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  1. The one injury we struggle with We have cover in most positions now, with the exception of the keeper. Jobe Bendon (B) breaking his arm at the end of the game really has set us back, but he ll be back for the next stages in Europe and hopefully wont miss too many games in the League. The club has also taken out a loan to increase our transfer budget when we are making £2,000,000 a month currently, madness. Just the £2,750,000 in interest to pay back on that. How about you sort the stadium out, much better use of money. In the league we sit in the Europe spots in 7th, performing well seems we have the extra games in Europe to navigate. Little too early to really see how we will do this year but if we are not fighting to stay up that is a huge bonus!
  2. Season 11 - Our unexpected Euro Adventure It was unexpected and somehow we made it into Europe last year as a Championship Team, but it looks like we can compete, at least at the Europa Conference League level! I expected to get a result against Larne and Newtown, but the victory on the road at Braga as something special! Taking the lead right on the death before the half changed the game and we came out swinging in the second half and secured the game. We currently sit as one of the 5 teams that has not dropped a point, but we have Club Brugge away in the next leg which will really show if we are able to progress in this competition or not. For a player only grading out as Championship Level, Nicholas Adamu LC24 is on fire with 6 goals in 3 games, scoring at least 1 in each and a hat-trick in Wales!
  3. Tough time in Europe but that money will always help to keep raising standards in Gibraltar! League looks to be going back to you once more!
  4. Fantastic way to end the season with the FA cup victory, that's huge to get into Europe. Not a million off in the League, the top half finish despite the slow end to the year is something to really build on!
  5. Thank you, it was long overdue with Promotion and the Cup win was a big surprise! I was starting to get a little frustrated so the Promotion was very much needed I'm glad you liked the "live streams", they take some work (And I've spotted a mistake on a photo that's the same, oops) but add a little immersion to the story! You and me both, I was just wating for them to score as every highlight at the end was them on the attack... Thank you!! I am nothing to do with design or graphics, don't think I'll be hired in that sort of field either!
  6. Congratulations on a successful season and that Europe run and prize money will be absolutely huge to improve the club for the next season!!
  7. Boston United - Our First Games in Europe We would start our first game in Europe away in Slovenia and we would come away with the 3-0 win, we would make that a 6-1 aggregate score to comfortably get through to the Europa Conference League, League Phase. The aim would be to be ranked in the top 24 teams and qualify for the play-off's and anything after that would be a huge achievement. We may be a few seasons before we get back to Europe so we will make the best of it, have some fun and see if we can progress in the competition. I would really hope we would be better than 4 teams on the list already, but they may be use to playing in Europe and wit tough away trips to Belgium and Portugal, nothing is given.
  8. 2033/34 First Team Squad The squad is pretty much the same as last year, a few players have dropped back to the under 21's to try and either find a loan or they are just not at the level needed, but will be called upon if we find ourselves needing depth. Many of these players have come up the ranks from our academy and non-league up to the Premier League which is a huge achievement for a couple of players, let alone most of the squad. We will be relying on our key players to lead this team to safety and have some fun in Europe at the same time.
  9. Season 11 - Premier League Football with a Bonus of Europe Into the Premier League we go and we actually have a smaller stadium then we had last year, the board keep refusing to talk about building a new one so I wonder if they are looking to sell in the future? We managed to get all our star players happy and signing new deals so everyone, including Luke Forsdick 28f who is earning more than anyone else and has a relegation release clause. With few targets to go for, we took a chance on Sam Nottage (L) from Coventry. For £5,000,000 up front and then £7,000,000 after 50 League Appearances, that gives us plenty of time to try before we fully buy if he doesn't progress as he could do.
  10. End of Season 10 - Championship and EFL Cup Double We would set the Championship on fire from the first game to the last, getting ourselves a few records in the process, namely most points and most wins. We would end up doing the double with a famous EFL Cup Final win over Arsenal to really put Boston, and Lincolnshire, on the map. Heading into the Premier League and into Europe might be a tall ask for the players, with few signings out there we will be relying on keeping the players we currently have and keep bringing the youth players on.
  11. 2033 Youth Intake I take the star ratings with a pinch of salt as always. Some of the better players have not been an "A", "B" or "C" tagged player and still performing well for the team. It is another excellent intake which is very promising, especially as we need to get most of the players ourselves with very few others coming in from Lincolnshire. It is interesting how we have had an intake with an Iraqi and Iranian, never had either before. We still only get a couple of Boston born players each year, I wish it was a few more.
  12. EFL Final - Live Stream They think it's all over, well it is now!!! Boston United 3 - 2 Arsenal On a rainy day in London, the mighty Pilgrims of Boston secured their most famous victory in their 100th year as a club, defeating the Gunners of Arsenal 3-2 in the EFL Cup Final. We have only bloody gone and done it, we held on pretty convincingly in the final 10 minutes as the lads, well the lads they REALLY wanted this and they didn't want to give it up a 3rd time. BOSTON UNITED - 2023/33 EFL CUP CHAMPIONS I also hadn't even thought of what this meant until the email came through the next day. For the 100th Season of Boston United, they will be playing in Europe in the Europa Conference League! I probably will be blitzing through the rest of the season now as next season is going to be epic. In all my years of playing, this might be the most satisfying game I have been in charge for.
  13. EFL Final - Live Stream Boston re-take the lead - Goal 84:22 - Boston United 3 - 2 Arsenal Oh my days, oh my days. I mentioned Kallam Stewart B24j at half time and the Boston kid, who probably was unhappy at not starting but is a team first guy, bombed down the left, beat his man and as he has done so many times this season, put the ball into the mixer. How the keeper has missed it I will never know but Nicholas Adamu LC24 made up for his previous error at the other end and stabbed home from 2 yards out. It was not pretty, but they all count. Now we know how Sheffield United fans from last season felt scoring late on (at the minute they have surviving the drop too). We move to a defensive 5-2-2-1 formation to try and hold on. It is risky as teams always seem to score when I go defensive, but I would hate myself more leaving us in our current formation and conceding straight away. Last push, can we do the impossible??
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