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  1. In Game Editor

    If you do need any help I’m here :). I’m the owner of http://FMMobile.net
  2. All friendlies are decided for you on FMM.
  3. In Game Editor

    You can edit team colours and short names. You cannot edit changes pre game, just between seasons and cannot make national teams manageable (message me which team you want and I will see if I have a save on it).
  4. https://fmmobile.net/2018/03/14/fmm2018-playable-national-teams/ Playable Nations are as above. It can be unlocked or purchased.
  5. Often new leagues are added due to high sales in the area
  6. Logopack help me!

    You can find them on http://fmmobile.net but for iOS you need to have a Computer/Mac. There's instructions on the post but feel free to message me if you need any help. Thanks
  7. 1. Media needs to be improved first I reckon. 2. Which manager picks their sponsor? A message to say you've got more money from sponsors, yes. Picking your own, will make it the most unrealistic FMM ever. 3. Totally agree media should build up games more and talk about it at greater frequency afterwards - especially if it is a key battle in terms of relegation/title race. 4. Isn't this the Trequarista up front? If this doesn't act as intended I'd love to hear why. 5. Seems a waste of a feature when it has no impact on the game but to give the manager another decision and to slow the pace of a game designed to be quick. 6. Totally agree.
  8. Faces and logos help

    Hi, if you message me I can help :). We're not allowed to mention it here.
  9. It means that the game is on TV.
  10. Missing fix

    Future transfers have never been in the FM Mobile series.
  11. Editor game

    The stars are based on the Potential Ability Value but the game doesn't display the 1-200 rating in the In-Game Editor.
  12. Have you tried logging in through Google or Facebook? If you can’t do this please email help@fmmobile.net and it can be verified manually. Thanks
  13. You can find a license fixes file on http://fmmobile.net for them :).
  14. I tried this for FMMobile.net but unfortunately with the new name system there was a bug and it led to a few players not moving and other teammates moving instead - Aubamayang to Newcastle not Merino and Falcao to Huddersfield not Kongolo.
  15. There will be a free update but it is usually released after all windows close in late Feb/early March.