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  1. Plenty of times!, this has pretty much been a known issues, since the release of the game. Just take a look at the bug forum and search for "throw in" and you will found this have been reported a lot
  2. I use 2 inwerted fullbacks on defend. i have plenty of midfielders and strikers that can take the position that the fullback is taking, but it doesnt matter what i asked them to do, they just ignored it, and go forward. here is an example that cost me a goal, and the game against my toprivals for the championsship
  3. I find that my fullbacks are always pushing high on attacking throw ins. And since players often throw the ball directly to he AI, i get caught out of shape. which usaully resolve in a counter for the AI. I really want to FB to stay back with my defenders, but the don't seem to follow instructions. anybody who has a fix?
  4. everything is 20 except for YR, and it has been years since i last had the option to asked for greater recruitment, so i dont think that is the problem :/
  5. Dont know what to tell you guys, other than i know it is kind of weird but somehow it works, and even agains the big teams. In my first season i CL i got a result like this. We are able to control possession so well. And thank you for all the suggestions. i will try them, and see if i see a difference
  6. I fine with you being honest.. But i have to say that this is not at plug and play tactic. I started out with a 3-4-3 johan cruyff and had success. Because I wanted to spice of the game i started trying out different variations. Which lead to this tactic. So it is not a plug and play, this it just experimentation base on a set of core principles for my save. The problem arises when my keeper keeps hoofing despite there being totally unmarked players right in front of him.
  7. I can see what you mean, but as i wrote in the start i have tried pretty much everythinh, and right now i am testing playing to a specific players, before that i have tried, to defenders, playmaker, just play it short etc. but nothing seems to stop him from just hoofing away :/
  8. surely... it is a pretty weird tactic, however it works wonders, despite getting GK's to follow instructions
  9. Since there will be no further updates to the ME's, i have tried to find a way to make my goalkeeper follow short distribution instrcutions. I have even cheated at given my goal keeper the trait "plays short simple passes", but nothing seems to work, he keeps hoofing, despite havin men right in front of him. I have tried all keeper roles, no difference, and pretty much tried all of the possible distribution options. anyone who have found something that decreases this problem, or will we just have to live with it, untill FM22
  10. That you for your reply, I have the best HOYD in the League, i have 18 TF (just about to be improved), 20 YC, 20 YF - but the YR wont change. Maybe it is not possible at all, which would be a shame
  11. At the moment in FC Nordsjælland, i am stuck at 19 youth recruitment, and i can't ask my board to increase it. Anyone who knows what to do then ? is it because there is another team in Denmark with 20 YR ? ( Fc midtjylland) Or is it because i have to do something else to get the last point?
  12. In order to test this bug. i made Ivan Toney 20 in Heading, bravery, and jumping, to see if even a complete airial player would lose the mayority of his duels inside the AI box. And it turns out he would. he lost 10 headers in total doint this match, 8 of them was inside the AI box. He won 4 duels in total, 2 on my own box, and 2 in the field. this cant be right???, and if it is a matter of balacing the ME, then this just hid some even bigger problems with the ME 20 bravey, jumping, heading exp..pkm
  13. My striker wins 8 out of 8 headers outside the AI penalty box. but loses 4 out of 4 inside the AI penalty box. Any news whether or ot this is do to be fix in fm 22? strikers cant win headers inside the box.pkm
  14. Watch my number 9's duels. Wins 6 out of 6 outside the box. but loses 5 inside the box strikers cant win headers inside the box.pkm
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