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  1. Gotta post on here! I actually played against this team a couple of seasons ago in the Central Midlands League! Will be following the progress!
  2. Glad to see your doing well in Wales, doing better than we are! Not a bad start in Europe!
  3. Yeh was a little gutting for him after the run was started too late to make it to Europe, next year hopefully! Always great to win a trophy but to be honest, that one is not hard with only 12 teams in it, couple of wins and you're in the final! Thank you, pretty happy with the season and how its going! Oh trust me it makes them head to head games much more tense and involving. I tend to take the laptop in the room and its intense and frustrating, how management should be! Hopefully we make a final together and that would be fun.... for one of us! Brother's do Battle in Wales - Season 2 Well after a very successful first season, spirits were high for a repeat and to do better this season. Prestatyn also had the Europa Cup 1st Qualifying round to contend with, the first venture into Europe for either team. Well, it was explosive the first leg and the second one was a bit of a disappointment after the first one, but ultimately we were out-classed and the first leg probably gave me false hope as they played us of the park! theBlackPrince As the aim is to increase the League, it is now at this standard. We were feeling confident and thought we would get more wages to spend on better players. How wrong were we! Messi went from £2,600 a month down to £2,100 and mine stayed at £2,400 for the year. This really has hampered brining in better players and with bad training facilities and low number of coaches, improving players in house is a very slow progress......It could be a very long season as we have seen some great players moving to the other teams as they can offer the money we can't! Just did a quick scout through to compare this and it was quite a difference for a couple of teams compared to the rest of the league... Top Wage & Average Wages per Squad: Prestatyn 200 - 60 Bala 250 - 80 TNS - 975 - 375 Aber - 240 - 75 Afan Lido - 275 - 85 Airbus - 400 - 100 Bangor - 250 - 95 Carmarthen - 240 - 85 Llanelli - 840 - 375 Neath - 2,500 - 475 Newton - 150 - 55 Port Talbot - 210 - 70 New Signings Onwards to the season now. Been a little slow as we had things on this weekend, back to it now before tonights Football!!
  4. Love this, great work so far. Enjoy international management so keep up the good work!
  5. Gotta take that, be rude not to!
  6. Final League Game of the Season Well it all comes down to this. Bala could help Prestatyn or TNS to lift the title if they beat Neath. Bala are just playing for pride now but they are the most inform team of the past few games. The whole season, came down to this game, and what a final game it was! theBlackPrince So close for me, with Bala scoring early in the 1st minute things were really looking up. Neath grabbed a couple of goals to take the lead and Bala, on top for most of the game got one back to make the final 10 minutes interesting. They hit the woodwork but could not score a 3rd. Andres Messi As Aberystwyth won the Welsh League Cup, there was a play-off to see who else got into Europe. Bala played well and beat Bangor Town in the Semi-Final before facing TNS in the final. It was not meant to be Andres Messi's day, going down 2-1 in the end.. Just missing out on Europe but definately a big stride to challenging the top few teams next year. Final League Table theBlackPrince Andres Messi Loosemores Cup Final There was also the matter of the Loosemores Cup Final, where theBlackPrince could get the first trophy of the network game. They came up against at Carmarthen who were on a terrible run of 5 games without a win. Changing from the 4-4-2 that beat Carmarthen just 3 days earlier, a more attacking 4-3-3 was installed and it proved to be the difference maker. Prestatyn recoreded an Easy 3-0 Victory to their first trophy under theBlackPrince. Season 1 had being a success for both managers. No league title but 1 trophy for theBlackPrince and Andres Messi had improved his team and were looking the in-form team as the season ended. They could be really dangerous in the new season and must be odds on to be in the top 3 next season!
  7. Hahaha! Thats crazy!
  8. Thank you, thats the hope that with two teams "hopefully" doing well the League should be dragged up quicker, but who knows. And we didn't want to try and make the first few seasons too easy, so these teams seemed ideal to start with and make Professional! Champions Group - 5 Games In The top 5 teams showed they are ahead of Bala in terms of ability, creating a small gap to the 6th placed team. The top 5 are really close in terms of quality and points, and every game is a real battle. Who has the deepest squad or the man who can create a bit of magic as this title could come down to the final day of the season for not only the title, but the important Euro places! Andres Messi theBlackPrince So we come to the business end of the season, all to play for. After a dreadful run for Prestatyn and a great run by Bala, there was lots of twists and turns in the the final games which left the standings with one game left as this. Prestatyn played TNS and Bala played top of the league Neath. Could Messi help theBlackPrince out or would it all come tumbling down???
  9. Great thread, inspiration for our network game! Wales National team is a hard challenge for anyone tho! Pretty sure you going to get that Champions League within the next couple of years and definately before 2040!!
  10. The first ideal time to do an update came at a point not seen in English Football, the split in the Champions and Relegation groups of the league after playing each team twice. With Prestatyn Town already safe in the top 6th and a game in hand, Bala Town were not in hold of their own destiny, and relying on Port Talbot to slip up and lose points. Both on 31 points but with Port Talbot having a 5+ Goal Difference on Bala Town, all Andres Messi could do was win, and pray! Bala Town in 7th vs 9th Llanelli - Port Talbot 6th vs 8th Aberystwyth Andres Messi theBlackPrince Welsh Cup Both teams went out to lower league opposition in the 3rd round. High embarassing for both teams, but with prospect players playing for both teams, they all showed themselves to not be worthy to play in the first team and better work hard on the training ground and in the reserves. Loosemores League Cup With both teams securing a bye in the 1st round, unfortunately for Bala they were drawn vs Prestatyn in the Quarter Finals. Bala scored first but Prestatyn managed to score one late on and with both teams struggling in extra time, Prestatyn dropped one in to sink Bala 2-1. In the Semi-Finals Prestatyn drew league leaders Neath and Carmarthen played Bangor City. Both Prestatyn and Carmarthen dominated both legs, winning 5-1 and 5-2 respectively to set up a mouth watering tie and the first chance for theBlackPrince to secure his first trophy and get one up on Andres Messi! Time to take on the Champions Group games, playing the top 5 teams home and away again. This gives Prestatyn and Bala another 2 chances to play each other this year, another two chance to get one up on each other!
  11. Saved for Career Progression Info Head to Head Record
  12. My Brother and I finally decided to set up a Network game and play through for plenty of years until FM13 shows its head. After reading through hundreds of stories on here, drew inspiration from JackJCFC's Welsh adventure, we decided to do something similar. Loading all the UK and Irish leagues up we will be starting in Wales trying to have European success from Wales, whilst improving the league. It will be a purely head to head battle for trophies with bragging rights for the winner for FM13. We hope to stay in Wales until we win the Champions League andhelped re-shape the Welsh League for decades to come. We have to play this on FM11 as we both didn't get 12. We decided that to give the league the best chance to grow to pick teams from the bottom half of the game. After some wikipedia knowledge and keeping the team selections to semi-pro to hopefully add more of a challenge to the first couple of years, the teams were chosen! theBlackPrince would be Prestatyn and Andres Messi would be Bala. Both team predicted to finish in the bottom half, and both managers went about ripping the heart's out of the team and replacing players, the league game us the following odds to win the League. Time to do battle, as you know when Brothers get involved, it's Personal! Messages from Managers: theBlackPrince Andres Messi