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  1. I had this happen after winning EL. But surely same goes for your opponents right? They're a Euro trophy winner, they're gonna have a heap of players on international duty too right? So its just a game between B/U23's. Its not like you're handicapped, they're suffering just the same.
  2. Knap isn't a Cleon or Rashidi or whoever but he's a massive contributor to the community and his tactics (which are good at winning at FM) are used by thousands each edition. If people want long in depth explanations etc then Knap's tactics aren't for them, if they want plug n' play then he's most definitely the man to see.
  3. Knap doesn't cheat. He's just VERY good at making tactics. Sure they use some exploits but he's not save/reloading. Disrespectful to suggest so. Knaps an FM legend.
  4. Thanks Knap, I've not played any competitive matches yet but tactic looks good in pre-season so far. Actually the football looks a bit slicker. My long throws were poor anyway so not missing out on that.
  5. @knap will you be updating this for 19.3? Its an amazing tactic so would love to continue using it. KUTGW
  6. Just finished my 3rd season with Leeds. And won the PL and Europa League! Wooooooooooo! Took the PL title in a last day showdown with Liverpool at Anfield. Went into the game 2 points clear of them so just needed to avoid losing to take the title. The run in had been insane and both teams had suffered for being in a lot of competitions. So much so that our final match was postponed til the Wednesday after the final Sunday. They were without Firmino and Salah and we were without Oxlade Chamberlain, Piedl and El-Ghazi (all my right wingers basically!). We took an early lead through the RW replacement Vasil Kusej but they quickly pegged us back and then took the lead shortly before half time. We were dominating but couldn't break them down. After 75 minutes I threw the kitchen sink at them and finally on 85 minutes Bamford poked home an equaliser after a scramble in the box. Queue me going into protection ultra defensive mode. We held on and took the title! 3 days later we played them in the FA Cup final and while they had Salah and Firmino back and fresh we looked jaded and lost out 2-1. Another week and a half later and we took on Dortmund in Paris in the EL final. This was a masterclass, Piedl back on the right wing and everyone else fresh after 10 days off. Dortmund took the lead after 4 minutes but that was really the last time they got a look in. We steamrollered the first half and took a 3-1 lead to the break. Second half we didn't let up and ran out 5-1 winners to claim Euro glory! Many of our players were brilliant throughout the season, but one stood out. Antonio Marin. 20 year old LW. He won the treble of awards with FWA Footballer of the Year, Players Player and Young Player of the Year. He finished with 26 goals across all comps and an average rating of 7.67. Real Madrid bid for him in Jan but didn't meet his £75m release clause. He got a bit upset but I promised to let him go if they met that number. I need to renegotiate that contract now as that promise is valid til end of summer window. Kemar Roofe finished with 33 goals in all comps, 22 in the league. He was joint top scorer with Kane but played one match more so Kane took that title. Bamford and Temenuzhkov also broke the 20 goal barrier in all comps with Jack Clarke not far behind on 16. Butland was amazing in goal all year and all the defense played brilliantly. Liam Cooper did get sold in January to Brighton but he'd never played this season and wasn't going to. He was happy to go and only Jansson had a little whinge about the sale but he was easily placated and made captain. For next season I'll be looking to upgrade my DLP and maybe look for another complete forward, Bamford is on the wane and I'm not sure Clarke is quite ready to take that role full time. Other than that though I feel we're ready to take on the CL.
  7. It’s fine. You’ll get the notification later in the season, can’t remember the exact date
  8. You don't remember Spurs 2 points from 8 games in 08-9 season?
  9. I'm having the same issue with these two. Dalby is out on loan at League 1 level and Edmondson in our U-23's but neither have had a minute of 1st team action for us yet. Clarke and Kun T are just too good and need the game time. I've also signed a young Czech striker, Vasil Kujev (sp) who is ahead of those two. I've also retrained him to MR to help get game time.
  10. I'm into season 3. 120pt promotion season from Championship followed by a 7th place in PL. Now competing in Europa. My squad looks like this: GK: Butland/Bettinelli/BPF DR: Max Aarons/Ayling DC: Ruben Vezo/Chris Mepham DC: Jansson/Jack O'Connell/Cooper (never plays) DL: Pearce/Matt Targett MR: Oxlade-Chamberlain/El-Ghazi MC: Mario Pasalic/Shackleton MC: Mattia Viviani/Sergi Samper/Klich ML: Marin/Piedl ST: Bamford/Clarke/Roberts ST: Roofe/Temenuzhkov We score a lot of goals and the defense has solidified this year. Just had my first EL group game and beat Olympiakos 10-0 with a heavily rotated team. Looking good.
  11. There are 64 teams in the FA cup 3rd round draw. 20 are PL and I think the whole Championship (24). So 44 out of 64 are top 2 divisions. You’ve got a 67% chance of drawing one of them and only 33% of getting a lower team. Can’t see anything wrong with the draws you’re seeing personally. IRL the ‘David vs Goliath’ ties get a lot of attention but are the exception rather than the rule.
  12. This looks amazing. Following for sure. Well done so far.
  13. Using v2 I had a 120 point Championship season with Leeds. Only lost 2 games all season. Finished the season with a 19 game winning streak. Safe to say I'm a big fan of this tactic. Thanks @Mr U Rosler really great stuff.
  14. Yeah done that. Set to me. Since my post I played 5 more games and finally had 1 press conference for a ‘rivalry’ match (Millwall) but no others. So something is definitely not working.
  15. Don't know if anyone else is seeing this but 5 games played since 19.2.1 and I've not had a single press conference. I'm Leeds, first season so in the Championship obviously. Every prior game has had before and after press conferences and the odd tunnel interview, which have also been missing.
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