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  1. This really needs making more clear for 2018 I think @Jack Joyce
  2. Are these players getting regular game time?
  3. The game only lasts 30 seasons but saves don't grow as far as I am aware depending on how many years you are in (at least not significantly).
  4. Storage doesn't make the game run smooth, that will depend on device spec but if you have a newish iOS device it should be fine.
  5. If you say 1.25GB overall for all save slots full (4 + 2 auto saves) and the game, you wouldn't be far off
  6. it should be really, it underlines expectations. If you don't say how you are supposed to do then that isn't realistic as every club would have this at the start of the season.
  7. There is a good article on this over at Vibe.Community
  8. Just to be sure. After changing match engine did you start a new career? Also when was the last time you turned your device off?
  9. 1) It means that you can buy players throughout the year 2) If a player gets approached to become a manager he is allowed to go. This is for older players near retirement.
  10. Mid-March is probably as China ends on the 28th Feb and it has to go through a fair few processes before it is released. It would probably be a lot more work to do several updates and not get as many downloads. Yes that is correct, else you may have signed say Pato in 2019 and after applying the update you'd be annoyed if he just randomly moved to his real life club.
  11. Probably Mid-March based on previous years and break through players will be included yes.
  12. Go to options then change your news feed preference to club.
  13. 8.1 is out. Changelist: Fixed manager of the month award Fixed manager of the year award Fixed player awards for Australian A-League Made game correctly show user results from relevant competitions (based on news filters) Tweaked manager movement for greater realism Made loans a bit easier in both directions Tweaked effectiveness of player retraining Tweaked injury occurrence rates for training Lessened physio effect slightly Fixed rare issue where league could get stuck Fixed two issues where it was incorrectly not possible to discipline player Fixed reserve team training issue Fixed Club World Championship UI crash Fixed various obscure crashes Fixed Aerial Ability not updating when changed using IGE Fixed issue where B team players stayed banned Improved auto-pick and AI pick for substitutes Prevented user being able to access completed auction Made manager discipline decisions reflect personality better Tweaked player and club loan-to-buy logic Fixed scouts returning 'duplicate' player reports if recalled Fixed scout report assignment news item returning incorrect number of players Fixed a couple of scouting logic bugs Fixed various AI tactics issues Fixed league position display at end of challenge Fixed issue where scouts would not always see some pros/cons they should Prevented young goalkeepers from being overrated as often Fixed club result sequence storage Fixed issue where 3 month loans would be inappropriately requested Fixed some display/sorting issues in Scrapbook Fixed an issue where an edited club name was being reset upon reloading after season update Made it clearer when players are unavailable on picker popup Fixed player position ability inconsistencies with FL/FR positions on position selection page Fixed not being able to see injury lengths when no matches left in a season Fixed player average rating stat Fixed issue where user couldn't apply for national job Tweaked of player values, particularly for good players in Germany Tweaked scout perception of wage demands Fixed wrong asking price suggested by scout for Bosman Fixed issue with players being quoted at ludicrous prices Fixed display of incorrect draw date Fixed AI using too many subs in some cups Fixed various rounding/value issues Fixed issue with year display of award Ensured that players who are shortlisted by the user always have their news items shown Made very young prospects a little more expensive Fixed player achievement issue with Club World Championship Tweaked AI vs AI performance and ratings Prevented Don Biggins being displayed on match pages if a player isn't present in the squad or the line up Tweaked retirements Tweaked goalkeeping attributes Made sure all continental cup matches are stored in player continental history instead of cup history Fixed inconsistencies between national board confidence text and the summary box Fixed Dangers of Capitalism challenge in Australia Fixed issue where random club would incorrectly qualify for EURO cup Prevented player-coaches being released when demoted Fixed player history issue in Asian countries Made finances less likely to take unpredictable turns Fixed Cardiff virtual players not being Welsh Fixed issue where some older players would decline too much Ensured that players promoted to coaching roles retain their playing roles at their club Fixed memory leak when assistant help is diplaying Changed a misleading Brexit string when managing as UK manager elsewhere in world Made clubs consider blooding young players more often Made clubs a bit less trigger-happy releasing players Ensured players being promoted as youths are fully fit Prevented spamming of manager commitment news when a user applies to lots of jobs Fixed player progress graph display issues when in the off-season Increased chance of a player happiness recovering from disliking training once their regime adjusts Ensured staff display on B teams Various other minor tweaks and fixes
  14. I think it is a mix of everything but I agree, would be great if we could get options like FM where you can say rotational team or a youngster team.