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  1. Well yes I did point out earlier if it's purely because you find the streamer is entertaining then I get it.
  2. So you must just use it as background noise whilst doing other things then? Otherwise I don't understand what you actually gain from it if you're not listening for content?
  3. So you treat Twitch like a modern day radio channel? Genuine question, not criticism.
  4. Although not too dissimilar, I don't mind YouTube. For the very reasons you wrote. Plus I feel that if you're looking for specific content on YouTube, that's what it's there for. My moan was more about Twitch. I just don't get it and I'd like to say it's an age thing but I have friends who watch it for like hours a day
  5. If it's because the people that are streaming are entertaining then fair do's. But watching someone play a game feels like such a waste of time I could be playing the game myself?
  6. I still, to this day, really don't understand why people watch other people play games on Twitch Just as pointless as goggle-box in my eyes.
  7. This kid is literally all of us if BETA drops tonight...
  8. Cannot believe this has not made the thread yet You guys are slacking...
  9. @kevhamster + @Smurf are most likely better at answering this question. I just felt for the extra it's definitely worth going with the Ryzen 5800X if you're able to stump up some more cash. However looking at the set up of the desktop in question, there is probably some more areas I'd look at as well. You'll most likely have to upgrade the memory and storage.
  10. I think it definitely looks more likely the game with either start with Bruce or noone if I'm honest. I can't see a sacking and a new manager in by Monday. I'm sure they're checking their options at this time but Monday seems a stretch.
  11. Coming Monday yes. The takeover is completed so will be in game. However if Bruce get's sacked after Monday then he could potentially still be manager in game at release.
  12. Why wouldn't they be? Something that big wouldn't be left out of final release.
  13. The 21 engine is probably the most realistic I've played on so far. The added animations from previous versions make it stand out by quite some distance. Most fun would probably be FM17, I had my longest ever save on that version is it must've been enjoyable for a reason
  14. That's literally what I used (only difference was PFat instead of AFat) with Gloucester in FM19 from Non-League to Premier League. Only time it evolved was when I got bigger in the EPL and needed to break down teams a lot more.
  15. Ah, I was just thinking of that 6.8 game. Nothing malicious intended
  16. Or maybe he just had an average game? They're not robots at the end of the day. Just because you set everything up perfectly, players can still have an off day.
  17. The first (two) tweaks I'd try is switch the MC's around and take off WBIB and see how it looks from there. POOD + Shorter Passing + WBIB would be a big no no from me as would a MEZsu and IFsu on the same side.
  18. Beta : Liverpool. I always seem to get bored after 2-3 seasons anyways as it's a bit too easy so makes sense that it's a bit of a throw away. Full Game : Journeyman. This year I did the dafuge challenge to take over Hitchin Town (was born there). Previous games I started unemployed and had long term saves with Dulwich Hamlet, Gloucester and Bath. Really enjoyable making smaller teams into big teams and then eventually moving once I feel like the club is self-sustaining. Funny the AI always seems to struggle when they take my seat
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