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  1. I think that score and time during the match are too small. I have trouble to locate and to see them.
  2. The update is out! Fixed various crashes and Fixed an issue with some personality attributes. Thank you SI! @Marc Vaughan Does the second one relate to the infamous attribute problem?
  3. So, unplayable weekend for me it is then... Hopefully Monday will bring us the all needed update. Until then it will be six days that game wasn’t playable for me. ’mon SI, I know you can pull it off! You always do.
  4. @Alari Naylor, I know I'm probably boring already, but can we please get some update on this one? Are there any chances that we will be able to play the game for the weekend? Because honestly, the game is currently unplayable for me and I'm still waiting to start my save game.
  5. Thanks for the update mate! Still, I want to start fresh, so here's hoping it gets released tomorrow! But I know the most important thing is for it to be properly ready to be released.
  6. Just refreshed my AppStore on iPhone 8 (latest iOS), there is an update of 2GB (11.0.3) available containing: Fixed stuck news, Fixed startup issues on old iPads and Fixed a couple of other crashes. Disappointing to see that the attributes bug is still not fixed. I'm still waiting to start playing... @Marc Vaughan @Alari Naylor Can we please have some kind of an update about the attributes bug, when the hotfix might be available? It's been three days since the game was released and I'm buzzing to start playing!
  7. Will it include the other fixes as well? Like the attributes fix? Thanks!
  8. No Transfer windows: What is it? Quite an obvious unlockable which can be enabled/disabled when wanted in the menu's preferences. This can only be done with a club team. To unlock: Make a profit for your club in the transfer window (the amount is in conjunction with your clubs reputation). What it does: As in the name, the no transfer windows unlockable eliminates windows allowing you to buy players whenever you want. Probably that happened in your save game.
  9. Te ball size is fine for me, it's just the colour that I would like to be changed ormaybe that option to use winter ball type all the time would do the job for me.
  10. Cheers! I appreciate your efforts and the fact that you're keeping us updated.
  11. It's greyed-out because there are no more news items. You continue the game by pressing Continua in the top right corner.
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