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  1. Love a free-kick scoring keeper! Have been fortunate on my save, the two best free-kick takers I have currently are both keepers! Have you been caught out much from the free kick to long ball and them scoring? I have a couple of times....
  2. I think there is something messing up with the Junior Coaching as I've upgraded it several times now and it's not changing......
  3. That's a great achievement and fantastic news for the England U21 job!!!
  4. I still don't know how he is doing it but yup, I was gutted to see him go down for that long. As the clubs record scorer it is a shame as he is about maxed out on current ability so may not have many more season's before he won't get a starting role! The new stadium looks nice, will need that upgrade soon I'm sure and I really, really hope they do the good thing on the next stadium and name it after their Manager..... I think the youth intake shows how poor the team was before hand when most of this years class is better than all the others. The jump to Established Youth Recruitment really has made the difference. Amen, time to kick on and get some more played! With poor average attendances for the first 10 season's, going to need the extra support to pay for the wages going forward. Would like to see a good 2,000+ this season each game. The intake is really solid and can see most of this class being the players to take us up in a few season's time..... hopefully! Staying up was the only aim and so glad we made it. The new ground looks great, shame going to be paying for it for a long time!
  5. For Lincolnshire that's rather short! Yup, I was shocked when I saw the balance. I was gutted we didn't get them at home but when I saw that, hello!!! 53,009 fans x £47 = £2,491,423!! Half of that, happy days! Will be the aim going forward, focus on the FA Cup to get a big 3rd or 4th round game to pay for the season!
  6. Only a short drive away so no hardship there! Yep I agree, sometimes I can play the game for hours and hours other days I don't play at all. Definitely been a better last few seasons to keep it interesting now! Yup, I don't think I have ever seen a team do so badly..... Thanks, and yup it's all gone to pot a little. Star striker breaks a leg in the Liverpool game and gone for season, other striker out for several weeks now and the team can't shift a virus! Testing times so let's hope we can pick up the points we need....
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