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  1. Ahhh that's awesome - thanks. Not really sure what the purpose of setting the min/max games to 28 (now 38) is so I've removed it to understand it better. Running a test competition for the Premier league generates the expected 38 game season. Full file verifies, loads up in FM20 and looks ok at the moment so holidaying to the end of season 1.
  2. Loving this and really appreciate all the time and effort gone into setting this up. I've ran it for a few seasons and it's all very good indeed, but wanted to add more options re promotion/relegation whilst also increasing the number of games. So the plan is to make the Premier and Division One 8 teams per group and expand Divisions Two to Four to 20 teams. This would give every side a 38 base league game season. Premier and Divison One would play 14 + 8 + 8 + 8 games (38) and Divisions Two to Four would play 19 x 2 (38). It would also mean I could relegate 2 from the top 2 Divisions and make the promotion from Division Two to One less daunting - instead of just 1 promotion spot make it 2 - one automatic + 1 via a 2nd to 5th play-off. I'd (naively) assumed that the configuration changes would be pretty straightforward - the only real effort being the movement of sides up the league ladders with each region moving from 6, 6, 16, 16, 16 to 8, 8, 20, 20, 20. I moved the highest ranked sides up so the top 2 from Div One moved into the Prem. The top 4 from Div Two moved into Div One. Then the top 8, 12, and 16 etc. Obviously a lot of the Division Five sides that have now moved into Division Four don't have U23 or U18 sides so these will need to be added when I expand the U23 and U18 sections. I checked under Database | Competitions | FIFA World Premier League and under Teams | Teams and it had the correct number of teams in there (32). The other divisions were correct too (Div One - 32; Div Two - 80 etc) All well and good so far. For the initial configuration changes (promotion and relegation will come later) I thought I'd only have to do this: - in the Advanced Rules section update the matrix under Gibraltar | Required Teams and set min teams and max teams to 32, 32, 80, 80, 80 - in the Advanced Rules section update each high level league (e.g. FIFA World Premier League) under Stage 0 | General, to have the correct Number of Teams. In this case 32. Same for the other leagues but teams = 32, 80, 80, 80 Now the problem. When I verify it I get an error and I get the same error when I run an individual Competition test for the "FIFA World Premier League". Error: "xxxxxx have played more than the max number of games in stage 0 of World Premier League" (xxxxxx is one of the teams in the WPL - it varies). Stage 0 has been set to 32 teams and the fixture generation process hasn't changed. When I look at the output from the Test, under "FIFA World Premier League" the 4 groups are fine (8 teams each) but each team has only played 27-29 games. Within the Test, under the Rules section each group is stating "Number of Matches: 28 games" which explains why we get the error - as soon as a team goes to play its 29th game it fails. 28 games is significant as it's how many games would have been played when there were 4 groups of 6 (10 + 6 + 6 + 6). So, there must be a setting still somewhere that is stating 24 teams or 6 groups of 4 etc. But for the life of me I can't find it. One thing I did do was to revert back to the "Basic Rules" and this does state that the min/max teams in the WPL is 24. But surely, the Advanced Rules which have been changed to 32 should supersede this. As said, I'm assuming there's something I missed in the Advanced rules but haven't a clue what !
  3. The Southern Premier divisions (Central and South) are essentially new from 2018/19 following the introduction of the 4th tier 7 division. Obviously before that we had the Southern Premier division but I'm not sure what happens with that league's history - whether it should transfer to one of the new Southern leagues or not. My save (I'm in 2025/26) has full Southern Central & South history going back to 2018/19; In terms of tier 11 I'm not sure but you're right - I've just checked North Riding League Premier Division and it's only got 17/18 and 18/19 winners - so for whatever reason the game isn't recording that info.
  4. Good news. Looking forward to re-starting a tier 7 save with my local side.
  5. If you look at the original thread from @dantares this has been raised as a bug which seemed to have been introduced in the latest patch. There's also a post form an SI Tester confirming there are still issues with this as it's outstanding in their bugs database. So, that would suggest it is a problem with the game as opposed to a feature. To me, semi-professional status, means just that - you get paid for playing. This can be in many forms including appearance money or part time contracts. I do a lot of work for a tier 7 English non-league club and we have some players on part time, some on appearance money. When we were in tier 8 we had the same. Reputation has nothing to do with it for everyone else and we know that because I've just loaded my end of season 1 tier 10 tier save and 7 of the other 19 clubs in my division have at least 1 player on a p/t time contract even though their reputations are around the 200-400 mark. These are proper contracts not 5p/w youth contracts. All the other 12 sides have youth players on £5 p/w contracts. I do too which is bizarre as the game seems to be able to offer my youth players p/t contracts yet I can't offer p/t contracts to any of my first team. Personally, I think it is a bug. If it wasn't (and it was say a chairman decision) then we should be able to see that chairman decision somewhere within the game. We shouldn't be having to guess what the rules might be. If p/t contracts can't be issued it should be obvious why and it should be obvious what needs to change to allow p/t contracts to be issued. Contracts are a fundamental part of the game. I guess only SI know whether this is intentional or a bug.
  6. There is an outstanding bug re contracts and it is discussed in this thread: The workaround by @Spooge Driver does work as I had the same issue with my tier 10 side. You need the in game editor and basically involves setting your rep to at least 1501 and toggling your professional status. Instructions as per the original thread: Open your save game and navigate to Club Info. Open the In-Game Editor (the very hard-to-see pencil icon to the left of the globe up on the top-right) and click on Edit Club Details. Within Edit Club Details, under the General tab, increase your reputation up to 1501 or more. For it to work properly, it seems you must then "refresh" the club's semi-professional status: within Edit Club Details, under the Finances tab, change your professional status to either Amateur or Professional and then change it back to Semi-Professional (do NOT click Ok and close the In-Game Editor before you have switched it back to semi-professional, otherwise the game appears to acknowledge the club being changed to Amateur or Professional and your training schedules etc. will get messed up). Now, when you click on a player and offer him a contract, you should see the option to offer a part-time contract, not just a non-contract. One slight update on the above. Having done the first 4 steps, if I then changed my rep back to its original value (mine was 200) then I was still able to offer p/t contracts. This made me feel a little better in that I was not over repping my club and giving it some kind of unfair advantage. Fundamentally though, it shouldn't matter what your rep is. If you are semi-professional then you should be able to offer part-time contracts.
  7. Just to follow up ... Season 5 came and went and the FA Cup was back to playing replays again which is good, so it may well have been something to do with the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Having finished 4th in the Northern Premier Division (tier 7) I was rightly drawn away to the side that finished 3rd. However, rather than the game being played at the home of the 3rd placed team, it was instead played on a Neutral ground which isn't right. All play-offs at tiers 7 and 8 (including the Finals) are played at the home of the side that finished highest in the table. Not at neutral grounds. Thanks.
  8. Interesting thought - yes, could be that. I'm a third of the way through season 4 (in fact I'm 2 days before the WC is due to start) so I'll be done in a couple of days. Will wait to see what season 5 brings. Thanks.
  9. Still loving this database, 4th season in starting from level 10. One thing though I'm not so sure about is FA Cup replays. In my second season (I wasn't in the FA Cup in season 1) I drew my extra preliminary round tie at home and it rightly went to a replay. This season (season 4) I drew my 3rd Qualifying Round tie away. Fully expecting a replay back at my gaff it went to extra time instead. The competition rules in the game for the FA Cup state that after 90 minutes the game goes to 30 mins et + penalties which in my view is wrong. I looked at season 4's FA Cup history and all rounds thus far have been played without replays. Checking the database in the editor there are 3 FA Cup competitions in there, though 2 are marked as inactive. The other one is correctly configured to have all rounds up to Round 4 Proper going to replays and single games from Round 5 onwards. So not sure why in my season 4 there are no FA Cup replays at all, unless there are real life rule changes planned which is what's happening. The FA Trophy works fine re replays. Any thoughts? EDIT: Just looked at the FA Cup history and in my first 3 seasons there were replays. In season 4 however, season 2022/23, there are no replays.
  10. There should be the Northern League Cup. 40 teams enter from League 1 and League 2. First round involves 16 League 2 sides over 8 matches. The 8 winners join the 20 Division 1 sides plus the other 4 Division 2 sides to make the last 32 (Round 2).
  11. For step 7, I guess inter-divisional play-offs is the fairest way but it sounds to me like it will be quite difficult to implement seeing as you'll only be relegating 1 out of the 4 third bottom sides. Presumably the 4 third bottom sides would play-off, the 2 losers then play-off and the loser of that goes down. If that would indeed be the approach (and it is hard to do) then I'd just pick one of the 4 divisions to relegate 3 instead of 2. If you did that it might be worth explaining to us simpletons how we could select one of the other divisions if we didn't like your choice.
  12. Starting my third season using this database and not seeing any abnormal number of red cards. Infact we only had a couple during each season which is probably below what you would expect in real life. Fantastic work though in getting this database up and running plus the fact the second season is spot on as we move from 23 to 24 teams in L1 and adjust the number of promotions/relegations accordingly. Nice. That's a lot of work as it ties in with the whole re-structuring we were expecting to see at the end of this season. - 24 teams in the Vanarama North and South - 2 relegations from VAN and VAS - 10 relegations from step 7 (2 per divison plus 2 more based on PPG) - no guaranteed relegations from step 8 - instead play-offs between step 8 bottom sides and step 9 winners - introduction of the new step 8 division. The new Isthmian League Cup (Velocity Trophy) is bizarre especially in the way the points work. After the last league re-structure (at the end of 2018) Isthmian step 8 lost 4 teams per division (24 to 20). In 2018/19 clubs had lost 8 league games (46 to 38) so ended up playing friendlies during their league season to keep players match fit. Then in 2019/20 they thought adding a group stage to the Velocity Trophy was a way of addressing the fixture issue and also compensating for that loss in gate revenue. Essentially replacing 4 home league games with 2/3 home cup games. A few sides didn't bother entering the competition which explains why instead of 10 groups of 6 we ended up with 6 groups of 6 and 4 groups of 5. Fortunately for us (I do a lot of voluntary stuff for Hornchurch in step 7) we joined the competition at the knock-out stage, after all this group stage malarkey. I expect the format will remain though if it was deemed financially viable.
  13. Yeah, this would be good. Certainly beyond me at the moment with my limited ability. I can't even manage to get the number of relegation places right in L1 for 2019/20. Obviously the vanilla game, minus updates, works fine. In 2019/20 L1 starts with 23 teams with 3 relegated. At the start of the 2020/21 season L1 starts with 24 teams with 4 relegated. Nice. But if I just load the database (20.4.0) into the editor, add England Nation (check add lower leagues), convert to advanced rules, verify the rules and then save the database I end up starting 2019/20 with 23 teams and 4 (not 3) relegation spots even though I've actually done nothing to the database. Running through a season and starting 2020/21 I also have 23 teams and 4 relegation spots. Is this just an error with the advanced editor because I started a save with this (Lionel's) update and I start 2019/20 with 23 teams in L1 and 4 relegation spots instead of the expected 3?
  14. Is the database stored in your Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2020 > editor data folder? Is it a .fmf file?
  15. I'd agree - that is the simplest way and essentially that's what will happen anyway once the re-structuring has taken place - although by then there'll be 24 teams in the Vanarama North/South not the 22 there is now.
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