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  1. Discuss it here please. https://community.sigames.com/topic/469845-condition-on-latest-update/
  2. On match ratings, something I have found is that it doesn’t factor in your opposition. Chelsea losing 1-0 to Huddersfield should lead Huddersfield having many players in the team of the week and having high ratings as that is a massive scalp and ratings should equal that to Chelsea’s if they win against Huddersfield 5-0.
  3. You can turn replays off in your in-match settings I believe.
  4. Have you unlocked the no loan restrictions unlockable?
  5. You need to get it from the Google Play Store from your device, not the Amazon Store - that is only for Kindles.
  6. They now use the ID that the club you replace uses, however there's a filter in there that stops the logo being used.
  7. Hi, it's being successful over all sections of managing a club and it is based on reputation so for Tottenham that may not be enough as they are one of the top teams in the World. What is your board happiness like?
  8. I believe they've said that would require a rework of the system so it may not be a simple change unfortunately.
  9. Leagues it isn't. Players it is but it's complex involving Hex editor. Saves cannot be transferred from the PC game.
  10. FM Mobile has never added leagues in the development cycle of the game, only for new versions so it seems extremely unlikely they will add additional in this year.
  11. It's not but based on the screenshots released so far, it's in 2019.
  12. 1) If you play on the Enhanced Engine you can save the games in the bottom left corner. 2) This isn't a feature in the game currently.
  13. I've looked into the screenshots and come up with a list of the potential features in the game.
  14. Very true but unfortunately for casual players a few new leagues (which they may not be interested in) isn't a good pull. They did a whole tactic update in 2018 and people complained the game wasn't too different from 2017. They need them big USPs that they can shout about and make people put their hands in their pockets. We're in the position that we will buy the game no matter what, however most of the game's revenue doesn't come from us.
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