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  1. I have a season card and thought it was time to start a save but try to make it a little more challenging, and to be fair we've had some cracking players through the academy! I use to make some layouts on photoshop but that just takes too long so now just use excel!
  2. You did, although Rangers did beat us to it for one season! Now the hard part, doing it again as they are pretty rich so can see them spending some money which I don't think I will be doing as there are very few Scottish prospects to buy! Thank you, definitely glad i changed it up on the presentation although it does add some time to each update. Thank you, the layout is working nicely so far! I think the keeper could get some games but I'm quite strong there with the current Scottish Keeper and a good prospect but I hope every year to start getting some youth players into the first team. The stadium name hurts, almost tempted to leave.... The facilities are pretty poor, wouldn't let me upgrade for years and years! Lots to catch up now with them. Thank you, was surprised to win it with how tight it was for most the season. Party time indeed!! Genuinely thought it was gonna be close but no cigar then Celtic crumbled after losing the Champions League game to Man United. I actually think we would go quite far in the Euro Cup now, if we struggled in the Champions League group stages. Campbell is a machine, just started to improve hugely and now one the first names on the team-sheet! Thank you, glad everyone is enjoying them! Something a little different! Thank you! Glad the updates are going down well!
  3. I did, was making sure I try to add them in Champions League really shows the gulf in class between the good teams, and the great teams! My all Scottish warriors hold their own tho most games! Celtic, I still think they have the edge but I guess we shall see....