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  1. 4 out of 5 AI goals came from balls in behind the defense, despite me playing with the lowest defensive line, no offside trap and central defenders on cover duty. yet however the defense line is extremely bad at clearing ball in behind the defend Ball in behind defends, despite playying low defenseive line.pkm
  2. SOmehow players will leave player totally unmarked at throw ins. There is no option in the tactic creator to set up a short throw in defend. the only option is long throw set up, but that is useless because 1. player are not following the instruction 2. AI never use long throws the result is this. the AI throws the ball to a unmarked player. He then passes it back to the taker, who crosses to the back = goal Or the unmarked player just put the cross im himeself to the back post = Goal Please fix, its really annoying that i cant do anyt
  3. 10 min goal thrower gives the ball to unmarked team mate --> crosses to the back post --> my defender just standing andwatching the AI score why is it impossible to defend short throw in, vol 1.pkm
  4. Seeing the samething over and over again. My player can't mark players at throw ins, however the AI has a magic way to defend shorrt throw ins. I have also tried to upload all the nessasary files for SI to look at the problem, but nothing happens
  5. Here is another example thank you for looking into this bug throw in instruction, fix now please vol5.pkm
  6. Please FIX this Bug. My set up for throw ins are so vastly different than what the ME makes my player do throw in instruction, fix now please vol4.pkm
  7. I have a problem with defending short throw ins. this is the scenario pretty much every time: 1. AI throw in taker passes to free unmarked team mate. 2. He plays it back to the throw in taker 3. throw in taker have now lots os spaceto hit a cross. 4. Often times the ball goes to the far post, and is either headed in or away. This is how i set up my throw ins. But since it´s a creator for long throws, player are not lining up like this when the AI is using short throws (as they always do). So anyone who knows what i can do to better defen
  8. after having played 1/3 of a season i noticed a trend in my central defenders. they dont seem to tackle that much, and when they do, there is a big chance of them loosing the tackle. depsite havingdecent tackling atribute. when i look at the AI statistic for defenders i see another picture most of the time. their defenders seem to be able to tackle. is this a bug ? - am i the only one who is seeing this ?
  9. Tnak you very much for the tip. But it dont seem to solve the problem, since it dont change how my players are lining up at defensive throw ins. Here the thrower give it to nr. 77 who is totally unmarked, he can turn around and cross or play it back for a cross. So i really need a way to set up my defensive routine for short corners. cant find it anywhere. however it seems like the AI has a way of effeciently defend my short throw ins
  10. Goal 4: Right before my freekick taker places the shot in to the AI's keepers hand, it it clear that my players are ignoring my freekick instructions. I have asked one player to get into the box, asked2 to stay outside the box. the rest should stay back. yet 5 players are going forward, only for me to be hit on a counter attack (where also by the way, player man marking instructions is taking to litteraly) here by the way you canalso see that the AI have figured out a way to tell their player to actually mark the players outside the box several set pie
  11. second goal: How do you set up a defense throw in routine?+ this happens a lot, where the taker throws it to a free team mate who passes it back,for it to be crosses in to the back post, where my wingback are sleeping. where can i set up a short throw in defense routine creator, because it is pretty anoying to see the AI score goals from a throw in, where i have no option to defende it.
  12. first goal: 1. My players are not following the instruction givin. Nr. 15 is my central striker who should be in the box. number 10 is my striker who should stay op front 2. For some reason it is impossible to mark the player outside the box, but the AI is able to mark my players outside the box. how is it not possible for 2 players to realise that there is a totally unmarked player in front of them
  13. I can only find a way to defend long throws, and since the AI never uses long throws, it is pretty useless. i find that the AI scores a lot indirectly from throw ins. te taker pases the ball to a free teammate, who passes it back, he then crosses the ball to the far post, and my defenders marking is all over the place and they score. Please help
  14. Played the game again. this time the same thing happened twice. my player suddenly decides to run away from the player he is asked to mark. right before the ball is played to that AI player Man marking, until the box, then they run away vol 3.pkm
  15. another one. goal number 1. My Number nine is not manmarking from a defensive set pieces, undtil the ball is kicked (something i have pointed out in another bug thread). But he is running towards his man, but when the AI players gets the ball my player suddenly stops and runs in the other direction. the AI now have a unmarked cossing postion Man marking, until the box, then they run away.pkm
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