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Regen's who have real brothers...

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I've not seen that yet but that's great. A nice touch. Are their abilities, current and potential, similar?

No, he's already much better then his brother Levin who's 26.

Although he did start at HSV before moving to Leverkusen like his brother Levin, although I do believe FM create's player's youth history.

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Yes I have seen this, when I did a journey man save I was at Wrexham had a young lad come into my youth team then two years later his brother joined. Both were CB's, didn't make the grade sadly as I would have loved to build my defence around them.

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I haven't seen any myself yet on FM14. But I remember on FM12 I had two Spanish regen brothers, Asier and Javier Fernandez who were awesome, one a left winger and one a right winger. I got Javier at age 24 for some millions but could never get his higher rated bro Asier, who was 1 year older, to leave Barcelona. I finally managed to sign him at age 31 on a free and with the both of them together, well, we kicked ass for the next 3 years.

Unfortunately I didn't take pics back then, they were something special :)

Edit: Sorry, I misread the thread title. Neither of these were real players, but a nice memory nevertheless :)

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Had Adrian come through my own youth intake then had his brother Chris come through two seasons later. I've released Chris as he was never near as good as his brother Adrian (Who has won the world cup with England at the tender age of 18, started every game including the final.



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