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  1. Give this thread a read some wonderful information in it, http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/391083-The-School-of-the-Defensive-Arts
  2. I took over Monaco second season, having great success so far with the same shape, while playing quick attacking football. I use a regista instead of a deep lying playmaker I've found the movement is better in offering support for the attack. Two inside forwards on attack flanking an enganche. I thought that maybe there would be problems with the register and enganche occupying the same spaces but they are working well together. Falcao is up top as an advanced forward scored 24 so far in 30 appearances.
  3. Some good suggestions on here, I tend to switch to counter to draw them out a little and add the shouts play wider, pass it shorter, pass into space, lower tempo, and work the ball into box. I still control possession but tend to try to draw the opponent out and them punish them with quick balls in behind.
  4. I've found that the anchor man actually opens up my middle for me allowing the regista more freedom to move forward. The movement I see a lot is the ball being played to the central defender, the anchor man is the short option while the regista pushes further forward to link play with the attacking mids, my enganche is on the opposite side and so after the regista receives the ball he is an option. The shadow striker does tend to end up in the box, but with the false nine in front of him there is usually one of them a little deeper to be a passing option, I usually only see them both in the box when the ball goes wide, otherwise they are constantly seeking space. One thing you could do with the full back to accommodate for the lack of pace is to set his instructions to cross from deep, that will stop him from getting too far forward and not being able to recover. I actually switched from rigid to very rigid midway through last season and was happy with the results. It tightened it up at the back,while keeping the attacking movement.
  5. First off I'd search the old post for Uncle Sam's threads on the formation, they might be from older versions of the game but they are very insightful. Now onto your team, I'd play an anchorman next to your regista to help protect the backs and provide cover. I play a shadow striker next to an enganche with a false nine directly in front of the shadow striker. I find they provide a lot of movement which helps the enganche thrive and it also opens up space for the regista to move into from which point he can be more involved in the attack and really help recycle possession. I'd also switch your fb to a wb, it'll provide more of an attacking option down the right, and provide some much needed width. Another thing to look at is your fluidity, with so many specialized roles I'd switch to rigid or very rigid. When playing better teams I'd play counter mentality, the way the formation is setup you will still have players forward that will punish the opposition, you also get men back behind the ball making you harder to break down. If you do decide to push up you could always switch to a sweeter keeper to compensate for lack of pace from your central defenders, I find though that the anchor man will usually close down teams trying to build through you and the central defenders can usually deal with the long clearances in the air.
  6. On a side note, anyone know what difference it makes playing your wingbacks in the fullback position or the normal wingback position?
  7. I've been playing around with the same idea with my Benfica side, trying to get an Enganche working, I went with a the same formation except my wing backs start in the full back spot on attack duty. In midfield I went with the half-back to drop in and form a back three at times, what I see from him is he drops in when the backs are in possession and then as the ball goes forward he pushes up to support and is always there to swing the ball. The other midfield roles I've chopped and changed trying different combinations. Right now I'm playing two box to box midfielders, they do a great job of playing underneath the Enganche giving him a backwards or sideways pass when he he is getting pressured from behind. They also do a great job of helping maintain possession and laying the ball in for the forwards. Having Cardoza I went with a target man, though on attack duty to open up space for the Enganche to operate in. Partnering him is a defensive forward who helps win the ball then bursts forward opening up space, and getting on the end of a few crosses as well. I'd read the same articles as you when trying to get the most out of the player and went with roles around him that would be constantly running and providing the movement to allow him space to operate. While I don't have a player as capable as Riquelme yet I am starting to see the results that I want. Looking forward to see how this thread develops and how others get on.
  8. What caught me out was not having the scheduling bar all the way to the left. I had it split as close to 50/50 as I could on the bar, after I fixed that the tactics trained quicker.
  9. I play the same formation different roles, I'm doing ok and have the 3rd best defensive record in the league. In midfield I have a box to box next to a dlp-d, they work well together.. Full backs are complete wing backs who get forward to support the attack, then I have a cb defend next to a cb cover. I used to have hassle opponents and much higher defensive line but I found my cb's flying out too much and being exposed to balls in behind. I switched to higher defensive line and tweaked individual settings to close down more for the full backs, wide players and central midfielders. I've found by doing this I can close down and press well while keeping my shape.
  10. I don't see the issue with full backs, my right back has the highest average rating on my team. The bigger problem to me is striker ratings, I had a player score 32, assist on 8 in 50 games or so and average rating was 7.04. All too often they have ratings in the 5's.
  11. Works fine for mean. Only thing I've seen is it gets a bit jittery when the battery gets extremely low, but no complaints.
  12. Just glancing at your tactic I'd think that you would have a problem on the left side with your deep-lying forward, inside forward, and cm support all trying to move into the same space. Try playing Lewandoski as a defensive forward support and Van Persie advanced forward. The advanced forward might not be as involved as you'd like but he should score while the defensive forward will drop in when needed link play and then clear the space for the midfielders to move into. How is the cm support doing for you? I'm playing a box to box but am not really seeing much in terms of results, averages high 6's low 7's without too many goals or assists.
  13. Buying/Selling: buyer Player Name: Asier Illarramendi Your Team: Athletico Madrid Buyer/Seller: Real Madrid Player's Value: 10m Offer: 7.25m/ 65k week Transfer/Wage Budget: 14.8/ 250k free Patch: 14.13 Season: start 2nd
  14. I have a question that maybe someone can help me with. I'm trying to get away from using the hassle opponents shout as I feel whether right or wrong it leads to to many yellow cards especial for my box to box midfielder (Honda had 22 last season). I understand that the shout effects closing down, but also tempo and defensive line. I'll include a screenshot of the shouts I'm using, my initial thought is I need to take off the the slower tempo shout as well as the hassle opponent. All the players that can have except the center backs have press more, and all players have mark tighter. I don't want to disrupt the way I play but even with the ease of tackles checked my midfield still picks up cards. Is there anything else I'm missing by taking off the hassle shout or should this about do it?
  15. I have made it through January of the first season, I currently sit 4th in La Liga. My tactic are still not completely fluid, I think this is down changing quite a few players, and I think having so many team instructions slows it down. My leading scorer is David Villa with 21 goals playing mostly in the defensive forward role. I am looking for ideas and thoughts on what role is best to play as the left striker, right now I have it set to target man attack with move into channels. I'm getting a decent goal return but looking for ways to improve. This is the shape and roles if anyone is interested in screenshots of the individual roles and what team instructions I'm using let me know and I'll post more. I've never posted screenshots before so hopefully this works.
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