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  1. FM twitter account always tells people that the Nintendo store is stricter when it comes to testing new games and updates, so takes a bit longer to be approved
  2. I haven't known of any sensible people who think that the game is scripted There are plenty of Americans saying it on Reddit, but their points are things like 'how come my striker can score a 3 in a match, then not score again for 8 games? This game ****ing sucks' Or 'This game ****ing sucks, my team are 3rd in the league, but lost to the goddamn team in 15th, this **** is scripted' Those are two examples from last weekend
  3. Doesn't that mean that that's the deal the selling club want, and aren't willing to negotiate on that?
  4. It was available around the 25th February last year
  5. It was around the 20th of February last year, in the years before that, it was the first week or so in March
  6. I've enjoyed this year's game, and it's better than FMT in some aspects, but I think that transfer funds are a bit too generous. I know its always been that way, but still hopeful it'll change At Celtic, at the start of the second season, I had £100 million to spend, and that was after bringing in only £38 million in transfers Obviously, people will say 'just don't spend the money', and I didn't, but it's still there On FMT, I was at Doncaster, and sold two players, totalling £2.7 million, of that, only £240,000 was added to the transfer funds It just makes the game mor
  7. FMT is more difficult, as it has a lot of variables It's hard to put into words, but you'll notice the difference almost immediately, unless you really are the best to ever play FMM and that transfers over to FMT too The thing to keep in mind, is that the match engine on FMT makes players qualities/negatives a lot more prominent, and your team will, inevitably, go through a period of poor form during a season, as happens in reality, but a lot of people on here are convinced that a drop off in form means that the match engine is 'broken'
  8. Same, there is also the season stats bug, in which player facts are massively flawed. Someone posted a screenshot showing his goalkeeper had conceded over 180 goals, in just 4 appearances. I also signed someone in a January transfer window, and it stated that he'd scored 268 goals, in 2 appearances in the first half of the season
  9. I reported it on the bug forum a few hours after the game was released. I hope a fix for it isn't too far away
  10. After the update, the match engine was almost unwatchable, the lag was that bad I uninstalled/reinstalled, and the problem was fixed
  11. Sorry, posted in the wrong forum. Must not have been fully awake this morning. I was meaning to post in the touch section
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