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  1. Nothing saying you cant revamp the team enough to survive in the prem. Its a new challenge. Of course you go to win every game you can in the championship. When/if you get promoted this year then just plan to avoid defeat every game instead of going for wins or even balanced. On last years i was Pescara and did extremely well just blocking out teams in the first season then built from there quickly. This year did a similar thing with West Ham in the first season, looking to build from deep, block teams, aim to possibly get a sneaky goal on the break or a set piece, nothing fancy. The money to gain from going up is immense. If the wages are set to rise, then sell the players whom you deem not worthy of a higher level. Always look to the next step; this is just a silly question. Promotion is ALWAYS a good thing. So what if you get pounded next year? You're expected to. If you dont, you've won. And of course, you're not gonna tell the board you can do more than escape the inevitable, so just play safe and you'll be fine job-wise. There's so much more you can do with a squad by going up than not going up. Higher rep gets a better selection of players willing to come, more money can get them, look to the next few years. Dont be afraid to fall just because you've risen. Rise again, but even stronger.
  2. I'd also like to see more news things that mention about historic titles won, be it yonks ago, or in recent history in same generation. Never see anything about year-on-year title battles, only a brief mention at the end of a season if its close for example. It would be good if the clubs and fans would make more of a manager who makes a team really big from being small too. Even a Prem team who doesnt win things winning the title would be huge, yet its the same old news stuff that gets relayed when you win a title. You should go down in history but doesnt happen. I won the Champs league with FC Zurich and i dont even think i was on the favoured list at the club or anything really mentioned about it, when it would be the most talked about thing in football for yonks.
  3. Re: the post above ^ I'd love to see a Mourinho style dot running down the touchline when you score in the dying minutes of a big game xD edit: infact, concerning what he did the other night - if you are making changes after scoring a goal your dot seems to go over to the players to tell them what they need to do and to concentrate on the new job at hand
  4. National team FA's should give demands about team play when taking the job as they do with clubs now.
  5. Not alot of what can be done in football manager is done by the manager to be fair.
  6. There doesnt have to be a massive local population to have a decent attendance and big revenues. Tv money, merchandise, etc all can become huge to help. But nothing is saying if a club becomes big, that it wouldnt get people from outside regions following and going to games. Also, houses could be built over time. In Qatar a whole town is being built for the world cup....
  7. I'd like to see better assistant manager team selections (including the auto filter selector) when the ass man takes control of your team in games for you. For e.g, I've had my ass man play the same player/s over and over in pre season friendlies when they are knackered, and left out players pretty much same ability that need match fitness/practice, it doesnt make sense. I'd want him to rotate far better to give everyone a go at getting match fit in the games available, without over cooking players, in particular important and/or injury prone/jaded players. This should also be complemented with an option to auto non-pick players for games if you think you need to rest them from games (not just from training as atm that doesnt affect this situation). The u18s should be able to play for u21s and vice versa, they were in my save in the beginning, then since the latest patch werent selected to and were only being picked for one or the other, odd bug or something going on.
  8. Exactly this is an instruction, not technical, so its not down to ability. Its something he can stop doing. I enjoy the humour about being an addict :-D
  9. Not advice, but actual AI using a player in goal and using the keeper outfield when an outfield player got sent off.... Most are buggy...
  10. This sort of thing happens to me and others too...definitely a bug of sorts. Players not realising youve won leagues and cups and not enough stature being gained from winning them from being smaller
  11. Playing there helps to get them natural and keep it natural, but will have to play there often.
  12. I thought that when you had enough money the board did decided based on their own judgement how many levels to go up.
  13. I thought star ratings arent relative in terms of your own team like they used to be. Maybe relative to your league, but i wouldnt know if they are not relative at all now or not because ive not managed in a lower league this year so dont know.
  14. Why would you google the problem instead of making si aware on the bug forum? I genuinely lol'd at the resurrection comment. Repeatedly
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