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  1. This works!! Just right click the actual "games" folder and click restore to previous version. So glad this worked, I made the same mistake :x Cheers
  2. Nouri had a crazy growth spurt these last few months! And his first caps. 20 free kicks, looks like a decent AP? http://postimg.org/image/vvdspv1kb/
  3. My ajax save: I must agree ajax have an amazing amount of young talent coming through on this years fm. Denswil, Veltman, Tete, Fischer, Andersen, Bazoer, vd Boomen, Riedewald, Kishna, Nouri, they all have great potential on my save. Bazoer, vd Boomen and Nouri are more or less first team players now in my 5th season. The others are really close to it. Big transfer movements; Bought Balanta first season for 11m, sold him to Man u for 45mil in season 3. Sold Denswil for 37.5m in season 4. Now I've gotten a offer of 54m for Fischer at the start of season 5. I was having a lot of doubts, cause I am playing the ajax way, bringing in lots of youngsters for little money (1-5mil) and then sell them on later for huge profits. But for now I am keeping Fischer. Some of the better players and talents: One problem I ran into... not having enough old players to tutor all the incoming young talent. By selling the best players when I can get a huge transfer amount I started running really short on tutors, heh. Skelljebred for example was signed just to tutor youngsters (model professional) Oh, and a transfer budget of 101mil atm, buy low, sell high working perfectly
  4. Got him for around 5 mil euros at the start of the 2nd season with Ajax actually, which is quite cheap I reckon since they're rivals. Using him as an IF on the left side mostly. Develloping quite nicely. Will post a screenie later.
  5. I am playing Ajax. He was probably the biggest reason why I won the title in my first season. Scored 20 in 26 games. Probably not a worldclass beater but definately good second tier.
  6. Shouldn't it be "faster than Henry and more technique than Zidane"? lol And yea, got Hazard in season 1 and for 5 seasons straight scoring around 15 goals and 20 assists as a IF.
  7. At the end of season 5: van Persie playing a little less now, and Niang is taking over his spot very well. Could've offloaded him earlier on for a nice amount but I dont need the money and I want him (as does he) to finish his career here. Then after winning the CL a second time I checked Messi again and this time finally: Now I had to choose between Walcott and Hazard to leave the club as I want to keep giving my youngsters (Acosta/Labyad) some playing time also and with Messi coming I will have too many wingers/attackers. I opted for Walcott as he wanted a new challenge after winning everything. Barca bid 55m (euro) but he rejected their contract :/ Now Man C wanted to loan him for 12m with 50m future, PSG bid a cheeky 24m so off to Man C he is. I wonder what the chances are clubs actually buy players after a loan though? Anyways, snapped up 2-2 more 16 year olds and didnt sell/buy anyone else. Oh and Gibbs wants a new challenge also, not sure what I will do with him.
  8. Season 5 almost ended now. Current squad: GK: Szczesny / Areola / Ter Stegen LB: Robinson / Gibbs CB: Koscienly / Vermaelen / Papadoupolos / Garlini (regen) RB: Vrsajlko / Sagna DMC: M'Vila / Mascherano MC: Ramsey / Wilshire AML: Hazard / Acosta (regen) AMR: Walcott / Labyad ST: Neymar / V. Persie / Niang 100 mil in the bank and wage balance not that high. I wonder if anyone ever managed to sign Messi? His contract is running out for a few months now but he remains uninterested will update more detailed later
  9. @ yonko how did you get your font / UI like that? cheers (sorry for OT)
  10. Season 1 singings: Season 2: Season 3: Current squad: So it basically comes down to this: GK: Szczesney / Areola DR: Sagna / Vrsajlko CB: Vermaelen / Mertesacker CB: Papadopoulos / Koscielny LB: Gibbs / Robinson DM: Song / Gago MC: Ramsey / Thiago AML: Hazard / Wilshire AMR: Gervinho / Walcott ST: Persie / Neymar / Niang I know I am playing totally Arsenal (or should I say Arsene Wenger) unlike but that's what the game is for right? However I do buy youngsters mostly so I do feel I am more or less set for the upcoming years and will probably keep a low profile on the transfer market. I am still keeping my eye on Goetze though so he can replace Gervinho but I dont feel like splashing out 40m+ yet again. Weird enough I won the league in season 1 relatively easy and in season 2 (even though I had a much better team) it was only by a 1 or 2 point margin coming down to the final play day. Won the CL in season 1 also by drawing easy teams, but lost to Man C in the finals second season. Got kicked out of the FA and League cup first season fast, but won them both next year. I wonder how Coquelin and Frimpong are doing for others, I gave them both quite a few games (around 10-15ish) each season but they look like they will be fillers mostly. Absolute star players obviously Hazard and V. Persie. Rising talent is Labyad which I got on a free (same with Muniesa) who looks like he will be challenging for a first team spot soon as is Niang.
  11. Good stuff in this thread. Later on today I will chime in with my arsenal save with more details. Minor spoilers though :o Brought in Neymar, Hazard, Thiago, Robinson and Papadopoulos as my biggest singings so far. (this is over 3 seasons btw)
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