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  1. 4 crosses (2 from corners) , tactic ask player to cross often and cross early, yet players never cross the ball.... somehow the AI have 9 crosses (1 from a corner) surely with 58% of possesion, and a winger based system, there should be a lot more crosses. i have also postet a touches map from my 2 wingers, so it should be clear that they often are in a position to cross, without even trying Players not crossing.pkm
  2. Is it worth bothering signing staff and scouts to get a broad world knowledge. Anyone who knows that the benifits are for having high W- knowledge ?
  3. Sure this has to be wrong, Diomande is not involved in the play at all.. it happened at min 47 offside bug.pkm
  4. the blue lines are my wigbacks touches and folowing pass.... despite that mayn touches an possibilities to cross, each wing back managed 1 cross each. despite being told individualy to cross often and from deep, and a team instruction to cross early. Wingbacks and wingers will not cross the ball.pkm
  5. There have been radio silent from SI official in this thread for a long time now, and i can only assume that it is because they are being working on some of all the bugs with the current ME. I was wondering if SI could give some information about what issues are actually being worked on at the moment. Right now we see alot of reports not being answered, and i think it would be nice, to know what issues SI are planning on improving for the next update. Just so we know what to expect will be fixed, and what we have to live with for the forseable future ?
  6. This happened a lot in this game, players lining up for a throw in ( lining up without following instrcution), just for the thrower not to follow instrcution (18 long throws) So one, players refuse to following positional instructions for ALL freaking throw ins, and on top of that, the thrower also ignore his instructions often.... Please Tell me that you are working on this bug, and attend to fix in the next patch throw ins are becomming a joke.pkm
  7. Any news on whether this is actually something that the Devs are looking at, or is this something that we might as well get used to, due it not being worked at ?
  8. Keeper asked to pass the centerbacks.... he has 3 completly unmarked options. suprise.... he choose to kick it to no one
  9. okay so i can see that there is nobody of my players free, but why arent the moving, so the thrower have some option...... he throw is directly to the AI, who scores 30 secs later. throw directly to AI.pkm
  10. I am getting so many goals from offensive set pieces called offside.... this is probably why
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