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  1. Here is some examples of "human" controlled keepers, not saving anything. there will be plenty more Human keeper cant save shit vol 4.pkm Human keeper cant save shit vol 3.pkm Human keeper cant save shit vol 2.pkm Human keeper cant save shit.pkm Human keeper cant save shit vol 5.pkm
  2. Please tell me that you are going to fix all the bugs about the throw ins. No matter what you tell your players to do, they never follows through. WIll you fix this??? - it has been a problem for so many years by now?
  3. The AI seems to be way more effecktive, despite being worse than me, More often than not i see matches where we are dominating evrything from shots to XG. nonetheless the AI Goal keeper are also having a blast, while mine let at least 1 goal in for ever 2-3 shots on target. No matter how low the AI XG is. Please consider to fix this for the next version, it very frustating to have one of the best keepers in the leageu and conciede so many goals, despite keeping the chances against us at a minimum. anybody else seing this ?
  4. Anybody who knows how to increase the knowledge of a player through scouting. He is from brasil, my club has 100% knowledge of brasil. i have tried to send pretty much every scout i have to scout him, but every time they come back, with the same 47% knowledge of players. this number will not increase, and it is pretty annoying. anybody who knows how to work around this ? - it has been a year by now, with no progress
  5. In all the examples below, did my team have 50+ crosses per game. However if 10% og them was succesfull i was lucky. know that not all 50+ crosses should be succesfull, but it seems strange that i have so many crosses, but pretty much none of them amounts to anything. either the succesrate should be increased, or the total amount decreased. My players who are crossing the ball have 14 crossing Cross completionsrate is off vol 8.pkm Cross completionsrate is off vol 7.pkm Cross completionsrate is off vol 6.pkm Cross completionsrate is off vol 5.pkm Cros
  6. Anyone else who have some ideas how to work around this bug ? pretty anoying being caught on the counter because fullbacks keeps going forward no matter what
  7. Plenty of times!, this has pretty much been a known issues, since the release of the game. Just take a look at the bug forum and search for "throw in" and you will found this have been reported a lot
  8. I use 2 inwerted fullbacks on defend. i have plenty of midfielders and strikers that can take the position that the fullback is taking, but it doesnt matter what i asked them to do, they just ignored it, and go forward. here is an example that cost me a goal, and the game against my toprivals for the championsship
  9. I find that my fullbacks are always pushing high on attacking throw ins. And since players often throw the ball directly to he AI, i get caught out of shape. which usaully resolve in a counter for the AI. I really want to FB to stay back with my defenders, but the don't seem to follow instructions. anybody who has a fix?
  10. everything is 20 except for YR, and it has been years since i last had the option to asked for greater recruitment, so i dont think that is the problem :/
  11. Dont know what to tell you guys, other than i know it is kind of weird but somehow it works, and even agains the big teams. In my first season i CL i got a result like this. We are able to control possession so well. And thank you for all the suggestions. i will try them, and see if i see a difference
  12. I fine with you being honest.. But i have to say that this is not at plug and play tactic. I started out with a 3-4-3 johan cruyff and had success. Because I wanted to spice of the game i started trying out different variations. Which lead to this tactic. So it is not a plug and play, this it just experimentation base on a set of core principles for my save. The problem arises when my keeper keeps hoofing despite there being totally unmarked players right in front of him.
  13. I can see what you mean, but as i wrote in the start i have tried pretty much everythinh, and right now i am testing playing to a specific players, before that i have tried, to defenders, playmaker, just play it short etc. but nothing seems to stop him from just hoofing away :/
  14. surely... it is a pretty weird tactic, however it works wonders, despite getting GK's to follow instructions
  15. Since there will be no further updates to the ME's, i have tried to find a way to make my goalkeeper follow short distribution instrcutions. I have even cheated at given my goal keeper the trait "plays short simple passes", but nothing seems to work, he keeps hoofing, despite havin men right in front of him. I have tried all keeper roles, no difference, and pretty much tried all of the possible distribution options. anyone who have found something that decreases this problem, or will we just have to live with it, untill FM22
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