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  1. Just won Golden Boy for me in his second season at HSV. 13 goals in 14 apps in the Bundesliga so far
  2. Somebody know what's going on with the transfer clauses in Cenk Tosun's contract at Everton?
  3. In the Units screen in the new training module the goalkeeping unit takes up waaaaaay to much of the screen. Most people will have 2 or 3 GKs max and this way I'll have to use a scroll bar to go through my defensive unit which might hold 10-20 players
  4. Played for a couple hours First impression very good. Training looks interesting af but quite overwhelming. I bet that once Rashidi drops his guide things will start to fall in place and I'll probably spend a lot of time playing around with it. Same goes for the new mentoring system. Was sceptical about the purple at first but apart from the gf saying purple and red is an absolute no-no every time she walks by I don't even notice anymore and it does seem easy on the eyes. Match engine looks great so far, slightly cross heavy here but that is partly my tactics. Intersting to see how a center heavy formation behaves later on. Slowly getting used to the UI which feels great overall. Customizing screen layouts with the new dividers is the best UI addition in years. Newgens though... I understand that the way they are generated now as apposed to editions a couple of years ago is probably due to the fact that they are eventually supposed to be used in a future version of the 3d engine, but they are still not quite there yet imho Looks like awesome work again though, and good for way to many hours of entertainment this year Thank you!
  5. So, what's everybody having for dinner? Reheated Thai food from yesterday here. Opening a bottle of wine to make time pass more quickly.
  6. Cool I guess. As long as I don't have to do damage control when my right back has fallen out with my star striker because he forgot their anniversary . Part of me feels like it's just a clever marketing scheme to get some free headlines though...
  7. You need people in the box. You need somebody to make the forward runs, the AP is the only attack duty and that's hardly a role that provides penetration in the box. The CF on support will often drop off as will both IFs. You could change the CMs to an attack duty to increase forward runs, maybe change the AP to support for more defensive stability in midfield. Definitely add an attack duty on the wings too, and compensate it by changing the corresponding CWB to a slightly more defensive role to compensate, maye a FBs. Forward runs dude, it's all about getting men in the box.
  8. Basque Country consists of 7 provinces, 3 in France, 4 in Spain (Navarre included).
  9. Found it. Hidden behind a smudge on my filthy filthy laptop screen
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