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  1. Leo Messi @ FM2005

    I remember Messi finishing in one on my games in Banik Ostrava. Not sure if it was FM 05, 06 or even 07 or 08.
  2. Not the answer I wanted to hear. Hopefully they can "fix" that for the full version.
  3. When I click on any of my players they have some of their attributes highlighted. For example if my assistant manager suggests that my player should be played as a Poacher then the player will have Poachers' attributes highlighted. When I select Clear Selected Role from the drop down menu the attributes aren't highlighted any more, but when I click for example on my Tactics and when I click back on that same player he will have those attributes highlighted again and I don't want that. Is there any way that it becomes permanent when I select on Clear Selected Role? And if I want those attributes to be highlighted again I can always choose that option from the drop down menu, but having to select Clear Selected Role every time I click on any of my players is really pain in the back.
  4. The board demands more from you Tyoldinho!
  5. What happened to Ronaldo and Bale?

    Yes indeed, although it's hard to believe that Rooney, Smalling, Benzema, Kovačić, Bartra... accelerate better/faster than Ronaldo and Bale or that Schneiderlin, Pepe, Rakitić... accelerate the same or that Vermalen, Pique, Mathieu... accelerate just a little bit slower (11).
  6. Speed of saving time, loading time and speed of processing is painfully slow. I really hope that there will be an update as soon as posibble that will bring optimisation at least as good as it was in Football Manager 2014 (it had the best optimisation and speed od them all).
  7. Check this out everyone! It's the first season. One match before the final match in the league. We need a win to stay two points in front of Newcastle who won their match one day earlier and is now one point in front of us. We were 2-0 up just for Burnley to pull level when in the last minute of the match (94th minute) Robin van Persie does this! [video=youtube_share;QCmIeqpZINs]
  8. I don't think it has anything to do with our specifications. The minimum required system specifications are the same as for Football Manager 2014 which was the fastest version/edition when it comes to everything: saving times, loading times, proccessing, opening players' profiles... So, they need t work on optimisation whic I believe they are doing.
  9. Same here. It's really annoying. Same goes for saving times and loading times as well as the general proccessing when i click Continue.
  10. Out of interest may I know how did you do that exactly?
  11. No, there was a screen/option/tab called Contrac Expiry Dates, where you could see your players in their llast year of contract.
  12. Looking for something else, but that'll do as well. Cheers mate.
  13. Where can I find a list of my player whose contract is about to exprire? Contract Expiry Dates option.