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  1. I’ve been highly critical of the last few FM’s but the current ME is one of the best in years. Very well balanced and I quite like the match day UI aswell. The only real negative for me is having the covid congested fixture list. I know it’s realistic but having no fans for the first season would be realistic aswell. The fixture list is messed up for 2 of the first 3 seasons because of COVID and the Winter World Cup.
  2. Club Vision is a great idea but like most things in this game it’s poorly implemented. A lot of the starting ones are very unrealistic. For example Rb Salzburg start with ones like sign high profile players (they never sign high profile players they focus on young players that they can develop) and play possession football (All the red bull teams look to play direct transitional football, they don’t care about possession football) They just seem to add in stuff the club in real life doesn’t care about.
  3. Just had a cracking 0-0 draw at home to panderborn. My striker missed 7 one on ones and a penalty. I used to think this ME was a tragedy but now I realise it’s a comedy.
  4. This ME is one of the worst attempts I’ve seen at replicating football in a game and that’s quite an achievement. I have awful defenders with awful passing and vision consistently pinging pirlo like long passes to attackers with awful first touch who instantly control it like prime Zidane. Stats seem to be irrelevant. The amount of one on ones are a joke. The finishing from one on ones are a joke. A truly unbalanced comical mess.
  5. If a real life manager reads an fm wonderkids list and signs them in real life is that cheating?
  6. You can’t dope players in FM. Hence why AI Pep is crap compared to real life Dr Pep.
  7. It sounds like you are a sub par manager. Your board should sack you and appoint this guy who won the league with less resources.
  8. Take no notice mate. Im sure they also laughed at and ridiculed the first guy to suggest playing a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. It’s quite clear to me you are a visionary.
  9. Ironically that previous Klopp approach of extremely high pressing very quick style of play is one the most effective ways of consistently destroying teams on this FM so you haven’t picked the best example.
  10. Going back to previous versions really shows how awful 19 is. Probably the worst FM of all time.
  11. It’s one game. To use that game as an example would be as stupid as using one game without any injuries as an example.
  12. They had plenty of time between 18 and 19 to work on the ME and they produced a worse version. Add in from release to now and it’s still a shambles. People unhappy with this game should just skip 20. A drop in sales and playing numbers is the only thing to get them trying again.
  13. In FM19 you get the best out of an AMC by not playing him as an AMC.
  14. It doesn’t make any logical sense. No way you should be better offensively at home with Manchester United by switching to the defensive mentality. This isn’t a logical and realistic game. The most effective tactics usually make no sense.
  15. Some great games on that list. I’d put 19 behind most of the previous versions. Arguably the worst ME in fm history.
  16. This is the greatest ME of all time according to one SI employee. I wouldn’t be expecting any huge changes. They don’t seem to consider numerous huge flaws to be huge flaws.
  17. A bit harsh that. He took a back seat for 2 seasons when Jose arrived and then won 3 leagues on the bounce and another European cup. That side also showed real tactical evolution as well. They were very well organized and lethal on the counter in big away games in the league and in Europe compared to his previous sides . He used Park Ji Sung fantastically in a lot of those type of games as well. When he lost Tevez and Ronaldo and brought in more one dimensional players like Valencia and Owen they became a bit more rigid with less fluid play and interchanging and he made another CL fi
  18. They improved their doping. The FM equivalent would be improving your use of the in game editor.
  19. The two biggest issues attacking movement and central play are still garbage.
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