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  1. waldywaldy

    "Coming out" feature

    Cool I guess. As long as I don't have to do damage control when my right back has fallen out with my star striker because he forgot their anniversary . Part of me feels like it's just a clever marketing scheme to get some free headlines though...
  2. waldywaldy

    Development Required

    You need people in the box. You need somebody to make the forward runs, the AP is the only attack duty and that's hardly a role that provides penetration in the box. The CF on support will often drop off as will both IFs. You could change the CMs to an attack duty to increase forward runs, maybe change the AP to support for more defensive stability in midfield. Definitely add an attack duty on the wings too, and compensate it by changing the corresponding CWB to a slightly more defensive role to compensate, maye a FBs. Forward runs dude, it's all about getting men in the box.
  3. waldywaldy


    @Tom Miles Uploaded as waldywaldy_Nation#1_bug Bug occurred on 2nd of Sept iirc
  4. Just a small error I noticed in a message in my inbox
  5. waldywaldy

    [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    Finances are still an issue. No sponsorships set for most teams as far as I can see without the editor. Ajax balance at 46 million is a joke. They sold 80 million plus worth of players this summer on top of a balance that exceeded 100 million last year.
  6. Basque Country consists of 7 provinces, 3 in France, 4 in Spain (Navarre included).
  7. Found it. Hidden behind a smudge on my filthy filthy laptop screen
  8. https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/911297172292947968 I believe this is the first one
  9. I was wondering where the hell you got that x from
  10. Anyone solve the anagram on Miles twitter yet? All I got so far is flashbacks to those illegible anti piracy codes SI used to print on the back of their manuals edit: dynamic ltefsrn1fa? that 1 is really screwing with my head and my hangover is not helping at all