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  1. Is this FMM? If so I agree with you about the feedback and it is something I have been telling SI consistently.
  2. Appointing staff and level of feedback are two different entities sadly. I agree with you on both though and they should go hand in hand and the level of feedback is just not good enough.
  3. The database does improve year on year. I believe in 2015 there were 7000 players in one database, in 2016 there were 9000. While I agree the types of players needs a huge reshuffle to the non-playable leagues and the overall database needs merging to give more flexibility the latter will be a huge job and probably why they said in the long term. I have no doubts though that the game will have a larger database than last year.
  4. We at Vibe.Community have jobs available in the wake of Football Manager Mobile 2017 coming out. As part of our changes we are going to be offering a Pay Per Views scheme for all staff members where you get rewarded for your content AND offer the game and all DLC for free in order to thank you for your work. This is a great opportunity and a step into the industry you wish to go into. This has been common from our staff members and is a great opportunity to distinguish yourself from a crowd doing something you love. We have roles in the following: Writer Graphic Designer Database Editor Web Developer Social Media Assistant If one of these appeals to you then please see all details as well as the links to apply here. We look forward to seeing all the applications and getting to work with you. Thanks, Vibe.Community Staff
  5. I would imagine 3D match engine would have to be available for a lot more devices and run smoothly else it would be slow and laggy, also cost a lot of money and time for the small team to develop.
  6. I think the BWM is probably the most similar as it has little attacking threat but they are a bit more aggressive and are sometimes seen moving out with the ball.
  7. I believe CMs are too passive and hardly tackle but an AM gets involved in a zone. Where as CM i can imagine hardly moving and just passing simple passes but not clearing or tackling when needs be. It is similar but nowhere near the role that is needed in the game.
  8. CM is more of a transition role where he sits in the middle and moves the ball on, he won't get involved. The Anchor Man is not in the game yet it is obviously a key part in football.
  9. Sadly I am not holding much hope for a revamp of the game that has been needed for a few years now. There definitely needs to be more leagues when there are plenty of Turkish and Korean players with lots of great players in Turkey and Russia but there also needs to be a revamp of the AI and news to make the game more realistic and interesting. Not holding hope for these as they aren't top sellers though. In my view bugs need to be fix quicker too, the lack of urgency is worrying and with the feedback here the presence of SI (or the little comments on feature requests unless it is a flat out no) is a decline from years of old and showing a shift from community to business for the game to a worrying level. Given the lack of features in each year is a clear indication that these business decisions have been purely based on money not progression. It makes me sad that we still have features untouched from 2006!
  10. DLP takes more risks so will have key passes where as an AM won't as will always play it safe. DLP sprays ball up and will look for opportunities to split the defence like Pirlo where as the AM will not just sit in one position looking to break up play but patrols a zone and will tackle as well as intercept then play it safe (short passes or into row Z). Inside Forward as a role makes sense by running past a lone striker either side or shooting for distance. However Deep Lying Forward should be removed and be the new name for an AMC Inside Forward. TRQ is already in game but as a striker though I feel it should be an AMC too as that allows the drifting behind the forward.
  11. DLP is a playmaker so likes to ping balls forward to the striker and is mainly interceptions. An Anchor Man is more like Makelele/Kante where he cleans up in front of the defenders and then plays simple passes forward. It's more defensive and less creative/passing motivated. For clarity the BWM is more attacking and will close down opponents as well as going on runs forward where possible to get the best possible passing option. The AM is more safe and won't really venture, he'd prefer to stay in his zone and let others do the attacking jobs. This is the FM definition: "Sometimes referred to as the ‘Water Carrier’, the Anchor Man’s main duty is to sit in the whole between defence and midfield, intercepting the ball, winning the ball and laying off simple passes to his more creative teammates. Since his key job is to anchor the defence he doesn’t venture far from his position either to close down the ball or help his more advanced teammates.’" What do you think about the rest? Do you agree?
  12. In a support thread there was mention of looking at roles so I thought I would give my two cents. Tweaks: BWM - Only DMC/MC I can kind of understand why this is the case but it is mostly a defensive role so shouldn't be in AMC. BBM - Only MC They cannot run from Box to Box from DMC or AMC as they are next to one of the boxes. CM - Only MC Central midfield should be in the centre of midfield, not in AMC or DMC. T/TRQ- AMC/SC Already in striker but also a popular role to play behind the striker. As we have a lot of roles being removed that free, drifting role would be a good addition to AMC to give more options. WM - Edited The role doesn't perform correctly as it says in the assistant advice it is a crossing role but hardly makes crosses. Most see it as a narrow wide man who covers for BBMS, like James Milner. This would be a good change to the assistant advice. Maybe rename it for clarity too. It is very unique and offers some interesting tactical changes. New Roles: False 9 - SC This is a popular request with the community as they try to recreate one of the most tactically interesting roles in football. Anchor Man - DMC There's currently no specific DMC roles but the Anchor Man is popular in modern day football (see Kante) and would allow a fully defensive cover that we currently don't have in DMC. Inverted Wing Back - DR/DL/DMR/DML Man City are playing it, Baines plays it, Ivanovic too. It is a common role for them to cut in to shoot or cover for defensive midfielders whom drop back into defence. All of these roles are currently in FM on PC . Any questions or issues please just ask and I'd be happy to help. As a list for midfield for clarity: AMC: Inside Forward Advanced Playmaker Trequartista MC: Box to Box Midfield Central Midfield Ball Winning Midfielder Advanced Playmaker Deep Lying Playmaker DMC: Deep Lying Playmaker Anchor Man Ball Winning Midfielder
  13. It should be just Inside Forward and Advanced Playmaker in my opinion. Inside Forward is great for running either side of a lone striker that stays deep or drifts wide. A modern example would be the way Sterling has played in a 4411 last season or how King sets up for Bournemouth.
  14. Hi all, We at Vibe.Community are running a FMM Survey in the hopes of unifying the game development (going to send it to SI) and community's progress. We hope you can take a short time to fill it out. Link to the survey: Thanks, Dec
  15. Check it is enabled in preferences > unlockables.