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  1. It's definitely frustrating. When I choose Scotland as a playable nation, small teams (who are unplayable) have squads full of players, but as others have mentioned, mid sized European teams have squads full of greyed out players FMM has a far better selection of featured players from unselected nations
  2. I had to uninstall/reinstall the game. When you're choosing the playable nations/leagues, there's an option in the top right hand corner, that lets you choose the January transfer update
  3. Sorry, I don't have a computer. I've no idea what the problem was. I asked on the Reddit forum but no one there had experienced the problem.
  4. At the start of the 2022/23 season I signed a regen/newgen from a Portuguese club He didn't appear in my first team squad. When I found his profile (in the Portuguese U21s), I could send him to the reserve squad When I tried to promote him, he didn't show, and was no longer in the reserve squad either I resigned, and the player (and a few others) had been promoted from the reserves, and was playing regularly, when I checked Has this problem already been reported?
  5. Was there an update to the main game recently? I play touch on tablet, and I didn't think there'd be another update until the winter transfer one. You've got my hopes up now though
  6. The question has been asked for a few years now. The most common answer seems to be "that's just the way it is" It's pretty frustrating, as it'd be good to be able to look back at previous games over different seasons
  7. I checked the compatibility list, the huawei lite devices aren't on it I use the mediapad m5 8.4 and can recommend that, it's a brilliant tablet and runs the game with no problem. It's on amazon just now for £229.99
  8. I don't think there's a demand for it to be honest. Lullijo did a review for FMT, but I don't know if he carried on and started a career
  9. That update has been available for weeks, 21st November I think. Never mind, my mistake
  10. I just checked Google play, and there's no update. I'm on a bus, and trying not to cry, but I'm losing the battle
  11. I'd settle for Christmas eve at this point. I tried to start a save this afternoon, but gave up after being awarded 7 penalties during three pre season games. People are still asking the FM account on twitter for a rough estimate of when the update will be available, and they're being ignored
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