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  1. Hi All, I am after a game where you can only have your own countrymen competing in your own countries league (e.g. - english eligible in the english league). Does anyone know if this exists or how to create it in the editor? Cheers Rob
  2. WWE

    i would be keen to see this
  3. anyone taken a tier 11-14 team far yet? im taking a team from tier 11 up to tier 9 so far and top of the league and making money
  4. Alright guys After the hardest challenge available. taking the worst team in the worst playable league to the top. Does anyone know what the worst playable league is? Tails
  5. great work mate, i check this every week! could you post rochdale info?? not seen them in the football league since the start
  6. this is amazing, eveyrday i check the forums to see how your getting on....very excited this is the big challenge for FM 12 this year, take a tier 14 team to the champions league! are you still looking at a release date of xmas eve? keep up the good work mate!
  7. this is amazing, i cant wait to use it when it comes out! well done that man