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  1. I really hope that there is at least one long term FMM player thinking 'I've never heard of this' Netflix' before, sounds great though' as that would be funny, to me at least anyway As others have said, if people don't have a Netflix account by now, it's purely because they don't want one. Miles pointing out the huge amount of TV shows and movies on there isn't new information People on Twitter were asking Miles to point out some good shows on Netflix, and he was ignoring everyone, so he knows how annoyed people are
  2. The reason is thet they want money from Netflix, no reason to pretend otherwise
  3. It's a feature that was included in FMT, and made a big difference in developing young players I think that the Development Hub in FMM is brilliant, but a negative is that, when sending young players out on loan, they're often played in their secondary position (defensive midfielder rather than central defender) etc, so they don't really get the experience that I need them to Armstrong Oko Flex, for example, could play on either side of midfield, or any attacking position, but I could never get him any experience as playing as a striker, as he was always used on the right or left as a winger
  4. I've read conflicting comments, and couldn't find a definite answer
  5. I hope you're right but people were sure that the update would be out on Tuesday or Wednesday, due to the tests that had been done
  6. Why don't you realise that you're posting on a speculation thread? It has been pointed out to you several times
  7. Same, at this point it must be easier for them just to have the one. It'd be nice if they told us that though
  8. On twitter they say late February/early March. That's why people got their hopes up leet week
  9. His posts have been mocked on Reddit before. I assume that he's just a troll
  10. Instead of releasing the update, I wish that someone from SI would let people on here know the difference between a subject and a topic.
  11. They've posted very little in the last week or so, I don't think it really means anything. They're just avoiding the 'is the update out soon' questions
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