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  1. I dont know if this is the right place or not but anyway. Dont you think Alexander Isak in Real Sociedad is a little bit overrated? He went on to Man Utd on my current save and he has like 45 goals in 55 games in the league. And these stats Ive seen i Every save i had so far in fm21. In the nationalteam he has similar stats. I know he been ok lately irl but oh lord...
  2. How hard is it to keep Haaland and Sancho? i guess you have to win league and CL in the near future for them to tie up lenghty contracts.
  3. When are they gonna add more realistic fans on the arena? and more realistic awayfans, not all clubs have thousands of awayfans filling up a hole section. There is so much they should have done there but it looks the same as like 15 years ago.
  4. Yeah Fm is not Good. I had a break from Fm for a couple of years and returned to 21 and im kind baffled How little it has improved/evolved since FM06. Same poor animations sort of and The boring pointless PC etc etc. Its like fifa, kinda same game year After year.
  5. I used it for Chelsea. It went pretty well, won the leauge:) lost in the CL-final against Pool:( and didnt go far in the other cups but Thats The games fault for allways drawing you against the big teams first rounds away:( Werner topscorer like 35 goals in total. Most assist did James The fullback, 17. Season 2 coming up now and that is the most Interesting thing and see how The tactic goes:)
  6. As allways on FM, english teams in general are to OP.
  7. Yes VAR is often against you, almost every game. But not so often against the AI, Well that is the feeling i have...
  8. Yeah, Callum Wilson retired After he was released on my Newcastle-save, he was 32 and became a worthless head of Youth-thingy. Good work There game😂
  9. Every wonderkidregen on my save i have checked in ingame editor and many have + 180 i PA...
  10. Oh dear. This makes me not wanna play a long save. Can anything be done about it do you reckon in the editor?
  11. Im in season 6 in game and yikes the wonderkids are popping up like mushrooms everywhere. Will this add more balance because They arent cheap so even big clubs have problems buying em, or will This make The game unplayable. The wonderkids arent bad either, like worldclass at The age of 18-19 already...
  12. I like this setup. But i prefer playing my fullbacks as wingbacks, one on attack and the other on support. I also prefer the disciplined creative freedoom. And i dont play with the offside trap, the stupid amount of goals i conceded with that on was insane:). I struggle with the CM-roles and wingerroles atm...they are getting very low ratings.
  13. Yes this is standard FM. I would love to Have That AI-supertactic;)
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