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  1. I think you're asking for the impossibile if you want something that has a 100% win ratio vs Bayern (or any other team really). You're - also - the weaker team so how can you pretend to never lose against them? It's just totally unrealistic
  2. But OP said Zaniolo has been consistently playing poorly. That's why I thought about it
  3. I'm not entirely sure about Locatelli playing as a CMd. I think that's a bit too conservative of a role for him. I think this 442 can easily morph into a 352 during the game with alex sandro and cuadrado playing as wing-backs and danilo becoming the RCB but it for sure looks like a 442 when defending. Also, keep in mind Chiesa is still not at 100% after the international break. This can explain why we see Rabiot being played as WM on the left at the moment. Hopefully we'll see Chiesa playing there when he's back
  4. Speaking of Zaniolo, can that "runs thought the middle with the ball" PPM be the problem here? Maybe it somehow hinders his performances when supposed to start wide? Or is he taking too many long shots and missing the target often?
  5. As stated above, you can use a role with "hold position" there instead of the DMd. He will still cover but will also offer a bit more support going forward. I would also have one more attacking duty in the front four so that you have another runner from behind the striker
  6. I will maybe tinker a bit with it the next time I'll try a 433DM. Oddly enough I'm currently playing with the narrow 433 (no DM) I talked about previously and again I'm not seeing this problem just like I don't see it when using 4231 or other formations with no DM. Can't get why having a player in the DMC spot suddenly f**** up my defence but that seems definitely the case for me even if I don't use any particular TI/PI/OI when using it to the point I was thinking it was a "common issue". Nevermind lol
  7. Ok but that should have nothing to do with having a DM and being more leaky than not having one, am I wrong?
  8. I really like the 433 DM on paper but I never quite like how it performs in the game and I simply get way better results by just using a 4231. I also notice that most of the times AI teams who play a 4231 get better results than those - or maybe even the same team, but with a different manager - who use a 433. For instance, in pretty much all of my saves Man Utd does way better than Man City. To me, it looks like some kind of ME limitation which simply favors the use of an AMC over a DMC. Does anyone else experience the same? It may sound weird, but I feel like having a DM - even if not in a HB role - just makes your 2 CBs split a bit more and concede way more goals through the middle even when using the narrow defending TI. As soon as I switch to a non-DM formation this happens much less and I am much more solid defensively. @Luizinho I actually do. I know in theory having more flank variety should be better, but playing Mané as an IWs feels like too much of a waste to me.
  9. @Justified @Johnny Ace @zabyl thanks for the replies guys! I already did multiple saves with Liverpool - yeah, I love them, especially on FM - but was wondering how others would play them. I tried different formations but the one I like the most and I had the best and most consistents results with must be the gool old 4231 in which I mostly played Salah and Mané both as IFa. I sometimes felt the need to switch them to Wa to open up the more stubborn defences. I used a narrow 433 with both the midfield and the attack in line. 2 MEZs/CAR + CMd and 3 AFa with stay wider on the two on the sides. Sometimes it scoares loads of goals, others it's pretty stale. I also played with a 3 at the back but not for long so I'm not entirely sure if I like it or not. Nice to hear what other players will do
  10. Not sure either I can't check now. But I think you still need a more attacking role than a FBs - or a less attacking role than IFa - to make the overlap happen regularly
  11. @Lesterfan_Cambiasso I think the overlap will be quite difficult with your current setup. If you want to overlap on the left, an IFa is probably too attacking to make it happen so maybe an IFs/IW would be better. If you want to overlap on the right a FBs might be too conservative of a role and won't push much past your AMR winger so at least a FBa if not a WBs/a might be needed.
  12. @Tikka Mezzala against stubborn defences you can also try to play out of defence and possibly lowering your mentality to balanced, lowering a bit the tempo and not press them too much. Basically don't try too hard when attacking and leave them a bit more freedom when defending in order to draw them out a bit more. Otherwise they will most likely park the bus and it becomes really frustrating trying to snitch out a win.
  13. I think both are really depending on tour playstyle. For instance, think of what Barcelona and Spain did for a decade with tiki taka. They focused on moving the ball (dribbling less) while forcing the other team to run nonstop after it. When they lost possession they looked to win it back asap but once they got it back they weren't really countering, they were pretty much holding shape in order to immediately restart their very organised offence. You can also say they were playing at a lower tempo since they never really forced a ball or a shot but patiently waited for the right opportunity to arise. Outside of tiki taka, I think you can use them in specific situations. You can run at the defence if the other team has a lot of booked players. You can dribble less if they get a player sent off to make them run even more and force errors.
  14. Hi guys, I'm not really asking for help here but I'm just curious about how would you set Liverpool up if you were to manage them in the game? I know most of you will straight-away say that Liverpool is easy to win with as it's one - if not the - best teams in the game but still what will your tactics, roles, duties etc look like? A classic 433/4231 or maybe something completely different? 3 at the back? Bear in mind I'm not asking for a real-life Liverpool recreation so it's everything completely up to you. A couple things I'd really like to hear your take on are: 1. How would you set the flanks up? Would you play both Salah and Mané as IF or would you still want to offer more flank variety? Or maybe you wouldn't play them out wide at all... 2. Would you like to see someone in a different role than the one they play irl? For instance, I believe both TAA and Firmino could be moved to the midfield and be world-class in pretty much every role there too. Is that something you will think about? Lastly, what players will you be looking to bring in? Where do you think the team can be strenghtened the most?
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