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  1. Nothing saying you cant revamp the team enough to survive in the prem. Its a new challenge. Of course you go to win every game you can in the championship. When/if you get promoted this year then just plan to avoid defeat every game instead of going for wins or even balanced. On last years i was Pescara and did extremely well just blocking out teams in the first season then built from there quickly. This year did a similar thing with West Ham in the first season, looking to build from deep, block teams, aim to possibly get a sneaky goal on the break or a set piece, nothing fancy. The money to
  2. Not alot of what can be done in football manager is done by the manager to be fair.
  3. There doesnt have to be a massive local population to have a decent attendance and big revenues. Tv money, merchandise, etc all can become huge to help. But nothing is saying if a club becomes big, that it wouldnt get people from outside regions following and going to games. Also, houses could be built over time. In Qatar a whole town is being built for the world cup....
  4. Exactly this is an instruction, not technical, so its not down to ability. Its something he can stop doing. I enjoy the humour about being an addict :-D
  5. Not advice, but actual AI using a player in goal and using the keeper outfield when an outfield player got sent off.... Most are buggy...
  6. This sort of thing happens to me and others too...definitely a bug of sorts. Players not realising youve won leagues and cups and not enough stature being gained from winning them from being smaller
  7. Playing there helps to get them natural and keep it natural, but will have to play there often.
  8. I thought that when you had enough money the board did decided based on their own judgement how many levels to go up.
  9. I thought star ratings arent relative in terms of your own team like they used to be. Maybe relative to your league, but i wouldnt know if they are not relative at all now or not because ive not managed in a lower league this year so dont know.
  10. Why would you google the problem instead of making si aware on the bug forum? I genuinely lol'd at the resurrection comment. Repeatedly
  11. Could it be something to do with the fact you now have to pay for agent fees in the transfer? Making even free transfers not 'free'..... Also, in reference to sign Valdes, at the end of the first season as West Ham, i got to confirmation stage with him, then i reconsidered and thought i would just get Khune instead because of the financial difference between their contracts.
  12. Same as other people, i dont look for determination, as i see it as something that i can tutor to get better. I look for mental stats that dont have much/if any room for improvement; such as bravery and aggression for defensive type players such as DC or DM/BWM, teamwork and workrate for everyone bar keeper. As been mentioned aswell, players with obvious bad personalities are almost impossible to tutor and work with, for you and the rest of the team, but i wouldnt not buy if it was a potential worldy. If its a touch and go decision on whether he is going to be a good'en then i wouldnt bother a
  13. Two lessons to be learnt here: the first being starting half way through the season with no tactical familiarity, and secondly downloading a tactic. I always set up plenty of friendly prior to a season simply for team cohesion and tactical familiarity, wheareas in the past did it for the sake of a few pounds instead, when familiarity didnt exist on the game. I cant believe anyone would download a tactic in this day and age. The tactics module has been made far more user friendly, particularly for beginners, and is straight forward. It is quite frankly the best feature EVER to be implemented i
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