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[FM21] "The Rise of a Prince of the Slovaks"


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FC Kosice


February 2024: Regular Season: "Let's get the Party started"

Manager's Thoughts

The Season restarted and we couldn't shake the funk that settled on to the team after the Slovan victory. Our rivals however were in similar straits and we have since kept our spot at the top of the Table. The last match of the month I think has change our fortunes we started scoring at will again. (Especially Boris) and I think the team is now primed for a true title run once the League Split happens and we play all of our closest competitors. It would have been nice to have a small cushion of points, but our almost season long top of the table run ....deserves to be celebrated....if we are holding the trophy in May!

I think that the team is capable, but it will take a continuation of the play that got us to this point and we have to expect our rivals especially Dun. Streda and Slovan Bratislava to play better to deny us what they think is their Birthright!

Exciting times ahead, Let's get the party started!




After the match with Lokomotiva Kosice there was just one more friendly before the  season restarted and it would be another trip to Poland.



The team played well, but the match was closer than the scoreline suggests according to the analysts.

With the team fully healthy it was time to hit the ground running for the stretch run. Four matches till league split and it would be nice to be on top of the table when it happens.

The first of the four was visit from our "Bogey Team" AS Trencin.


Both teams were struggling for form, but due to playing at home in the Cermel Stadium we were favored.


an old friend was asked to comment on the upcoming match.


It was an ugly game that was marred by fouls by both sides....but some how we got the lions share of the yellow cards which also saw us  lose  home advantage....


It was a terrible match, but we were the better of the two teams and on another day we would have won!


Even with out less than stellar play we remain top of the table and that completed a goal the board wanted ahead of time!

We then headed to rival Dun. Streda



Dun. Streda was favored, but the team stood a chance if we could snap out of our slump in form!


Vesely commented on the fact we have only Slovak Players....

and I was asked about Slovan's chances this season.....



Our backup DM was attracting Interest...he is on the cusp of taking over the starting spot.....


This was the Match of the Week!


Dun. Streda played the good defense they are known for....but this was one that got away!


The media wants to make a story out of out slump in form....but why don't they comment that we are still at the top of the table in spite of it!

But it is concerning about all the points we are throwing away might kill our title challenge....


The match was tight and both teams weren't at their best, but we could have won the match....

The last match of this update is actually in March.....It is a trip to Midtable Nitra.


Nitra was in good form, but it was almost now or never time if we are to make a "real" Title Challenge this season.


The team found their groove after an early goal by Nitra....


Our victory was shown all over Slovakia....


and I am upbeat about our chances in ANY Match! Hopefully the slump is over!


The analytics show that we deserved our victory!


Our Captain Boris got some extra cash to spend on Wine and Women with his 15th League goal of the season!

and just before the match the Slovakian Transfer Window ended!


Our Chief Rivals Dun. Streda have armed themselves for a Title Challenge....and Slovan Bratislava can't be ignored either....We will have to be at our best to see this out!

League Table


Player of the Month

Robert Valach


Analysts Report


Even with our scoring drought we still have great stats that show we deserve to be at the top of the table.

Management Report




The finances are in good shape, but the team really needs another big sale or make the Group Stage of European Football to truly solidify the finances.

Thanks For Reading!






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Top Posters In This Topic

3 hours ago, SixPointer said:

Wow it is tight at the top!!! Come on bring that title to kosice!! 

That's the plan, but lack of quality and depth is beginning to tell....

BTW.....What's the weather like in Silesia?


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FC Kosice


March 2025:"Wake up sleepy heads"

Manager's Thoughts

The slump in form that has lasted since November is beginning to worry me. We need to play at our best to get results. The biggest factor is the fact that all three of our main strikers can't find the net at the same time. Even Boris the "Goal Machine" is having a hard time. I am trying everything I can to break the slump in goal scoring....even try offerings to different gods including a bucket of fried chicken for Jobu!

If I can get the Strikers back on track the team has a chance.... 


The last match before the split was against Senica....who was a relegation candidate.....easy three points....yeah right!


We have not really played well in months but are somehow at the Top of the table.


We are finding new and interesting ways to not score....and that is all I can say about this.....


The analysts are at a loss as to how we didn't win the game.


an unbeaten sequence with just one win! This is no way to win a title.....


and to make matters worse Dun Streda is Streaking....and they were the biggest spenders in the Transfer Window!

But we are on top of the table at League Split!



We now have two 6 pointers against each of these teams. My goal is to split with Dun Streda and Slovan Bratislava but sweep the others and hope for the best!

If the team can follow that plan  we would have 63 points and that should be enough for the title....

Championship Division

The first match of the Championship division was a tough one it was a trip to Slovan Bratislava.....


I must admit that I was just hoping not to get blown out.....


But that is exactly what happened....It was an ugly match.....we were on the back foot all game...Matej Fabini denied a penalty just before half....we were looking ok. The second half was a differnet story.....We somehow forgot how to defend.....



Even the analysts know how bad we were.....

After that disaster in the Capital we headed home to lick our wounds.....I had a team meeting and told the players in no uncertain terms we needed to play better....

They all agreed....

The next match we hosted Zilina at the Cermel....this was an opportunity to get back on track....


We were home underdogs, but I believe it was due to our slumping form more than anything else....


We showed Zilina what we could do...when we put our minds to it!


The analysts weren't as impressed.

The team then had a break due to International play.....

Youth Intake

The youth intake wasn't bad but only four players were chosen by me to join FC Kosic U-19's over the objections of the HOYD.


This is the best player in the intake. He doesn't really fit our profile but we are going to train him as DLF-S to fit our Formation.


Another good goalie prospect....will probably end up being sold....as the team is pretty well set for the next decade at the position.


another player that doesn't fit our profile, but will be trained up to sell to a lower division team to help them.....


another CB from the production line....a little slow but will probably end up playing Lower Division Football.

League Table


Player of the Month

Robert Valach


Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!


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5 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

That's the plan, but lack of quality and depth is beginning to tell....

BTW.....What's the weather like in Silesia?


I don’t know I’ve not there for a week! It’s been cold in Norway and busy so I had to depart Poland for a week 

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FC Kosice


April 2025: "In good hands with Fabini"

Manager's Thoughts

For all my worries about the strikers and goals. I have missed the real reason for our success it is actually our defense. Our Goal Keeper and one of our CB's and 2nd and third in Best Avg rating in the League. It is almost unheard of for defenders of any type to get such high ratings.

We are in good shape if we win out we win the Title....

These Dreams!




The First  match of the month was to be against Trnava....


The home team was playing well and our strikers needed to find form....we usually play well against them so I hoped for a good result to Kickstart our title run!


Well we got a great performance out of the DLF-S Rapavy!


According to the Analysts it was a very close run thing.....


That moved us into the European Football Places....If we can split with Dun and Slovan and beat everyone else we will be in a good position.

In and around the Trnava match I made some Staff moves as GM....


I extended the Head of Sports Science he is one of the best in the country!


Head Performance Analyst signed up for more....even though I insult him with my comments he loves the fact we give him so much data analyze and hi work helps me as well.


A respected former International that has forgotten more about Football than I will ever know....and loves the club even though he never played for it!


The Head Physio is extended this and the other moves will help stabilize the club as it searches for new sources of revenue as our stature grows. Also should help keep us from getting relegated.....


I finally decided I needed an assistant to deal with the U-19's Staff....


and this became the man who would revamp the U-19's staff....

The next match was on the road and featured a visit to Nitra


We were favored, but as always we would take the Home underdog seriously.



The team started slowly but so did Nitra....both teams played better in the second half and Nitra drew first blood and the team responded well and scored two late to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.




The long slump was over!


Dun Streda opened the door a crack.....


The analysts were very happy with the way we ended the match!

The next match would be a title showdown.....


Dun Streda was coming to town....



Former Favorites and the Media started the Hype train for the match.....


and a blow just before the big game!


It didn't live up to the hype, but we didn't lose!


But I was furious that we didn't Win a SixPointer! but it was mostly our lack of good play that made me angry....


The analysts were more than happy to agree with my assessment of our play!


Trencin is becoming a real PITA poaching all our youth candidates! This is the 3rd one this season!


and we lose another Striker.....

The last match of the month would be against Slovan Bratislava.....but first the Media sent out a table with the Title Race!


The Slovan Match and a probable last day title decider/Showdown are in the cards!

Slovan Bratislava was coming to town....but we wanted vengeance.....


Luckily Slovan was sputtering looking for form.....



The hype train now turned to Fabini's remarkable season so far!


The match started well and we hung on to escape with victory!


As the Analytics show this victory was against the run of play!

League Table



This team is winning with defense! Fabini is our MVP!

Player of the Month

Matej Fabini


Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!








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FC Kosice


May 2025:"We are the Champions"

Manager's Thoughts

The season is now over we have completed the impossible like Liecester City in 2016. We won the title and have truly annouced our arrival. This means the hardwork begins. To make this sustainable and to truly make Kosice the home of Slovakian Soccer. To do that our next goal must be Group Stage play in a European Tournament.

We have a young core to build around, but now we need some "Luxury" players....also the team needs more revenue streams to truly create the infrastructure necessary to make European Football and winning the norm not just a "flash in the Pan".

And I'm the man to do it.....




The month of May opened with the Slovak FA Cup Final. We weren't involved but it would help decide European places....


Dun. Streda won it and were looking for the Domestic Double! We would have a chance to deny them on their own pitch on the final day!

The first match of May would see the team visit Zilina...


The team was favored but like all such situations, the team was wary of the favorite tag and would play well....


This was a game where Boris took the team and put it on his Back....by scoring twice to ensure victory!



The victory puts some pressure on Dun. Streda to catch up....

Also even though Boris got the shine many others thought it was Fabini the GK that deserved the praise for the victory.


and of course I praised our excellent GK!


The Analysts were happy with the result as well....


Slovan Bratislava did their job of spoiling Dun. Streda's chances and opening the door for us to win the title. We now controlled our destiny! Win out and it was ours!

The next match was against Trnava at the Cermel.....


We were favored, but I was determined to not let it go to the teams head.....we hadn't won anything yet!


The Big Serb was showing his support.....


The match was a tough one....Trnava scored early while the team was still going through the motions....At halftime I let them know that I was less than thrilled with their play....The team then came out and played with their Hair on Fire and we tied the match, but couldn't get a winner!


We have now confirmed a top 2 finish great result, but no time for a let up!

Eyes on the Prize!


Dun Streda also tied so we are still on top of the table with two games to go......


You can see why the Trnava match was so close from the analytics!


Rapavy came back but now I am lacking cover in the Defense....the never-ending headaches of a Football manager!

The Penultimate match of the season was also the last home match. Nitra was the Visitor and The team was ready to thank the fans for their Support!


We were favored but would need to do a professional job!


We have been on a unbeaten run against Nitra and I thought we could take the game to them....


The one-two punch of Boris and Rapavy scored three goals early and the team coasted as the fans partied in the stands!


Boris was ready to lead the Party himself!


The analysis shows  we won easily....

and Boris had a reason to party!




Trencin should just buy our Academy.....since they can't seem to find any players on their own! 4rth poached player this season!

The Final Game 

The victory against Nitra left FC Kosice in the eviable position that a win or draw would give them the Title of Champions of Slovakia.

Problem: We would have to avoid defeat to our closest competitors on their own ground with the knowledge that if they won they would secure the title for themselves and have done the double!


Of course Dun. Streda was favored. They were the bigger team and playing at home, but they were missing several key offensive stars....the door was opening a little wider!


I hoped for Victory before the match!


Boris scored early and then the match became a "donnybrook" that was not really controlled by the referee!

Both sides allowed their tempers to flair and it became a foul fest. Thankfully the Referee was not a fan of Dun. Streda when he sent off one of their players  late with a red card. Boris then scored a penalty that put us two up and young Adam Varga scoring that ended the match!

We are the Champions!


We had a wonderful season that will be fondly remembered by all the Football fans in Kosice!


Let's get the Party Started....

See the source image


We ended a 17 game unbeaten run.....unbelievable!

and I had a few things to say about referees after the match.....


Now I back them! Lol....only until the next time a call goes against us!


The Anaysts caught the jubilant mood as well.

The Personal plaudits continue to filter in....


I am already on the list of Greatest Managers all-time.....they must have a low bar!



The $120k will go to bonuses and the Afterparty expenses.....

The board was already concerned what was next....



Those are all achievable goals, but I couldn't believe they wanted to interrupt the party for this!



I then let the team go on vacation for 3 weeks! I know it said June 23rd, but after we got drawn into Champions League we had to comeback earlier because competitive matches would start first week of July!

The Slovakian Giants were quick to scapegoat their manager because of our Success!


The end of the Month also saw the Europa Conference League Final happen.....



The team was able to create another record as well....




Boris ended up third which is respectable considering he had a substantial dry spell mid season!

and Half our team were the best players in the League!


League Table



Player of the Month

Matej Fabini



Seasonal Analysts Report


It was a remarkable overachievement....if we can play to xG going forward that would be decent.

and make this all the more meaningful!

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!









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FC Kosice


Awards Night 2025

See the source image


Hello Everyone! Welcome to the joint Club and Fan Club Awards night held annually at the Double Tree Hotel in Downtown Kosice!

This year we are going to review a spectacular season all here will want to remember!



The slide presentation begins....


The team added few players from outside the organization, but Lukas Hradecky was a stalwart during the season.


The team let go of quite a few players....The sale of Juraj Kuc being the most notable and the financial security it brought the club as well.


The season itself was as successful as we could have hoped prior to the season....CHAMPIONS of Slovakia!


Our Europa Conference League trek went like the previous year except we were not a close as making the group stage!


We lived up to expectations in the Slovak FA Cup and losing to the eventual champions isn't the worst thing...because we did deny them the Domestic Double!


I guess these are the greatest memories of this wonderful season!


The finances were in good shape....even if we lost a little TV Revenue!

Because of a Significant Increase in Sponsorship revenue!


We rotated often as that is how Matus Horvath keeps the team ready to play and the fact that their are no real drop off in performance when "Benchwarmers" are playing!


As you can see the MVP was Matej Fabini!

even though we wouldn't be here without Boris's Goals!




Thanks for coming enjoy yourselves....for guests who celebrate a little too much there are rooms available at reduced rates!

Thanks for Reading!


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FC Kosice


June 2025:"Keeping the Band together"



Well we made money....which isn't the worst thing in the world.....


The financial reports are encouraging!


A big transfer budget I have no interest in using....even if we are Champion's League!


Bielsa went to Arsenal in this world....and didn't win a trophy!


Moving on up in Europe! 262! 


There must be a lot of players in Kosice since this is the 5th player poached this season!


We have become the 4rth most reputable team in Slovakia!

Still have a way to go!


We had come back early from vacation and I had decided to play friendly's against decent opposition to prepare us for Champion's League ....

The win against SK Vienna was unexpected but gratifying!


The Media finally told the story of the season! US!


The board wanted to know if I would want more money for the coaching staff.....of course I said yes!


Achievable goals....even though I am hoping for Europe even if it comes through a playoff!


More fans than ever I guess our recruiting campaigns in the nightclub's of Kosice is working!


TV money in Slovakia is a joke....


The opening month could be tough since we will be batting in Europe as well.....



Contract extensions kicked in as the season ended!

Management Report



The finances are in good shape our sponsorships will pay most of the wage bill....which is a big step compared to 5 years ago. It is still going to take reaching the Group Stage of a European Tournament to really change this clubs financial fortunes....

Thanks for Reading!



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FC Kosice


July 2025: "The Gypsy Road taking us home"

Manager's Thoughts

The team has started the defense of its title even though most of the players are the same, it would be too much to expect a repeat. Our rivals have gotten better and we now have a target on our backs. That being said I am still trying for Europe, because if we can breakthrough to a Group Stage. The windfall would allow us to really create a force in Slovakian Soccer...that could make us "Real" Rivals of the likes of Slovan Bratislava. Which also make it easier to keep our youth from being poached as well.




The month of July started out with a match against FC Arges in Romania and my shipping a promising young midfielder out on Loan.....


and Slovan had gotten around to naming a new manager......



He plays a 4-4-2 and I have done well against his teams in the past.....


continuing with my GM work I re-signed a Promising Centerback.....and several staff members.


Our "Regular Season" started with a trip to Kazakhstan to play Astana.....


and of course just before the big game...the playmaker stubs his toe!


I sent out what I thought was the best XI.....


Astana just passed it around us and we made silly defensive errors that allowed them to score.


According to our analysts we were the better team....hopefully we can dig out of the hole in Kosice and keep the European Adventure going!

Following the trip to Kazakhstan the Team had to ready themselves for the Slovakian Season as well.

The team also played the second leg against Astana and you would have thought two different teams were playing based on the first match or that they had switched teams. We won 4-0! with new Striker Matej Trusta being the Hat-trick hero!

On to the next round and a trip to Northern Ireland and Glentoran!

Season Preview


We are not expected to defend our title , but we should be comfortably mid-table according to folks that know. I am on the other hand aiming for Europe. The team needs the money to remain at this level and Challenge Dun. Streda and Slovan Bratislava for Slovakian Titles!


and Boris has the 4rth best chance to become the Goal Scorer of the Year!

The Board expectations.


All easily achievable.

Regular Season

Just before the season started we found out about our first match in the Slovak FA Cup.


A nice minnow to start things off with.....


The season started with a visit from Michalovce, who is newly promoted into the Slovak Super League.


We escaped with a draw and didn't play well, but I did send out the "Benchwarmers" because I am trying to prioritize the Champions Cup right now.


I slammed the team after the match because we now have certain expectations as defending champions!


The analysis shows that the team was second best and that is NOT acceptable.


In more interesting news  the team's success has created a groundswell of support for the team. We now have 2k supporters!

the team then left for Belfast......



Classic bore draw turned into a "Smash and Grab" when Boris came off the bench to score a goal!


analysts could barely keep their eyes open, but we were the better team, because we scored!


The team returned from Belfast to travel to Trnava and a tough match.

The hosts were favored, but we had done well against them in the past including a long winning streak against them.


It was just one of those days the rotated squad let in a nice set-piece. The team battled back to equalize only to lose on a last minute counter off our own Set-Piece for a disaster!


The analysts agree we were second best that day.

The team dusted themselves off and prepared for the second leg of the Champion's league against Glentoran.



due to our away goal the team and fans are hopeful for another win!


This started out well with two early goals from Boris. Then Glentoran decided to play with 10 minutes left and they were the better team, but we still got the victory.


Even though we had the early lead the match was even and Glentoran were better that last 10 minutes!


Overall though I was happy with the out come.....


and we are rewarded with the Danish Team that ended our European adventures last season. Maybe this time We'll get revenge!


SK Rapid Vienna, who we have played in several friendlies came and offered me an Interview. Normally I would be tempted, but Kosice is my Hometown and I have started a project that is my life's work.


and we're getting big money for being on TV!


that is equal to 1/3 of out normal payment for the Year!

League Table


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!






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4 hours ago, Carambau said:

Catching up... and what a nice surprise! Congratulations to the title! Well deserved :) 

Fabini & Gall ... what more do you need ;) 


and to think both were on the team's books when I started. Boris a backup and Fabini on Loan not considered good enough.

3 hours ago, 13th Man said:

Congrats on the title! Winning the league also gives you the freedom to really go for it in Europe too. Good luck getting to group stage this year!

Going for Europe will always be hard because of the early start of the Slovakian Season (roughly July 15th) until we are big enough to go straight in to the Group Stage.

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FC Kosice


August 2025:"Following a yellow bricked road"

Manager's Thoughts

The team after a few hiccups has found a rythymn while playing every three days this month!

And our good form brought us to the promised land of Group Stage European Football! Not the Champion's League but the Europa League. We will be heading to Old Trafford and they will come to the Cermel. The money is almost beyond our wildest dreams! We have done some investing, but I will continue my youth first approach and sell players if we get good offers or their contracts will run out and are not needed.

What a way to end the Summer!




The busy month opened with a trip to the Capital and perennial Title Contenders Slovan Bratislava.....


The team had been rotated so that the Starting XI would play this match.....


It was a complete dismantling...we always do well versus the 4-4-2!


Young Hradecky bossed the midfield turning in a Kevin de Bruyne imitation.


The boys in the stats office were very happy with the results!

We then had to get ready for our Champion League Playoff versus FC Midjytlland



Of course we are up against it this same team drove us out of the Europe last season!


It was a bloodbath.....and Horvath's Red card didn't help. We just don't have any answers for their wingers.


I had to put the best face on that debacle I could and the team loved it....


The analysts were definitely pessimistic that we could ever beat them after that performance.

We couldn't dwell on it with a match with Trencin in few days time.....



Of course I am rotating you idiots!


The Starting XI played, but couldn't get past the Trencin GK.....


We were the better team, but just couldn't score.

It was a GK's game!

Unfortunately in the run up to the next game we lost our newest Striker for sometime!



We go into the second leg with the Danes without much hope....



We played well but couldn't overcome the 3 goal deficit.


I said the team played well in the second leg!


The analysis shows that we played well but just couldn't buy a goal after our first in the second leg!



There ended our dreams of European nights I thought....we would have need to beat Brugge in the next round to make Champion's League....not bad for a team from Kosice, Slovakia.


But I was wrong....we still had a chance beat a team from Iceland for Europa League!


The team received $1.34M in prize money and didn't even play in the group stage.....that was enough to pay for our whole season!

After the loss to the Danes to team headed to Ruzomberok....for another league match.



The match showed what fine margins there are between victory defeat.


Eventhough they had struggled before playing us they played us hard....and the tie was probably deserved.

After the match we headed to Iceland with a spot in the Europa League on the line....




The team put in a good shift against a team that was afraid to lose.....


Closer than the score line, but 2 away goals put us in a good place!

We came home from Iceland jubilant but had to take on a streaking Nitra....who was currently in 1rst place.



The team played well with multiple goals from our 1-2 punch up top of Gall and Rapavy. Fabini the GK had a substandard game, but a win is a win!



Boris was on a rampage this match!


and I was effusive in my praise of My man Boris!


The analysts were really happy with our play even if I wasn't thrilled with our Goalie play.

Just before our next match the Icelandic team adds a player.....


The presser tried to show I didn't have confidence of seeing the job through!


The backline was happy with my response.....



and the FC Kosice Central Defenders are getting International attention!

Valach is in the Starting XI and Horvath is a Benchwarmer. Molcan is in the U-19's!


The team did a professional job in seeing off the Icelanders.....


Were in the Europa League and I have no illusions of us going further.....


Analysis shows we played well!


Were in the Europa League!


$329k for one match not to shabby!


We are now financially secure....especially when you add it to the Champion's League Money....it is enough to run the Club for about 3 seasons!

The next day the Europa League Groups were drawn


Were playing Man United! We will play as well as we can and see if we can come in third.....I doubt it though!



Of course it is tough perennial title contenders from bigger leagues.....

The team had one last match in the month of August.....


Dubnica would play us tough but I think we can see out the match despite tiredness!



and I didn't leave Rapavy out of the Plaudits!


And the Media notices we are playing well.....


After the success in Europe There was a boardmeeting....




I had the Training Facilities because they lost a level in the offseason and this would bring them back to average. I asked for junior coaching and recuitment because that is the way forward for this club and a policy I have tried to follow. It doesn't help that our intakes are being raided by our rivals!

League Table


Player of the Month

Boris Gall


Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!










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7 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

Astana is from Kazakhstan mate, and Uzbekistan is in Asian football zone. Great job in Europe and congrats for the league title. ;)

Thanks for the heads up. I am an American and some times I don't know geography.  (I edited the post)

I guessed when writing, just knew it was one of the Stan's....

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FC Kosice


September 2025: "Back to the Grind"

Manager's Thoughts

After a few foibles the team started playing like I knew they could playing our brand of Defense First then pass you to death Football. Yes we have probably the youngest team in the league and might give up something in experience we make with youthful vigor. Yes, we wouldn't be any where without my best friend Boris "The Goal Machine" Gall. He is the old man of the group at 32 and is in the last year of his contract. I want to keep him but won't over pay. I think that that reason for our consistency is the continuity of using the same formation with many of the same players year after year. While our rivals are always looking for "Quick Fix"




The month of September started off with an extended International Break which I welcomed to work on Set-Pieces and conditioning.

The first match of the month was versus Zilina on the 13th.


The Slovak Media dubbed it the game of the week!




The match was interesting in that we scored in less than a minute and then Zilina replied then each team settled down and the game was decided by a penalty which we scored!


The Analysts were happy with our play.


The media still notice our good run of form.....

We then headed to Belgium for a European Night!


We were not favored but I back my team against anyone for one match....


The match saw an exchange of scores and then settled down into both teams not wanting to lose.....


Analysis shows it wasn't good and we were lucky to get a draw.

We returned home from Anderlecht ready to play Sered at the Cermel.


I rotated the Squad and the "Benchwarmers" had a good game. winning Professionally 2-0!


The analysts were enthusiastic about our play....


The Media kept reminding us how we were doing....as I continually preached ...."One Game at a Time" and "Do your Job"

As the Slovakian Transfer Window came to a close I went back to my GM Persona and was happy  Valach didn't find any suitors..but didn't make any major moves.



My rivals were mainly sellers, but I did notice they were only selling expensive Foreign Stars.....

The next match was against another lower table side.....


They had tried to improve their team during the transfer window.....

We were favored but as always on my guard due to Home Underdogs rule....


and boy was I right, the first half was terrible. I spoke aggressively to my players and they responded, but with the game coming to a close they let their guard down and Zlate scored two to claim victory!


As analysis shows we were the better team, but were frustrated by goalies, both their and ours. Theirs stopped our shots and ours made to terrible mistakes!

The last match of September was a Slovak FA Cup First round match against a minnow.


Of interest is that a former FC Kosice player lined up on the other side. I rotated the squad and the "Benchwarmers" got in another game.



The Analysis is pretty straight forward professional players even young ones are better than Part-timers!

and as a reward we will play another minnow!


and during training for a Europa Cup match we lost the Captain of our defense.....


League Table


Player of the Month

Daniel Rapavy


and a FC Kosice almost had goal of the month.


Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!







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added words I forgot
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2 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

Thanks for the heads up. I am an American and some times I don't know geography.  (I edited the post)

I guessed when writing, just knew it was one of the Stan's....

Don't worry mate, I make same mistakes all the time.:thup:

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FC Kosice


October 2025:"Not ready for Prime time"

Manager's Thoughts

The team really found out what European Nights were when the famous "Red Devils" of Manchester United came to town. It was the biggest and most important match in FC Kosice History. Unfortunately. We found out how good those players are even though we had an inkling after the Spartak match a week earlier. I think Matej Fabini wanted Marcus Rashford's autograph after each goal. I was also starstruck myself and found myself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of celebrity surrounding that team. It is a lesson learned that I where we want to be someday. Maybe one day FC Kosice will be uttered in the same breathe as Man U.





The month of opened with us on the European Stage at the Cermel.


I had no real illusions about the strength of the Russian Team, but I sent the "Benchwarmers" out to not embarrass us.....

Unfortunately that was not the case....our players seemed a step slow and unsure of themselves unlike when they play against our rivals in the Slovakian Super League.

The gulf in quality was apparent for all to see....but that is what happens when the opposing star player makes more than the entire club including staff combined.


for some reason the press were more interested in my board transactions than the match....


The biggest crowd ever till that point saw us lose.....


Not much to see here.....let's move along.

The reason why I played the "Benchwarmers" vs. Spartak was I was more concerned with this match that I thought we had a chance of winning.....


It was going to be game of the week on Slovakian TV!


We headed to Dun Streda for a clash with last season's runners-up! They probably can't forget we won the title on their field!


The team started slowly, but a young Academy Grad Kocis-Koval scored to tie it before half. In the second half the team showed more fight and Adam Varga scored the GW on 59 minutes. Boris had a late chance at the penalty spot but was denied by the Dun Streda GK!

All in all a wonderful win that vindicated my roster choices!


The press noticed the prowess of Adam Varga as a Target Man....


and at the presser I said that now Kocis-Koval needed to continue earning playing time.


It was a late resurgence that led to the win.


and now because our financial issues have bee fixed some some greedy SOB wants to embezzle our money!


As GM I gave Kocis-Koval a professional contract. He actually played as a youth player in the Dun Streda match. I thought it fitting since he had started the game.

That is one way I am keeping costs down...I am late giving out Professional Contracts.


I also gave a contract to this player to ward off transfer interest and the fact that he is good enough for spot duty.  I will probably be shipping out some of the older players in the offseason.


FC Kosice has 16 members of the Slovakian Super League produced by the Academy. The vast majority are still with the team and contributing as at least "Benchwarmers"

This reflects the fact that I am following the Athletic Bilbao Philosophy and trying to build from within and selling for a profit when necessary, but I am also trying to win trophies. It will be a long road, but it will have a solid foundation.

After the match with Dun. Streda we had another Slovak FA Cup match....


The Benchwarmers were sent out for more work....and it was basically a shooting practice....


In truth I felt sorry for them.....


It was interesting for awhile until their goalie got tired.....The team scored from Set-Pieces that had been worked on during the International Break. I also sent Boris on for a Cameo appearance during the last 15 minutes and he thought that the fans wanted to see goals and bagged a brace in 15minutes.


Moclan the new call-up from the U-19's scored.


Gaspar had a great day doing playmaker things, but it was really his Set-Piece ability that stood out!


Yes, we won they were no challenge.

After the Cup Game we returned to Kosice and the Cermel to host Manchester United!


This will be the biggest night in FC Kosice History!


We don't have a chance....even if we are the home team if the Spartak match is anything to go by.....


Olly Solskjer responded to my comments....I'm big time now.....


Just like the Cup Game except we were on the receiving end....Marcus Rashford just danced around our defenders like the Russians....we are just not anywhere near their level.


I admired Bruno Fernandes's playmaking after the game....


The Stadium was 90% full for the first time in a long time and I'm sure the fans from England enjoyed the local nightlife.


Biggest single game ticket sales in team History....Man U brings out the Casual Fans for sure!


The Analysis isn't much to read. We were outmatched and it affected us.

After the Man U match we found out who we would play next in the Slovak FA Cup!


Lipany is a 2 liga team but it should be a victory...thus getting us to the Quarterfinals and reaching a board objective.

We then had to get ready for another big match.....

Slovan Bratislava was coming to town....and we were ready.....



I had played the starters against Man U so there would be some rotation for this match.


Our half-rotated squad battled hard, but just couldn't get a winner after tying the match with a goal by new signing Trusa.


The Analysis showed that we played better as I brought starters off the bench in search of a winner!

After the match with Slovan the team headed on the road to Michalovce.


They were farther down the table and we were favored. I thought that we could get the win IF we continued our good play against league foes and ignored our European nights.


Michalovce fought hard but they just couldn't stop the one-two punch of Rapavy and Gall.


Gall had himself another Boris does Boris things game.....


and of course I am always pleased to win for the supporters!


according to analysis we were the better team and deserved to win.

As the month ended I was back to work in the Front Office....


Adam is now the highest paid player at the club. I did this because he instigated his agent to talk to me about his wages because he was playing well in his "Benchwarmer" duties. Both Rapavy and Gall are in the last years of their contracts. Varga is a replacement for Rapavy and Homegrown. He is also only 20 Years old.

I had him sack his original agent, but he hired a worse one from my perspective so I  decided to open negotiations. He is ours unless we get a really good offer.


People still want to takeover this club.....

League Table


Player of the Month

Adam Varga


Analysts Report


Shooting lights out and playing good defense. That is a recipe for success in any league!

Manager's Report



Thanks for Reading!





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FC Kosice


November 2025:"Slaves to the Grind"

Manager's Thoughts

The European adventures are a nice diversion, we have no real chance at this time of winning the bigger tournaments. The real reason for us to target winning the league or European Places is the chance to win the prize money associated with reaching the Group Stage. Now that we have done that the team is in firm financial footing, but we need to keep getting to that stage to maintain our foothold and reach my true ambitions! With that in mind I actually prioritize our matches in the Slovak Super League so that we can get back to Europe.




The month of November would see us Seven matches. The first was against Trnava.


The were visiting the Cermel and the team was favored to win due to being at home and in better form.



It was a tight game both teams played well, but Boris was the difference even though Fabini stopped a penalty.


I praised Boris because his goal was the difference that ensured victory!


Analysis shows that both teams played well and the team was lucky to win!

The next match was a trip to the "Theater of Dreams" in Manchester, England. I was actually in awe that I would be on the same sideline that some great managers had trod.

The Scouting Department sent me this projection of their lineup.



Eventhough Man U was having trouble in the Premier League after our first match I doubted they would have trouble against us at home. In all we were "Tourists" just enjoying the fact we were playing Manchester United!



It was too bad that Marcus Rashford would miss the match!

I had no real selection problems, but still chose the Benchwarmers because I needed the Starting XI ready for a League match. Instead of tiring them in a match we had no hope of winning!


The match was bad, but I didn't expect anything different....we were playing Man U. We are just not anywhere near that level even if we are League Champions.


Maybe one day FC Kosice will be able to take on Man U! That is the goal.


I'm only including the Analyst report because I always do....Our backup goalie was our best player even though he gave up 5 goals!

Now that the trip to England was over it was time to grind out results in Slovakia and defend our crown if possible.

The next match was against league leaders and our Bogey team AS Trencin.


It was a visit to a rival city on our way home from England. I had rotated the squad with this match in mind!


We just didn't get going and Trencin played extremely Physical against us and caused us to lose our CM Hradecky and even Boris's Heroics weren't enough.


The analysis shows it was an ugly match, but these are the ones you need to win to be Champions!

Unfortunately we would lose Hradecky until Midseason Break!


After the match we headed to Lipany for a Slovak FA Cup match...


I would play the Benchwarmers again they needed a morale lift after the drubbing in England!


I have to give Lipany credit they fought hard and took it to penalties, but we were up to the task and escaped with a win!


It was another ugly match....but we got the result we wanted!

and a few days later we found out our next opponent!


This will be a Quarterfinal battle that may well define the Tournament!

The team then had a chance to catch its breath and as always work on Set-Peices during the International Break.

After the Break the next match was against Ruzomberok.


They would visit "Fortress Cermel" and I expected a win against the relegation candidates!


another ugly match, but we grinded out a result thanks to Boris Gall AFTER the opponents went down to 10 men!


More praise for Boris!


The analysis shows that the teams were equal until Ruzomberok lost a man and went down a goal late!

After the match with Ruzomberok the team headed for Belgium!


I played the starting XI in hopes of getting a win to place 3rd in the group and possible continue our European Adventures in the Europa Conference League!

We went and played the match and won 2-1 thus assuring us third place as I didn't expect them to beat Man U in their final match.

After the European Adventure the team returned to Slovakia to face Nitra.


Then we had a training mishap.....


and we lost an emerging player in our midfield until February! Luckily most of the time missed will be break and 2nd Preseason!


I played a half-rotated team and both of our featured Strikers competed for man of the match honors!


Of course Boris the Fan Favorite got it!


and yes I heaped praise on him, because I was preparing to go into contract negotiations....next month!


Nitra played hard but we were just better!


Boris was chasing the money! which he was going to spend on wine. women, and song!

League Table


Players of the Month

Boris Gall


Matej Trusa


The two strikers are in a healthy competition which was my intention when I signed Trusa as a possible replacement!


Analyst Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!









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Still making good progress! I’ll bet the manager might get some criticism for playing the squad players in those European games, but on the whole it’s the right choice - no way they’re going toe-to-toe with Manchester United…

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4 hours ago, 13th Man said:

Still making good progress! I’ll bet the manager might get some criticism for playing the squad players in those European games, but on the whole it’s the right choice - no way they’re going toe-to-toe with Manchester United…

I think that Matus Horvath might be able to get away with it a little longer....eventually I want to be good enough to play the Benchwarmers in the League's Midtable teams and below and win. So I can play the Starters against the Big Boys. 

I was a pragmatic choice. My Starters aren't really that much better than the Second XI. Might just as well have the backups take the morale hit.


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FC Kosice


December 2025:"Departing early for Vacation"

Manager's Thoughts

The team started the month coming off a win, but their play in the two fixtures before the Midseason Break made me think that the team went on Vacation. It was a good thing that it ended just two days after Christmas. I am making them practice on both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day even though I am hosting Kosice's most famous New Year's Eve Party!

See the source image

The team better be ready to hit the ground running during 2nd Preseason!




The month of December had two matches before the team headed on Midseason Break.

The first was a visit from Relegation Candidate Dubnica.


Eventhough it was against a table propper, because there was plenty time to rest after the last game and until the next I played the starting XI and expected a win!

Unfortunately it was not meant to be and the team lost 0-2! the team continually misplaced passes and made a comedy of defensive errors that showed we probably deserved to lose by more!

The biggest loss was that "Fortress Cermel" was over after a 34 Game unbeaten at home run!


The analysis makes it look closer than it was.....

After the disaster against Dubnica the team prepared to travel to Moscow!


I didn't really expect a win, but I did set out the Starting XI for this match.



It looked like a replay of the match in Kosice....Spartak's players danced around our defenders and scored almost at will.


Analysis shows that....

We lost and lost badly, but there was a silver lining!



We made the Europa Conference League Knockouts and made an extra $66k!

We then found out who we would face in our further European Adventures....


another Icelandic Team. With luck we could end up with a continental trophy!

After the match the team went on Midseason Break and I returned to the GM Office...

Youth Intake Preview


A decent intake but not the type of players we need! We have plenty of players at the standout positions....

The team's training field renovation was complete....



and now we were back to average!


I don't give out contract's early unless I have to....I usually wait until December, before Contract's end to choose who to extend.

2nd Preseason begins....



Awards Season came around.....



and I won Head Coach of the Year in Slovakia!

League Table


Player of the Month

Peter Horvarth


another young CB like Valach that is flourishing as he gets playing time at a higher level.

Analyst Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!






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34 minutes ago, SixPointer said:

Playing catch up! But things look good in eastern Slovakia! How you feeling your tactical growth going as you become a stronger team? 

I have a decent team to play the 3-1-4-2 but since I am following the Athletico Bilbao format it is hard to find upgrades on players and the youth seem to be more of the positions we are already strong at which makes it hard to get better.

I want to play more formations, but I need to balance the need to get results that move us forward as a club!  I still need the European Money before I feel safe enough to really experiment.


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1 hour ago, Hootieleece said:

I have a decent team to play the 3-1-4-2 but since I am following the Athletico Bilbao format it is hard to find upgrades on players and the youth seem to be more of the positions we are already strong at which makes it hard to get better.

I want to play more formations, but I need to balance the need to get results that move us forward as a club!  I still need the European Money before I feel safe enough to really experiment.


Sounds like you have the long term philosophy and playing the long game with it all I’ll prove fruitful hopefully the intakes bring you more balance 

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FC Kosice


January 2026: Second Preseason




January rolled around and the team started a ambitious group of Friendlies to re-find our form. It started at the Cermel and the team would travel to Austria, Germany, Romania, and Poland before returning home.


This Polish team put up some fight but they had started slowly....

We then played Romanian Giants FCSB at the Cermel....


They were better players but we were the better team....so it equaled out!

We then traveled to Regensburg in Germany.....


It didn't turn out well we kept the ball and had more chances, but two defensive mistakes compounded by bad passes led to their two goals.

We then headed to Romania....


FC Arges fought valiantly and we were lucky to beat them with a goal by our Wide Playmaker Gaspar.

As GM I made depth signing for next season.....


We then headed to Vienna for one of our favorite friendly's against SK Rapid Vienna. They are a much bigger team, but we always play well against them.


and this match was the same.....we held the ball and methodically attacked their defenses.

Then it was back to Poland for two more friendlies.....



It was a mixed bag we beat the weaker team, but only got a draw with a stronger team.

One of the teams we played FC Arges was impressed with the play of our player Tomas Rigo. He had an expiring contract and I had tried to re-sign him in December. When the Romanian's bid for his services they were able to offer a wage we just can't compete with....


That is more that double what our highest paid player makes.....

and then disaster struck.....


Daniel Gaspar went down and he is probably the #1 MR right now.....

and I had to fend off Zilina for the services of one of our up and coming players.....


He is depth option at ML, but is slotting into Central Midfield in the future.....He has joined the Team in training and a few matches.

The month of January ended with a match versus the Belgian Club Club Brugge at the Cermel.


It was an ugly game but we should be proud that we drew after going down to 10 men!

League Table


Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!

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FC Kosice


February 2026:"Here We go again"

Manager's Thoughts

The team got through Second Preseason and hit the ground running it wasn't a perfect month, but close. Matej Trusa's signing looks like a genius move in that the scored 9 goals in three matches during the month. I am optimistic that the team will be able to retain it position in the table and possibly challenge for the Slovak FA Cup as well.




The month of February started with Zilina still trying to pry players from the FC Kosice U-19's.....I turned down their latest offer.


And the Second Preseason would come to an end with us reminding our rivals Lokomotiva Kosice who the Slovakian Super League team was.....


It was as the media says a "comfortable" win 3-0 and no one got hurt a good final dress rehearsal for the resumption of the Regular Season!


It was shooting practice!

and now that Second Preseason is finished and the Slovakian Transfer Window closes soon I start receiving phone calls and emails that I refuse without even looking at.....


This player has just started featuring in our First Team....why would I sell to a rival?


Speaking of Zilina the first match of the second half of the season was a trip to visit them....

They were favored, but we often play well against them....


and more training Injuries....both playmakers likely to miss the match against Zilina....


The match was even and overall not bad other than we didn't win....some mistakes were made on both sides but the rust was evident even after our ambitious schedule of friendlies!


after the match it was brought up that we had had a winning streak against Zilina and now it was no more.....


The biggest news out of the first weekend back in action was Slovan Bratislava sacking their manager because were better than they are.....LOL!


We then had to host to a Europa Conference League Match against Brondby at the Cermel.

They showed up expecting a win and played 5-3-2WB and lost 4-2!


mostly due to Matej Trusa's performance!


The analysts were impressed with his work as well....


After the match with Brondby we headed into a match with Sered a "table propper"


Even though we were visitors we were big favorites, but I would be wary....as always against Home Underdogs!

I half rotated the squad after the Brondby match, but started Boris....he scored early, but we couldn't seem to get another until after halftime when I replaced him with Matej Trusa. Who went on to score a Hat-Trick!

Final Score:4-1


and it was all due to another Hat-trick from Trusa!


after the European Match and our recent good play there were rumors I might leave Slovakia for "greener" pastures....


I didn't comment.....but the board and fans loved it!


Also on the Manager Carousel...Slovan has a new boss!


Former Player singing the praises of the current "Poster Boy" at the club!


The next match saw us travel to Denmark!

Brondby changed tactics and used 4-2-3-1Wide this time....


but we were up to the task....Matej Trusa Lived up to his billing with another Hat-Trick!


He single-handedly won the match for us!


The analysts were less impressed than the neutrals who enjoyed Trusa's goal scoring antics!



and as a reward we play:


A top Czech Team....maybe we can get some payback for Slovakian pride!

League Table


Player of the Month

Matej Trusa


Matej exploded this month with 3 Hat-Tricks in 3 Matches....he is looking like a good long-term replacement for Boris Gall....

Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks For Reading!





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10 hours ago, Hootieleece said:

League Table



Good work so far!

Not a huge fan of Slovak football, in all honesty, but I do know Slovan Bratislava. I can see they’re having a bad season but, even with FM knowledge of playing in Europe - I’ve never heard of Dun. Streda. Are they a flash in the pan or one of the bigger sides?

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2 hours ago, _Ben_ said:

Good work so far!

Not a huge fan of Slovak football, in all honesty, but I do know Slovan Bratislava. I can see they’re having a bad season but, even with FM knowledge of playing in Europe - I’ve never heard of Dun. Streda. Are they a flash in the pan or one of the bigger sides?

I'm not a huge fan either.....mostly playing because it is a League no one really plays and is something different.

Slovan Bratislava, Dunjska Streda, and AS Trencin are the Three biggest teams in Slovakia.

Inter Bratislava and FC VSS Kosice (my clubs predecessor) are/were Fallen Giants. 

FC Kosice began life in 2018 after the FC VSS Kosice dissolved.

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FC Kosice


March 2026:"These are the times that try men's souls"

Manager Thoughts

The team entered the month on a high and ended just happy to survive. I am at a loss as to why all of a sudden our sold defense was leaking like a sieve. The Two matches against Dunjska Streda confirmed what I feared: It is their year. I think our win last season spurred them to up their game. It was especially rough to lose to them in back to back fixtures in the Cermel.

All we can do now is pick up the pieces and ensure our selves a European place...even with all the losing were in second place!




The first match of the month was on the first day and was a match at the Cermel versus Zlate Moravce.


This game was a harbinger of things to come....Yes we got the win but we weren't good.....and we had Dunjska Streda for the next two!


The analysis shows how lucky we were.....

After that lackluster match in came League Leaders Dunjska Streda for the first of two matches at the Cermel!

The first match was the Quarterfinal of the Slovak FA Cup.


We should have been in good shape with no injuries and a winning streak....even if Dunjska Streda was better!


We played badly and couldn't stop Omran Haydary from having his way with us.....even if none of his teammates helped him!


The analysis shows just how anemic we were....and we get to do it again on the weekend!


It looks like Dunjska Streda is on their way to the Double.....but we have an outside chance to de-rail their ambitions and it starts with the next match!


Biggest match of the Year and a chance to lay down a marker and throw our hat into the ring for a title challenge!


We were underdogs, but if there ever was a time for an upset this was it.....


I threw down a gauntlet at the players!


Game of the Week! The "Eyes of Slovakia were upon us"


Our boys tried, to out physical Dunjska Streda and the Ref tried to control the game by liberally issuing Yellow Cards. Omran Haydary turned into a midfield Maestro for this match instead of Goal scorer....and their winning goal came off a lucky own goal in the 11th minute.


It was the match of the week!


We played better than Dun Streda and still lost.....


The Slovak Super League Split into Championship and Relegation Divisions after the Match. FC Kosice is in 3rd place.


After the twin disappointments against Dunjska Streda the team had to host a Europa Conference League against Slavia Prague...

There was some media jostling before the match...



I'm just focused on the match and I just ask the players to "do their Job"


We were considered underdogs....


The boys battled hard and it was a match worthy of watching if you love goals....and the ref screwed us and the media noted it!


We were the better team until the ref gave the late penalty.....

After the Slavia Prague match we had to head to Zilina for a league match.


Neither team was in the best form, but if we played our best we could definitely get a result....especially since we had historically done well against Zilina.


We tried but lately our defense seems to come apart at the seems.....

Another spectacle for the Goal loving neutrals.....


I had little to say about the loss of our winning streak against Zilina....


Another match where we were flat.....the GK gave up 5 goals and was man of the match.....something is drastically wrong!

After the Zilina debacle we headed to Prague for the second leg and I hoped to see better play from the team....


We were underdogs....


It was a surprisingly close match, but Slavia Prague deserved to go because of our poor defense at home.


According to the Analysts we didn't play well....


But media were less harsh about our accomplishments.....


and we collected even more money for playing Europe.....the Team needs to do this consistently!

The team returned from Prague to host Nitra at the Cermel!


We are in the middle of an awful losing streak and are still favored.....that says a lot about the two teams.


The match was postponed due to bad drainage.....

It was instead played on the 1rst of April....


and it turned into a match that may end the losing streak and start another Winning Streak!


Even the Analysts were happy with our second half effort that secured the win!


And April 1rst is the day we collect from Fiorentina!

League Table


Player of the Month

Adam Varga


He didn't get POM's, but his consistent play kept us in the matches this month that seemed to turn into goal fests!


Milan Farkas scored a great goal to begin the month!

Analysts Report


We exceeded Xg by a lot, but our poor defensive play negated the goals!

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!




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It hadn't really hurt me except I don't truly have a  Set-Piece Specialist anymore (12+ Corners and Freekicks) and it hurts me in close games.

My HOYD seems to bring in plenty of Goalies, CD's and Strikers.....good central midfielders are also hard to find. I have been able to bring them in through Free Transfers and found a couple of Starters, but none are truly technically skilled.

Eventually I want to play a more technical game. My team is winning with size and pace and playing keep away....

Eventually I would like to do something more like your efforts.

The biggest problem facing me now is that truly better Slovakian players are beyond our wage structure at present.

In the present league, even though the Media and bookies never back us. We are good enough to be top half any season. What we lack in Technical Skill we make up for by playing as a team. Our players have benn playing their roles and this formation for 5 years now. We have an identity and that makes up for a lot.

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5 minutes ago, 13th Man said:

Like @SixPointer said - tough month all around.  I hear you on the set-pieces!  They can give you a ton of points off set pieces, but if you don't have a decent taker they're pretty much useless!

I’ve found success with some with low set plays 12/13 with Odd. But finding it harder with RUCH. I’m actually inclined to think you need a good balance of taker and treat. I actually think it’s the players capable of making a threat at ruch that’s the issue. Which is come to be expected with the fact I want technical football rather than physical. Can’t have it all I suppose 

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FC Kosice


April 2026:"Reality Bites"

Manager's Thoughts

The month of April started with optimism, but the team soon sank into mediocrity. I think that the other teams are recognizing we are good and playing more conservatively against us and some of our competitors spent money to bring in a better level of player to secure their title ambitions. This season is now making sure that we end up having a European Adventure next season.

I may have to do some tactical tinkering in the offseason!




The second match of April was against AS Trencin one of our close competitors for a European Spot and since it was another home match I was hoping for a win to consolidate second place....because for all practical purposes the Title Race is over....I know it is early and I shouldn't concede but we are not really playing well enough and I don't have any faith in the other teams stopping Dunjska Streda this season.


Both team came into this match struggling for form....as the home team we were favored.


It was a classic FC Kosice match a slow start and a given up Set-Piece Goal followed by match tie-er from Vaclav that was a Worldly ! The team continued to grow into the game and got the winner on a beautiful over the top ball from Jonec that Gall Volleyed into the net from 18 yards out. Then the defense just shut down AS Trencin.


The analysts weren't as bullish about the game as I was and they gave me some things to think about.


Boris gets paid to score goals.....which is what he does well.....

The next match was against Michalovce and it was a "Business Trip" if we were to mount any sort of challenge to Dunjska Streda for the League Title!


The team has no major injuries and isn't favored.....maybe the bookies know something.


I was asked if we could continue our good play and I said we need good performances all the time and this would be a test!


Those words were prophetic.....Both teams played afraid to lose. Michalovce scored on a beautiful Freekick and Boris answered with a patented breakaway goal on a counterattack just before half!

after that neither team really threatened the others goal in the second half.


Neither team played well and we got a draw on the road....but it ended any outside shot we had at the title!

The next match would see us host Zilina at the Cermel.....


We were home underdogs and not playing particularly well so I decided on a tactical shakeup and decided to play a 3-4-3 against Zilina's 4-3-3 DM Wide.


It was a mistake....but our pitiful defense of Set-pieces continue...just an awful match.


We used to "Own" Zilina but now we can't beat them....so I want to win the next time!


It was an ugly match and the tactical shakeup was a mistake!

The last match of the month was a "Showdown" with Dunjska Streda at the Cermel!


We were home underdogs and would give it every thing, but I was becoming pessimistic about our chances.....


Dun Streda Head Coach tried to play down the importance of the match and I actually agreed with him.....because we were to far gone to catch them!


But we would play each game and hope for the best! At least that is what I said into the microphone.....


It was a even match that saw both sides score and then settle down to not make a mistake that would give the other side the advantage. That suited Dun Streda just fine.


The analysts claim we were the better team, but I couldn't see it from the sideline!

League Table


Player of the Month

Robert Valach


It was an up and down month but the best and most consistent performer was this young CB.


Marek Vaclav got an honorable mention for Goal of the Month!

Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!






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FC Kosice


May 2026:"Playing out the String in search of European Adventure"

Manager's Thoughts

The teams defensive deterioration continued and I am at a loss as to how to fix it. All of a sudden we are susceptible to Long and Diagonal balls and they are leading to one on ones and I am not playing a high line. Our scoring punch is also deserting us because we are ineffective on Set Pieces even though we among the tallest and best jumpers in the league.  The final two matches the boys were already on vacation....time to see them Next Season!




The month of May saw the team slipping down the standings and I really didn't want to get into a playoff for the last European Place. We were helped by Dun Streda's Slovak FA Cup win.


Since that was the case, we had two important matches coming Nitra and Trencin in two weeks. If we could win both we would assure ourselves of Europe.

Also our player Daniel Gaspar created a new Slovak FA Cup record!


The Nitra match was first up and it would see us on the road.


We were favored, but I took that with a grain of salt.....as always worried about home underdogs.


The match didn't start out well and it took late heroics from Gaspar with a Freekick and Varga with an audacious chip from a Gaspar pass that won it in the last moments to snatch Victory from the Jaws of Defeat!


Our win was the highlight of the Weekend!


Yes we were fortunate, but we were also "Very Attacking" at the time!


The analysts weren't as thrilled with the win we didn't play well and got lucky!

We came home after the Nitra match to play Michalovce....


Luckily for us we were playing a team in worse form than even we were.....


So I was a little cocky before the match and said we would get European Football!


It was a back and forth match with neither team caring to play defense and each side gave everything .....and it was draw in the end....


Gaspar showed off his playmaking skills once again.....


according to the nerds we should have won.....but at least it was exciting!

And the Clown Carousel....is still moving at breakneck speed in Bratislava....


This is the 4rth or 5th manager they have fired since I turned down their interview 4 seasons ago....this time because Foreign Investors wanted "their Man" in charge.

The Big match against Trencin was next and If we tied or won we would assure ourselves 3rd place and Europe thanks to Dunjska Streda!


Trencin was another team that had been in horrible form as well....


It was an ugly game, but we looked more likely to score and AS Trencin was saved by their Goalie, who was player of the Match!


I made some pocket change to pay to help pay the bar tab at the end of season party!


It was a bore of a game, but it was important! It assured us of NOT participating in the 4-7 playoff for the 4rth European place!



We were the better of the bad teams....and should have won according to the "experts".

The final match of the Season a trip to Dunjska Streda which was the scene of our famous Victory last season....but first we have a training injury!



It is a big and anticipated match as it is last season's Champions against this season's even though it is "Dead Rubber".


The Hosts were big favorites and probably wanted revenge for what happened on that field in the same fixture....


My team played like they were on vacation and afraid of getting hurt.....a step slow and didn't want it! Give Dunjska Streda credit they put on a show for their fans!

I will remember! I was so disgusted with the display I sent my Assman to the press conference....


and now that the season has come to a close this is the final table:



We came in Third Place with 54 Points which is 10 points less than my annual goal of 64 points which is usually enough to win the title!

Board Meeting


Even though we made 3rd place, the board will be happy if we are in the European Football Playoff next season. After that they want to challenge for the Title.


The Team went on their 3 week Vacation!


The Europa Conference League was won by Atalanta, but our participation enriched us nonetheless:



All the extra money is welcome, by both me and the board.


Hoffenhiem upset Tottenham for Europa League and the coveted Champion's League Spot!



PSG Finally wins the Champion's League under Pochettino!

And back to the Slovakian Super League.....


Slovan Bratislava wins the 4rth European place....and Senica stays in 2 Liga!

League Table


Player of the Month

Daniel Gaspar



Team Ratings


Analysts Report


We outplayed our xG by a significant amount, but our defensive problems the second half of the season kept us from a true title challenge.

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!











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FC Kosice


Awards Night 2026

See the source image

Welcome to the Doubletree Hotel in Kosice for the FC Kosice Awards Gala!

Season Review


The season showed that we were better than believed to be, but ultimately didn't defend our 2025 title.

The Marketing Departments Season Highlights will follow:



The season saw only a few new arrivals and only two made a contribution to the team. Matej Trusa was signing of the season and his 23 goals helped our cause in Europe!


None of the players that left the team made an impact elsewhere thus justifying the cuts.


We loaned out just one player, his play wasn't enough to save the team from Relegation from 2 Liga!


3rd place is a satisfactory result all things being equal since we prioritized Europe this season.


We made a splash in the Champion's League Playoffs coming one match away from the Group Stage!


We ended up in the Europa League and were outclassed by the Group leaders, but respectably finished third that qualified us for the Europa Conference League Knockouts!


Another respectable display in the Europa Conference League Knockouts!


The Slovak FA Cup was a little bit of a disappointment, but we played an unstoppable Dunjska Streda in the Quarterfinals which was our goal,


These were found to be the biggest memories!


The finances were enhanced by our European Adventures!


We rotated, but this is a good representation of our Starting XI.

We were carried by the performances of our Strikers!


These are the Team awards, but FC Kosice Members were awarded League Awards and records as well.


Boris Gall set a new record for player of the match!


Our Captain was also the Leading Goal scorer in the Slovakian Super League!


and of course made the Team of the Year!

The President of the Supporters Club has a few words to say.....


and the local paper looked into where the 2020 team is now!


Many are still with the team and we thank them for their service on our journey as a club!

Enjoy the Rest of the night and mingle with the Stars!




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FC Kosice


June/July 2026:Offseason/Preseason

Manager's Thoughts

I came into this Offseason needing to do something about our defense and our now pronounce lack of scoring. Looking at the Analyst's reports it was obvious that we don't dribble well and don't mark well. The dribbling leading to turnovers I might be able to fix by having the team play faster and dribble less. Also as a way to relieve our defense we and breakdown buses I would substitute a AMC for a DM and see if that helped. The plan is still to out possess the opposition to relieve our beleaguered defense.






The first thing in the offseason I did was put on my GM hat....and start looking for ways to improve the squad and keep certain players for the long term.


It started with a 4 year deal for our 20 year old Backup Goalie. He is the Future and his deal will allow us to decide the future of our Starting GK Fabini in December....


The European Adventures were lucrative for the team.....almost $10M


and because of that we will face a small bill of $100k/month in taxes.....almost as big as the wage bill. We need another European Adventure for the money!

The Finance Officer provided myself and the board with a more detailed overview of the revenues.


The biggest was the $6.5M jump in prizemoney due to group and knockout play in Europa League and Europa Conference League play.


With our new found wealth we have expanded our scouting to ALL of Slovakia in line with our principles of promoting Slovakian Football.


The Board expect me to spend all of the Windfall.....not happening....I'm here for the long-term and want sustainability.


Also there is a small thing called the World Cup going on during my "staycation"....


The League slipped a spot even with our Heroic European Adventure!


But we are moving on up! rated at 126 due to our European Showing no doubt!


and we found out who we would play in Europa Conference League playoffs....our Goal is make the Group Stage!


The team came back on the 15th of June so we would have about a month to ready ourselves for the Regular season and Europe!

and almost immediately important players were injured!



Two of our Regular Strikers will miss Preseason.....and a starting CB as well....

The Team will see some Tactical Tweaks this season.


This is our base formation.....


and this is our new variant.....both of which are going to ask my players to play faster and dribble less.....

Just after Preseason camp started I received a phone call from a Russian Phone number...


I declined since I want to make FC Kosice and Slovakian Football Major Players!


It wouldn't allow me to continue my project of making Slovakian Football relevant on the World Stage!

After all of that we headed to Germany to play a friendly against Dynamo Dresden a Bundesliga2 team.....


Our poor play from the last half of the season continued.....

After the disaster in Dresden I went to the board with my plans to spend the windfall.....



I asked for better facilities and was rejected.....but since the board want First Team ready players....


I was able to talk them into the First Team Training Facilities Renovation.

After the match in Dresden we came home to play Slovakian Team Podbrezova at the Cermel.


It was a win but the Defense still seem to be lackluster.....hopefully I can bring in some reinforcements!


This is the new CB....that will help with our Defense woes I hope....


Current Squad player is extended due to not asking for too much.....

Season Preview



The team is being thought of as a also ran that has a chance of getting relegated.....


Boris Gall the defending Goal Scoring Champion that has scored about 125 league goals over the past 5 years isn't even on the list!


Highlights part 2

The team then headed to Croatia for a match.....


We are still rather lackluster on defense, but we are missing two of our better Strikers.....


Also another extension looking to the future....will eventually replace Vaclav on the Left flank.


Marketing department Checking in....hopefully they get a few more sales....


I decided as always to give "normal" bonuses.....


The team headed to Austria and just couldn't finish....the lack of our 2 Strikers is showing....


I shipped out Jonec a stalwart as he was not interested in staying after this season and his leaving would allow Peter Horvath have more game time!


Samuel Datko was a spur of the moment signing, but he played well against us in the Podbrezova friendly and I think he will provide a little bit of flair at a number of positions like Erik Pacinda did for us when this journey began.

The Team Then had its last Friendlies before starting the Season against defending Champions Dunjska Streda!


The first was our Bi-annual beatdown of Lokomotiva Kosice......

and we took a trip to Prague....


Neither team wanted to lose and played not to win......



Peter Mojzis


This player is being brought in for cover for the Wide Playmaker slot....but he may see some time as Trequarista and Central Midfielder as needs arise.

Marek Bodo


This is the replacement for Tomas Rigo. He is a project since he needs to improve on his pace especially, but he will definitely see game time this season.

Michal Rusnak


This CB is the new cover CB in the middle of the back three.....needs to work on his heading and passing, but a long term player most likely.

He is the replacement for Jonec and Jacubek.

Samuel Datko


This is my "luxury" signing he doesn't do anything Daniel Gaspar can't but just provides a little bit of flair and quality that was missing from the team.

Thanks For Reading!

Regular Season is Coming.....







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FC Kosice


July 2026:Regular Season: "Sputtering out of the Gate"

Manager's Thoughts

The team is still having defensive problems, but our lack of consistency upfront is also an issue. I am hoping to settle on a Front Two and get some goals from them since the team is designed around the AF's ability to score goals!

The lack of practice for Varga and Trusa in the preseason are hitting us hard.





The regular season would begin as last season ended with a match versus defending Champions Dunjska Streda. This time at the Cermel.

The visitors were prohibitive favorites, but I would play my best XI hoping for a better outcome than 4-0!

First though we would find out who we were scheduled to play in the Slovak FA Cup and the Europa Conference League Playoffs!


We are scheduled against a minnow....in the Slovak FA Cup....


Northern Ireland will be destination in the second leg.....hoping for a big win in the first leg.

Then finally the hype began for the season opener at the Cermel.....


The defending Champions are favored, but I give us a chance.....never count out home underdogs!


I don't think we will get blown out!


The Game started well with Valach scoring off a Set-Piece..... but We couldn't find a second goal and Dun Streda grew into the game. The Referee definitely favored the visitors by giving a penalty and liberally handing out Yellow cards to our Key players.

The Second half was even until Dun Streda subbed in new players late and took advantage before we could adjust our defense to score the winner.



Both managers had something to say after the match.....


The analyst's weren't as happy as I was with the team performance.....

The week started with marketing finalizing the number of Season Ticket holders:


The Number remained near last years levels.....


If we get by the Crusaders we will be face with a tougher test.....


Our Rivals realize that we are producing good players....and I intend to keep them and the Windfall from last season allows us to do just that!


The Cermel got itself ready for a European Night....


I played a rotated squad that used our new 3-4-1-2 formation....




Patrik Kosuda didn't score all of last season even though he is a Playmaker....he was slid into the DLF-S spot early on and got goal!


but it was Stephan Gomola's performance as the Defensive Winger that I was impressed with!


The analysts were happy with our comprehensive drubbing of the Crusaders. I only wished for a few more goals!

Just 48 hours after the Crusader match the team had to play in Ruzomberak!


We were favored but would have to do a professional job.....with them being a home underdog!

and of course the Injury bug hit as always when there is match congestion....


Luckily this is a U-19 player!


but I would keep out this starting CB as a precaution!


It didn't start well and didn't end well, but in the middle we looked like the team I envision when I am at the planning board. This was a match that got away.....

after the Ruzomberok mess the team headed for Belfast and the Second Leg of the Playoff against the Crusaders!


The fans are remembering last seasons Heroics.....not the same team.....


The Crusader's played a 4-2-3-1 Wide and played much better at home.....but we got the all important away goal late-on!


The analysts say the opposition was better, but we still won with an away goal!



and as the month ended another team tried to raid our youth team.....


and I rejected it.

League Table


The team is already behinf the eight ball as far as I am concerned especially by having less points than matches played. That makes the next match against Zlate-Moravce a must win!

Player of the Month

Daniel Gaspar


Daniel has shown his playmaking ability.

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!







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