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  1. Hi all, We at Vibe.Community are running a FMM Survey in the hopes of unifying the game development (going to send it to SI) and community's progress. We hope you can take a short time to fill it out. Link to the survey: Thanks, Dec
  2. Check it is enabled in preferences > unlockables.
  3. There is very little fanfare in the game as a whole and the last message is just a short sentence on what you did after depending on success (e.g. Had a house by the beach).
  4. Just to clarify, is this FM15 on PC or FMH15 on Mobile?
  5. It is 30 seasons so 2046.
  6. Never happens in any of SI's games so it is highly unlikely we will get this in 2016.
  7. You can manage the MLS on FM Touch but not FM Mobile. To load it up just select it as playable when you start a new game.
  8. Ok thanks, just all seems a bit weird. I hope you can understand that given that Brazil was removed halfway through the year and seems to have had more done to it than previous licenses (even more so given you've removed changes.txts since this too). I just cannot understand how colours can be copyrighted, if that was the case I don't think Gremio would be happy with these forum colours as they are the same as their kits.
  9. Is there a reason why this isn't done for any other unlicensed club or nation like Germany, Bayern, Schalke, Porto, Steaua or the Japanese clubs?
  10. Does this include colours or will they be fixed in the next version? Thanks
  11. Hi guys, anybody interested in doing Football Manager Mobile Guides/Downloads/Stories? If so please reply here or drop me a message. Let's make the FMM Community great like it used to be. There's a large audience for it (over 70,000 members) so if you have the game and want to contribute then please don't be afraid . Thanks, Dec
  12. FC United have been a good team if you want to go very low. If not then go with RC Lens or Burton Albion as they have the best facilities possible. As for community, there is a lack of people creating at the moment. There is a website over at, however with the game it does sell well so I doubt it will stop being made. The only issue is if the community continues to consume without creating or even commenting/discussing there won't be many people left doing it.
  13. Hi all, please check out this video explaining the current situation of the FMM Community and how you can help. Thanks
  14. For number 1 would you like the ability to multi select such as press down and hold a player and then you can check players with one click to then assign options?
  15. What you are doing isn't changing the tactics but filtering their traits. To change a player role for a game you need to go to tactics then the 3 line button (burger) next to the date and select player roles. You can then change your player roles in your tactic.