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  1. As you can see from the gif team report screen, the default page is the formation but when I click on "scoring", nothing happens, it stays on the formation page. However, when I click on "conceding", it shows the scoring page and I have to click on "formation" to get the conceding page.
  2. I’m seeing more of it now together with BPD bringing the ball out. I want more of that 😂
  3. One thing I like with this ME that I have not seen mention anywhere is how players interact with each other, so in previous iteration after a set piece even if the ball was still in play you will see the players go back to there usual position but now I during freekick I send my right CB front he will remain there if the ball is still in play and do the job of the RB and the RB will take his position and do the job of the CB until the have time to switch back to their original position.
  4. Since the laptop just came out I doubt SI had one to test it out so report it so it can be optimised for that screen
  5. The fact that you're not seeing the same thing in your games doesn't mean that others aren't. Same thing with life really, we all have different experiences and one doesn't invalidate the other
  6. I don't know where people got the misconception that only playing gegenpress press will tire your player. On the tactic screen you have the tactical familiarity bar and the intensity bar and there are a lot of things that determine if the intensity of your tactic is high and pressing is just one of them. As an example, look at the screenshot, pressing is standard but yet the intensity of the tactic is high so players will get tired.
  7. I don't think there has ever been a way to save highlights as video
  8. I think people forget that what you see on the tactic screen is what you look like when you defend and the roles and duties together with player instructions determine your shape when you are in attack. Although it's still limiting compared to what's possible IRL but that is where we are at the moment with the tactical creator
  9. The Raumdeuter is slightly different, they don't dribble as much as inside forwards and they stay a bit narrow
  10. The option is to start at the end of the season not the end of the current contract
  11. Half of my first team came to me asking for new contracts in the first season and their current contract is expiring 2024 and there is no option to make the new start at the end of the old one. That would save a lot of headache
  12. Yes it has been taken away on purpose. Now you just have to hover over the “I” next to the players name
  13. If you can tell me what method they use to measure it and the instruments they use then I'll give it to you
  14. Even if they took out the old questions and replaced them with a million new ones and 10 million new replies after you've played a few seasons, it's going to get repetitive, that's the nature of press conferences. I've you've got ideas in how they could improve it, put in a feature request
  15. I don't play with an OLED but as long as you don't leave it too long on the same screen, you should be fine
  16. I'm not sure you can watch them after the first season but before you simulate the season, try going to preferences/detail levels and set the league to simulate all games
  17. Well it's a beta. It's not going to be perfect, just report it so it can get fixed before release
  18. Dribbling is basically how good someone is at running past people with the ball and still keeping it under control however the player decides when to dribble and for him to be successful he'll also need acceleration, agility, balance and probably technique
  19. I’ll advise you to wait a week or 2 after full release. i personally will be starting a new save also because I’ll be waiting for external database. I want to try out some obscure country and try out the dynamic youth rating
  20. the funny thing is that every year people complain about the fact that there are not enough injuries. Maybe you've just been unlucky so far and as far as I've seen, you're the only one reporting the issue
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