of some advice. I'm playing in the championship with Ipswich and have been working on a fast paced, wing-play based 4-4-2. I've not had much success. I've got a solid defence, two good old fashioned CBs who are both on CB(D) Two fullbacks with pretty good attacking stats FB(S) In midfield I have two CMs on CM(D) and CM(S) and two wingers at LM and RM, both on W(A) Up top I have a big, strong Target Man, TM(A) who I want to win the crosses that come in regularly from the wingers and a DLF(s) who I want to connect play that hasn't come from crosses. I've read and re-read the stickies and still haven't quite come to grips with philosophies and the like but I'm issuing Attacking and fluid at the moment. Attacking because I assume the style I'm after is quite attacking and fluid because I havnt got too many specialist roles. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I've a small complaint that has been in the game at least the past two versions as far as I know. I have my 1st team, Reserves and U18s visible in my squad selection filter. This allows me to leave my youngsters in the reserves or under 18s and still select them in my team, (I know I could bring them to my first team and select make available for U18s but I prefer to keep them in their youth teams. Every year when the Youth candidates come through it creates the youth candidate team and deselects all but the first team in the selection filter. I often forget about this and thus leave my youngsters out for a month or so until i realise they're not on the list. Not a big problem but one that would be much appreciated if it were fixed and the filters stayed as they were.
  9. I can upload the empty database of anyone is interested and doesn't fancy painstakingly deleting all the players themselves. I'll need to be pointed in the right direction as to how and where I'd go to upload it.
  10. I can confirm after trying it on 14 it does work fairly well. It took a while to remove all the players, you can do 50,000 at a time and each lot takes a while. I forgot to remove player/coaches so a few of them were still in the game. There were a lot of generated players around 27y/o with ability levels noticeably less than the clubs they play for (not a problem though as every club is like this.) Strangely the game crashed when I first tried to start the game after the DB loaded but I saved the game before adding a manager, loaded it up again and it's worked a treat. Whether it'll work on 15 is another matter all together!
  11. You could delete all player entries from the database and select to add players to manageable teams. I have no idea if it would make a stable game world or not but should achieve something close to what you're looking for. Even delete the non-players if you want it completely removed from real life.
  12. I remember a few years back managing Arsenal when they had Adebayor. I needed to free up some cash so offered him out for transfer only for a newly rich Man City to put in a big bid. I remember thinking "how unrealistic"... how wrong I was!
  13. A follow up question: I've noticed I'm conceding a lot of goals from through balls fed to wide man through the gap between a CB and FB on whichever side. The FBs are usually slightly further forward than the CBs and the space made is often utilised by my opposition. What would be my best bet to stop this?
  14. A quick update, incase anyone's interested. My team had a real turn in fortune after altering my tactic. I noticed my DLP and CM(D) were often occupying the same space so I changed the CDM to a BWM and the CM(d) to a DLP(s), works a treat now. Having won promotion through the playoffs to the Skrill Prem I'm now coming up against teams that have a lot more quality than me so I'm trying to create a more counter attacking plan B tactic.
  15. Fantastic, I've used your advice and changed the RCM to (D) he does a good job at keeping it cautious when we're on the attack, since tweaking the tactic I've played 8, won 5, drawn 1, lost 2 (against better teams). Many thanks for the help!
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