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  1. If he keeps playing like he is he'll get an upgrade in the winter update. Dutch research team is usually pretty conservative
  2. Coud very well be true and an interesting question what that would mean for long term save files Iirc years ago didn't we have an option in the preferences menu for compressed/ uncompressed saves?
  3. I seem to have run into a registration bug with Sunderland. End of first January transfer window I'm asked to confirm my selection, but I'm exceding the Maximum squad salary. Dropped Will Griggs at 47500 a month, yet my Maximum Squad Salary only drops by 8000 a month?
  4. Summary: Ajax club vision stating "looking to sell the club" while takeovers are set to not available Description of Issue: As seen in the uploaded image, Ajax long term vision seems to be selling the club, while according to Dutch head researcher @Reddiablo takeovers are set to not available. @David Siddallasked me to upload a save game here. Hope this is enough info, if not please let me know Steps to Reproduce: Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Ajax Club Vision - waldywaldy.fm
  5. Ajax long term vision appears to be "selling the club" Does this mean the takeover business it's still a thing?
  6. Pretty sure it's not covid. I've been mainlining Hydroxychloroquine and bleach since early March just to be safe
  7. She never pre orders. Always wants to see the state of the ME before she buys
  8. Was feeling a bit under the weather. Sore throat. Runny nose. Everything tastes funny. Had planned to stay in and play the beta and drink some herbal tea. Think I'll go visit me gran tonight instead
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