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  1. Database Issue

    Just goes to show again that there is very little communication and checking of what these so called "researchers" do. Ross is quite right if he had signed for Man Utd or Arsenal it would be in the patch. Funny how Chelsea fans can enjoy their game with Torres, Liverpool fans with Suarez and Carroll and Aberdeen get **** all! Let us face the facts this is a another example of why Miles should not be getting whatever it is he is getting from the queen and another reason for half the staff on the SI team to either resign or get sacked.
  2. 11.3 Patch Official Feedback Thread

    Sorry but how can David Mcnamee being an Aberdeen player have not made it in time for the data lock? It happened weeks ago right at the start of the transfer window, before moves like Caroll, Suarez and Torres happened, do not feed us nonsense excuses like that, just be honest you do not give a **** about the SPL and teams like Aberdeen and this whole thing is a mess. Get a grip SI you should all be sacked, time after time, mistake after mistake you are ruining the reputation of what was a great game.
  3. As the title states somehow Fulham have managed to win the Premier League by 8 points in the 2010/2011 season. I got a shock as I am managing in South Africa and paid no attention to the other leagues throughout the season, went to see who won the titles in every country I have loaded and Fulham are champions. The rest of the league was as you would expect it to be. Has anyone seen a stranger champion in the first season of the game?
  4. Dundee is realistic they are bankrupt and you literally get around £90 a week wage. So the club cannot afford anyone that experienced.
  5. Job Security?

    Football Manager Team: Under Review? Precarious? Very Insecure Insecure Safe Secure Very Secure What do you think?
  6. MAJOR BUG!? Finances

    Year after year, failure upon failure to deliver what they promise. It has been one hell of a ride but they have reached the end of the road I am afraid. For two years in a row the game they have put out has been unplayable for months. I am sorry but this is a disgrace!
  7. MAJOR BUG!? Finances

    It is time for Miles and co to resign
  8. another SI FLOP

    it is time for Miles and co to resign however calling them scum is unfair
  9. End of season: Dutch Super Cup Champions Dutch Eredivisie Champions - Won it on the last day of the season beating FC Groningen in a winner takes title match. We fell a goal behind but managed to pull through 2-1 delighted. Dutch Cup: Quarter Final loss to Twente 4-1. Bad day in the office. Champions League: Was sitting nicely in 2nd needing a win against shahktar or even a point would have done to reach last 16. They gubbed us 4-0 at home. Went on a month long barron spell after that match. Europa League: 2nd round knockout- Lost to Borrussia Dortmund, 3-2, on agg! Had beaten Villareal the round previous 5-1. They were top of La Liga at the time. 2nd season objectives: Win the Dutch Cup and reach the last 16 of the champions league. It should be possibly if Suarez can stay fit he only played ten times for me this season due to injuries. Transfer Targets: Ryan Babel is all I can see at the moment but no doubt there should be a few more. Would love to bring Obertan in permanent!
  10. It is more a 4-5-1 actually with Suarez and Obertan playing as attacking left and right wing with the cous cous morroccan boy up front on his own missing every chance under the sun.
  11. Almost half way through my first season in charge of Ajax and I am enjoying a lot! The team is top of the league unbeaten however, PSV are still breathing down our necks but I believe we should lose them eventually the way we are playing. In the champions league we have played 4 out of 6 matches. Beating Cluj from Romania twice, beating Shaktar away from home but losing to Arsenal 1-0. So if we can defeat Shaktar again then things are looking good for the last 16. Signings: Rafael (Loan) Macheda (Loan) Obertan (Loan) Forren (3m) First 11: Steklenburg, Van Der Wiel, Alderweried, Vertonghen, Forren, De Zeuww, Erikson, Suarez, Obertan, El Hamadaoui
  12. The International Journeyman

    What rep did you start the game with when you took the Scotland job?
  13. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Just went on holiday, going to get started this afternoon should be good
  14. I just signed Khedira for £3 million in season two for Roma, very nice surprise
  15. FM11: The Official Aberdeen FC Thread – Come on You Reds

    Will be starting a game with the mighty dons either tonight or tomorrow which should be good. I had a small test run on the demo and I know how I am going to get the team to play. Formation: 4-1-2-1-2 Sell: Darren Mackie, Sone Aluko, Jerel Ifil Sign: Nicky Phinn, Brian Kerr Loan: Javan Vidal Maybe one of two others would be good to bring in. We shall see the demo will play out pretty differently from the actual game. I will clean out the backroom aswell only keeping Simmy.