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  1. I presume these just occur randomly ? I would love to have a new Lacazette
  2. Anybody have any regen's on their game who have real life footballers as brothers like the one above, A lot of these seem to be regen brothers. I remember seeing a regen who was Danny Welbeck's brother who was also white
  3. Anyone else ? Would love to see some pics of some French ones.
  4. No, he's already much better then his brother Levin who's 26. Although he did start at HSV before moving to Leverkusen like his brother Levin, although I do believe FM create's player's youth history.
  5. Hi guys. I was just looking through some Turkish players on my Lyon saved game for my friend ( Currently in year 2022 ) and came across this guy... I was just wondering if anyone else has managed to find any more of these ?
  6. After doing the latest update i am now missing some of the in game tabs from my old saves. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=svl7k9&s=6 (Wouldn't let me upload as a pic from some reason ) Yeah so anyway my strategy and mentality tabs have gone. I'm not sure if it was straight after the update or if it was after i viewed a match ( not my own match ) I have started a new game with the update and it worked fine, I have tried clearing my cache but it didn't work. Any help would be great thanks.
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