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  1. I have tried a youth academy challenge several times with FMC15. I find it very difficult especially with lower league clubs. I also noted that I never got more than 5 players per intake and the composition was always the same. Player 1: GK Player 2: Defender Player 3: Defender Player 4: Midfielder Player 5: Midfielder I have never had a striker come through my youth ranks. When my intake is small, 3 players, I don't even get midfielders. Problem I always encounter is that the better players don't want to renew their contract because the squad is not of sufficient strength to suit their ambitions. So that means that 2 good players tend to leave each year and I am unable to get 2 quality players back in via the youth intake at the same time to prevent the next batch from leaving. I find it hard to break this cycle.
  2. @brenosantos Good luck with Afturelding. I have been doing this challenge with Afturelding on FMC 15 for 9 seasons now. Interesting to see how you get on.
  3. Nothing, he came in as a Bosman-signing, should show in his history in my previous post. However I did have to pay a lot (for my standards) for Sneijder and Heitinga (€ 18,5 mil. for Sneijder and € 15 mil. for heitinga)
  4. I have finally managed to finish my fourth season with Ajax (unfortunately it took a ruptured achilles tendon). We continued our winning ways but this time combined it with nice football and lots of goals. We won the league, cup, champions league and World club Cup. Huntelaar turned in a really good performance and scored loads of goals. Scoring 49 in 41 appearances. Could have been more if he wasn't injured that much. He was really the stand-out this season. The team is still together and I am continuing to build an all Ajax trained team. The Ajax academy is churning out prospects every year. In the fourth season I have loaned them all out to Basel (feeder club) as they are competing in the CL. Coincidently they are in the group with me, Juventus and Anderlecht. I can observe them closely as we meet during this season.
  5. Just finished my third season and we managed to continue our winning ways. Started the season off nice with Sneijder in superb form, unfortunately he then got injured for 3 months. Babel was even worse, injured for 5 months. We did win the Super Cup easily, beating AZ 3-1. We than went on to win the Club World Championship by defeating Sao Paulo in the final. In the latter stages of the Dutch cup competition I fielded a full strength squad bcause that was the only price missing in my trophy cabinet, but I am pleased to say that I have finally won it. Beating Vitesse 3-0 in the final. The Erdivisie title was a certainty as always, never getting into trouble there. Once again I managed to fluke my way to the CL-title. Pretty bizarre final in which Arsenal missed all sort of good chances. I just managed to hang on and steal the trophy with a weird penalty shootout. I managed to sign Huntelaar, so I am hoping that my problems scoring goals are now a thing off the past. Some nice prospects in the youth team which I intend to groom for first team appearances this year. My hottest prospect, Luuk Kilic, is developing real good with the help of Sneijder. Hoping to increase his determination even more with another year of tutoring. I have now upgraded to 11.2.1 and this has finally resolved the feeder club issues, so hoping to get so fun there.
  6. If he has enough potential and if you alternate his individual focus between finishing and composure he should turn into a fine striker. I have managed to bring Heitinga back to Ajax at the close of the transfer market at the start of the third season. At 17,5 million euros I have paid too much for him, but Everton would not let him go for less. Now all that remains are Nigel de Jong and van der Vaart, but both are not interested. De Jong's contract ends this season, as is Hunterlaars so I am hoping to pursuade them to come back.
  7. Those are some nice newgens, fgh. Looks like the Ajax academy is finally producing good newgens this version. Reekers' striker attributes (heading, finishing, composure) appear low compared to his other attributes, I thought they had fixed this issue.
  8. Sneijder was unhappy at Inter almost directly in the first season. I started praising these former Ajax players from the start and after I won the CL his value had dropped to 19,5 mil (from 25 in the beginning). He kept rejecting contract offers from Inter. He was on 135k a month and managed to get his initial offer from 250k/month down to 145k Also quickly offered Stekelenburg a new contract to remove his "match highest salary clause", good thing I checked that first Already have found good use for Sneijder in tutoring a hot prospect that came through the acadamy after the first season. He has already played in the final as I thought I would stand no chance against Barcelona (getting an assist and the second highest rating in the game).
  9. I just finished my second season with Ajax. Without making any transfers I have managed to win the league by a landslide, which allowed me to focus on the CL. I'm still amazed that I have managed to fluke my way to the title beating Milan, Shaktar, Liverpool and Barcelona in the process. I am actually a bit disappointed that I achieved my goal so easily (I don't consider myself a good manager) and did it the PSV-way ("zakelijk", keeping it tight at the back and just score a goal (if I'm lucky 2). I now set out for a new challenge that would make Cruyff proud. I am now solely focussing on players that have come through the youth setup and see what we can achieve. I have signed Maduro, Babel and Sneijder (). Maybe Heitinga is a possibility as well. Nigel de Jong and van der Vaart are not interested (yet) As staff I have managed to sign Ooijer, Davids, Benni McCarthy, Seedorf and van der Sar. Unfortunately Kluivert, Reiziger and Winter don't want to join. Also a targer is to play attractive football with wingers and a AMC (10), at the moment playing with DMC but with wingers. I will try to post a few screenshots after the weekend
  10. Finished my first season with Ajax last night. Nothing spectacular, really. Did not buy any players and shipped out some dead wood. First half was mainly getting used to playing together. We did however with lots of luck manage to finish top of our CL-group on the last matchday by beating Valencia at home and United losing. However Lyon knocked us out after the group stage and they went on to the final, only to lose after extra time. Ran away with the league title in the second half of the season, but was knocked out of the semi's of the Dutch Cup by PSV. Managed to give some of the youngsters a good run of 4 games in the final league matches (playing Kappelhof, Denswil, Schenk, Bonevacia, Sporkslede, Bouy, Jozefzoon, Zeegelaar and Castillion) with good results, winning 3 and drawing 1. Looks like a bright future ahead. Lots of players are being wanted, but until now only a few bids have come in. I intend to continue with the current set of players available and see if I am capable of getting by without purchasing any players. The only player that seems to be struggling is el Hamdaoui, he is getting worried that he is on a long goal drought. I must admit that he does miss a lot of good chances and Castillion has been more effective in the few games he has played. How are you guys getting the most out of Mounir? On a side note: Twente have been relegated (in a play-off against Den Bosch) after selling Ruiz and Douglas in the first transfer window, remarkably Jol took over from Preud'Homme but could not save them.
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