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  1. The game is on 66% sale at the moment so you may want to pick it up now.

    Large database on? Loaded the nation it says with another one?

    Check the link above, that's the for the November database so you may want to load that one up instead (in preferences > starting configuration).

    You will get them at the start. Just load up a save with the right nation as the first one then if it says + other then load another one up too. Then go to national teams and you should see them.

    You cannot play in the leagues but if you load the correct leagues up the national team is in the November database

    You can play as the US Men's National Team. However playing against teams is a different license and structure to having the MLS (which is probably the most complex league in the world). https://vibe.community/forums/topic/38495-fmm-2017-all-national-team-by-database/
  7. Yes please update your game
  8. What I'm saying is you cannot create a topic on "How to Master Football Manager Mobile" and then post very closed ways of managing that don't teach anyone how to do much apart from use a strict set of rules that only really apply for certain instances and even those you listed are full of inaccuracies and wouldn't get the best out of your current team - which is what the game is about. By all means I encourage you to share your tips and guides but not by using such a defining thing. I see you've amended the first post to clarify some things - which does help, but I think if you are aiming to teach beginners you need to actually teach not say "do this". I've done many FMM guides over the past 10 years on the community and for me a guide should be a rough base. If you give someone a set up they will still be where they were in the next few careers as all they know is how but not why. I'm not criticising you for the sake of it by the way, I'm trying to aid you in creating something that will be of use to newbies and not see a lot of throwback questions due to the aforementioned issues. I applaud you for taking the initiative and time to post something to try and help others. For reference this is a beginners tactic guide on my site https://vibe.community/forums/topic/39167-tactics-guide-for-newbies/
  9. The thing is you could have the following and it is balanced but still has 4 attacking players: CMF INF-APM-WNG What I'm trying to say is you cannot fit everything into a single approach. Even your first bit on coach reports are wrong. Real Madrid should be building on Ronaldo and Kroos more than Benzema - who has a lot of similar quality players available for cheaper.
  10. I disagree. I've seen people using big teams sucessfully use 4 or even 5 attacking roles. The key isn't having X players, it is about understanding what roles work well together and how players can compare to the opposition.
  11. A nice idea but too black and white. You cannot say a 343 is how to master the game as if a team has great wing backs you're wasting them. To master the game a player should be adapting their strengths not being told what to do because it has worked for you a few times.
  12. The thing is you can edit 30+ players but not micro-manage each one. I agree it would be nice to get more feedback (not straight away though, that's unrealistic unless assistant can advise that he feels it may be pushing the player too hard due to stamina/injury concerns). I also believe it'd be nice if you are missing a section then it would be good to say - "The strikers have had poor shooting recently so should focus on it" or "WInger 1 has the potential but needs to add passing to his game" or even "As a defender there should be more focus on Centre Back 1's Aerial training than there is at present". The way I see it there should be an extension to 15 slots (1 for each first team player + spares) which would allow you to micro manage more but not excessively and have more pre-sets based on the following: Attacking = Dribbling, Passing & Shooting (two sections) Defending = Aerial & Tackling (two sections) That would leave the choices to change... Fitness Motivation Tactics Passing Shooting Dribbling Goalkeeping Aerial Tackling Which gives a lot more freedom. Crossing goes into passing, aerial is a light mixture of strength and aerial ability, tackling has positioning, shooting has movement. Dribbling includes technique too. This gives more of what you want, keeps the current system but refines it and allows more flexibility.
  13. I didn't mention the unhappiness as to be honest I haven't experienced it. I'm sure if it is mentioned a lot that can be tweaked, however it isn't a new feature. I didn't say 5 training schedules was enough, we do need more options and a few splitting out but asking for each player to be on the same could be a big time sink. Unless there is a way you can bulk edit quickly I doubt they'd make a user go through and edit 30+ players' regimes.
  14. I agree training needs to be changed but the game is meant to be quick and it sounds like a grind setting every player individually. That is why the current system is good. It would be good if they just split attacking up to passing and shooting and defensive to defending and aerial.
  15. I'm not sure kits will do this. It may just be on one screen and push information to another.