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  1. Looking at 17.3, I'm guessing you parked it and forgot all about it?
  2. I'll take a less common formation if possible. If I end up with 3 or 5 at the back I'm calling shenanigans on the draw though
  3. In! Sassuolo or Mainz have my preference, but I'm good either way. I'm just hoping I end up with a semi-reasonable formation this year
  4. Italy sounds like fun, Sassuolo and Fiorentina are both pretty decent teams
  5. I'd be down for another round to kill the time until .3 drops
  6. Great read as always. Got two episodes left which I'll dive in tomorrow. Can't wait.
  7. Dolberg is very similar to Bergkamp when he was young and has bags of potential (mind you, Bergkamp in his younger days was a very different type of player than the one people remember from his late Arsenal days). Personally I think style wise he is the closest thing to Bergkamp I have seen at Ajax since, well Dennis Bergkamp. Henry is a bit easier as he has a less distinctive style, Ihenacho, Martial, Keita, either Dembele at Celtic or Dembele at Dortmund. Maybe Iwobi, with a bit of time, can get there.
  8. RB Leipzig could use a small reputation boost imo. Signing players (especially domestic ones) is virtually impossible. Considering the money they have got to spend and their performances in recent years (especially after their current BL run) they deserve a higher rep. In my game, even after finishing fourth in the league and qualifying for Europe, reputation wise they are still behind the majority of the 2nd BL.
  9. Appreciate that!
  10. Ajax finances definitely need a look at. All sponsordeals and individual tv deals in the editor are set to end 30/06/15. In game this boils down to 1 (I assume generated) main kit sponsor deal at 2,5 million for 5 years. While in reality they have a individual tv deal worth 8,8 mil Euro a year and yearly sponsor income of roughly 25 million a year. The nice thing about a club that's also a publicly listed company is the fact that all financial numbers are public and freely downloadable at their website in handy pdf form. The annual figures show pretty much everything you need to know for FM. These figures also show their liquid assets or "cash" at roughly 70 million euros (and this is not including the big transfer fees collected this summer) . The 20 million euro balance they have now puts them below clubs like Kobenhaven, Hannover, LOSC and Frankfurt, among others, all clubs with much lower reputation than Ajax. You make a good point about a big balance making it too easy to funnel money towards wages and transfer budget. I am not here making an argument for blindly taking the numbers and putting them into the editor, after all FM as a financial simulator has it's limits and data can and should certainly be used to make sure the in game experience as realistic as possible. I do think ajax's proven record as one of Europe's most financially healthy clubs for man years now could be reflected better in game. I noticed for example Ajax is set as a LLC and not PLC in the editor under ownership. Adding the philosophies certainly helps. Besides the one you already added for 17.1 I suggest adding buys young players for the first team. One of the tendencies for non-playing staff is "is frugal with transfer budget", maybe editing the attributes of board members could be used. I've played around with them in the past, but I a afraid that unless I get my hands on one of your prized research guidelines that would be all speculation from my end (for real, any researchers willing to hand me one of those in exchange for a cash filled brown envelope, hit me up on dm ). Joking aside this probably all boils down to a much more philosophical decision. How much free reign are you willing to give a player when choosing a club like Ajax that traditionally employs certain transfer and wage restrictions. In the end Football Manager is a simplified representation of how transfers, contracts and club philosophies work in real life. In-game a singular manager has full control over all. You are able to change club philosophies at your first day at the club. If you wanted to play only Nepalese players, you could. So should we limit club finances just because players could decide to spend ridiculous transfer fees and wages on players a club would never sign in real life? To be honest, I am ambivalent on that last question and can see both sides of the argument. I do think Ajax finances could be better represented in game though. I am sorry if this post comes across as overly critical, it's not intended that way at all. I am very passionate about both football manager and Ajax and in it's current state the db makes a long term Ajax game without editing the db myself in advance impossible, mostly down to the missing TV Deals and Sponsor contracts which has a pretty hefty effect on short term finances. Editing myself always leaves me with a feeling of cheating and incompetence (due to my lack of understanding of certain game mechanics), maybe that's why I am so passionate about this subject . Sorry for the long rant. I really appreciate all the hard work you guys put in over the year and as always the player data looks pretty much spot on, keep up the good work!
  11. Maybe try switching to windowed or max borderless windowed?
  12. Used to be Feyenoord, but they have struggled so bad irl for the past decade I occasionally throw them a pitty loan. These days PSV is the main club I refuse to do business with. Still waiting on the day they relegate in one of my games. That would be the perfect desktop background