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  1. Hi guys. Playing fm for first time since fm15 and was wondering where the option to manage subscriptions is? Where you could select to get match reports, award news from certain completions etc etc? TIA
  2. It's really not rocket science what is going on is it. Mourinho is coming at the seasons end when Van Gaal will in all likelyhood leave by mutual consent or have his contract terminated. The problem that the board would face is that if LVG were to leave now then only Giggs would replace him at this present moment. And what would happen if Giggs did 'well'? They as most us do realise Giggs is unlikely to put us back at the top and the board wouldn't want the problem of Mourinho coming in on the back of some good form under Giggs for 8 games.
  3. Darmian = bang average, Smalling decent enough to be a squad player if we are to harbour aspirations of getting back to our best, Borthwick Jackson not looking likely to be the next Irwin or Prunier for that matter, Mcnair playing because he is there rather than an ability based decision, Jones is too broken to ever be a top PL defender, Rojo decent squad player, Blind should be playing in the dutch league, Valencia and Young have and never will be good enough, the fact that young has been one of our better performers is more of an issue at how poor our squad has become, Januzaj over hyped and no better than Luke Chadwick was for us, Carrick - decent squad player, Herrera, Shweinsteiger and Schneiderlin have as of yet offered no consistency yet this is down to LVG. Memphis, Martial and Mata have the ability/potential to be right up there yet need a capable manager to ignite this in them. Marouane Fellaini. Emphasises EVERYTHING that is wrong with our club at present. Purchased by a clueless vice-chairman whose transfer negotiating skills bring back memories of trigger and del boy haggling for the briefcases in the 1st ever OFAH, only to offer nothing on the pitch apart from his ability to elbow and encourage desperate long ball football. We have grown up with a team ready to attack and play for their lives in the last 20 mins when required and when LVG brings him on to try and 'rescue' us a little part of me dies inside. Now tell me again where there is "plenty of quality" in this squad???
  4. It becomes 'active' again after a week I believe mate ;-)
  5. Can foresee us wasting 30m upward on Kane in a reactionary purchase similar to Wenger's spend spend after the 8-2. Unfortuantely, Benzema aside, there seems to be a dearth of top strikers compared to 10-15 years ago. Would rather punt on Wilson all season as opposed to bidding on a one season wonder who would likely cost £40m+.
  6. Yep its the away goals. They scored 2 which is one more than you. Unlucky though.
  7. Just started on new patch and we have not entered the league cup in the 2nd round, although we have now entered in the 3rd round? Hull took our place in round 2?? Is anyone else starting in the 2nd round or are you also just in the hat for the 3rd round?
  8. Spurs v Wigan a few years back saw 9 goals in 43 mins so to say it doesn't / can't happen is simply untrue.
  9. Schedule, click on an upcoming fixture and it will have a tabg of 'previous meetings in the bottom right hand section.
  10. The scouts are definately cut off as has been confirmed by one of the SI guys being aware of this. I am/was pretty sure physios were separate too, although they may have changed this and I have missed it.
  11. Unfortunately one of the current bugs is that scouts and physios allowed do not show on said screen, it seems to be cut off.
  12. The scouts and physios allowed section of the 'boardroom' is still not showing? Surely can't have been that hard to fix to show us how many we are allowed??
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