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  1. Whatever happened to typing a list or putting up screenshots? Really cba with clicking a youtube link (Showing my age no doubt but, whatever)
  2. Good thread mate and you've convinced me. Leverkusen here I come.
  3. Determination Team work Work Rate Bravery Professional personality
  4. In 05 or 06 I had Christian Chivu who retired due to arthritis. Sad times.
  5. Good money for Kane. Also a good deal for Martial. Other options as teenagers would be Breel Embolo or Gabriel Barbosa. Both are excellent.
  6. It would happen in the summer after his 10th season IRL, that's what's broken. What this man said. No, now my next chance,due to his join date is the summer after his 11th season. That's what's wrong about this.
  7. Not sure if this is for the feedback thread or wishlist, but why does the game not recognise CL games as 'important'. I have two top class keepers, one I use in the league, one in all cups including the CL. Much like Barca did last season with Ter Stegen and Bravo. Anyway my CL keeper has just received a call up for his national team and the press are criticising his selection because he's not playing for his club at present. He played the night before the squad was announced in a CL game! This problem is also relevant when it comes to players wanting game time.
  8. Tottenham Hotspur Season Review 2021/22 First up our transfers. Had to dip into the January window for the first time in a few years. First up Depay was brought in to cover for Eriksen's looooong absence. Knew he'd be cup tied for CL but meant he could take the pressure off the injury prone Driussi. Galloway came in when Jedvaj decided he didn't want to be a rotation player so went to Bayern. Cesar was a bit of an August panic buy after Lloris and Donarumma both got pre season injuries. Turns out Cesar has even more potential than Donarumma but is a couple years younger. Here's the PL table: Our best season defensively but too many draws for my liking, that was due to a slow start to the season. In other comps we won the CL & Capital Cup as detailed above. Here's the player stats: Dybala was obviously outstanding and broke Clive Allen's season goals record. He had an incredible 8 hat tricks. It was our most challenging season injury wise, don't know if this is luck or a result of just relentlessly competing on all fronts, age also comes into it with one or two. Obviously Eriksen is the stand out on that front but plenty others spent considerable amount of time on the sidelines. Kane was another injury victim but he did hit 6 against Basel at New WHL in the CL group stages. Awards: Dybala was FWA Footballer of the Year, Golden Boot, CL Golden Boot, Top Marksman in Europe and Best Player in Europe (with Alli and Embolo 2nd and 3rd) Alli was PFA Player of the Year Lloris took the Golden Glove The PL Team of the Year was dominated by our players Same goes for the CL Team of the Year Of course I was Manager of the Year for the 5th time running. Season Awards Season Review Season Injuries (top of the list only) Shirt Sales Looking ahead to next season; It's probably time to part company with Toby, he's been a rock but mistakes have crept into his game and he's started moaning about game time. Same goes for Seamus Coleman. With Memphis a part of the squad one of my AML's will have to go, it won't be Eriksen, despite reaching 30 he's a club legend. That means it'll be Driussi who's only been with us a season. He's quality but also injury prone. Here's a look at some of my top youngsters who are starting to contribute: Cesar Lawrence Lawson Leonardo EDIT: Interesting fact, we haven't lost a home game for over 3.5 years, last one was a 1-0 defeat to Brighton on 12/01/19. COYS
  9. Yeah I guess thats the option, but I can't schedule that far ahead and a) I might forget and b) I might want to sell him. Also worried the option will disappear.
  10. Yeah I get that, but on the 31st August, when can I be arranging a friendly for? Why would Lyon or Nice be up for a friendly during the season? Why would I want one? Anyway, it's true, on the 31st, the grey box unlocked. SI need to fix that.
  11. Is that so? Well that's annoying. 31st August is hardly the time for me to be arranging a friendly. Thanks though.
  12. Full update to come but 2021/22 was another trophy filled season. PL won for 5th year in a row. Tied up by game 33. Capital One Cup won for 4th year in a row. Did not win the FA Cup though. Went out to the goons in 5th round. I had a 2nd XI playing while they were full strength and it still took them to the last minute to do it. And I had 10 men for 40 minutes. Made our 4th CL final in a row. And won our 2nd trophy beating Man U 2-0. Beat Madrid 12-2 on aggregate in the semi (8-0 at the Lane).
  13. I chose Lyon as a friendly opponent and it still didn't unlock the greyed out box.
  14. Still key player. Not sure why that would factor in. Ronaldo's had one at Real, and there's no way he wasn't a key player at the time.