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  1. Two other questions 1/ to press the defence line, we should use the opposition instructions ? 2/ when my assistant set instructions for players' opponent, should I set the rest as position instructions ?
  2. Do you change players roles according to your opponent ? I'm not talking about players duty, but roles.
  3. I think Rashidi's reply is very convinving Threads that seek to reintroduce the specialist/generalist distinction actually do more harm than good, because they encourage people to believe that a certain number of roles are required for specific shapes, when no such thing was ever coded into the game. The only relevant information is the number of duties we should be using. Finally there are so many generic roles now that can play as "specialists" now, for example the Raumdeutuer and the Regista, both these roles can be replicated with the use of PIs to some extent. I have already created the mid raumdeuter, one that operates from midfield
  4. Hey I have 2 questions: 1/ Can we really classify roles into: Generic roles and speciialist roles ? 2/ Can we say that this is true ? Very Rigid : 4-5 specialist roles Rigid: 3-4 specialist roles Standard: 2-3 specialist roles Fluid: 1-2 specialist roles
  5. Sorry but how a tactic could change that.. maybe but reducing the tempo or the team mentality
  6. Sorry but what does it mean : tactic with good% of FINISHED ? The tactic will not finish the chances for you
  7. I switched to 2D and 3D goals. You can see how your players and the opposite side move. FM is not about graphism, and "dots" is what managers IRL use to analyse the games.
  8. I'm playing FM 18, so old training system I read that changing your tactic according to your next opponent is better, before a 4-3 days of the game because that's allow your players to train on the new instructions. Is this true ?
  9. I mean maybe the coaches you have in your youth team aren't enough good to make them learning faster new traits
  10. Are you sure it's not set on players tab, and not positions tab ? As I know before a game OI are set on players tab
  11. Some questions: 1/ it's prefered to use quick pick before any game ? 2/ it's better to adjust all player instructions or all team instructions ?
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