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  1. But features are the most exciting thing, why would you peak your marketing and get press coverage with no call to action that will make you actual money? The game relies on impulse buys as much as anything and with no option of that it’d be the worst marketing decision to do it early
  2. On one hand I agree, on the other hand from a marketing point of view it doesn't make sense to not give a call to action and talk about a game significantly.
  3. It's simply that FM Mobile at present doesn't have pre-orders so it makes no sense for marketing to be done when people cannot purchase the game for a few weeks. Probably as well is that they don't want to lessen the impact of their highest margin product's release in the PC game.
  4. Leagues are decided on where the most sales come from AND a lot of people asked for China. Be an ambassador for Greece and ask all your friends to buy the game
  5. 3. allow us to start unemployed 4. add VAR for mobile Both of these are in the game already 8. allow us to switch from enhanced match engine to classic match engine and vice versa As they change more than just graphics I doubt that's possible
  6. The game picks leagues based on sales in that region. Brazil used to be on but was removed due to license issues and the fact the game can no longer be sold in this nation.
  7. No. Where did you get the game from?
  8. # Add salary for coach and useful items for sale [Cars, homes, motorcycles, Airplanes] (for coach's reputation) # Meetings every week with the president to know are opinion on team management, transfers and others. No thanks, I'd rather not have a life sim.
  9. No Brazilians play the game legally as the game cannot be sold in the country.
  10. It can't be down to work-rate (hidden attribute) either as they both have 16, aka they aren't lazy.
  11. Discuss it here please. https://community.sigames.com/topic/469845-condition-on-latest-update/
  12. On match ratings, something I have found is that it doesn’t factor in your opposition. Chelsea losing 1-0 to Huddersfield should lead Huddersfield having many players in the team of the week and having high ratings as that is a massive scalp and ratings should equal that to Chelsea’s if they win against Huddersfield 5-0.
  13. You can turn replays off in your in-match settings I believe.
  14. Have you unlocked the no loan restrictions unlockable?
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