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  1. Hi, Simply direct the foot of the positioned player in question so that it faces the middle of the pitch under the Opposition Instructions. For example, a LB you would show onto their right foot.
  2. Hi, well generally my attempts with not so much success. Minimum Time wasting, ensure a quick tempo and energy off the bench late is what I tend to do on the attacking mentality. So don't do that I suppose!
  3. Hi Mate, I can't say I have done but the roles are fairly similar so I can't see why it wouldn't work. I just think wingers may be more suited to a counter-attack than an inside forward so chose them roles to replicate Jose's Real who are the counter-attacking team of the latest age =)
  4. I would say the AF-A looking to beat the offside trap would complement the playmakers playing those killer balls. Otherwise just try to optimise their finishing based on their attributes.
  5. The diamond? Glad you like the football Well, the AP-S is designed to be a workmanlike kaka. So moving into channels, running with the ball often, trying killer balls will be good here. the DLP-D should look to dictate the tempo and come deep to get the ball. Could also do killer balls too like Pirlo for a direct counter. Make sure your wing backs like to get forward as much as possible, and like to run down their respective flanks. All these should help promote the game style. And make sure the rest / all players don't have any PPMs that work against the system / style of football.
  6. Glad it's worked well for you also Well my WOM system was designed to play at a real quick tempo. With the players in that particular formation and a full out DM in place it's an effective position to launch counters from. With the 343 it's different in style, and uses a Libero rather than a DLP fulltime @ DM, so defending is and has to be different. To get the most out the Libero he needs to be able to move into the DM position from sweeper and direct the play from there. This to me would mean the tempo can't be as extreme, although it can still be on the quicker side which is what I
  7. Hi mate, well could give the Klopp 433 a try. It is more top heavy than the Jose ones and plays a higher line so will be better at trying to gain the ascendancy in the game. 4231 might be a bit too gungho unless you got really quick defenders there.
  8. Yeah not surprised if you haven't bought anyone. Got a lazy Pogba in midfield, no strikers that can really hold up the ball or have the vision to create for the inside forwards or a clinical finisher being one man up top. And if you are playing Mata he's as slow as hell if on the right cutting in. Maguire slow defender also, not the most suited of sides. Think Pogba might also dwell on the ball and tries tricks? It's a quick tempo game - he'd ruin it.
  9. Are you on the full-game version? I'm on Touch here...yeah I don't bother with the media, unless it pops up and there's a big game or something then I might try and promote some words of wisdom to them Takes all too much time for me. I'd be most worried about players that already have PPMs that don't suit a system. It's better to have no PPMs than a negative one as that can really screw things up, and you may never be able to completely change the trait of that player. Also make sure the players attributes suit the roles. I.E. the right BBM is instructed to get forward more often
  10. The AI always adapts to a tactic....if you don't have the right players to suit the system both in design and PPMs, the systems weaknesses will get exploited and be less effective. So if your team don't play or suit the system well enough, then the results will suffer more extremely. Hence you should always use a tactic to the strengths of your squad. Teams also have a run of bad form. I don't know the details of your save, so you'll have to make the judgement of your squad and analyse where you may have issues.
  11. It will be under an individual player's training. You can either discourage existing PPMs, or encourage them. Sometimes player may also develop some, likely based on the system and role they are playing regularly in.
  12. BJT’s Invincible Quadruple – Conte 343 / P100 Undefeated, All Cups Seeing the popularity of Mr Conte seems extremely high, I’ve decided to try make a system for his alternative 3 at the back tactic that he stumbled upon when struggling at Chelsea. Ever since the Blues got battered against Arsenal, this system looks to emulate the style Chelsea played from this point, resulting in an amazing turn around in form that resulted in Chelsea becoming Premier League Champions. It is based on Conte’s preferred midfield duo of Matic and Kante as Fabregas only played a bit part, and
  13. Hi mate, well I play on FM Touch so the options are limited I believe. But I choose "attacking" for emphasis, and just make sure each individual is working on their respective roles, improving any weak attributes for the role for their added focus, and train any PPMs that will assist in the role they play.
  14. Don't have the best player knowledge But Edouard for me at Celtic should naturally be able to bring players in from deep and he can put the ball in the back of the net with good aerial ability. He should have some decent years in him 21 years old I think. Strong, works hard too an okay back up. Not sure how much he'd cost though.
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