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  1. Oh it was, I thought it was my time with 2 games we could win.... And we choked it away, gaining only 1 point in 2 games! This game at times....
  2. With 5 games to go in the season, once again the top of the table was congested with several teams all in with a great chance to win the title. Defending Champions Manchester City are still the team to beat, sitting top with a game in hand to go 3 points clear of Grantham Town and 4 clear of Manchester United and Tottenham. We fast forward 3 more games, 2 left to go and it looks to be a 2 horse race now, but if the top 2 slip up Tottenham could still claim the title.
  3. This really doesn't help us in the League and against Sevilla..... Gonna be tough with these two out!
  4. Thanks, I didn't think we would win but playing at home really helped and 2 goals in 6 minutes, couldn't have started any better... We soon came back to earth with a bump mind you. In all fairness, With English teams dominating Champions League for the past 20 years, I had hoped we could at least compete at this level. But it also did make me realise my next save probably has to be away from a top 5 league, going straight to Group stages takes the fun out of building a country up and getting more spots also.
  5. Not sure why he is having a testimonial... I know he has 763 app's but should have a few more years still....
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