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  1. Dude you know I had time off with real life circumstances. Real life > FM. Struggling doesn’t prompt me to quit a game with players I actually enjoy playing with. The struggle makes the game more interesting.
  2. Season 5 (Ligue 1 – Journey to France, PSG) A New Challenge Some may say being hired at PSG wasn’t a challenge – but being hired in the first place from starting at such a poor rep was not a bad achievement after 4 years. I also applied for the Real Madrid job that was also vacant and had an interview, but Antonio Conte beat me to that post. But I actually did prefer the PSG job for two reasons. I’ve never managed Haaland in the game and he replaced Mbappe at the club. The other being PSG had still failed to win the ECL. And so like with Perugia who had never won the Scudet
  3. You should know me well enough by now that using or tweaking tactics defeats the purpose of playing football manager for me I always ensure to have the best staff available, especially as this is my first career on the full FM version rather than FM Touch, but I've adapted well through the journey I think, especially on the motivational aspect of the game. Well I'm more than happy to share my latest work at some point, perhaps after the final patch. It is also good to see some excellent work in your latest tactics, keep the good work up too
  4. Season 4 (Serie A – 1st Placed, Scudetto Winners) Systems Used: 4330 I intended to stick with the 442 and 4231 used the past couple of years. However the players available on the market at a reasonable price and that were interested were simply not there. So I decided to try and build a squad that would be suited to another one of my systems designed for a side more capable of playing football, but also defenders very capable in my second variant of this system. It further required some players to retrain their positions, but I felt once they would become adept enough, there was
  5. Season 3 (Serie A – ECL Qualification, 3rd Place) Systems Used: 442 / 4231 I was happy with the second half of the season last year, so rather than changing systems again I decided to try and improve on the player quality to help us try maintain our new Serie A status. My strategy was to bring in two solid centre-backs, a striker partnership that would cause most teams problems and a hard working centre midfield. Third, Champions League Here We Come I was amazed at how well our team did. My optimistic objective was to avoid a relegation scrap and perhaps with a
  6. Season 2 (Serie B / Promoted Playoffs) Systems Used: 442 / 4231 After suffering too many draws last year, I decided to place a greater emphasis in securing three points and my recruitment was based on moving to more offensive systems. Although our wingers that were recruited weren’t of great quality I felt we would still score enough goals with the strikers we did bring in and us being fairly capable at set pieces. Playoff Fortune Secures Serie A Promotion Recruiting was very difficult over the Summer. Although I was able to bring in a number of players, they we
  7. Season 1 (Serie C/B – Promoted 1st) Systems Used: 460 / 4240 Tactically I wanted to keep things tight this year where the strengths lay more in defense and midfield rather than up front. But I did eventually need to adapt from a 460 to a slightly more offensive 4240. A Well Earned 1st placed Promotion to Serie B This season wasn’t a smooth one, but excellent form at the end of the season saw us leapfrog most of the season’s league leaders Triestina. It culminated in a 10 game winning streak, with their form tapering off at the end. Part of the struggles was our
  8. [FM21] An Online Career Journey – All the way from the Serie C… Foreword With lockdown and more time available to invest in an online long-term save, I’ve finally been able to find a few reliable players and host capable of this type of game. (which is often a struggle). The save has just started its fifth season with each of us facing our own challenges. You can find the thread here: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/547415-serie-c-career-mode/ A Couple of rules in place: -Career mode save, starting in Serie C, but free to apply for jobs b
  9. Perugia – Season 4 A quick shout-out to my Perugia boys who brought the club the Scudetto for the very first time in their history, following back to back promotions from the Serie C and a 3rd place finish in our first season in the Serie A last year. It was a highly intense year that in all honesty I thought would wane at year’s end due to a lack of quality depth, first XI in certain areas, nor a real leader in the squad. However I tried to cover up our weaknesses in January which worked out really well. Also a key game that made us believe was the 5-3 away win vs Inter. We we
  10. Hi, Simply direct the foot of the positioned player in question so that it faces the middle of the pitch under the Opposition Instructions. For example, a LB you would show onto their right foot.
  11. Hi, well generally my attempts with not so much success. Minimum Time wasting, ensure a quick tempo and energy off the bench late is what I tend to do on the attacking mentality. So don't do that I suppose!
  12. Hi Mate, I can't say I have done but the roles are fairly similar so I can't see why it wouldn't work. I just think wingers may be more suited to a counter-attack than an inside forward so chose them roles to replicate Jose's Real who are the counter-attacking team of the latest age =)
  13. I would say the AF-A looking to beat the offside trap would complement the playmakers playing those killer balls. Otherwise just try to optimise their finishing based on their attributes.
  14. The diamond? Glad you like the football Well, the AP-S is designed to be a workmanlike kaka. So moving into channels, running with the ball often, trying killer balls will be good here. the DLP-D should look to dictate the tempo and come deep to get the ball. Could also do killer balls too like Pirlo for a direct counter. Make sure your wing backs like to get forward as much as possible, and like to run down their respective flanks. All these should help promote the game style. And make sure the rest / all players don't have any PPMs that work against the system / style of football.
  15. Glad it's worked well for you also Well my WOM system was designed to play at a real quick tempo. With the players in that particular formation and a full out DM in place it's an effective position to launch counters from. With the 343 it's different in style, and uses a Libero rather than a DLP fulltime @ DM, so defending is and has to be different. To get the most out the Libero he needs to be able to move into the DM position from sweeper and direct the play from there. This to me would mean the tempo can't be as extreme, although it can still be on the quicker side which is what I
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