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  1. Yes I think the option should work. You should comment on my thread in the bug forum that you face this issue too and maybe a staff will give an answer on whether it is a bug or intended.
  2. I raised this in bugs forum but waiting a reply still. There is a 'Take Off' option when you right click a lightly injured player and have used all your subs, but it does not appear to work as the confirm changes button stays greyed out. I would like to be able to use this option when in control of a match for example. You can see the option by right clicking the lightly injured player on the tactics pitch screen, it's at the bottom of the drop down box.
  3. Sorry Neil only just saw your reply. I was playing in the 3D match engine and no I haven't had it happen before or since this one.
  4. Hey Felix, Yes I did, have played through the match again had a penalty shootout and applied exact same team and then player talk to the GK afterwards and it did not hang this time, carried on fine. So not sure what that means if anything. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Hello, - Playing 18.0.2 - Game has frozen/hung on team talk following penalty shootout. - It happened when I gave player talk to my goalkeeper. - Cannot do anything, tried clicking everything and spacebar/Enter/Esc ect on keyboard. - Task Manager shows CPU still used but RAM usage dropped to 2.2MB. - Screenshots Included if helpful. - Won't be a crash dump to upload as it hasn't actually crashed but is there anything else I can provide after I end the process now? - Will upload PKMs and Save Game if they will help too, please advise. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, going to have to suck it up and move on! Have eyes on a new LW already for Jan window
  7. I haven't seen any myself yet on FM14. But I remember on FM12 I had two Spanish regen brothers, Asier and Javier Fernandez who were awesome, one a left winger and one a right winger. I got Javier at age 24 for some millions but could never get his higher rated bro Asier, who was 1 year older, to leave Barcelona. I finally managed to sign him at age 31 on a free and with the both of them together, well, we kicked ass for the next 3 years. Unfortunately I didn't take pics back then, they were something special Edit: Sorry, I misread the thread title. Neither of these were real players, but a nice memory nevertheless
  8. I hear you, yes I found Boruc ultra-poor in FM14, I would say definitely underrated. Well he will be on quite a bit more than that for me in a few years time One of those impulse buys we all done sometime, the board did want me to sign high profile players though... .
  9. Yes in my latest game with Southampton I was suprised to see Valdes leaving Barca on a free. Unfortunately I made the decision to try and sign him and have probably future bankrupted the club to do so, I think I had gave him 90k a week with 40% yearly rise:o Still worth it though because Boruc is crap. I would add though that is a bit strange that on my game Barca never signed a replacement, they play some 18 year old in goal now who is alright but not anything special potential wise.
  10. I too had this yesterday with a young keeper, to be honest I never checked the length and just offered him the contract as a backup. He wont extend as he has only just signed, I fear I may have to use him more than I would have liked to this season in order to get him to sign again, hes nowhere near as good as my first choice yet though, spent a good few mil on him aswell.
  11. In the first United save I started on the BETA I had a falling out with Mr Rooney. I had a bad start in my third season, something like 6 defeats out of my first 12 games. He came to me saying that the club was underachieving and I said that this was a time that we all needed to work harder and stick together to come through it, and he threw a wobbler and said that he needed to see some changes from me to get us out of it. I got quite mad lol as he was one of the main ones under performing, so I decided that he was to be banished to the reserves and never played him again. Sold him at the end of that season to Stuttgart for 6.5m. There he whiled away the rest of his career in semi-obscurity without another club ever getting interested in him, lol. We actually picked up after I dropped him anyway as I could get Kagawa in and we got back to finish 2nd in PL that season. As it happened, I got the England job at the end of that season, I overlooked Rooney and never picked him again for England, leaving him something like 4 games short of the all time England caps record, pretty cruel and petty, but it was a matter of principle LOL and we had a new talisman by then anyway, the might Joe Cannon (Dubbed the new Geoff Hurst) I posted him in a thread somewhere. He retired at Stuttgart (2020) and now fancies himself as a manager and is at Carlisle in League 1. I turn down any loan offers from him and I hope I get to face him someday So yeah Rooney crashed and burned in my game, probably mostly due to me, but also I think because it was on the patch where AMC's were mostly ineffective (which is where I usually played him) I am sure he would do a lot better there on current game version. But hey ho, it was fun to continue the feud after what he did, and we did better without him! The moaner
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