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  1. Declan Barry

    In Game Editor: transfering players

    It's not a menu option, if you go to a player with it enabled in settings > unlockables, then there's a grey button in the bottom right corner that says edit. This will change to yellow when it's been used
  2. I don't think it's a problem with people constantly buying the game, I think that can only help. I just think this small team is stretched and cannot spend time making these changes as if they do nothing else would be done so they wouldn't have the USP needed to sell to the casual players.
  3. Not on the Editor but you can with w changes.txt
  4. What I'm saying is a lot of people on my Facebook Group have said they don't play with the sound on. While you would like it, in my opinion it's a waste of space when some people play on low end and low storage space devices. I agree with all your other suggestions though, but i personally wouldn't prioritise them over better player management, a transfer overhaul and improved media.
  5. I totally disagree with sounds. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have their device on mute at all times. Just seems a massive waste of device space when the game is already large compared to most apps.
  6. Declan Barry

    Football Manager Mobile 2018

    I think it has since the Android release to be fair.
  7. Declan Barry

    Football Manager Mobile 2018

    @Lillywhite Dean That, unfortunately, wouldn't sell the game to the casual players though. But I do wish the game had serious AI improvements, maybe if the staff team grows the next few years we'll see that become a reality.
  8. Declan Barry

    Football Manager Mobile 2018

    Out of interest, could you send a screenshot of your tactics please?
  9. Hi, I'm the owner of FMMobile.net so I can say the information on there is correct. This should help Here's a rough breakdown: Fitness - Strength, Stamina, Pace Tactics - None Attacking - Dribbling, Passing, Technique, Shooting, Crossing Goalkeeping - All GK Attributes Defensive - Tackling, Aerial Motiviational - None Mental Attributes cannot be trained like Aggression, Creativity, Leadership (all the middle row of attributes basically) though some these can go up by match experience and/or age (for instance leadership will go up by age) Hidden Attributes that influence are usually professionalism, determination, adaptation and work rate.
  10. Declan Barry

    Logopack help me!

    Could you try reinstalling again please and reporting back if you get any errors doing so? It may be that iOS transferring didn’t work on all of the logos. If not please feel free to message me or email help[@]fmmobile.net without the square brackets. Thanks
  11. Declan Barry

    Logopack help me!

    Have you cleared the cache on your device by going to the options and clicking “reset skin cache”. Then turn your device off and on.
  12. The reason these nations are in and not Romania is due to sales. The team add in local clubs for the countries that sell most games. South Korea has a huge FMM Fanbase and the USA has been enjoyed by lots this year, not just Americans. Everything you said is personal, bias opinions. Please remember that.
  13. Declan Barry

    licence fix

    Please try clearing your cache file. It should work then. Thanks.
  14. Declan Barry

    In game editor

    They’ve renamed it to settings. Sorry