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  1. Sorry mate. This will probably be deleted soon
  2. I think you are right, ande you and I will probably get a warning for pointing out, that all critical posts just get deleted
  3. I have a hard time defending throw ins. The AI scores a lot of goals from throw ins, but the a long throw in, no just pass it to the player coming short, and he wipes a cross in and scores. When i try and set up a throw in the ruotine in the tactics, it seems like i am only able to set a tactic for long throws ?? there is no option to "mark player close to throw in taker" or something like that. I have never seen the AI use long throws, so i dont get why you cannot set up a tactic for handling short throws, especially because the AIscores a lot from it. Does anybody have a good set up for defending short throw ins ?
  4. Hello J According to SI mods i have a tactical problem, that they advised me to post about here. I find the following to be hard to avoid in the current game: - I need a lot of shots, shots on target and CCC to score - The AI usually scores from there 1 or 2 first shot on target, and in general will the AI score 1-3 goals from 3-4 shots on target ( I have named it “the first shot on target syndrome”) - The AI scores a lot of goals from long shots and various set pieces, and I cant seem to stop it - The AI keeper is usually very good, and my strikers seems to shot straight at him very often This sums up a lot of my problems, and I was wondering if anybody else experience the same thing. And if anyone have an idea how I can decrease the number of times it happen? – it is probably something in my tactic that has this effect. So can you please help me sorting out how I can make a tactic that stops the AI scoring from almost no shots on target, and from set pieces
  5. You know that set pieces are a big issue on this years game, so ignore that 3 out of 4 goals came from set pieces. It is more the goal from Dovbyk I find odd. When he receives the ball and run towards goal, my defenders runs towards the goal, but turn AWAY from him, just to run towards him again after he enters the penalty area? SønderjyskE mod FC Nordsjælland - please tjek goal nr3..pkm
  6. here we go again me: 12 shots on taget 3 goal ( 3CCC and 2 half chacnes) AI 4 shots on target 2 goals (of course from freekicks ) 0 CCC and 1 half chance Yep it makes al ot of sense that this happens over and over again. FC Nordsjælland mod Rosenborg.pkm
  7. 5 goals - 4 from set pieces......... FC Nordsjælland mod AGF2.pkm
  8. I guess i should feel lucky that i at least got a draw with these match stats. Normally the AI will score at least 3 goals from 4 shots on target. and i only had 12 on target and 6 clear cut, so i feel blessed that FM allowed me to score 2. Normally i wouldbe lucky to score 1 from those kind of stats so thank you FM for letting me getting a draw, when i defently deserved to lose 4 - 0 APOEL mod FC Nordsjælland.pkm
  9. Haha 😂 actually I agree with you. Sorry about that, spelling mistake
  10. last one.... i promise, i just need to get rid of my frustating of seeing this trend going on and on. they scored on their 3 first shots on target ( 2 long shot) ....... i needed15 shots on target 2 score 2..... they needed 4..... and they are predicted deadlast in the league. thank you for considering all this evidens on the AI efficiency bug in the current game Lyngby BK mod FC Nordsjælland.pkm
  11. And another one me: 19 shots - 9 on target - 2 goal AI 8 shots - 1 on target - 1goal - FC Nordsjælland mod Lyngby BK.pkm
  12. Here is yet another one. this one cost me qualification to europa league. me: 17 shots - 10 on target - 2 goal AI 6 shots - 2 on target - 2 goal FC Nordsjælland mod Molde.pkm
  13. And again.... me: 14 shots - 6 on target - 0 goal AI 4 shots - 2 on target - 1goal - a gay with 4 on long shots scores from 5 meters out of the area FC Midtjylland mod AaB.pkm
  14. In the following match the same thing basicly happened again me: 17 shots - 9 on target - 2 goal AI 3 shots - 2 on target - 1goal - they ofcourse scored from a cornor..... FC Midtjylland mod FC Nordsjælland.pkm
  15. Here is yet another one. despite mewinning it is still pretty frustating to watch me: 11 shots - 6 on target - 2 goal AI 3 shots - 1 on target - 1goal FC Midtjylland mod Esbjerg fB.pkm
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