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  1. 2011/2012 Season (Mid Season Update) General Progress: -8th Position, well clear of relegation It’s been a better than expected first half of the season, that especially after struggling greatly after the first handful of games. This was likely due to the many new faces that needed some time to gel together. Since then, we have had some excellent results, such as beating Real Madrid at home 2-0, and beating Athletico Madrid 2-1 away. It has also been a time to throw in some of the youngsters. With Trezeguet having injury problems this year, Immobile has put in some excellent performances and grabbing some crucial goals in achieving our fine run of form. Revised Goals / Transfer Activity: -More of the Same -Struggling to Identify Targets, Financial Concerns It would be overly ambitious to try and pinch 7th spot to bring us into a European place, although we are only 2 points adrift from Malaga occupying this position. We haven’t had too many long term injuries, and so maintaining our position to finish within the top 10 would be a good achievement, and a significant improvement upon last year’s eventual safe finish in 14th. It has however been highly frustrating in identifying players on the Bosman this season, and also individuals to replace our leaders whom will no longer be playing a major part in next season’s first XI. Finances are also now beginning to prove a problem, especially with wage restrictions. This may be a real stumbling block to our future ambitions.
  2. "Paz shows Pepe how it's done" After Pepe scored two own goals to hand Hercules a win over Real Madrid earlier this season, 32 years old Captain and centreback of Hercules Abraham Paz, felt he could still further teach Pepe a lesson or two in how to score goals, but at the right end of the pitch. Scoring a hatrick of goals from centreback, Hercules beat Real Sociedad 3-0 to leave Sociedad languishing in the relegation zone, and inching Hercules further away now currently laying in mid table 11th place after just under a dozen games of the season gone so far. This is a glimpse of the talents that will be missing next year, as early reports suggest this may be the captains last year at the club. However after this performance, the gaffer must surely be reconsidering his stance on the matter.
  3. **Hercules 2 vs Real Madrid 0** "he who does not shoot, scores" A master-class performance from Hercules in parking the bus and causing frustration, laid the basis for a shock win at the Jose Rico Perez. In front of a packed house, the delighted home crowed were treated to an art of first class finishing. Many would think the talents of David Trezeguet, or Siem De Jong were the cause of carving up the Real Madrid back line. But to many's amazement, it was none other than Pepe, the king of artful diving, demonstrated some world class strikes, hitting the back of the net twice - just at the wrong end. Those managers who claim you have to shoot to score - take a look at the game statistics, this would prove otherwise. Real Madrid 17 shots and no goals, to Hercules 0 shots and 2 goals. ...Parking the bus, at it's finest!!!!
  4. 2011/2012 Season (Pre-Season) Squad: -Lost a star, but increased depth Unfortunately, Athletico Madrid had made a number of moves in signing Daniel Parejo who played a big role in controlling our midfield last year. Although making around a 6 million profit, he will be sorely missed, and a bitter blow in trying to push the club forward. His replacement Siem De Jong although a good player, is not quite at the same level or fills the natural role in our system. But I am hoping he can adapt, and whilst also investing in a more solid midfield partner in McDonald Mariga, I am hoping this partnership will thrive and make up for the loss of Parejo. No other real changes of quality to the first XI, but we have bolstered our numbers, whilst also investing in a highly rated centre back Mbiwa. Hopefully he will be one for the future, and replaces the short team measure purchase of last year of Igor Mitreski. Expectations: -Agreed to avoid relegation, but hoping for mid-table With the number of changes and not finding an adequate replacement for two key aging players in my team, if we are able to finish where we did last year without threat of relegation, it would be a good year. Developmental Aims: -Replacing the Aged -Same system used as 2nd half of last season Both Trezeguet and Abraham Paz are both influential figures in the side, and both happen to fill the two captain spots. It will be difficult to find players to replace them whilst having the same influential impact these two guys have on the side. I will have to do much scouting throughout the year, in trying to identify targets who can adequately fill the boots of these two important players. I will also be using the same tactical system that worked well second half of the season. We need stability again this year, before we can hopefully try to push on to a top half finish and challenge for Europe. Transfer Highlights -Busy Business! Highlighted above our the main changes that will affect our side. In addition, Faubert has been brought in from West Ham. A very versatile right sided player, whom is actually good enough to start down our right flank this year in place of Sperdutti. A few youngsters at cheap value have also been invested in to up the numbers and hopefully develop to important squad players in the future. This includes Immobile, Aanholt, and Ariaudo, replacing old aged players. We have also invested in Gonzalo Castro from Mallorca, to replace the previously loaned Roysten Drenthe. Jelie Vossen has been brought in as the potential goal getter for Trezeguet. His attributes look promising, but he seems unwilling to improve his individual game after private discussions with him. It may be a stumbling block in his development.
  5. 2010/2011 Season (Review) -Final Position: 14th (board target achieved) -Spanish Cup 5th round (board target achieved) League Review: -A strong second half of the season After investing in a couple of key defensive signings in the January window, this appeared to have paid dividends. Although having the 3rd worst defensive record in the league, we were better at the back in a number of games since the signings. We finished 6 points off the drop in the end, but it was a comfortable finish to the season, as at one point this gap had been at 10 points. A fantastic run of results midway through the second part of the season was critical in our survival efforts. The board were delighted with our final safe mid-table position. Cup(s) Review: -Spanish Cup- We came up against a tough Athletico Madrid outfit in the 5th round, and with quality players such as Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa in their ranks, we were not able to produce an upset. This was another target though achieved with the board hoping for us to reach the 5th round. Aims for Off Season: -Improve the Squad Further, maintaining progress made this year I think one area I will need to look into will be a striker, as David Trezeguet has now hit 33 and his best years will be well passed. He did however perform admirably over the course of this season, being our top goal scorer. We also need to strengthen our centre back area. We have two good full backs, but a number of our problems was lacking a pacey centre back. We cannot afford to come unstuck again this year, as I am sure teams will likely play a little more defensively and look to hit us more on the break come next year. A replacement for Roysten Drenthe who was at loan to us this year filling in the left wing slot, will also be high on the agenda. === Screenshots (in Order) -End of Season Squad (Main 18) -Final League Table -Transfers Ins / Outs
  6. 2010/2011 Season (Mid Season Update) -4th from Bottom in 17th place General Progress: -Concerning first half of the season, a better goalkeeper required A real tough struggle after 19 games of the season gone. We started the season off well, hovering in mid table after around 12 or so games. We then suddenly fell into a slump, struggling to score goals and shipping them in freely at our end. Only Real Sociedad, Mallorca, and Zaragoza lay below us. These sides probably on paper should not be down in the mix, so the second half of the season promises to be a tense finish in our aim of staying up. We lay one point above the relegation zone. Highly unimpressed with my current goalkeeper Piet Velthuizen, whom at an average of 6.40, seems to feel this is a good enough standard to keep him in the first team. I was not amused with his back chat towards me after showing what I believe, to be justified discontent at his performances so far. Revised Goals / Transfer Activity: -Less Adventurous -Carlos Kameni brought in as new first team goalkeeper, Javier Pinola comes in at left back After seeing our team falter, it would appear trying to score more than the opposition, is imbalanced with our highly incapable back line. Consequently, this second half of the season will be seen with a much more structured and more negative approach. Hopefully this will tighten things up slightly, whilst still causing teams a few problems going forward on the counter.
  7. 2010/2011 Season (Pre-Season) Squad: -Needs a few tweaks, but a promising foundation Given this is my first year in charge, it will be a case of make do with the majority players I have at this stage. There is a lot to learn about the current crop of players at the club, and so will be in a better position to see who has a future at the club after half of the season has been played. But a brief look, there are some positives here, and will suit the way in which I aim to take the club forward. Our best area will likely be up front, currently having David Trezeguet and Nelson Valdez spearheading our 2 man attack. I will be looking to get rid of dead wood at this stage, and hopefully be able to reinvest in some quality younger players in. Generally I will be aiming to build a hard working team that has pace down the flanks. I believe this type of football will bring us enough 3 point victories, hopefully to keep us up and build a solid foundation for the next few seasons thereafter. Expectations: -Avoid Relegation The board are looking for us to try and avoid relegation, and anything greater than this would be highly unrealistic looking at the players we have at our disposal. If we can stay up, I will be very happy. No need to pay much attention to the domestic cup, although any form of additional income by gate receipts and good progress would certainly be welcomed. Developmental Aims: -Long term Additions to strengthen the squad With an initial transfer budget of 425K, there appears to be very little room for manoeuvre in the transfer market this year. There likely won’t be a great deal of changes to the squad, but will hope to pick up a couple of good additions to bolster the squad for the challenge ahead to stay up this year. The board however do seem very flexible with adjusting budgets, and with some tinkering and sales I believe I will be able to invest quite substantially in the markets this year. If funds do permit, I will look to bring in several signings if possible over the course of the full season. === Transfer Highlights -A very productive pre-season transfer window! I have been able to bring in a good number of players after offloading several that were not needed. Such names as Daniel Parejo, Scott Brown, Mauricio Sperdutti and Miguel Torres are all likely to regularly feature in my starting XI this year. I was also able to bring in an experienced centre back Igor Mitreski, whose experience should prove very valuable. -A summary of transfers will be posted end of the season, highlighting all activity.
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    Hi, Typo in the title! Clicking enter seemed to post when not intended. Could you please change this to: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/392574-t-FM11-Turning-Back-.ime-(Hercules-C.F-S.A.D) [FM11] Turning Back Time (Hercules C.F, S.A.D) Cheers!
  9. Turning Back Time (Hercules C.F, S.A.D) Game Overview FM: 2011 Leagues: Top 2 tiers in England, Spain, Italy Starting Club: Hercules (La Liga – now lay in Segunda Division B of Spain) Database: Medium === Background With lack of time to learn and play the most recent FM’s, I have reverted back to my favourite game in the series FM 2011. A good level of challenge, match engine, and a good speed at being able to play a season, has spurred me to start a personal career, but at one of the clubs whom during the year this game was made, has suffered the greatest demise with their footballing status. I've never been of much use managing teams with inadequate personnel, so this could have me scratching my head a few times! === The Challenge, the Aim Hercules initially in La Liga, have most recently been relegated to the 3rd Tier of Spanish Football, being relegated firmly bottom of the Segunda Division this 2013/2014 just passed. Their progress has been the worst of all the teams that were relegated back in the 2010/2011 season from within the 3 major European leagues. Hercules: is the Roman name for Heracles considered a Greek God renowned for his strength and for his long and far challenging adventures. -Can the club named after a God, survive this time around maintaining their La Liga status, and build a team that can bring them further onto European adventures and glories??? ..."May Almighty Hercules support us all the way, to build a legacy that will go unrivalled by all."
  10. Turning Back Time (Hercules C.F, S.A.D) Game Overview FM: 2011 Leagues: Top 2 tiers in England, Spain, Italy Starting Club: Hercules (La Liga – now lay in Segunda Division B of Spain) Database: Medium === Background With lack of time to learn and play the most recent FM’s, I have reverted back to my favourite game in the series FM 2011. A good level of challenge, match engine, and a good speed at being able to play a season, has spurred me to start a personal career, but at one of the clubs whom during the year this game was made, has suffered the greatest demise with their footballing status. === The Challenge, the Aim Hercules initially in La Liga, have most recently been relegated to the 3rd Tier of Spanish Football, being relegated firmly bottom of the Segunda Division this 2013/2014 just passed. Their progress has been the worst of all the teams that were relegated back in the 2010/2011 season from within the 3 major European leagues. Hercules: is the Roman name for Heracles considered a Greek God renowned for his strength and for his long and far challenging adventures. Can the club named after A God, survive this time around maintaining La Liga status, and build a team that can bring them further onto European adventures and glories??? "...May our almighty God Hercules support us all the way"
  11. FSS Clan - Serie A

    Unfortunate circumstances in this game, meant Inter & Milan boss Moss and Mitchell were unable to attend the pre season cup final. Both were stuck in the Carribbean on holiday when airlines had organised a strike which had lasted a week. Attempts were made to reschedule the game, but the difficulties in having this re-organised were too great. In a heated battle as always between these two Italian giants, it took Inter until extra time to retain their trophy and give Moss his 3rd title in 2 years at the club. A Pazzini double was the deciding factor between the two sides, after coming off the bench for a disappointing Forlan. As always in these derbies, red was seen with Tevez losing the plot once his side went 2 down and Milan ended with 10 men. However, the game saw a bitter blow to right back Maicon. The injury suffered is likely to keep the right wing back up until Xmas, and could seriously hamper Inter's attempts to retain their Serie A crown. Maicon's Injury "It's a bitter blow to lose Maicon. We have brought back Santon to the club in the offseason, but going forward Maicon is quite irreplaceable. We had a brilliant start last season, so I think it's unrealistic given the circumstances to expect ourselves to be in a similiar position this season. Milan have really strengthened aswell in a game which could have gone either way in this final. If we can keep in a position not too far off from the top, say a handful of points I'll be quite happy with that going into the 2nd half of the season. Hopefully Maicon will be quite fresh, and have some real energy going into the critical part of the year." Transfers "With regards to our new recruits in the off season, we have strengthened quite nicely. I believe Fernandez from Sporting will suit our system quite well. Montillo really struggled to adapt to us last year. The Essien transfer is a bit of a gamble with his injury history, but I still think he can have a positive influence, and is proven to be a big game player. At 4mil, I believe it will be a good investment. Cavani will also have a big role to play, with Milito and Forlan ageing, and Maicon out for a long while we need someone whose going to grab us the goals this year. Investing in Frey may have raised a few eyebrows aswell, but he's been trained by our club and would have been a great backup for Cesar. But unfortunately he's going to be out till at least Xmas too. Our last buy Lovren, I hope will be a good replacement for when Lucio and Samuel decide to call it time. He's already showing great promise, and is likely to see a fair bit of first team action this year. Preparations haven't been great, but I hope we have enough in the tank to make a good fist for the title again this season. We've invested quite well." First XI - 41212 GK - Julio Cesar RB - Maicon LB - Criscito CB - Otamendi CB - Lucio DMC - Cambiasso MC - Martinez MC - Palombo AMC - Sneijder FC - Forlan FC - Cavani Board Expectations Serie A - Win Title Champions League - Reach Semi Finals Coppa Italia - N/A Super Coppa Italia - N/A
  12. FSS Clan - Serie A

    Overview With a good few games to spare, Moss' Inter became champions ahead of last year's winners Milan. But Mitchell's boys won the Coppa Italia last year won by their rivals Inter. It was a tense finish for the battle for Champions League spots. Hans had been in a good position all year, but a huge list of congested fixtures along with injuries to key players meant his thin squad couldn't quite hold onto their CL place for next year. Napoli being the beneficiaries here, stealing 3rd place. Not much luck for Hans in the cups either. Making two finals, the EURO cup and Coppa Italia, his side were beaten on both fronts. But great optimism should be taken from their season, as they have clearly overachieved and could be a Manager of the year award potentially. However, Cozzi's Roma is no more. After his war of word's consistently throughout the year with Inter boss Moss, the Serie A winner had the last laugh, playing a major part in the decision the Roma board made in giving Cozz the chop. To quote the Inter boss: "Not is he not only the right man for Roma, but he really isn't suited to a job in this profession either". Cozzi has recently been giving a second opportunity in management, with relegation battlers Sampdoria for the 2012 year. 2011 Competition Winners Champions League: Barcelona (Pep Guardiola) EURO Cup: Leverkussen (Robin Dutt) Serie A: Inter (Gene Moss) Coppa Italia: Milan (Craig Mitchell) Super Coppa Italia: Inter (Gene Moss) MOTY Award: t.b.c World Club Championship: Barcelona (Pep Guardiola)
  13. FSS Clan - Serie A

    Current Serie A Table G.M. - Inter C.M - Milan J.C - Roma H.S - Udinese S.J. - Lazio S.M. - Juventus Round Up It's coming to the last quarter of the season, with the race hotting up for the top 3 champions league spots up for grabs. The last weekend of fixtures saw a crucial away win for Moss' Inter against Hans' Udinese outfit. A game with huge controversy, ended up with Palombo's 30 yarder being the difference between the two sides. It's the first time Udinese haven't been in the top two since round 7. After inconsistent starts, Craig's AC and Cozzi's Roma are both showing some good consistent league form. Both sides are also in the Semi Finals of the Coppa Italia, with this form no doubt being part of the reason for their progression. However, Hans' Udinese stand in Cozzi's way of making the final, with the Roma boss needing to overturn a 2-1 deficit for the 2nd leg. Craig's Milan are looking a safe bet to make the final, taking a 3-0 first leg advantage going into the 2nd match at the San Siro. New Juventus boss Sean Macleod has had a tough start at the Bianconeri. They are perhaps the biggest of the Italian sides who look like their attempts of hitting a top 3 are as good as over. He did take over a side though which have had great instability this year, and we can only really judge Sean's credentials when he's had a full season in charge. He's being closely hunted by Lazio's new boss Sazo Johno. He's unfortunately his the sick bed and not been able to watch his side's progress over the last few weeks, but they have had 5 wins on the bounce. If they can keep this good run of form going for the last quarter of the season, there''s no reason why his side can't challenge for a EURO cup spot with 6th place being the target. In Europe, Roma failed to make the EURO cup knockouts, and Milan fell to Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid outfit. Moss' Inter overcame a tricky tie against Arsenal, scraping through on away goals, with Han's Udinese still going strong in the EURO cup. The draw for the next stages are still awaiting. Moss will be hoping to draw Olympiakos being the easiest tie of the clubs remaining, after impressively knocking out French side Lyon.
  14. FSS Clan - Serie A

    "Moss Defends 2nd String Selection" After what many have perceived as very unprofessional comments recently made by a jubilant Roma boss Jordan Cozzi, Moss had this response: "Of course it is disappointing to lose against Roma, and it's the same in any cup quarter final fixture. But the performance throughout the game was still a good effort. We conceded two goals from two corners. Roma created nothing else all game. Their keeper had to play a good match to restrict our goal tally to just the one. Perhaps the lack of matches from the players who played this game this season part contributed to our lack of concentration. But I still remain proud of their efforts. Being able to outplay the home team in such a daunting atmosphere deserves credit. I'm quite sure the home fans would have appreciated our game much more than what their home side produced. They've won a one off match, like cup games do inspire the occasional big match for the underdog. But if their play is anything like this at all for the remainder of their season, I see them struggling to qualify for the Champions League. With the squad they have this year, that must be their minimum expectation. Unlike Cozzi, I'm someone who always looks at the bigger picture. The Coppa Italia is a cup to provide our younger players with a chance, and to improve our squad's match fitness. Our board don't consider a must win objective here. I would be very surprised if the Roma board didn't consider this cup in the same way, as the bigger Italian clubs tend to follow our philosophy of the Coppa Italia. We have other competitions with greater priority to concentrate on. We are in a strong position in the league, currently top by 4 points. Unfortunately we have Sneijder out for the next month, but if we can maintain our current position I'm confident we can make a very strong challenge for the Scudetto this year. We are also undefeated in the Champions League, and are all looking forward to the ties coming up against Arsenal."
  15. FSS Clan - Serie A

    ** Press Release ** Moss Smug after Rivals Defeat After a recent interview with the Inter boss in which Roma boss Jordan Cozzi was the main topic of debate, it's been reported Moss is already reigniting their feud after another little jab following Roma's recent 3-4 defeat at home to Napoli. "I can't say it has saddened me looking at the weekend's results just gone. If anyone was questioning my judgement of the Roma boss' abilities, then surely their latest loss at Napoli supports my claim that there should be someone more experienced and deserving for the Roma role. Losing 4-3 once is from such a strong position in the game, it can happen although it should never really happen. But to do this twice and half the season not gone yet? It's suicidal, especially if you have title aspirations like he claims Roma has. We've drawn his side away in the Coppa Italia Quarters - it hasn't been an intention of mine to play a first team until the semi's of this competition. So this draw couldn't have been kinder. It will be a game where I can provide experience to the youngsters, and improve the match fitness of my less regular playing players. But also having the knowledge that we will also be tactically superior, giving us an advantage in making the semis".