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  1. Still bugged in my game. I'm not sure there has been an update though, no recent downloads shown in Steam at least.
  2. From about 20-22 yards and closer? I don't think I've seen a single save from that distance and I've played over a season. Granted it's in lower league but then it shouldn't matter - if they can score them (they do) then they should also have shots saved. From a bit further out they do hit the wall occasionally and sometimes it's hit straight at the keeper so he catches it. Still rarely a save.
  3. Re free kicks - it's not that they're never scored, they just horribly lack variety. Anything from around the edge of the area is either row z or in the net. No saves or shots against the wall - it's like the ball physics only allow those from shots that are taken from a bit further out.
  4. Thought I'll try and give this another go this year. All my best FM saves have been dafuge challenge games but I haven't bothered posting them here so that's going to be a change. Looks like I'll be heading to West Midlands to manage Stourbridge.
  5. I checked but couldn't find anything in the bugs forum. That's why I asked if it's just in my game that they look like that. Guess not then.
  6. Does anyone else have a problem with regen faces being sort of the same? Just had my first intake and every single one of them is a white guy with the same facial features but a different hairstyle. I mean look at this These are all the same guy aren't they? Not to mention none of them look 16, more like 10 mugshots of a 35 year old criminal offender.
  7. Apparently players in FM world can play on and go full sprint with a pulled hamstring.
  8. I love the fact that you're now notified about a player possibly becoming unhappy about their playing time before it actually happens. Instead of getting the dreaded player chat out of the blue and having to deal with ultimatums.
  9. There is a pretty huge difference between the processors. The i7 is pretty much top of the line, the i5 is barely mid range. http://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare.php?cmp=2016&cmp[]=1923"][]=2016&cmp[]=1923 According to that the i7 is almost twice as fast as the i5.
  10. If there's a disparity then it doesn't make sense. If it tells you it's a leg injury which then ends up being a pulled hamstring then that info is of no use. Sure, a hamstring is technically a leg but pulled hamstring is a muscle injury. I'm sure if they'd already coded it in a way which would allow accurate real time injury evaluation then it would be more 'in the view' rather than being hidden away in a location no one would think to check during a match.
  11. It would make sense if the injuries themselves made sense, which, as Tony Fallows confirmed on the last page, they do not at the moment. The info is hidden from view because it's not accurate.
  12. One week is not even a real sample, but again, what's supposed to be wrong with it? Play a season and see if it ends up worse than real life. I can almost guarantee you there will be way less.
  13. I what way is three injured players a 'problem'? Do you expect to get no injuries whatsoever?
  14. Yeah, defensive minded midfielders still comfortably the lowest rated players in my squad along with goalkeepers. Don't see anything different there.
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