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Players with insane salary demands

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I dont know if there has been another topic about this, i could not find one at least. I was wondering if there is a way to balance out the crazy salaray demands players have? When my player wants a renewed contract theyre asking for €600k p/w when they currently have around 250-300 and they refuse to accept any lower. Normally i would just ask my DoF to negotiate and they end up somewhere in the middle but not even that works now because the amount of wage they are asking for interfers with the squad status offered. So now they reject due to playing time instead. 

Im litterly bleeding dry from these high demands - im offloading players every year and my economy does not improve due to the contracts that the DoF gave them which have INSANE bonuses.

Apperance fee: €1,687,150
Clean sheet: €464,000
Goal bonus: €470,00
Assist: €354,750
Team of the year: €4,975,000

Seasonal landmark bonus:
Goals: €4,625,000
Assists: €6,725,000

Im currently spending €11,134,078 p/w in wages... Last year the total amount paid in wages are €443,569,336 , another €190,507,259 in bonuses and then i also have my staff which had a wage last year of €151,328,245.

Is there anyway of fixing this?

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Yes, it frustrates me when a player wants a new contract but makes insane demands before I can make an offer. 

I have a player making 3,500 p/w from a pre-promotion contract, and I figured that I'd even be willing to triple his salary, plus a nice loyalty bonus, but after I agree to negotiate a new contract, his agent immediately demands $30,000 p/w plus something like a 750,000 loyalty bonus.  Walk away.  I wish that there were a game-mechanism for me to do what I'd do with an employee in real life:  "Hi Bob, you're doing a great job and I want to share some our success with you.  I'm going to double [triple] your salary and give you a bonus equal to what you made all of last year."  I understand that players are highly skilled performers with agents but we should still be able to control the narrative/discussion in this situation.

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I've never really had any issues with negotiating new contracts. In my first season with Roma, in November, I managed to sign new contracts with Karlsdorp and Pellegrini getting them to sign 5 year deals but on the exactly same wage (72k + 75k respectively). I always feel it's important to be in control and if there is an aspect of the deal I don't like then I'll remove it. Karsdorp wasn't difficult but obviously Pellegrini wanted a higher wage then 75k he was on. I think he wanted 105k and tbf he had a really low release clause in his current contract so IRL he probably wouldn't have signed but I added a Team of the Year bonus and 15 Assists bonus instead with a slightly higher loyalty bonus and he was happy with that. I think I even got an optional 1 year in there as well.

I think there are a few things to think of. 1) What squad status are they one? Too high and they'll expect to be paid more. 2) Timing. Offering a player a contract straight after winning an award or a brilliant performance in the previous match is not the right time to be talking contracts because he and his agent will expect more. 3) Negotiate, negotiate negotiate. I am in control and if I'm not happy, you're not getting a new contract and I'll come back at a later time.

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I'm going to write about how I create a wage structure for my team and how I work around certain demands.

If I've got time after the F1 race I'll be doing it today if not it's going to be sometime this week

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Just say no, and if you need to sell and replace then sell and replace. If you start giving in as you have done, then it only gets worse because other players, even mediocre ones, will want parity with the bumper deals you've agreed. Regardless of that though, if your club has lots of spare cash, then a good player will know you can afford big wages, know you want to keep him, and therefore demand big wages. There's a reason why essentially no football clubs are consistently profitable and owners instead make money by increasing the club value over time. If you've got money to spare, players will try their best to take it from you!

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Timing play's a part, I've just had a player come ask for a pay rise after just winning a league and cup double. He wanted £350,000 a week and star player, I walked away and got the captain to talk to him. 2 months later I offer a contract and he only wanted important player and £200,000 which I was more than happy to pay

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I do like to offer bonuses for winning the league and winning a cup (or making a final) in exchange for lower wages, because if you win a cup/league, you will make more money anyway, but you'll want to keep track of just how much total bonus you're on the hook for, or you could end up spending all of your extra cash :herman:

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