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  1. The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    Still bugged in my game. I'm not sure there has been an update though, no recent downloads shown in Steam at least.
  2. When I do that I get a full report within a day with all their attributes revealed but no asking price/wage demands. When I ask the scouts to watch a player for x amount of matches I get asking price/wage demands eventually but attributes aren't revealed at all.
  3. Is there any sort of known workaround for the scouting bug? Watch for any amount of matches doesn't work in the lower leagues as it never reveals full attributes or anywhere close to it and I don't want to instantly reveal everything by requesting a report. Taking players on trial works normally but that is not a solution when it comes to players under contract.
  4. [FM17][SKIN] Vexillium17 v1.0 [RELEASED 14/01]

    I'm a fan of the original and like a lot of things in this but why on earth does the player profile reveal hidden attributes by default with no option to hide them? That is really not a good idea
  5. I've realised that as well now, but it still shouldn't exist in this form. I've had over 30 players on trial in my current pre season (new team in conf. north) so it's over 30 times I've been asked the same exact question by the same exact journalist.
  6. I'm sure it has been said a few times already, but the stupid media question that pops up every time you take someone on trial really has to go. I'm sure it's fine at the top level where trials are very rare (and pointless), but being a lower league manager where you have to offer lots of trials it gets a bit tiresome having to answer the same exact question the same exact way for 783 times.
  7. There is an option in preferences to make it stop doing that (going to news screen automatically). Something to do with screen flow. Edit - under interface. Untick 'visit news screen automatically'.
  8. It basically looks like hard coded man marking. If you only watch the wingers on the defending team they are basically constantly following the movement of the full backs even if there is a distance of 20+ yards between them. If I still had FM16 installed I would fire that up to see what would happen if I specifically marked the opposing full backs with my wide midfielders. I would bet it looks almost exactly like this video.
  9. Well I'd like to think there is a happy medium. I'm not even sure what specifically is the root cause of either of those extremes making an appearance. What changed from FM14/15? Can't remember how the defenses shaped up in those two games and prior but it sure as hell wasn't like this. Did they introduce the narrow defensive line/central midfield in 16?
  10. The problem with that is that they will not give us a new tactical platform in FM17, no matter how much we agree or disagree. What they need to do right now is to focus on making a 442 not defend in a manner as hapless as it currently does. Basically anything to avoid this
  11. That accomplishes nothing. Instead watch a match where AI uses 442 and then overman them in midfield.
  12. Except the style in FM isn't one or the other. It's not a back 6 (which, btw in a 442 and two strikers who don't drop below half way line would be more than suicidal) and it isn't two banks of four (which is how 442's actually defend). It's narrow defensive line that doesn't shift enough, narrow midfield that closes down the same areas and then it's the wingers man marking the full backs + strikers doing nothing. The problem with this is that the AI playing 442 against the user is absolutely helpless, as shown in various screenshots and pkm examples. It's better than full backs topping the assist charts season after season and Hector Bellerin sweeping the Ballon D'or awards but it's still quite a problem. If you want a more universal shape that works in various situations without giving us (and the AI) the tools to specifically fine tune the defensive shape then there has to be proper covering through one wide player moving inside to cover in case of an overload and the support duty striker dropping down to pressure the deep midfielder. It may not be easy to code but it fixes both extremes (wide overload/central overload).
  13. These are two follow up screenshots from the bug thread (the pkm is also available to SI) Both show the same continuous issues. No, the strikers are not just 'a bit slow to participate in the defensive phase', they are ignoring the defensive phase allowing the DM to sit in space. Just look at the distance between Bangura and the closest opposition player to him. In the first picture the defensive four is so ridiculously narrow that the distance from the full back to the winger is about as wide as the space covered by all the defenders (check out the channel the AML is about to move into). In the second picture two attacking players are between the central defenders whilst two midfielders are unmarked in the centre and a third one is available for a one two pass. How are they intending to contain the threat a simple overload is creting in the most vulnerable part of the field? The one constant in all this in addition to the strikers is the white ML being in no mans land whilst the yellow right back is showing no intention to move beyond the half way line. If one of the strikers dropped off to hassle the DM and the ML moved inside to cover then you would have something resebling of a defensive unit. Now when the RB actually makes a run and the ball is moved towards him the unit would shift over as a whole starting from the white left back (not from the winger as there isn't a double threat down either side). That does open up the other flank, but this is what you give up because the attacking player has to make a crossfield pass to exploit it.
  14. I'm sorry but this is nonsense. Defending in reality is done as a single unit. In a 442 there are two banks of four generally narrow and compact that both shift over to wherever the ball is on the field. In FM16 the narrow width was represented but not the compact lines and more importantly there was no shifting over so you had both flanks wide open to aggressive overlap. In FM17 the defensive line plays narrow as well as the central players (two separate units as opposed to being tied) and the wingers are completely on their own doing whatever it is they're supposed to be doing regardless of how the opposition are set up in attack.
  15. The marauding full backs are on FB(s) and WB(d) respectively. The right back in particular never shows any intention of joining the attack which is why the left winger's positioning is even more staggering - the distance between him, the full back and the closest player to cover infield is more than ten yards. He's in complete no mans land and basically not participating in the defensive phase.