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  1. FM17 | Burnley | Return to glory

    The new years episode has dropped right now. FM17 | Burnley | Episode 8 | New Year's V Hull City After an horrendous run of form we are slowly starting to turn things around. Boxing day wins over watford & just before new year we overturned west brom means we are giving ourselves a chance in the relegation dog fight. Our new transfers have finally arrived and we have strengthened in defensive midfield and our defence. League Table Riding high in nose bleed seats of 16 we are actually giving ourselves a chance of a good fight now with a tough few games ahead. Till next time guys Bobby G
  2. FM17 | Burnley | Return to glory

    Hi All, New video released goals galore on boxing day as Burnley start to turn the corner!
  3. FM17 | Burnley | Return to glory

    Hi All, New video has dropped today. We are in for a relegation dog fight & in this episode take on Everton & Liverpool in a merseyside double header. can we hang on till new year to bring in fresh blood? Merseyside Double Header Full update coming on IF i make it to new years Cheers Bobby G
  4. Today i had my first FM goal from the half way line - absolutely incredible. Unfortunately it was against me & I went mental! Check out the goal below. Screamer from half way has anyone else had goals from the half way line? Honestly the first time ever in 10 + years of playing! Cheers Bobby G
  5. FM17 | Burnley | Return to glory

    Trouble at Burnley A poor start to the campaign has left Burnley languishing down in 18th in the Premier League. One solitary win came against and equally poor Hull team & a last gasp draw away at Arsenal. Lack of quality particularly in defence has left Burnley wide open to a barrage of goals in particular the 5-1 demolition by Man Utd. Sacked before christmas? The return to glory was never going to be easy, especially give the financial constraints at the start of the season. The board are already starting to loose patience & Bobby G may well get his marching orders before his new singings are able to make an impact on January 1st. Whats Next After a tough run of games thats seen Burnley play - Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal & Spurs, Burnley will take on the lower end of the premier league table in the lead up to December. Vital points are to be won or lost as the fight for his job becomes very real Follow the Journey on Youtube Burnley - Youtube Playlist
  6. FM17 | Burnley | Return to glory

    Hi Guys, The season is well and truly underway & I will provide an update here after the Chelsea game where Drogba returns to stamford bridge, This is a youtube series as well as forum story - i would appreciate any views, likes & subscribes Playlist for the first 3 episodes Cheers Bobby G
  7. Hi All, After many years playing football manager games i have finally taken the leap and am going to blog & video about my FM save. I will drop quarterly updates into this post to keep you up-to date with progress & be uploading videos onto my youtube channel of the games. I have recently set up a youtube channel & created an intro video for the series which shows the compelling history of Burnley FC. Link - Burnley | Return To Glory Youtube Save Background Burnley once were one of the big teams in English football. Back in 1914 & famously in 1959-1960 they won the old division one. Harry Potts led the small Lancashire town all the way to top the league and in a memorable 2-1 against Man city at maine road captured the title. Legends such as Pay Pointer, Jimmy Adamson & Jimmy McIlroy have long cemented themselves into Burnley folk law. The 70's & 80's proved to be tougher times at Burnley and 10 years later they were relegated into the old division two. Times got tougher and on May 9th 1987 Burnley faced what was once unthinkable for the former champions of England - relegation out of the football league. Burnley had to win and results go their way in order to stave off relegation. A thrilling 2-1 win set the crowd into raptures & Lincoln were the unfortunate team to be relegated that year. THIS WAS ROCK BOTTOM!! Burnley began to slowly rise up the football league again and at wembley in 2009 Wade Elliot scored the goal that took Burnley back to the big time. 2 promotions and 2 relegation's followed before Sean dyche won championship and burnley return to glory is now one step closer. Today Sean Dyche has left the club looking for greener pastures & Burnley have employed Rob Taylor as the new manager. Taylor comes in cold to the role with only sunday league football experience to count on. He has stated to the press that he once took Bromley to the champions league final on football manager. The Team 3 new signings Dider Drogba coming in as cover - Drogba at Burnley if only it was 10 years ago!!! Guido Carrillo as the new star striker Macnelly Torress as the main AMC Sam Vokes has left the club for £6m that could possibly rise to £7m Torres is injured but only slightly improvement across the board. It seams a sunday league manager for a small premier league club isn't the most appealing to quality footballers. Finances Who said that being rich was a guarantee when joining the premier league. In debt before we start. Season Goal EPL - Avoid Relegation (this could be quite the task) FA Cup - Fifth Round The old milk cup - Fifth Round. Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out the youtube videos & I will post quarterly season updates. Cheers Bobby G
  8. Hi All, I am after a game where you can only have your own countrymen competing in your own countries league (e.g. - english eligible in the english league). Does anyone know if this exists or how to create it in the editor? Cheers Rob
  9. WWE

    i would be keen to see this
  10. anyone taken a tier 11-14 team far yet? im taking a team from tier 11 up to tier 9 so far and top of the league and making money
  11. Alright guys After the hardest challenge available. taking the worst team in the worst playable league to the top. Does anyone know what the worst playable league is? Tails
  12. great work mate, i check this every week! could you post rochdale info?? not seen them in the football league since the start
  13. this is amazing, eveyrday i check the forums to see how your getting on....very excited this is the big challenge for FM 12 this year, take a tier 14 team to the champions league! are you still looking at a release date of xmas eve? keep up the good work mate!
  14. this is amazing, i cant wait to use it when it comes out! well done that man