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How do i get my fullbacks to stay back (as instructed) on attacking throw ins?

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I find that my fullbacks are always pushing high on attacking throw ins. And since players often throw the ball directly to he AI, i get caught out of shape. which usaully resolve in a counter for the AI.

I really want to FB to stay back with my defenders, but the don't seem to follow instructions.


anybody who has a fix? :)

Skærmbillede 2021-05-02 10.00.00.png

Skærmbillede 2021-05-02 10.00.01.png

Skærmbillede 2021-05-02 09.59.35.png

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So frustrating.  I've seen this kind of thing happen.  Sometimes, I figure out that I've made a mistake, because there are too many variables with subbing players and changing tactical formations.  Other times, I just can't understand it. 

I feel like the main improvement for FM22 needs to be in set pieces.  We need a setting for "safe set pieces!"  Which overrides other instructions or failures to account for substituting a player, etc.  The number of times when my only objectives are to maintain possession and prevent a counter attack, and still my opponent counters effectively off my attacking set piece.  The number of times when I shut down my opponent's attack the entire match, except for set pieces....

Look at your example.  If you want your team to play it safe, your throw-in player will never make the longer throw to your unmarked player (36).  Instead, he will try to throw to an outnumbered teammate, generating a counter, in space.  This is especially dangerous when your opponent has quicker players than you do and/or your players are tiring.  He can long-throw into the box but not for safety.  Why not?

I'm curious to know if whether our overall tactic affects set pieces?  For example, in your tactic, is your fullback set to WB(a)?  Did you employ a higher DL?  Just a shot in the dark....

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I agree massively with this needing looked at. I hate how when you switch tactic the set plays completely fall apart players in wrong slots etc even when the tactic you have changed is a saved tactic with all the set plays done properly on it and saved. 

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I use 2 inwerted fullbacks on defend.

i have plenty of midfielders and strikers that can take the position that the fullback is taking, but it doesnt matter what i asked them to do, they just ignored it, and go forward.


here is an example that cost me a goal, and the game against my toprivals for the championsship 

Skærmbillede 2021-05-03 09.39.54.png

Skærmbillede 2021-05-03 09.39.48.png

Skærmbillede 2021-05-03 09.38.52.png

Skærmbillede 2021-05-03 09.38.47.png

Skærmbillede 2021-05-03 09.38.43.png

Skærmbillede 2021-05-03 09.38.18.png

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Interesting. I haven't noticed this* happen, so can't offer much, but a couple random thoughts that might be the cause...

  1. A conflict with the ME wanting/expecting a FB/WB to be on throw ins (I always have one taking them); or
  2. An unexpected issue caused by man marking.

* There are plenty of random issues with set pieces, so I too would love to see it get some attention.

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37 minutes ago, Hallothere said:

Plenty of times!, this has pretty much been a known issues, since the release of the game.


Just take a look at the bug forum and search for "throw in" and you will found this have been reported a lot

Okay, I believe you. Just asking because I personally have never experienced that kind of problem. 

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