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  1. Work plus real life non-league stuff has meant very little time to pursue glory with Redcar Town but I think I'm ready to resume. Toyed with the idea of re-starting with Leeds (City that is) but I think I'll continue with Redcar at least for the time being.
  2. I had already edited my original post but you were too quick ......
  3. Doing a couple of other challenges but did get Redcar Town promoted into the Regional 1st Divisions. No cup wins but a trophy and 20 points for the promotion from Northern League Division 1.
  4. Thought I'd start my Dafuge challenge with Hornchurch. Corrected the kit colours and crest and ready to go. So just to confirm ... apart from me starting at the bottom with no qualifications etc I also have no staff so have no idea of the relative ability or potential of any player in my squad. Before I can even assess my squad I have to get an Assistant Manager and Scout in ...
  5. The leagues did nothing last year when the seasons were 75-80% complete so it's hardly surprising that this time around it's more of the same. The obvious difference though is "curtailed" vs "null and void" which is the mistake they made last year. It looks likely the 8th step 4 division re-structure will happen so at least there'll be some progress made but the step 1-2 re-structure will have to wait until the end of 2021/22.
  6. Season 3 ended. A shocker. Started really well - 31 out of 33 points at the start plus a run to the FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round. Despite losing the tie the 30K debt was essentially cleared. Then, out of the blue and in typical FM style, we started losing even though nothing had changed - same formation, same playing personnel. Won only 3 of our last 16 games, finishing 6th. Issue now is we can't attract any decent players - even the good players relegated from our division won't join. Recommendations from our recruitment meeting are 2 star players so not sure how we'll compe
  7. Steps 7 - 11 are generally ok. The hardest division for me to get out of in FM20 was the Vanarama North. Wonder if it will be the same this time around .. assuming I can get there.
  8. Season 2 completed. Summary plus points "haul" below. Since our ground move, attendance has halved and match day income down from £17K to £12K despite playing 8 more home games (6 league, 2 cup). Lost £39K overall so not good. Signed a few better players ready for next season so maybe a clear out and a number of forays into the loan market. Still expected to win promotion from Northern League Division 1 though.
  9. Nice. We're just past the half-way stage in season 2. League is looking good, though knocked out of the Vase. Issue we have is money. 18K in debt. Given we were 1/48 to go up (yep, 48 to 1 on) I just got most of the squad on a 30-40 pw contract but our attendances are massively down since we moved grounds. Averaged 160 in season 1, but lucky if we get 50 at home now. Wasn't expecting that.
  10. Not upgraded, we have had to move from Mo Mowlam Park in Redcar to renting Central Avenue in Billingham. It's not a groundshare though as no-one else is playing there except us. The 2 Billingham sides (Town and Synthonia) have their own grounds. We also turned semi-pro which was handy as we can tie a few of our better players down to part-time contracts.
  11. Just starting season 2 and board expectations are below. Just promoted to NL2, yet the expectation already is to win the league + very good runs in the Vase and Northern Cup. Is this just a chairman thing or does everyone get such challenging expectations? By comparison, last season my league expectations were to finish top half.
  12. Just doing my logos for Northern League Division 2 and noticed a little typo relating to Ryhope Colliery Welfare ... Name is correct on the club screen but missing the "i" on the league table:
  13. Season 1 Summary. North Riding League Premier Division: Winners North Riding League Cup: Winners
  14. First points on the board ..... North Riding League Premier Division Champions. Final of the North Riding League Cup to come.
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