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  1. I also had another transfer issue where Danny ings transfer is "set to complete" but never does.
  2. I have a bit of an issue with the match enine with the speeds being very slow and not much room to change the speed on the sliders. The replay speed also doesn't work
  3. With 8GB of ddr4 ram how many leagues do you think I can run? Main priority is BPL, La liga Bundesliga and Serie A Preffered would be the above and ligue 1 liga NOS and eredivise and championship although I wouldn't mind sacrificing some of these leagues mentioned right now.
  4. Quick question how many leagues would you recommend playing on this? https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/NX.GP8EK.002-Acer-Aspire-7-A715-71G-53HF_2283341.html
  5. Quick question is saveonlaptops a good trustworthy website? Never bought from there.
  6. Any help for PC choices, what kind of specs are needed, recommendations and comparisons all here.
  7. I did consider that laptop however the battery was too poor for my liking. The laptop I found was the best for I could find that was a all rounder.
  8. Thank you guys you really helped me a lot the advice was great. Here's the laptop I was thinking of. https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/NX.GTVEK.004-Acer-Aspire-7-A717-71G-501X_2335984.html So do you guys think the i5-7300HQ and I5 8300H are capable of running FM at a GOOD performance? Let me know what you think my budget is maximum £700 preferably a bit lower would help. Any recommendations are welcomed.
  9. Hi I was wondering if you could give me advice on EACH of these processors for the regular FM. *Intel I5 7300HQ 2.5GHZ 3.5GHZ 4 Core *Intel core I5 8250U 1.6GHZ-3.4GHZ 4 Core *Intel core I7 8550U 1.8GHZ-4GHZ 4 Core *Intel core I7 7500U 2.7GHZ-3.4GHZ 2 Core *Intel core I5 8300H 2.3-4GHZ 4 Core It would be very helpful if you're able to reply as I'm buying my laptop next week my budget it £700 at a very push.  Would love to know your thoughts thanks.
  10. Hi smurf I thought rather than stretching the budget, instead I'd opt for the lighter fm touch. What kind of PC would I need.Any tips for specs to looks for or recommendations will be really helpful. Thanks a lot smurf
  11. Will the main ones (England, Germany, Spain, France and Italy) be able to run? On estimate how many do you think?
  12. The best I'm finding at my budget is a i5-7200U. The Base frequency is 2.5ghz? The absolute stretch that I could find is a i7-7500u with a 2.7ghz Base frequency? There's also an amd fx-9830p Here are the laptop links let me know your opinion on each one. https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/NH.Q2UEK.001-Acer-Nitro-5-AN515-41-F3K8_2140668.html https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/A556UQ-DM1469T-ASUS-Vivobook-A556UQ-DM1469T_2255403.html https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/81HN00FAUK-Lenovo-V130_2325276.html Thanks a lot Smurf for the help
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