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  1. It's what I thought the name had come through as when I first saw him.... crap name, crappy finishing stats (I think he is a 4 or 5) but still scoring goals! Go figure....
  2. Genuinely shocked by the result. Thought Chester was gonna give tease us then destroy us, but no! 4 seasons and we have done it!!
  3. Just as I say he has struggled, he fires us into the Play-off final.....
  4. I couldn't believe it when I saw it, however he hasn't been that impressive in the game yet and missed some sitters, but is young and started to score which is needed! Yup, straight into the team, had to! Paddy really struggled, 5 in 14 (and 4 sub) but didn't make the position his. Was plenty of rotation up front all season!
  5. Really was perfect, probably a little too good and setting ourselves up to fail now! I really hope so, Boston and Chester are big teams with a lot of money to spend compared to us so will be hard! Friendlies at the start of the season and try and get a cup run to bolster the money coming in. Spend on wages in very very low as most are on youth deals still!
  6. Billy Balls 20a half season at Sunderland... not much to show really!
  7. theBlackPrince

    [FM19] Gotta scratch that Hitchin

    I definately feel the personality thing is correct, but also finding a good Head of Youth Development with a good personality is hard with poorer teams. My HoYD is balanced, most of my players are which isn't the worst to be! Not had the issue of players wanting big money yet, which is a real bonus. Still, this year I feel in my own got to give the higher PA lots of gametime and just see if they can develop really quick! Hope you can finally crack the top half this season....
  8. theBlackPrince

    [FM19] French Lingerie.

    Love the idea, hope you can lead the French Basque Revolution to success!
  9. Yup highly successful, promotion was always a long long shot! The squad is coming together just need to bite the bullet and probably play players on Potential rather than current ability now to improve them, may mean a down year tho! Ill post Billy’s season stats tonight at Sunderland. Yup very good, can’t fault it at all! Still struggling tactically I feel, something to look at tonight before the new season!