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[FM21] "The Rise of a Prince of the Slovaks"


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26 minutes ago, deltablue said:

Well done on winning the Second Division.

Thanks. The team was very good and placed 5th in 2 Liga in real life.

5 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Well done! You have the freedom of the town ;)

I'm thinking an egotistical 29 year old would love it!


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FC Kosice


June/July 2021:Preseason "What are We doing?"

Manager's Thoughts

I was hoping for a little more time to ponder what I learned from the season and what I wanted the team to look like next season, but it wasn't meant to be. I decided to scrap the 4-2-3-1 Wide and try some more defensive minded formations. I went to the tactical whiteboard and inspired by what I have seen on tv, I came up with a 3-1-4-2

The new formation needs tweaks but I think it is the seedbed for a Slovakian Soccer Revolution!

If I do say so myself!



I tried to get away from Kosice for a little while....but brought my trusty laptop with me on "Scouting Trip" to the Euros in Budapest. It would have been a longer sojourn, but the new season was slated to start on JULY 17th. 

That meant I would have to catch the rest of the Euros on TV.


I re-signed him because he wasn't bad defensively and might work as a CB in a new tactical system I was envisioning, but also because he was willing to work cheap....as long as I footed the bill for team bonding sessions after away matches.


The teams finances can barely pay my salary let alone any players.....

Hopefully the TV Contract in 1 Liga is lucrative!


but I did approve getting access to a local Slovak database to help with scouting players.


I signed this player after perusing the recommendations of the scouting the scouting staff. He will provide some decent coverage at a number of positions. above all he is cheap!


He will probably become Captain is he stays with the team...


Administration Day! we officially join the Slovakian Super Liga!





I set up six friendlies to get the team familiarized with our new tactics.

The team was introduced to our new Formation a 3-1-4-2 on the first day of Preseason. It is an original tactical plan....

the team then played the U-19's using it.


The analyst was enthusiastic over how many scoring chances it created....

The team then headed across town to play Lokomotiva Kosice and we used the new formation again!



The Analysts continued to be happy with the results.....

The team is better respected in Slovakia



The Playoffs for another possible promotion finished....with the Super Liga team keeping their place.....



I re-signed Komazec and plan on retraining him as BPD!


June Board Meeting/Management Report



The Finances are better but will only get better with getting a windfall from player sales.....


The Board also took the time out to remind me of their objectives for the season.....


The link I requested didn't work out....maybe we can get a foreign link.....


and the TV Money barely covers my "Princely" salary! 

July 2021



Tomas Mihalik


A young player that will probably be allowed to develop in our U-19's this season.

Tomas Filipiak


another project....and a little small but could become a decent "sweeper"

Adrian Lesko


a utility midfielder, but a leader!

Daniel Rapavvy


A new player to lead the line and replace Komazec up front facilitating his move further back. Will play mostly as an Advanced Forward.


and we get a new sponsor.....that gives us enough money to hire two players!


Here are the big names that we'll be facing in Super Liga.

The team then returned to the field with a trip to Ukraine to play FC Minaj at Avangard.



as one can see the 3-1-4-2 playes mor like flat 3-5-2 that I saw some English teams playing in the Premier League.

The team then returned to the Cermel to host Zlin from the Czechia.


In this match I tried my 3-4-2-1 that is a tribute to the "Mighty Magyars"....it didn't work to well until I told the boys to go "All out Attack" on the opponent's goal.

The BPD-C playing as a sweeper was very effective though.....


The next match was against RUCH from Poland. @SixPointer



Adrian Lesko played a great match as the DLF-S/F9 of the 3-1-4-2


Analysts like the level of play even if we aren't fully familiar with the new formation yet.



and in major news the Team has sold our GK to Saudi Club for a number that matched the biggest ever sale. More importantly it get the 2nd biggest wage off the books.

The next match was on Wednesday 7/14/21 and was a last chance for players to impress to make the team for the opener.


We were to play GKS Tychy that play an unusual formation.


Our understudy GK had the game of his life! Standing on his head to stop shots...


and analysis shows that the team was extremely lucky!

The next update will be a tactical overview and a Starting 11 preview!

Thanks for Reading








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FC Kosice


July 2021:Season Preview


Manager's Thoughts

During my time away from FC Kosice, I immersed my self in football tactics and read about great team of the past and watch replays of matches and a few matches of the Euros before returning for Preseason Camp. Where I would unveil a new style of Football to breakdown the Buses and stop the diagonal crosses and over the top balls.

I was able to introduce it to the team and I have I hoped to have adequate cover for the new roles and positions needed to implement plan.

Tactical Interlude

The new formations are:


A 3-1-4-2 that is our new main formation.

It is I think the simplest to learn because of the lack of TI's and the one I have featured most in our Preseason.


A 4-3-3 DM Wide

This one will be fore games when we want to play a possession game.


A 3-2-4-1

This one is for when we need to go all out for Goals! During the Preseason it only really worked with Very Attacking Mentality! It my own adaption of the Mighty Magyars of the 1950's.


The plan is to clog the middle of the field defensively and force attackers outside and force them to breakdown our "Mobile Bus". I am lowering the line of engagement to encourage our opponent's out of the Defensive shape. I know it sounds like I want to play counter attacking football, but I actually would rather keep possession if possible and have the threat of rapid counterattack available.

The main formation ends up looking like a flat 3-5-2 that seems to be very effective at stopping 4-2-3-1Wide formation.

All the Formation will be tweaked in the coming days as I relearn my players and their tendencies....also several players will be playing out of position.

Eventually the team will have to obtain Tall, Strong, Athletic players to really make these  formation's work, but that is for another day...

Every revolution in tactic's has to start somewhere!


 Team Preview

Depth Chart


Starting Lineup (3-1-4-2)




Center backs 




Defensive Midfielder










Season Preview



The team is favored to go down and has the longest odds to win the title....hopefully our new formation causes some early upsets!  The point goal I am looking for is 33 points from the season 32 matches. After the first 22 it divides into championship and relegation divisions for the final 10. 

According to the press our key players are Pacinda and Krcmarevic.

Slovakian FA Cup


We get to renew acquaintances with our "Bogey" team from last season in the First Round!

Thanks for Reading!




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3-1-4-2 here we go!  Like the new tactics - I'm most interested in the 3-2-4-1!  It looks so defensive but the movement should be fascinating.

And, of course, congratulations on the title and promotion!

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3 hours ago, 13th Man said:

3-1-4-2 here we go!  Like the new tactics - I'm most interested in the 3-2-4-1!  It looks so defensive but the movement should be fascinating.

And, of course, congratulations on the title and promotion!


2 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Look forward to seeing how that Magyar tactic does if you end up using it!


Answering you both. I will use the 3-2-4-1, but will only really give it a trial run if we make the Championship Division after 22 games, because if we do we should be safe from relegation.


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FC Kosice


July 2021:"The Best of Times..."

Manager's Thoughts

I am very happy with how the team has taken to the new formation....we are quite a threat going forward....the positional move of Boris Gall from AMC to #9 has been a success. The defensive side shows issues with the same crosses that we had problems with last season which is a problem I will continue to work on...If we keep playing like we are I think we shall probably not be relegated, but I WILL NOT make any rash statement about it to the press!






The team achieved the greatest victory of all time in their first match in the Slovakian Super League....



It's Boris's World were just living in it.....


8-1 ranks up there with any teams big win!


NINE Goals in a match.....


Boris set many records with this game.  A change from AMC to AF obviously suits him....


People in the city are becoming excited, but we have a long way to go before we fill the stadium!

Buoyed by the success of the First Game in the Super League I looked forward to the Home Opener!


Rozemberok was a decent midtable team, but I thought they were beatable if we played half as well as against Trnava!


The match was much closer....and it took to counter attack led by our second-string strikers to win the match late....

I must say that it was a stroke of genius to sub on both Lesko and Rapavvy for Gall and Pacinda.



The Analysts was very happy with the way we played....


The search for players continues....Laszlo joins after a trial.


After two victories, the TV Producers think we might be a story this season, but the paltry 3k.....barely pays the tab on team bonding nights!


The last match of this update was actually in August...We were set to travel to Zlate Moravce....

They were one of the better teams in the league, but I would back us against anyone....especially on the Counter!


Boris broke early and fast and scored....then everything went wrong like in the Cup Match against Inter Bratislava. We had no answer for Crosses....and all of our attempts on goal did everything but go in after the first one. The match was closer than the score line suggests. 


As one can see from the Analytics this was one that got away....

League Table


Player of the Month

Boris Gall



He was also Super League Player of the Month....beating out Erik Pacinda!

Management Report



The Board is satisfied for now, but could go south....This is probably as good as the finance will look....THERE IS NO MONEY in Slovakian Football!

Thanks for Reading!






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28 minutes ago, SixPointer said:

I love seeing those red squares on a tactic strikes me as doing something very out there! Looks a start 

The results are mixed. The Main tactic 3-1-4-2  is devastating on the counter and the others not so much. Defensively they all have problems with Diagonal balls.

I think the Red Squares are less about the tactic and more about the personnel filling the positions and Roles....

The 3-2-4-1 tends to stall at the top of the box unless I max out the Mentality, but retains the ball well....I think the solution is to add some Attack Duties when I tweak....

I am sure that if I tried the tactics with Barca or Bayern it would work fine.

Realize that is some cases I have players changing position. For Example: Last seasons #9 is now a ML-DW-S and I thought about retraining him as a BPD-C

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1 minute ago, Carambau said:

Boris G(o)all, the new Goal Machine? Great start in the top tier... keep surprising the other teams! :)

So far yes.....He has more goals than games played....If he keeps it up he will probably win the Top Goalscorer award for the Slovakian Super League! I have played further and he has 10 or 11 and the record from the 2020-2021 season is 18.  There are about 20 games left in the season....

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FC Kosice


August 2021: "The Worst of Times"

Manager's Thoughts

The Honeymoon in the Super League lasted all of 3 matches.....We were competitive in all the matches but the lack of quality shows....I think the tactics are fine it is just that I don't have the players to fully implement the plan. The sale of the GK Kira was probably a mistake....I am sure after playing that the tactics work and my genius will be vindicated in time. Every Revolution has its dark days!





The next match saw us visit our short-lived Senior Affiliate MSK Zilina. They are one of the better teams in the league.


That said I will always back us against anyone.....


This match was a tale of two halves: First Half Zilina had scouted us well and carved us a part with Diagonal Balls from RB to AML. After a hair dryer and a Tactical Adjustment....(Man Marking the RB instead of Zonal Marking) the team played like the best team in the world and Boris Gall scored Two more goals, but it wasn't enough. Zilina scored another goal in stoppage time just to rub some salt in it. I will remember!


The analysts probably don't agree with my assessment of our play, but the second half we gave them all they could handle! It was too little too late!


The next match saw us return to the Cermel for a match against Dunajska Streda. Another of the favorites. I hoped for a showing more like the second half against Zilina.

so we could possibly get a draw or a win....


It was dreadful.....They were just better and the team just seem to be going through the motions. Boris made an effort to get the team into the game.....but it was pointless they were just better and it showed!


Analysis shows that the match was closer than the score line showed, but there was a definite gulf in quality. Men playing boys....which is somewhat of the case!

Also our GK isn't Good enough....he made several mistakes...

After the Debacle it was on to playing Nitra another Relegation Candidate....thus it made it imperative to win the match.

After some negative press about my tactics and to arrest the slide I decided to switch formations....

I would try a 3-2-4-1 Wide formation....it is unorthordox because it has only ONE CB playing as a Sweeper!

I also held a team meeting....


This was definitely a winnable match!


The match started with the new formation keeping posssession, but stalling in front of goal. Nitra hit us with an over the top ball and scored....I then decided to revert to the 3-1-4-2 at halftime...then the team came out and ruthlessly carved them up! 

and we won in comeback fashion!


The media get it wrong we started out in 3-2-4-1, but only won because we shape shifted at halftime!


According to the Analyst we didn't play well.....but he must of have started his report at halftime and missed the comeback!

The final match of the month saw us travel to Trencin for a match against a "Sleeping Giant" of Slovakian Football. I had put in an application for their job, but was laughed off. I am better off closer to home.....more of a challenge!


I was really hoping that AS Trencin paid attention to the previous match and prepared for the 3-2-4-1! I reverted back to the 3-1-4-2 and hoped for a "Smash and Grab".


It was a surprisingly even match with neither side scoring till after half. Trencin scored first on a Diagonal ball that was volleyed into the net. World Class!

Luckily I made some adjustments and substitutions and Daniel Rapavy scored from the DLF-S position on another clinical counter attack.

We were beginning to celebrate a job well done when Trencin scored another wonder goal!

I am devastated that we didn't get a draw.


The analyst thinks we were lucky to escape getting thrashed worse. I disagree! We played well and that is why Football is an Art not a science!

League Table


Analyst Report


Our offense is fine soring goals for fun our defense s****!

Major work will be necessary to improve it.

Management Report



The problem is the finances more than anything else we bring in about $55k/month but we spend more than that. The current model is unsustainable, but I can't cut spending on payroll much further.

Hopefully the board can find some better sponsorship IF we don't get relegated.

Thanks for Reading!



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12 hours ago, SixPointer said:

I love seeing those red squares on a tactic strikes me as doing something very out there! Looks a start 

I used to hate them! But they are beginning to grow on me now :cool:

11 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

The Board is satisfied for now, but could go south....This is probably as good as the finance will look....THERE IS NO MONEY in Slovakian Football!


I think in a league like this, the revenues have to come from European football. Once you start qualifying, even if you don't make the group stages UEFA will probably give you enough funds to last the season.

11 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

The results are mixed. The Main tactic 3-1-4-2  is devastating on the counter and the others not so much. Defensively they all have problems with Diagonal balls.

I think the Red Squares are less about the tactic and more about the personnel filling the positions and Roles....

The 3-2-4-1 tends to stall at the top of the box unless I max out the Mentality, but retains the ball well....I think the solution is to add some Attack Duties when I tweak....

I am sure that if I tried the tactics with Barca or Bayern it would work fine.

Realize that is some cases I have players changing position. For Example: Last seasons #9 is now a ML-DW-S and I thought about retraining him as a BPD-C

Diagonal balls are definitely a problem for me too, I think you just accept it as a part of this shape. Make sure you are not defending narrow though, especially with playing 3 CBs.

Agree on the attack duties.

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FC Kosice


September 2021: "Laying Foundations"


Manager's Thoughts

This month was much better than last month on the field. I have found the starting XI and the team is competitive. I know the real source of our defensive weakness and tried to remedy it. The team is in a good place with more points than matches played. There is still tweaking of game plans and other things to do, but overall the future is bright in Kosice...now is not the time to get distracted.....  





The first match of the month came after an International break. During the Break I had the team work on Defensive training and it showed in our match against fellow relegation candidate Sered.


We were given the lead with Two penalties dispatched by our Captain Pacinda....and to finish the rout Daniel Rapavy stole the ball at midfield and scored late even though by that time the match wasn't in doubt.

The next match was against our "Bogey Team" Liptovsky Mikulas!



This time we got them in the Cup and in an effort to Diversify my tactics and my rotation. I decided that I would use the 3-2-4-1 as my Cup Formation.


The formation held onto the ball but didn't  provide any real attacking threat even though the mentality was eventually upped to "Very Attacking" The winning goal came from an "over the top" Clearance during a Kosice Corners and the Mikulas Poacher just shrugged off his marker and took the ball and scored a breakaway goal. 

It was a devastating loss in that I thought we would escape with a penalty win..... 


I wasn't happy, but I didn't throw the players under the proverbial bus in the press conference.


Analysis shows that it was a close match that really could have gone either way....the xG of both teams is Identical!

Following the Cup Defeat the team headed to struggling Senica.


We were underdogs but I thought we had a good chance against the worst team so far in the Super League!


The match started well for us with Boris scoring and then Erik Pacinda....2-0 after 40 minutes. Then the Whole Match turned when Krcmarevic flagrantly elbowed an opposing player just before half.

After half we didn't keep control of the ball and the Senica set up camp in our half with us down to ten and score on two free kicks....An opposing  CB was sent off for a bad tackle as we went "Hell for leather" at the opposing goal in the last minutes of the game after the defensive game plan  came undone in an effort to salvage the win!

This match was one which we may regret.....


According to the Analyst we were outplayed in the second half, but that is because we went "Very Defensive" to protect our lead.....


I was asked about Krcmarevic's Red Card in the presser.


The Media trying to stir up contoversy.....it was simple. He elbowed an opposing player and was sent off!

After that match and with the Slovakian Transfer Window coming to a close I decided that our GK wasn't good enough.

He is an ok backup, but not really a First Choice GK.


So I tried to get Matus Hruska from a 2 League team for money the team can't really afford....


even without definite scouting he is better than our current GK. In Positioning and Reflexes which would help stop a few more shots.


but unfortunately the transfer was cancelled due to their inability to sign a replacement.

After the Transfer Window closed we headed into the final match of the Month....

The team was to travel to the Capital Bratislava and play reigning Champions Slovan Bratislava!


I hoped for a good match but was also prepared for a thumping.....don't be fooled by their form most of those losses are due to European Football and the fact that they are selling players to the Bigger leagues in Europe and the replacements hadn't bedded in yet.


The match didn't quite go to plan....but the team played well after an early goal woke us up!

The refereeing was terrible.....and really denied us a chance to grab points....It was so obvious that the Media even commented on it!


As one can see we outplayed Slovan, but didn't get the points!

League Table


Analyst Report


Player of the Month

Erik Pacinda



Management Report



Thanks for Reading!



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Decent turn around! On track for safety and maybe more.

 Love the tactical experiments. Thinking you’ll need some tweaking with the 3-2-4-1 that’ll get you runners into the box and more goal scoring threat. It sounds like the moment is great in the build up, but the end product isn’t there? Maybe, like you said, some attack duties, or roles that are a bit more direct?

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4 hours ago, theBlackPrince said:

Mid table and over the points per game required to get to safety so far, can’t argue with that start!! 

just catching up on the 3-2-4-1 that looks tasty!! Can’t wait to see if it works at all or not! 


51 minutes ago, 13th Man said:

Decent turn around! On track for safety and maybe more.

 Love the tactical experiments. Thinking you’ll need some tweaking with the 3-2-4-1 that’ll get you runners into the box and more goal scoring threat. It sounds like the moment is great in the build up, but the end product isn’t there? Maybe, like you said, some attack duties, or roles that are a bit more direct?

Thanks for the compliments, but I'm not certain of anything yet.


The 3-2-4-1 is my version of the "Mighty Magyars" of the 1950's. I based the formation from a drawing in a book and guessed the roles and duties. It needs more tweaking because it stalls at the top of the box much like many 4-2-3-1 Wide formations.

I think that first tweak is to add attack duties to some roles, but I will not really be able to properly tweak it until I use it in action more.....and that won't happen until we are safe from relegation. Yes, we are decent position, but I fear a slip up mostly because our defense is suspect.

I have been tweaking and trying out players in the 3-1-4-2 and it shows now that I have had some game time to figure out tweaks and players to fit the roles.....

I have also been reading about Bielsa in Argentina and a 3-4-3....but that will probably wait until I have better players!

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FC Kosice


October 2021:"Trying to find defensive stability"

Manager's Thoughts

The team is playing much better like almost any relegation threatened side we play better at home. My goal is to turn the Cermel Stadium into a place opposing team FEAR to play...to do that we need to win games and attract a fervent crowd. It is early but I think we are on our way.

I also spend a lot of time personally "recruiting" fans....:cool:

See the source image






The team came into the month playing 3 out of 4 matches at home a perfect time to grab some points....unfortunately the first team was Mikhailovce. One of the better teams in the league because they are more established.



The match went against us almost like I knew it would we just couldn't compete in the air....I don't understand my defenders are tall can head the ball and jump....

The match was pretty even until halftime...when they changed their game plan and started peppering us with Over the Top balls and Crosses. The first goal was a defensive lapse that allowed a cross in to the six yard box to be tapped home. The second came from a Corner where their CB Levitated over my players and Headed the ball down instead of over the bar!


We played reasonably well, but it wasn't in the cards.....


Nitra came calling, but I wasn't interested. I have unfinished business in Kosice....plus I might miss the all the pretty young ladies:


The next match saw Trnava visit the Cermel stadium and I wanted to be a terrible host.....


Trnava was playing well but Home underdogs are a rarity when teams are close in the league....and I would prove the bookies and media wrong!


We play well at home and it showed....in close match.


As always the Analyst had to rain on our parade.....but who likes analytics anyway?


We were scheduled for another home match this time against Zlate Moravce!

It would be a close match again, but I had confidence in our side especially with Krcmarevic coming back in to the lineup after suspension.


My faith was well founded with another day of Boris scoring for fun! Twice!

and then after they went down to ten the team got complacent and gave up a goal but otherwise this one was over early.


The analyst was much happier compiling these stats for the after action report.


The final match would see us travel to play Ruzomberok.

They were favored, but I though we had a chance....


We scored early and late...and seemed well on the way to celebrate. When the unthinkable happened two goals in stoppage time to deny us victory!


The analysis shows that it was the probably the right result all things being equal.

League Table


Player of the Month

Nikola Krcmarevic


Nikola was instrumental in our win this month and the losses without him show his importance shielding the back three.

Analyst Report


We are still banging in the goals, thanks to Boris Gall. Now we are slowly becoming less of a defensive liability, but it is still a glaring weakness that is covered up by our goalscoring.

Management Report



Thanks For Reading!





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1 hour ago, Hootieleece said:


Thanks for the compliments, but I'm not certain of anything yet.


The 3-2-4-1 is my version of the "Mighty Magyars" of the 1950's. I based the formation from a drawing in a book and guessed the roles and duties. It needs more tweaking because it stalls at the top of the box much like many 4-2-3-1 Wide formations.

I think that first tweak is to add attack duties to some roles, but I will not really be able to properly tweak it until I use it in action more.....and that won't happen until we are safe from relegation. Yes, we are decent position, but I fear a slip up mostly because our defense is suspect.

I have been tweaking and trying out players in the 3-1-4-2 and it shows now that I have had some game time to figure out tweaks and players to fit the roles.....

I have also been reading about Bielsa in Argentina and a 3-4-3....but that will probably wait until I have better players!

In case you want to try it out, the front 3 I am using right now, two SS and a F9 - seems to work really well. In general I have heard that the SS role is quite lethal in this year's FM and it definitely has proved to be so far. So maybe when you are looking at being a bit more direct and attacking, you could look to work this in. 

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FC Kosice


November/December 2021: "Winds of Change"

Image result for kosice christmas

Manager's Thoughts

The team headed into November with Highhopes, but I knew better I was hoping to snatch a victory that would help keep us on track to NOT get relegated. The only win in this time frame was against Relegation candidate Nitra....who had offered me a job. I was happy to win that match and head into the Midseason Break. The Midseason Break would see me take over the role of GM of the team. Thus I will now have much more control over the direction of the Club, I am sad to see Jan Kozak leave because He gave me this chance. My plans going forward are to for now to try and depend on the youth produced by the club and to eventually become Slovak only sort of like Athletic Bilbao. 






The month of November started off with high hopes that we would be able to keep the momentum going.


Unfortunately we had to play league leaders Dunajska Streda at their place....I was hoping for a better showing than last time.


As always we battled and it was competitive until the Referee started putting his fingerprints all over the match.....


According to the analyst we were lucky....


Of course its a record....the team is only 3 years old and had two very successful seasons!

The number will probably get higher this season!


We then returned to the Cermel to host Zilina. This was the match that I thought we had a chance of the three matches in November....


But that Idea went right out the window when my Cover CB got himself a red card after 5 minutes.....I followed the suggestion of my Assman and went "Very Defensive" and they scored twice before half. At halftime I threw a tirade and made some adjustments. Most notably upping the Mentality to "Very Attacking" and putting Erik Pacinda up top as a False 9.

We got a goal....and I kept pushing for an equalizer....but it wasn't meant to be and we gave up another.....


The Analyst showed that we put up a fight....but were always gonna lose with only 10 men.

The Jonec Suspension would hurt in the next match against AS Trencin!


and we lose our starting DLF-S but he should be back after the Midseason break!


Trencin was the favorite, but we had a chance.....


but like many matches against bigger teams we started slowly.....Trencin's Kadak scored a brace.....then Boris did Boris things and scored but it wasn't enough.

but the big news was an injury to yet another Striker....


out for three months and he was just beginning to find his way in to the lineup.....


Analysis shows that this one was winnable....will we be regretting the points lost at the end of the season?

November came to an end and the following reports crossed my desk.....



The board is happy with my coaching of the team....unfortunately the finances aren't getting any better.....


The analysis of the team remains the same....


Boris had the Goal of the Month!

and as we get ready for the last match before the Mid-Season Break....


Our Captain and main playmaker goes down! Fortunately he should be ready for the second half of the season.....


Losing both Rapavy and Pacinda made me decide on another approach  for the Nitra match.


They are propping up the table, but we weren't the favorites so I tried something "radical" I broke out the 3-2-4-1 again and played my non-starters including a recently turned 16 GK!

I tweaked the roles...and hoped for the best!


It was thrilling, but a little stressful....but the win was assured when I subbed on Vaclav and Krcmarevic at halftime.

The 3-2-4-1 did show we could score....but our defense needs help....


It was a debut for the team for Patrik Marosi, a Slovakian U-19.


He will play LDW-S going forward.


Our Young GK is at least as good as the First Choice!


We played well and won, but they grew into the match and it was close in the end,

With that Mid-Season Break was upon us....

I was expecting a rather boring time at home but was I wrong.....

Jan Koszak, who I think of as a second father, was offered the job of Director of Football at a Czech Club.


It would be a lucrative move for him.....


He took the job and moved to Pribam.

I decided that for now I will take on the role of GM as well as Manager of FC Kosice. This would allow me to implement my plans for a tactical revolution without interference.

My first acts as GM were to tie-down two of our better defenders to long term contracts.



The contracts wouldn't kick in till the end of the season and if we get relegated the team would get something for them.

Also I had a discussion with the HOYD about the Youth Intake.


As we will be getting younger and Slovakian going forward....(and Cheaper) I also let go of Komazec on a Free....he had signed a deal after last season and it was an expensive Buyout for the team but was necessary because he wasn't even in the 18 anymore....

After Christmas....the team returned for 2nd season training.....

Which would start with a match on New Year's Day!


We started the Year off with a victory over a top Hungarian Team playing the 3-2-4-1! but I will be returning to the 3-1-4-2 for League play this season.

League Table


Player of the Month

Peter Kavka


Peter played well in all our matches even if we didn't win many.

Analyst Report


We are still banging them in, but are real problem is the defense!

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!






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44 minutes ago, 13th Man said:

Rocky form but you look relatively safe from relegation, which is the main thing! 

Good luck with your Bilbao of Slovakia idea.

Thanks. That is what I am thinking as well. Also I am back in the tactical laboratory. I am going forward with 3 at the back!

I will drag Slovakia into Modern Football.....kicking and screaming if I have to.

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FC Kosice


January 2022:"Taking it easy"

Manager's Thoughts

The 2nd Preseason was a time of experimentation and also with my new role as GM a chance to really put my stamp on the team. Unfortunately a few key players missed time with injuries, but my ambitious schedule of twice a week friendlies did their job in preparing the team for the stretch run.




The Friendly's were ambitious and we played a lot of good teams from surrounding top leagues. I did this so that we would be in match shape for the final four matches before the league split. My goal is to have 33 points at the break! So that relegation probably won't happen.



The Big Serb just couldn't hack it anymore...was picked outside of the 18 by the Assman. So Yes it cost money, but It is always better to cut your losses early than keep deadwood on your books.


I gave another young player a professional contract not too sure about it but I want to believe the HOYD!


I spent some time compiling the data from the HOYD and the Head Performance Analyst and spent some time on the Tactical Whiteboard. I then came up with this evolution of the FC Kosice Formation. It is based on my observations during the Euro's in 2021 and reading about Bielsa's Teams in Argentina including the 2004 Olympic Gold Medalists. It keeps many of the roles the same as the other formations, but at least seams to give more attacking options.

I used it extensively in the first half of the 2nd Preseason!

2nd Preseason saw me spend much more time in conferences and meetings because of my assumption of the GM Role.

I tried hard to rectify our GK situation...with this as the prime candidate for next season.



He and his agent agreed to a contract....but were probably looking for more wage than I was willing to pay.

While I was waiting on Junas several other transactions took place:


I brought in another young midfielder I could mold....for next season.


Patrik's contract negotiations were forced on me because other teams were sniffing around. I had fully intended to make an offer at the end of the season, but I couldn't allow an U-19 International leave Kosice.

Back to Junas....He ended up signing with a Polish Team that could outspend us....



He ended up with a 1year deal that paid him twice as much as we offered.

Usti Labem from the Czech league offered for one of our defenders.....


He wasn't out of the rotation, but not first choice and 6 month's away playing regular minutes would do wonders for next season and the money helped the budget also.

League Table



Analyst Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!






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FC Kosice


February/March 2022: "Pinch Me"

Manager's Thoughts

If you had told me that the team would assure themselves from relegation by the time of the League split before the season, I would have laughed at you. Not that I didn't have faith in my abilities as a manager or my tactical acumen. I just thought the team was actually ahead of schedule even though the Board had put together a good team with my help of course. The 3-1-4-2 has led to a counterattacking style that makes the most of Boris Gall. He is the player of the season so far. Coming into February after Midseason Break there was a 4 match stretch and then the League will split. I thought we had a chance if we could get 10 points out of 12, but instead we got 12 out of 12! That assured us survival because any team that is in the top 6 can't be relegated after the split and will be battling for European Places. 

The team put together an unbelievable string of victories to ensure our survival....even if two of the teams were relegation candidates!

Remember according to the Bookies we were the favorites to be relegated.

There will be a party in Kosice tonight.....

See the source image





The Midseason break would end with another battle for Supremacy in Kosice and then on to the stretch run...


The Match against our crosstown rivals Lokomotiva Kosice

exposed the gulf between us, and it was a great was to end the break!

The team was finally up to full strength.....with 23 points and four matches remaining. I though we had an outside chance of making the top 6 and battling for Europe. If we do make it ... we would at least be assured survival in Slovakian Super League. I think Europe is beyond us, but if we make Top 6 there is a chance....

The first match was against struggling Senica, who were to visit the Cermel and hopefully go home without victory....


The team is favored even though the media is beginning to question our finances....(actually I am also) The opponent is currently at the bottom of the table...


The media asked how the Break went.....well I said.

The match was an anticlimax of a match. We got an early Penalty and a goal just before half and Senica just wilted before our eyes. I got some playing time for some younger players in the second half.


The analyst was happy with the stats and the victory that went with it,

The next match would see us go on the road to Sered, a relegation threaten team, that is probably an even match for us.


The home team was favored, but we were playing well....


An early corner got us started, Boris scored another game winner! Sered clawed one back and Patrik Kosuda put it beyond doubt late!


The match was much more comfortable than the xG shows....

After those two wins I was expecting a tougher battle on the trip to Michalovce!


They are a better team than us on paper, but we are riding high...a win here would almost assure top 6!


It was one of those lucky wins....David Kerestes scored an early goal and the defense did just enough to make it 3 for 3!


As one can see from the analysis, We should of lost, but they got "FM'ed":brock:

That was the last match of February and the last match of the "Regular Season" was a Home Match against League Champion Slovan Bratislava!

In the mean time the Slovakian Transfer Window closed.


The League Leaders sold two of their players for healthy sums....while we did no business at all....

This Big match wouldn't happen till March, but it seemed better to include it in this update.


The Visitors were substantial favorites, but I thought we had a chance....This wasn't last year's Slovan!


Boris scored another league leading goal to put us in the lead, but the match changed when Slovan Captain Vasil Bozhikov earned an early shower. Slovan played good defense and their quality showed, but eventually we scored a second goal that sealed the Historic Victory before a record crowd of 3K!


The analyst always trying to damper the party spirit around him in Kosice....showed the match was much closer than the score line indicated.....


It led the highlight shows on Slovakian TV that Night!

The Slovan Manager lost his job because of the loss....


and another high powered managerial job came open....


and I was a leading candidate for both....

I took sometime out from celebrating the victory to refute my interest in the Trnava job....


Of more interest is how the League Spilts:



We are up against the best in the league but can do no worse than 6th in the overall table.....but a chance for Europe remains!

League Table


Player of the Month

David Kerestes


David came in for Ristovski and put together some magnificent performances.


and had third best goal of the month as well!


Analyst Report


Even with the wins we can't get good defensive stats and we are exceeding our shooting xG by a wide margin.

Management Report


I am in a good place with the board. Let's not talk about the finances....

Thanks for Reading!



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41 minutes ago, karanhsingh said:

I would take it and try to make a dent in Europe. It all depends on what you want to get out of this save and in what sort of time frame. 

 I did go to the interview and was offered the job, but couldn't agree on a wage structure. 

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FC Kosice


March 2022:"Letting the good times roll"

Manager's Thoughts

The month was all about Slovan Bratislava and me!....first we beat them to ensure Championship group then they offer me a job. I went on the interview not expecting anything. They would have been a way to start improving Slovakia's standing in the Football World. They have a wage budget 5x as big as FC Kosice. In the end I couldn't be torn away from my hometown and this gives me even more motivation to show them what I can do! Eventually I want to supplant them as the Slovakian Champions so that the Queen City of Slovakia can rule Football once more. After that is accomplished the world awaits!






The euphoria of beating Slovan Bratislava ebbed away and we were in line to start the Championship Group with a visit from our former Senior Affiliate: Zilina.

but first the boards and fans were happy.....


and the preview of the match with Zilina.


We were home underdogs, but mostly because of reputation.....and the fact they were above us in the table.

The match was an even affair and we played better but they scored first and it took a mighty effort for us to tie the match. We just couldn't find to score a game winner.


The Analyst was more bullish about our play than I was....

After the match with Zilina, We had another match with Slovan Bratislava.

In an unusual move they offered me an interview just days before the match....I took it just to see what they were thinking....


and on the Homefront it was rumored that some mysterious Businessman was thinking of investing in our future.....


The match with Slovan Bratislava was an Anti-Climax after the fruitless mind games of the interview.

They came out flat in a 5-3-2WB formation which plays into our style.....

Their better quality kept them in the game, but we were having the better of it. After Halftime I subbed off Boris Gall for Vice-Captain Adrian Lesko. 

It was a stroke of Genius! SB had know answer as he bagged a Hat-Trick!



3 goals on 4 shots!


and of course the highlights were all over Slovakian TV!


The xG shows just how poor SB was.....

and of course a few days later SB Board offered me the job.....I negotiated my wages, but they wouldn't match my present wage with all the bonuses I was after....So I walked away.

The rest of the month was rather uneventful other than the Youth Intake!

Youth Intake


Quite a few players that will make it into the FC Kosice team. I am excited for Valach. He could slot into the starting lineup today except He is 15!

League Table


Player of the Month

Adrian Lesko


Analyst Report


Management Report


The Board loves me....


The finances not so much....the Bake Sales (Fund raising) aren't quite doing the job!

Thanks for Reading!




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Well that's a huge sign of intention for FC Kosice that you turned down a major time contract from one of the big boys! I'm sure they will be gunning for you every time you meet now!

The defence is playing lights out at the minute, that's some impressive runs of not conceding, only 2 in 6. Let's hope they can keep that form up and it will be a strong season.

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The season is almost over. 3 more matches. if we can somehow make 4rth and win two playoff matches Europe is ours!


Now that I understand the league structure you need to be in the top 6 after 22 games and in the top 4 after 32 matches. Then win a two match playoff. 


Unfortunately there is NO prize money for league places.


The defense is much better now that I have settled on the Starters barring injury.

As for going forward I am going to have to rely on youth almost extensively.


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FC Kosice


Youth Academy Graduates

In the coming years a strong Youth Academy is going to be necessary to keep the team's meteoric rise going considering financial constraints.

Class of '22

Robert Valach


A big fast CB for the left side of the Back 3. Might even had started this season if he wasn't 15!

Slavomir Hulak


A right winger with a lot of pace...plays a little to direct and selfish for our style.

Class of '21

Andrej Pancik


Our future #1 GK has already had a match with the first team!

Viktor Sulak


another right winger that isn't too far from the team. Will probably be trained as a Deadball Specialist.

Filip Sokol


A decent Central Midfield prospect....if a little slow....

Ludovit Hros


another decent midfielder.

All of these standouts from the Class of '21 are training with the first team to be mentored. They are playing for the U-19's mostly except for injury crisis's.





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FC Kosice


April 2022:"The Long Run"

Manager's Thoughts

The month of April came in and we were reintroduced to why we shouldn't be in the top group....I felt that on our day, we were capable of beating anyone. It was just being on top of our game everyday. The Winning stretch run in February and March showed what we were capable of....It was now time to go out and show why we were the greatest team in FC Kosice's short History!

The only downside is the lack of money in the team....There are rumors of investors. I would be very happy if I could continue my work in Kosice, but my contract runs out at the end of the season!






The month of April started with promise, but we faces our "Bogey Team" Perennial Contenders AS Trencin from that rival city.


We travelled there with great hopes even though we were underdogs....


We went down 2-0 early fought back , but couldn't handle their superior quality.

The player of theirs that we have no answer for Roland Galcik!


and to make matters worse we lose our Captain, Pacinda yet again.....


The Analyst said we just about edged it, but stats don't tell the whole story.....

After another disappointing loss to AS Trencin, we headed home to be ungracious hosts to Zlate Moravce.


The bookies and media had us as favorites, but it would be a close match....


The President said he would never sell....not sure if that wouldn't be a bad thing, because asking for "handouts" and passing the collection plate around the stands at home games isn't working.


The match was a boring draw. They "Parked the Bus" and we couldn't beat it without Pacinda!


We were unlucky to not get all three points according to our Analyst.

We then had to head for the home of the League Leaders: Dunajska Streda. Another tough match.


Without Pacinda, I was sanguine about our chances.

Wearing my GM Hat, I made the following signing for next season....



I am hoping he develops into a deadball threat. Since I am not sure I can afford to bring back Pacinda.


The match was over when ML Marek Vaclav got sent off with a red card. The team battled, but a 10 minute stretch in the 2nd half where they scored 3 times put the decision beyond doubt. They got this win because of a biased referee even the media noticed.

Boris Gall the League leading Goal Scorer got another in "Garbage Time".


The match made all the Highlight shows on Slovakian TV, because we are the "Cinderella" Story of the season!

Analysis shows how uncompetitive it was due to being down to 10 men.


but on a hopeful note we got Pacinda back!


The next match was against Zilina.


It will be another tough road match, but we must try to win....for a chance at Europe since we don't have to worry about relegation.


Even though he didn't get POM our Captain Pacinda made the difference with his key passes.


More screen time for us.....


The analyst couldn't wrap his head around how we won....that's Why you play the Game!

Now that we have moved into the top Four which gives us a chance at Europe! I will showcase the league structure.


The season is broken up into three parts: Regular Season, League Split, and Playoffs.

The regular season has 22 matches. After those matches the league splits and plays 10 more matches within each division. Which determines who is the champion and who is relegated. Also there are playoffs for the European places and the second worst team plays a match against the 2nd best 2 Liga team.

In other words you want to be in the top 6 after 22 games and in top 4 after 32.

If you make the top 6 after 22, you are immune to relegation even if you lose the rest of your matches.

The top four get European Football depending on the winner of the Slovakian FA Cup. This season since a team outside of the top three won it only three spots are available.

So we will do our best to make Europe, but I am very satisfied with how the season is going!


The last match of the month was another match with SB!

I feel good about this match, but will have to do a good job to get a result. Which would go along way to putting us in the conversation for Europe!


It was dicey, and we even went down to ten men! We then pulled off a miracle!

SB must be thinking were their "Bogey Team"!


The Analysis shows that they were the better team, even though that was mostly due to be up a man, but I will enjoy this result!

The day before the match the Slovakian FA Cup Final was held.....


and another  team that offered me a job and is currently in  the RELEGATION Playoff place will be going to Europe!

League Table


Player of the Month

Marek Vaclav

The ML played his heart out when he was on the field....but he was sent off twice as well....


He won Goal of the month as well....

Analyst Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!

Three games to go! May will be a ride!



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FC Kosice


May 2022:"The Debutante crashes the ball"

Manager's Thoughts

I have now brought unprecedented success to FC Kosice beyond the board's wildest imagination. Unfortunately due to the team's financial position I MAY not be able to continue reviving Slovakian Football in Hometown of Kosice. I was approached by other teams and considered joining the Giants of Slovakian Football. I might even have to become a wanderer, globetrotting until I get enough standing in the game to be called home. I started my career with FC VSS Kosice and when that team dissolved I went to work on my badges and I am thankful for the board giving me a chance.

Enough of the farewells for now! The team is in a great place and showed what they were truly capable of this season. My plan going forward  is to work with the Academy to create at team that will continue to be a force in Slovakian and eventually European Football.  With that in mind I will not be contracting non Slovakian Players and none over 23 after this next window. After that I will probably look to raid the teams of the 2 Liga's youth team's for players to bring to our U-19's. I also want to create a clear path from the U-19's into the first team. In fact our U-19 GK got an appearance just 3 weeks after his 16th birthday in the First Team.

I hope to continue my work in Kosice because it has just begun....

Now to find that Red-head....with the Mickey Mouse tattoo on her right leg.....






The first match of the month was against our "Bogey team" AS Trencin. At least it was at home.....


The Trencin team were favored because of past performance...


and like always seems to happen against them we battled but lost all the key battles and where it mattered most the scoreboard.


The Analyst did his best to console me on the awful loss....showing that according to the stats it should have been a draw!

After the Disappointing loss to AS Trencin the team headed for a business trip to Zlate Moravce. I called it a business trip, because if we took care of it we would all but guarantee ourselves a European place Semi-Final!

It was a very important match in that we would play league leaders Dunajska Streda next and we had a terrible record against them as well.


The hosts were favored but I was confident because we always played well against WB formations like their 5-2-2-1 WB.


It was tighter than I hoped, but Boris came through with another goal.....


The League Leaders  secured the Title on the penultimate day. We had secured the best seed for the European Place Playoffs!


This last game would give us a chance to lay down a "marker" against the Champions....who would probably be resting on their laurels!



The Dun. Streda manager played some mind games probably more for his side than mine....but they didn't work!


The team came out of the locker room and played well taking a 3-0 Lead into halftime. Storkch must of given a hell of a speech at halftime as the champions played like it in the second half! but we survived for a priceless victory.


but it came at a high cost.....


The analysis shows that we were the better team and that their fight back came too little too late....



We were given 33k for coming in 4rth.....


The team payed 36k in bonuses....no wonder we are in debt!

The European Place Playoff meant we had at least one more match.....but as top seed we could end up with two home matches that would see us get an invite to the Europa Conference League. If we could some how make the Group Stage our debts would be paid!

First though we have seventh place Trnava visiting the Cermel!



The Visitors were considered the favorites....but we had always played well against them including an 8-1 thrashing that announced our arrival in the Slovakian Super League!

The only reason to be worried was because of the missing players...we would be a little short of options in the back!


Of course the players love the big stage!


The game was a mess and the refereeing was BLATANTLY against us, but we won in extra time!

and were headed to the final which would see us play Zilina for Europe!



and in the the after match interview I praised the referee.....but seethed inside!


and the game was reported all over Slovakian TV!


The analyst showed that we won the game in spite of the referee!

and in other news Manchester United won the Europa League!


The Cermel was ready for the most important match in the History of FC Kosice!



The Fans were ready as well!


FC Kosice was disrespected by the bookies and media yet again.....


We were on the precipice of history!


We won a close match with a wonder strike from Daniel Rapavy just before halftime!


We are going to Europe!

The party in the bars of Kosice was unbelievable.....

See the source image


See the source image



What a finish to an unbelievable season brought to Kosice by my Genius for Football Management!

It is a Fairy Tale, Hometown Boy takes the reigns of a club full of misfits and turns them into a winning team! It reminds me of the movie "Major League" with Charlie Sheen.....

and the analyst tries to dampen the mood of the party!


League Table


Players of the Year (Manager's Choice)

Erick Pacinda


The Captain even though he missed time with injuries provided the guile necessary to make close games wins with his passing and deadball prowess. He also wasn't above leading from the front as well.

Daniel Rapavy


This was the signing of the season! He played as a DLF and provided goals and assists!

Boris Gall


The team would be no where without his 23 Goals in League! His move to AF is considered a stroke of genius....

Season Analyst Report


The shooting was very good and our xG was exceeded by a wide margin. If I just get a average return next season I will be happy and safe....

Board Meeting



This is the board's expectations for next season and I agree....but this may change the team is up for sale and there is a transfer embargo. One of the two candidates said they would replace me if the buy the team...I might have to think of moving!

Management  Report



Thanks for Reading!











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FC Kosice


Awards Night 2022

See the source image

The board and fan club are happy to bring you Award Night 2022 from the Doubletree by Hilton in downtown Kosice!

Season Review


It was a great season that has surprised many except our intrepid manager/GM Matus Horvath!


Almost all of the signing contributed to our success, but Daniel Rapavy was the signing of the season!


There wasn't much movement on the transfers out, but Horvath was criticized at the time for selling the STAR GK Kira. He has since been vindicated that the team had a good enough one to take his place.


Juraj and Sabol were sent on loan to alleviate some budget pressures as well as get some playing experience/ Horvath expects Juraj to be in the starting lineup next season.



The league season went well, but the FA Cup run was a disappointment because we started with a tricky match and compared to our league success.


The first match in the Super League will be remembered by all who were there. Also so will the first victory against giants Slovan Bratislava!


The finances were better but no where near where they need to be....the board spent most of its time organizing "Bake sales" to make ends meet!


The team was rotated but this was the best eleven even if their positions don't correspond to where they lined up.






The player broke records and won awards....but the League also saw our players win awards....





Boris was the man this season scoring for fun....


Our ML won Goal of the Year!


and our Captain was part of the Super League Team of the Year!

Somehow the league's leading Goalscorer didn't make the team!

Good night!

Everyone Drive home safe! rooms are available for the impaired!


Thanks for Reading!






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21 minutes ago, theBlackPrince said:

Boy, that would not be the ending we want to see with a take over and losing the job. That would be more than harsh, I wonder if it has happened to many?


It hasn't happened yet, but it is a definite possibility, Matus's contract runs out at the end of June......


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5 hours ago, 13th Man said:

Started the season worried about relegation, end the season looking forward to Europe! A successful season!

Hopefully those suits don’t go and replace you just because…

Good News. The old suits made me a "poison pill" for the new ownership group. Gave me a big contract just before the sale!


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FC Kosice


June/July 2022:Offseason/Preseason

"A New Beginning. Taking Control"

Manager's thoughts

The offseason and preseason would bring changes that bode well for the future of the club. First of all I was allowed to keep my job after last season's success. I now feel empowered to improve the clubs training and management staffs. This is all for making sure that going forward we can continue to be a Slovakian Super League Club. The team's offseason lasted about two weeks and the Preseason about 4 weeks. The friendlies didn't all go our way, but I think we are prepared for the season ahead.


June Schedule


July Schedule



The offseason saw me delve into my role as General Manager even with the uncertainty of my future with the club.


I re-signed the Captain Pacinda to a contract that saw him take a pay cut...it is longer than I liked and will probably have to buy him out in the future.


My success with the team and my work was not unnoticed by the outgoing board and for the good of the Club they negotiated a contract extension so I could continue my work.


I negotiated in good faith and got a raise and am now the highest paid person at the club. I must be a "Rockstar Manager"!


This doesn't show that I have bonuses for winning the League and or the Slovakian FA Cup!

I need something to work for now that I have a salary that allows me to pay the bar tab on Team Bonding nights!


The national soccer magazine wanted to know what I thought about the new contract....of course I am pleased to continue my work in Kosice. The mission isn't over....I need League and Cup Titles for the club before I will truly be "finished" in Kosice.

Board Meeting



This is good news going forward if the new board keeps the same budgets....and me.



The Slovakian Super League has moved up to 29th....hopefully we can help with our European Adventures.


We are the 406th best team in the world....above some of our Slovakian rivals, but behind St. Joseph's (Gibraltar) also above the Hungarian Team DVSC Debrecen!


I think I would prefer a trip to Finland.....


Peter Lapsansky, the candidate that threatened to fire me, his bid won.


and I got this message....not fired! I guess my new deal was too expensive to buy out!

All of the club's debts have been resolved....Hopefully Mr. Lapsansky is better at getting Sponsorship money.


The new board is much less strict....just stay within budget and Don't get relegated!

I can do that....in my sleep!


and since it was all Kumbaya with the board I decided to study for another  Coaching Badge.

I also started making over the staff letting Assistant Coach Benko go as well as the Head Physio.


I am taking a more personal approach to the General Manager job. So I can really leave my stamp on the team.


and the Slovakian Super League season starts halfway through July....during the same time we will be playing for Europe!


I did look for a new Head of Youth Development, but I couldn't find anyone much better so I re-signed Guza.


Yeah, We went from 13th to 12th best team in Slovakia.....


The Slovak Soccer Review named us the biggest overachievers....can we repeat?


and there was a small boost to the TV income.....$3K!

It pays my salary.....

June Management Report



As one can see the takeover has put the team in a better financial position, but I will still have to be on a shoestring if I want to keep the team out of the red!

July Highlights


The Transfers that I made before the take over were now part of the team. They are all potential replacements for the Central Midfield...and are cheap!

Martin Gambos


He will slot in as a squad player and is probably the most first team ready.....

Milan Farkas


He is probably the most talented of the three, but will slot into U-19's for now.

Norbert Brodziansky


more cover for the Central Midfield.


Come on guys, Last season's top Goal Scorer isn't in the discussion.....We get No Respect!

I think the team and Boris will have something to say about that!


Ticket sales are coming along nicely....


The new board gave me access to another coach! I will be adding a GK coach to staff because our young GK need better instruction than I can give.....



He was the best I could find and his tactical preferences are close to mine.


and we finally got a new Head Physio!


again he is about twice as good as the old one....and he's just out of med school!

July Management Report



and I also updated my look to something more managerial....


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  • Hootieleece changed the title to [FM21] "The Rise of a Prince of the Slovaks"

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