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  1. It’s fine. You’ll get the notification later in the season, can’t remember the exact date
  2. You don't remember Spurs 2 points from 8 games in 08-9 season?
  3. I'm having the same issue with these two. Dalby is out on loan at League 1 level and Edmondson in our U-23's but neither have had a minute of 1st team action for us yet. Clarke and Kun T are just too good and need the game time. I've also signed a young Czech striker, Vasil Kujev (sp) who is ahead of those two. I've also retrained him to MR to help get game time.
  4. I'm into season 3. 120pt promotion season from Championship followed by a 7th place in PL. Now competing in Europa. My squad looks like this: GK: Butland/Bettinelli/BPF DR: Max Aarons/Ayling DC: Ruben Vezo/Chris Mepham DC: Jansson/Jack O'Connell/Cooper (never plays) DL: Pearce/Matt Targett MR: Oxlade-Chamberlain/El-Ghazi MC: Mario Pasalic/Shackleton MC: Mattia Viviani/Sergi Samper/Klich ML: Marin/Piedl ST: Bamford/Clarke/Roberts ST: Roofe/Temenuzhkov We score a lot of goals and the defense has solidified this year. Just had my first EL group game and beat Olympiakos 10-0 with a heavily rotated team. Looking good.
  5. There are 64 teams in the FA cup 3rd round draw. 20 are PL and I think the whole Championship (24). So 44 out of 64 are top 2 divisions. You’ve got a 67% chance of drawing one of them and only 33% of getting a lower team. Can’t see anything wrong with the draws you’re seeing personally. IRL the ‘David vs Goliath’ ties get a lot of attention but are the exception rather than the rule.
  6. This looks amazing. Following for sure. Well done so far.
  7. Using v2 I had a 120 point Championship season with Leeds. Only lost 2 games all season. Finished the season with a 19 game winning streak. Safe to say I'm a big fan of this tactic. Thanks @Mr U Rosler really great stuff.
  8. Yeah done that. Set to me. Since my post I played 5 more games and finally had 1 press conference for a ‘rivalry’ match (Millwall) but no others. So something is definitely not working.
  9. Don't know if anyone else is seeing this but 5 games played since 19.2.1 and I've not had a single press conference. I'm Leeds, first season so in the Championship obviously. Every prior game has had before and after press conferences and the odd tunnel interview, which have also been missing.
  10. Because 'back up' is a first team squad player. A 17 yo needs 'youngster' or 'hot prospect' status to put up with being in u23's
  11. Scouting will tell you the chances of getting a work permit. I don't know if you can filter searches for this though
  12. I've been using this tactic with Spurs in my 3rd season. Very effective. I've made a couple of changes to suit my team: 1) take shorter passes off my RPM 2) take off 'get stuck in' 3) change crossses to 'whipped' Also will use exploit left or right or both if I feel there's a weakness to expose. Teams playing well and results are generally good. Although it looks like this will be the first year we don't win the title. I put that down to a horrific injury crisis and me messing about with tactics too much before settling on this one in November (in game).
  13. So are penalties broken? Is this an issue thats being looked at? Into December 3rd season and my team have converted 1 of 6 (I have good penalty takers, Kane and Berardi) who have converted at better than 95% the last two seasons. All their misses are hit straight at the keeper. Bug worth logging or ??
  14. Gonna give this a go. Question, what purpose does the RPM having 'shorter passing' have? Surely the idea with that kind of player is that his intelligence will decide when it's best to go long or short? Does this instruction stop him from hitting the quick ball for a counter when the opportunity arises? Also, does the AF get isolated with no other Attack duties around him? I used Dele as a SS and this really suits him.
  15. Well Chelsea wouldn't let me have him even when I bid up to £150m (I'm Spurs) despite him wanting to join. I'd have been delighted to pay only £120m
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