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  1. This is similar to the point I was trying to get across, as this is also what I was hoping to achieve where I would like a Pirlo in an instant, to be very open to switching the play to the other flank, but a ball that would be played to retain possession and change the direction of attack rather than a risky through-ball that would gift possession away. That's where I thought the risk element of passing would come into play, but is why I also would think the retain possession option should have remained. Attacking is a "positive" mentality, as is very attacking. Like defensive and very defensive is negative. I don't get why the term positive has been used. Control made much more sense to me, and this would imply you would be looking to maintain possession/control of the football. With that said, the description of the positive mentality as above does describe a control mentality. And I think where it indicates the mentality will aim to move the ball around the park, that's probably the best way in going about to achieve what we're both trying to do. I've had a chance to play a season with it, and it does give that feel of what I'm trying to do. But for it to freely work, a player with the preferred player instruction of switching the play would be ideal.
  2. Thanks for the info, look forward to giving it a play.
  3. I'm dloading the game now so I haven't seen everything yet, but if I correctly recall seeing the "control" mentality now being removed and now along with retain possession, that certainly doesn't make a lot of sense to me not having a clear mental instruction to try and control the game. Risky passes for me could come into two brackets, risky in aiming to retain possession, and risky in trying to open up the defensive team. With neither option available, their is no mental mindset to try and keep the ball. I hope I'm missing something and there is an option that allows this mindset. I wouldn't class cautious as the new option, simply because it'll then be possession with no forward impetus.
  4. BJT

    has anyone tried a 2-3-5?

    Really glad I've taken a look at this system again...it's worked really well this time around with my changes and much better away from home. To top it off, we got a 26 consecutive pass goal. Unfortunately it surpassed the 60 second limit to get on clip, but I got most of it to so you can see it in action. Below are some screenies of the shape, roles and season statistics: We just about hit the 100 goals mark and also had the best defence in the league which surprised me - although we didn't get the most clean sheets. We won all 17 home games. We also broke the most points in a season Bundesliga record which was previously 91 points. Averaged over 600 passes a game. Lewandowski shined scoring 63 goals in all competitions. Our defeat was away to Leverkusen...definitely our worst league performance, only game they had more shots on goal than us. Can't play well every game though I guess. A 5-0 home win vs Dortmund though in our last league home game was quite satisfying which squeezed us in the 100 goal mark!
  5. BJT

    has anyone tried a 2-3-5?

    Lol, yeah I noticed that...but I did presume he meant CBs. Or just maybe 2DMs instead of CBs was exactly what I was missing in implementing my pressing approach!
  6. BJT

    has anyone tried a 2-3-5?

    Think I'm going to give this system another crack My idea last time was more pressing in the top third of the pitch when choosing player roles in trying to get control. This time around I'm going to let the football do the work which is generally the style I'm more comfortable with. Hopefully I can get it working better away from home by playing more free flowing football and causing teams more problems when in possession.
  7. BJT

    has anyone tried a 2-3-5?

    I have a while back when trying different systems to maximise possession. It was in the German league also... had a lot of fun and stress with it as well! It's fantastic at home. I was Bayern in that save...it smashed the Bundesliga most goals in a season record. Won all the home games. It's a tactic great to open up teams that park the bus. I know Pep has used the system a number of times so it's why I tried giving it a go...but away from home you can imagine you would leak goals like a sieve.
  8. I've played a good few seasons now...and I can say it works picture perfect I had my plan and my favourite XI players of two decades ago in my head and it sure as hell is fun to watch when a vision comes to plan! I've had success in the Prem, La Liga and the Serie A with it so far. Tried getting a video going of a clip of it in action although it seems buggy to get working. Did eventually get one, although you have to wait 17 seconds before it actually shows :x It's never going to be the most effective system because it just tries to incorporate pure offensive play with elegance, and so will rely on bits of individual brilliance and the team having to play well to get results. But I think it's probably my favourite system I've ever made because it does exactly that. Thank you very much for the thread - I wouldn't have come up with the idea otherwise!
  9. I've used this line of thinking to great effect in a very direct 442. Although not as advanced as what you are suggesting position wise, I would launch it up all the way from the keeper to the target man to gain the territory on the pitch, who would then look to find my playmaker in the centre mid position to direct the play and bring my wingers into play. But he was instructed to be more stagnant in his position (hold), because I wanted him to be in a place the target man would know he would occupy and not deviate too far from it. The AP in your system might be more inclined to roam about a bit more. I've never used an Enganche, but it might be worth giving this role a try? He'll always be in a position for the target man to find, and so would instantly be in a more attacking position to direct the play that it sounds like you are after. As long as the enganche has several options to pick out, it may be worth a try especially in a more defensive system. I'd expect he may have a bit more space to shine by launching it long from deep.
  10. Hi, I'm hoping you can help me with a recording movie problem. I'm trying to export a 48 seconds recorded clip low quality. I've tried both creating it on the hard drive, and also uploading it onto youtube. However, it only seems to record 19 seconds, with 16 or so of the seconds flashing football manager logo's only, so the full length highlight never shows. Am I doing something incorrect or is this some sort of bug? Here is my youtube link. Thanks in Advance.
  11. Love the thread and the idea here I'm inspired to try parking the double-decker too at some point!
  12. My time's been a limited lately, normally only get the weekends to have a play about with work and that too. I did have one more of your 361 variants I wanted to give a crack at. First thing that came to mind with this was...Brazil! That comes from the Box midfield that is setup in place. With that in mind, you can probably guess exactly how I'd look to set this one up... SK-D BPD-D CD-D BPD-D REG-S REG-S WG-A WG-A TQ-A TQ-A AF-A The lack of the second striker will probably mean it won't be so potent going forward. But I think this will result in some really nice fluid football that can be played all the way from the back. It should have a little more defensive security with the third centreback in place, although we will of course still be vulnerable on the flanks. Sometimes I wish you could somehow pick players from the past to fill in some of these roles and just watch them play Kaka, Ronaldinho, the real Ronaldo and Pirlo instantly come into mind. Then throw in Maldini, Baresi, Puyol and it would look menacing already I've made a start and it's looking good so far. It's probably looking like my favourite system from an aesthetic point of view at this moment in time. Whether it gets the job done though I'll find out soon enough.
  13. That screenshot almost gave me a heart attack! With Palace, naturally if going for a 361 I'd look at a 3151 if not you aren't intending to use wingbacks. I do tend to look at whether formations are top heavy or not to determine what shape is going to be best suited. There's no harm in trying to get a 3421 going with CP, but I'd consider it a more offensive formation given there are no players in the DM zone. So that would instantly say to me playing counter or defensive with a lower defensive line isn't something I'd consider. You're right here, and I think with CP you'd definitely want wing-backs involved. And although I hate asymmetrical formations but I would be receptive to giving Oj403's suggestion a go! I don't think we'll get closer to agreeing on something However from my book, I would move the Winger Slots up a notch so they would occupy the AML and AMR positions. I'd leave the wing-backs as they are, and rather than having a DLP and BBM, I would go for a defensive central midfielder and an advanced playmaker support. I'd also have a BPD in the centre back slot, but the wide CB's as regular CB's on defend duty. I'd also have a completed forward on support, as my game would be more to the fluid side, pressing high up again and playing shorter passing and an attacking game, taking the game to the opposition and with a higher tempo using the width of the pitch. SK D CB D BPD D CB D WB A WBA CM D AP S IF A IF A CF S I'm about to give one more 361 variant a crack - it would probably be my most favoured of the shapes. The 3421 worked well, but it was only marginally better for possession than the 3151 which is what I want in my exercise. The diamond shape of the 31411 is what I'm going to give a go at and if I had to use a 361 I would pick first hand. OJ will love this one: SK D BPD D CB D BPD D DLP D WA MEZ S MEZ S WA AP A CF S You'll notice this time around my Mezzala's are on support duty rather than attack like in the 3151. As I now have someone in the AM strata available with an attack duty, I think there is enough offensive potency this time around to not need the Mezzala's on attack. So with them being on support, I'm hoping ball retention will be better as I would expect a more patient approach will naturally take place.
  14. Lol yep, it's gonna need some back-side deflection to get Benteke back on the score sheet
  15. Very much so. They, along with the wingers and the F9 form part of the my main press high up. If for instance I had the AP(s) and AM(a) combo in the AM strata as in Experienced Defender's setup below, I would expect the AMa will frequently make more forward runs and find himself often nearer to the striker. The AP(s) will most likely be deeper and then be the only player within the AM strata where my organised press would then not be existent to take place. The AMa would be too far and too frequently out of that position for my liking. With that said, that may not a bad thing if you're looking to unsettle a side and cause a little panic by closing down immediately. However, rather than on a control mentality I'd personally be more comfortable using such a combo in a more attacking mentality where it is a bit more gung-ho. Although I never will as you will know You're going to have to go and try that one out now, create some organised chaotic havoc in the OP box