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FM11: Official AFC Ajax thread: Let's get that third star!


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@TaNeR-08: Suarez has a year and half left on his contract and he wants to move on.

@madmufc: Castagainos has already signed for Man Utd.

I already have Sanogo, but he`s not good enough yet. He still misses lots of easy chances. I have regens (Pablo Vega, Dann Cooper Moke & 16 year old Mischa reekers) and good old Sulejmani with his high wages is also still at the club (thinking about selling him due to his high wages).



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vega looks good man, if you give him more first 11 play he will get better, the thing i realized that if you give them first 11 at home they perform better and develop much faster

That`s very interesting. If Sanogo didn`t score goals right now, I would Put Vega into the first 11, but Sanogo is scoring like crazy at the moment. Just out of the blue he has scored 10 goals in the last 4 games.

I`ve also bought Dries Mertens for under €2 million.

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Guys whats the best role to play suarez as a striker in a 4-2-3-1 with inside forwards???

I was thinking either poacher/deep lying forward/ trequestera

Just looking for an insane amount of goals btw :)

I play my striker as a poacher with a similar formation, he also scored as a winger in that formation for me my setup for him is in post #176.

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It seems that both my savegames are corrupted. My version of FM 2011 was updated to 11.2 using Steam. Now I can`t continue and need to wait for a solution for this problem.

11.2.1 fixes that something with the polish league i think

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Almost half way through my first season in charge of Ajax and I am enjoying a lot! The team is top of the league unbeaten however, PSV are still breathing down our necks but I believe we should lose them eventually the way we are playing.

In the champions league we have played 4 out of 6 matches. Beating Cluj from Romania twice, beating Shaktar away from home but losing to Arsenal 1-0. So if we can defeat Shaktar again then things are looking good for the last 16.

Signings: Rafael (Loan) Macheda (Loan) Obertan (Loan) Forren (3m)

First 11: Steklenburg, Van Der Wiel, Alderweried, Vertonghen, Forren, De Zeuww, Erikson, Suarez, Obertan, El Hamadaoui

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I bought FM11 on saturday and started as usual a game with Ajax. Due to obligations this weekend I havent been able to spend alot of time behind the pc. Just left preseason, but it's looking damn impressive so far.

Had some nice results so far, 1 draw, 4 wins.

I'm playing a 4-3-3 tactic with upcoming backs and a number 10. Will post the tactic when I'm home tonight, right now pretending to be busy at work.

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End of season:

Dutch Super Cup Champions

Dutch Eredivisie Champions - Won it on the last day of the season beating FC Groningen in a winner takes title match. We fell a goal behind but managed to pull through 2-1 delighted.

Dutch Cup: Quarter Final loss to Twente 4-1. Bad day in the office.

Champions League: Was sitting nicely in 2nd needing a win against shahktar or even a point would have done to reach last 16. They gubbed us 4-0 at home. Went on a month long barron spell after that match.

Europa League: 2nd round knockout- Lost to Borrussia Dortmund, 3-2, on agg! Had beaten Villareal the round previous 5-1. They were top of La Liga at the time.

2nd season objectives: Win the Dutch Cup and reach the last 16 of the champions league. It should be possibly if Suarez can stay fit he only played ten times for me this season due to injuries.

Transfer Targets: Ryan Babel is all I can see at the moment but no doubt there should be a few more. Would love to bring Obertan in permanent!

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I was going to start an Ajax game at some point and have a few questions about the league as I'm not too familiar:

Are there any quirky league rules?

Is there a HG rule?

Work permit issues?

Any funny youth team rules?

Just thought I would ask about these before I started, thanks!

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Hotfix installed and continued my Ajax game. Finished my 2nd season by winning the Treble by beating Shaktar in the final on penalties.

I`m also busy creating a new Ajax and that means selling an buying players. Players that are going are:

- Suarez to Palermo for €7 million

- Emanuelson to Fiorentina for €11,25 million

- Sulejmani to Spartak Moscow for €8 million

Players that are coming:

- Wijnaldum from Feyenoord (free transfer)

- some regens for free

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Had some great games yesterday. I won the dutch supercup, beating FC-Twente with a comfortable 2-0.

Reached the final qualification round of the Champions league. Have to play against Dinamo Kiyv. In the competion after 2 rounds I'm placed 3rd with 4 points.

First game of the season against Excelsior a very convincing 6-0 win, second game PSV at home a 1-1 draw, too bad the oppositions goalie was handed the man of the match award.

But still the supporters were very happy with the result. Next match will be against AZ and hopefully we can maintain the winning streak.

My starting 11:

GK: Stekelenburg

DR: v.d. Wiel

DCR: Alderweireld

DCL: Vertonghen

DL: Emanuelson

MCR: de Zeeuw

MCL: Enoh

AMC: Eriksen

ST: el Hamdaoui

STR: Suarez

STL: Sulejmani






de Jong



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I was going to start an Ajax game at some point and have a few questions about the league as I'm not too familiar:

Are there any quirky league rules?

Is there a HG rule?

Work permit issues?

Any funny youth team rules?

Just thought I would ask about these before I started, thanks!

There are no work permit's needed for Holland, no home grown rule but due to the high standard of Ajax's youth system you should have some players coming through, no quirky league rules unless you finish at the bottom where there is a playoff, and no funny youth team rules. One of the easiest leagues to play as you can bring in as many foreign players as you want.

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Just finished my third season and we managed to continue our winning ways. Started the season off nice with Sneijder in superb form, unfortunately he then got injured for 3 months. Babel was even worse, injured for 5 months. We did win the Super Cup easily, beating AZ 3-1. We than went on to win the Club World Championship by defeating Sao Paulo in the final.

In the latter stages of the Dutch cup competition I fielded a full strength squad bcause that was the only price missing in my trophy cabinet, but I am pleased to say that I have finally won it. Beating Vitesse 3-0 in the final.

The Erdivisie title was a certainty as always, never getting into trouble there.

Once again I managed to fluke my way to the CL-title. Pretty bizarre final in which Arsenal missed all sort of good chances. I just managed to hang on and steal the trophy with a weird penalty shootout.


I managed to sign Huntelaar, so I am hoping that my problems scoring goals are now a thing off the past. Some nice prospects in the youth team which I intend to groom for first team appearances this year.

My hottest prospect, Luuk Kilic, is developing real good with the help of Sneijder. Hoping to increase his determination even more with another year of tutoring.


I have now upgraded to 11.2.1 and this has finally resolved the feeder club issues, so hoping to get so fun there.

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Small update:

Half season, just done the first match after the winterbreak:

First in eredivisie, a confortable 15 points ahead of the number 2, Feyenoord, still unbeaten in the eredivisie.

Made it to the last 8 of the dutch cup, had a couple of easy cupdraws.

In europe it's going fantastic, made it to the Champions league in which I was drawn in a group with Inter, Valencia and Bate. Since the board was already satisfied with qualification, there was no pressure to achieve anything. With a lot of luck I made it to the next round, in a group with Inter Milan, Valencia and Bate, in which I have to take on Olympique Marseille.

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I've been following this thread a bit and noticed that a lot of you are having success with a 4-2-3-1, especially you madmufc. I want to start an Ajax save and the available players seem to fit this formation very well. However, I have a few questions about that formation. Are the 2 midfielders played in the DM or MC positions? Are the wingers meant to hug the touchline and cross, or cut the ball inside, create, and attack? And how are you guys playing the AMC? This player has the potential to score/create many goals, I'm just wondering what the best settings are to utilize the AMC.

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A little tips on Christian Eriksen.. Train him as AML and use him as Inside Forward!

I did this, and in his first season he had 28 assisst and 8 goals in 35 matches!!! 7.85 in average rating.

AND.. he played very well in Champions League also.

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Finally done with my first season and what a season it was. Remind to post some screenshots tomorrow as i'm pretending to be very busy at work now. Won the league by a mile, won the dutch cup and lost the Champions league final to Barcelona on penalties, which was absolutely heartbreaking but damn it made me proud.

Slowly making my way into the second season now.

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Heh, so long Ajax's world famous academy. :/


Boilesen, v/d Wiel, Vertonghen and Eriksen are still all at the club. Daley Blind is out on loan and looks like he could be a decent backup when he comes back but no more then that. Then there is Bouy (not shown also) as a future prospect.

The average age is 20, lowest in the Eredivisie with a 24 average. Got 10+ gems in the u19's also

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Well Boilesen and Eriksen aren't from Academy of Ajax, you can check that in their history. But nevermind, everyone has different style of play. You have nice team there. :)

Same as Vertonghen and Alderweireld but they came through the youth teams in their early teens though.

I get maybe 1 potential world class regen each year from the youth intake , the rest will be mostly filler if you want to be able to compete in the CL. I am buying young though. just as Ajax in RL

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Started my first save with Ajax in FM11.

Kept most of the initial squad. No new signings. Sold Zeegelaar to Benfica, loaned out Verhoeven, Sneijder and some other youngsters.

Now I'm in mid-September and going as following:

CL: lost in last playoff round against Fenerbahce (away goals), fortunately my Euro Cup group is not so bad, had some luck with the draw. Board is a bit disappointed though.

Eredivisie: have won 5 first games and leading the table (incl. 5-0 against Twente and 3-0 against Feyenoord). Suarez has been in good form.

My tactic is similar to what I've used in previous versions: 4-5-1, lone, complete forwards striker.

Team settings: mentality: attacking, all other options default. Set lone striker to target man with feeding to feet

GK: Stekelenburg (Vermeer)

DR (automatic): van der Wiel (Oleguer)

DC (defend): Alderweireld (Boilesen)

DC (defend): Vertonghen (Ooijer)

DL (automatic): Emanuelson (Anita)

DMC (defend): De Zeeuw (Enoh, Tainio)

MC (support): Lindgren (de Jong) [or ball winning midfielder, support, Enoh - against strong teams]

MC (attack): Lodeiro (Eriksen)

AML (winger, attack): Sulejmani (wide play normal)

AMR (inside forward, attack): Suarez (Donald) (wide play normal)

ST (attack): El Hamdaoui (Suk, Mido, Bodul) - complete forward

I've scored so far 16 goals in 5 league games, so attack formation is working pretty well.

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Started a new save with Ajax, I realy like the club and history of youth products they have, they are realy something special. I will try to make team of homegrown talents and to bring Ajax back in top of European football. They aren't in good financial shape to be honest, and they don't have some good coaches and scouts so i am going to work on that now and in the future.





I tried to sell Sulejmani and find some good replacement from Holand, but de Jong from Twente was to expensive and i couldn't find anyone else. But I think that Quintero will be great player, I will start with Sulejmani because I think that this position will do well for him and i'll see how it goes.

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Just started a new season with Ajax and i'm looking for a really good striker.. i tried signing Lukaku but Anderlecht are wanting £18 Million.. i also tried Kadlec but a bigger team stepped in and ruined my chances, so if anyone could recommend a striker that would be helpful :)

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I have finally managed to finish my fourth season with Ajax (unfortunately it took a ruptured achilles tendon). We continued our winning ways but this time combined it with nice football and lots of goals.


We won the league, cup, champions league and World club Cup.


Huntelaar turned in a really good performance and scored loads of goals. Scoring 49 in 41 appearances. Could have been more if he wasn't injured that much. He was really the stand-out this season.


The team is still together and I am continuing to build an all Ajax trained team. The Ajax academy is churning out prospects every year. In the fourth season I have loaned them all out to Basel (feeder club) as they are competing in the CL. Coincidently they are in the group with me, Juventus and Anderlecht. I can observe them closely as we meet during this season.

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November 2010.

Doing OK, sharing 1st place in league table with Utrecht (they have picked up excellent form and just can't stop scoring goals). 14 games played, 36 points (11 wins, 3 draws, unbeaten in the league). Although lately I stumbled with studi draws against teams I should've won easily (Vitesse, Excelsior). With continental games it's getting obvious that squad needs more rotation than in FM10. Sulejmani and Suarez look especially tired because it's hard to find someone to fill their spot (I don't want to buy anybody as my hopes are on Aissati as second AML in long term). Mounir is out of form, so goals don't come so easy anymore.

Next game against AZ is perhaps more difficult, but otherwise fixture list gets easier until Christmas.

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