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  1. Anyone had any luck with Network games? Tried downloading an Epic account and downloading it on there, still getting the no network connection error message.
  2. I've been using Steam to play a Network game since release day, is there a way I can continue to do so without having to make an Epic account (I previously had one that was hacked and received poor customer service from Epic in response).
  3. It was more a theoretical situation... 90% of my consumed beer is "free"... I run a pub in my spare time away from Football Manager
  4. YEAH! I'm sick of it! There's just no such thing as rewarding loyalty anymore! I've been shopping at Sainsbury for 10 years now and they STILL charge me full price for my shopping! I've been drinking at my local pub for 10 years now and they have the audacity to still charge me the full price for my beer! I'm sure i don't even have to tell you my displeasure at BP giving me a 0% discount on my petrol! What is it with all these business selling products at a price that allows them to make money!? As far as I'm concerned S.I should give everybody with a PC or Mac the game for free, lay off
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