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  1. Kinda miss this place, been so many years I thought I'd see if any of the old names are about still. Apparently not, this just feels like a message in a bottle kind of post.
  2. Hey Goat, if you haven't already then check out the Fulham thread. I don't know how active it is, but that is the place to update if you so wish.
  3. I can't remember the last Friday, Saturday or Sunday I had off.
  4. Calm down with all the chat, I can't keep up with the action!
  5. You have no idea how happy I'd be to work 1 in 3 Saturdays.
  6. Nearly said, I thought you were a teacher. I'm sure it's quite a bit more rewarding than looking after golfers and spa ladies anyway.
  7. I wish it were. For the extra hours I get given lieu days that I'm never going to be able to take. What do you do again SRL? I forget.
  8. I'm an assistant restaurant manager at a hotel. Contracted 40 hours a week, but we've been short-staffed for the 3 months I've been here.
  9. Pretty much this. For some reason I've bought the new FM though, even though I know I'll have no time to play it. Working 60 hour weeks, having a proper relationship and trying to maintain a semblance of a social life means no time for gaming, especially not Football Manager haha.
  10. I've never shared a bed with a girl I wasn't friends with without her wanting to shag me and vice versa. Not since I was about 14 anyway.
  11. Never used to get hangovers either, the last couple of years or so they've started coming on, nothing as bad as Ham described though and only get them at all when I'm absolutely smashed when I go to sleep.
  12. Don't really listen to much stuff like that with lyrics, but something like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNTWokU7woo? Try the YT channels SuicideSheep, Liquicity and 17tumba.
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