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  1. Twatt FC founded in 2019 is located on the remote island of Orkney. In 2019 the scottish FA gave the green light for them to join the Scottish highlands league. The goal from owner Tommy Twatt has been made very clear and that is over the course of 10 years work their way up from the highlands league all the way to the top of the scottish football pyramid. A team of directors have been appointed (members of the channel) who will be responsible for the direction and decision making undertaken at the club. Youtube The series is taking place on youtube with episode 1 launching yesterday and being highly supported. Catch up on the first episode below and i will posting on here updates in between episodes as we create the great Twatt ever seen. I highly recommend the player introductions due to the editing Episode 1
  2. SEASON 1 2018 / 19 UPDATE NEW YEARS DAY The league form has been fantastic since day 1 with both strier scoring freely as well as greta goalscoring support from jack Beckett. We have only lost twice all season and have won 18 of 24 games remarkable form. 12 points clear with 14 games to go....the highway men are on a roll FA VASE We have already played 7 games in the FA VASE with 2 in qualifying but now find ourselves into the 5th round EAST MIDS COUNTIES LEAGUE CUP A bit of a nothing competition but a significant chance of doing the double first time around THE SQUAD It may be the smallest squad i've ever had on FM19 but it one that is performing above their level. Agar & Shannon-Lewis are both over 20 goals for the seson but one thing that is working great is players who were won start are now 1.5 stars and closing in on their potential. By the end of this season we may see a team full of two star current ability rather than one, that is progression. NEXT UPDATE The next update will be the first biggie, the first youth intake! I can't bloody wait UP THE HIGHWAY MEN
  3. SEASON 1 2018 / 19 Objective This is a long term youth challenge with my home town club Newark Flowserve. The youth challenge basically means i can't go ahead and sign any players all players have to either be with the club now or come through the youth set up...wish me luck...The tier 10 to the Champions League is LIVE! The Highway Men FOUNDED IN 1901 as J Simpson and Co. Football Club, the history begins by its participation in the Newark Ironmongers’ League. Whilst no records survive from those early days, it is known that in 1935 the club, now known as Worthington Simpson Football Club, entered the Nottingham Spartan League. After back-to-back championships Simmo’s (as the Football Club is known around the town) joined the Notts Alliance League in 1949, going on to win the league title in the 1952/53 and 1965/66 seasons. The Notts Alliance Senior Cup brought a good deal of success to the club, first in the 1969/70 season; with the trophy returning to Lowfields no less than 4 more times across seasons 1971/72, 1980/81, 1988/89 and 1998/99. Following changes in ownership to the factory in the late 90s, from Worhtington Simpson, to IDP and finally to Flowserve, and a mere 103 years of football, Simmo’s qualified to play on the first rung of the FA’s national pyramid by joining the Central Midlands League Premier Division. Following a short break the team reformed for the 2013/14 season, finishing a credible 3rd in the Nottinghams Senior League (NSL) League Two, thereby securing promotion to the NSL League One. Another successful campaign followed in 2014/15 saw the team finish runners-up, gaining promotion to the NSL Premier League and taking the team back to Step 7 football. In 2018, the club won 31 of its 34 league matches to secure the league championship, and with it promotion to Step 6. In May 2018 their promotion to the East Midlands Counties League was ratified by the Football Association League Committee The Squad Season 1 2018/19 An interesting first season is upon us, we have great potential but few superstars throughout the squad. We could officially be called the one star team. We look a class act at the back but going forward could be problematic. Season 1 Preview According to FM19 Newark are in for a stellar season and the chance to be promoted to step 5 of the English Football League. Arnold we're previously showing as 1-5 favorite until an influx of youth signings (the greyed out player were signed so I had enough players to form a squad). Obviously FM are sitting on the fence with the remaining 19 teams in the league with all of them showing as evens. The Tactic A straight up the center 4-1-4-1 with fast counter attacking direct football should suit the East Midlands Counties League. Thomas & Shannon-Lewis posses pace and decent finishing for is leave. Danny Meadows is a huge signing, the local lad is back after several seasons at Grantham Town will be bring an element of class to the midfield alongside former local rival Newark Town center midfielder Jack Beckett. The DM role is one that will need some work with no stand out player for the position I may need to look to change the system to suit the players we have. Wing backs may just be the strongest position on the field both James Cullingworth & Tom Potts are 5 star rated and with Rhys Lewis (not shown) a 5 star CB on sabbatical until 5/1/2019 the back 4 is looking on great order. Chris Calvert is one to look out for the 4 star potential CB is only 16 and has just come through the Football Manager youth ranks and could be here for a long time. Many years to go, so many regens to see and so many superstars to witness....let the games begin
  4. this is just outstanding my friend also i used to live next door to adrian speed aka adrian speed areana
  5. The Start of Season 8 is here as we look to bounce back in the Europa League after a disappointing exit in Season 7.New Signings are in as we look to build a dynasty. Click here to view
  6. Hi Guys,Last year i did the 30 year San Marino challenge where we set out a clear objectives for 30 years and took them from serie D to 7 CL victories however, from an international perspective never made it to a major competition.Football Manager 2019 has bought about a new 30 year challengeThe Great 30 Year Liechtenstein ChallengeFC Vaduz are the only professional Liechtenstein team playing in the 2nd tier for the Swiss football league. Our aim domestically is to take them from the 2nd tier to win the Europa League and with that qualify for the champions league. That appears to be the only way this team can make it to the CL as they qualify not through the league but via the Liechtenstein Cup which they win year on year.FC Vaduz 30 Year Plan This to me is a harder challenge than the San Marino challenge as we aren't playing in the Italian league and have access to the same quality players. The Swiss league has restrictions are the amount of Swiss players that must be in each squad again limiting the amount of foreign players you could bring in. Liechtenstein 30 Year Plan This might be a pipe dream as when I did the San Marino Challenge I dominated domestically but on an international level never came close. The only saving grace is Liechtenstein football is stronger and the youth player have better potential on the game. This has been up and running on my youtube channel for the last 4 months but will be sharing updates on here as well. Check Out The Intro Video - Click Here Check Out The Whole Playlist - Click Here
  7. G'day Team, I am trying to add a transfer embargo worldwide using the database however, when I add an embargo to 1 club to begin testing it doesn't appear in the game. Does anyone have any advise? Thanks Bobby G
  8. This is phenomenal mate! Do you have the craven league up in Yorkshire in scope mate? Keen to do a save with skipton my old mans hometown 👍
  9. did this last year on my youtube channel. never won or qualified for the main international comps but won the CL 8 times in 30 years - good luck mate
  10. good luck mate, i have just finished season 11 of this challenge but with San Marino Calico - 4 time Siere A champions these days & on a roll. Will keep an eye out to see how you go.
  11. Season 5 The 2022/23 Season Season 5 is in the books and it's be an up and down all around the world sort of affair. Wins, losses, unbeaten runs & bottle jobs. Carabao Cup A non entity now for us we are one of the "big 4" a loss to Southampton in the 3rd round on penalties saved us unnecessary fixture congestion. Community Shield 1-0 to the real big boys of the premier division. We never really challenged but will take some learnings. UEFA Super Cup A superb 4-2 victory over Europa league winners Liverpool gave Burnley our first ever Super cup trophy. FA Cup Defending champions doesn't mean anything when you play more fixtures than you're used to. A decent run with a 4-1 victory over Man City but we we're dumped out by Leicester City in the 5th Round. Club World Championship Our first journey to the CWC we walked away with an easy trophy. 7 goals, 2 wins - we're on a roll. Premier League After a wonderful January we dropped the ball from February onwards having a very disappointing April window that saw us drop of any hopes of a first title since 1960-61. A disappointing 4th place is all we could muster a second season on the trott. Miguel Mora - the man he missed 9 games but still managed 23 goals De Sande our Dutch wonderkid managed an incredible 8.09 average rating with 9 POM awards. 18 assists for the man as well, a true team player 2 strikers named in the team of the year with De Ligt our first signing our lone defender in the team. Champions League An easy run through the group stages saw us breeze past CSKA Moscow, Villareal & OL. It wasn't until the semi final where we hit a brick wall when we lost the first leg 4-2 but bounced back with an incredible 8-0 victory to send us into the final against PSG. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL 2-1 & back to back champions league trophies for The Burnley faithful. We we're able to hold of a late charge by PSG thanks to goals from Paulinho & Chris Wood. The last 5 seasons have been fantastic we have 4 wonderkids in our team and a solid goalscoring record Honours FA CUP - Winner 2021 Europa Cup - Winner 2020 Champions League - Winner 2021 UEFA Super Cup - Winner 2021 Club World Championship - Winner - 2021, 2022 UEFA Youth League - Winner 2022 English U18 Div 1 - Winner 2022 English U23 Div 3 - Winner - 2021 English FA Youth Cup - Winner - 2021 Next Season The league has to be the focus, we desperately want to win the Premier league before FM19 rolls around. EVERYWHERE WE GO, EVERYWHERE WE GO, WE'RE THE BURNLEY BOYS MAKING ALL THE NOISE, EVERYWHERE WE GO
  12. Nice start mate as a Nottingham lad im interested to see how well it goes - what do you use to get your layout like that?
  13. Season 4 2021/22 FA CUP All the way to final & sometimes with a hectic schedule you can just hope for an easy tie. Oh how we got it, Crystal Palace in the final and an incredible effort by the team our 2nd trophy of the save after winning the Europa League last season. Premier League Could we go one better than last year, could we solidify ourselves as a top 4 team. Our usual good form continued by we had by far the hardest run in i've seen. Man City, Chelsea, Spurs & Arsenal all in the last five games. The boys did us proud though and by the skin of their teeth took us home to the top 4 & champions league football again. Miguel Mora the 19 year old wonderkid has put in back to back top goal scoring years in the premier league - he is one for the future if we can hold onto him. Paulinho the 20 year old Brazilian wonderkid bagged 19 goals in his first year at the club. Paulinho topped the POM & Assists on the season setting a new record with 21 assists. Champions League Do you believe in miracles - our first go in the champions league and we made it all the way to the final. The highlight beating Real Madrid at Turf Moor! Champions League Final An extra time winner by Daniel Sturridge (who was on a goal drought) gave Burnley an incredible, an improbable Champions League win at the first possible opportunity. We we're outplayed but somehow the heart of the clarets shone through. Season Stats GOAL GOALS GOAL Look at all those goals Daniel Sturridge with 6 goals all year & one is in the champions league final! Trophy Cabinet We've added three to the display. Our first two European trophies & our first FA Cup since 1914. Finances $141m in the bank, all prize money from the league & cups. Transfer budget of £81m for season 5. Lastly Just look at this, how good to is feel as a claret to see Burnley as European champions. Season 5 Outlook I'm hoping after a few more signings we can close in on the top of the league. I don't think we can go back to back in Europe but with another top quality midfielder and CD we can mount a series title challenge AS ALWAYS EVERYWHERE WE GO, EVERYWHERE WE GO, MAKING ALL THE NOISE WE'RE THE BURNLEY BOYS, EVERYWHERE WE GO
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