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  1. The question has been asked for a few years now. The most common answer seems to be "that's just the way it is" It's pretty frustrating, as it'd be good to be able to look back at previous games over different seasons
  2. I checked the compatibility list, the huawei lite devices aren't on it I use the mediapad m5 8.4 and can recommend that, it's a brilliant tablet and runs the game with no problem. It's on amazon just now for £229.99
  3. I don't think there's a demand for it to be honest. Lullijo did a review for FMT, but I don't know if he carried on and started a career
  4. That update has been available for weeks, 21st November I think. Never mind, my mistake
  5. I just checked Google play, and there's no update. I'm on a bus, and trying not to cry, but I'm losing the battle
  6. I'd settle for Christmas eve at this point. I tried to start a save this afternoon, but gave up after being awarded 7 penalties during three pre season games. People are still asking the FM account on twitter for a rough estimate of when the update will be available, and they're being ignored
  7. I fully agree. Miles said that he understood that people were disappointed with the later release this year, but it gave the team a chance to sort out the bugs before the game was available. Like you, I don't like being critical, but I've no idea how that many bugs slipped through The official FM account is actively ignoring questions about the update, which is pretty disappointing. Just today someone asked, the questions right before and after his were answered, so whoever it was, definitely would've seen the update question. Since the Stadia announcement, FMT has definitely slipped down the list of priorities
  8. https://www.pcgamebenchmark.com/football-manager-2020-touch-system-requirements
  9. Are you looking to buy the laptop simply to play the game? If so, it'll be cheaper to get a tablet. It's also coming to the Nintendo switch next week https://www.footballmanager.com/news/football-manager-2020-touch-compatible-devices
  10. It's out on 10th of this month, it was announced on twitter
  11. Someone asked on twitter yesterday, as she'd bought a switch for her boyfriend, specifically to play FMT She was told (By the FM account) that it'd definitely be out before Christmas
  12. I left Celtic after two seasons, and my replacement was a newgen than had been in charge of Hearts for a single match. It didn't annoy me, I found it pretty funny to be honest
  13. Thanks for letting me know so quickly, the game is really enjoyable, other than this particular problem
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