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  1. Ah. Yeah I was expecting a different UI optimised for tablets with bigger buttons and stuff. I tried playing my FM game streamed through steam on my tablet, (Surface Pro 4), but I couldn't make substitutions because there was no click and drag, or tap and hold, that I could see. It's not a big deal then, the touch version came with the full game, so I don't feel hard done by at all. Was just hoping it was something I could put on my tablet and ... ahem... sneak a few games while at work When you say 30 season career, does that mean on the FMT game it ends after 30 seasons? Not that I've ever reached 30, I think my max is about 20 when I was an unemployed teenager. Thanks for your help
  2. I just installed the FMT on my tablet, thinking it'd be a different kind of game, but it looks exactly the same... Nothing seems optimised for touch screens. Have I done something wrong? Or were my expectations out of whack?
  3. For a moderator that was a pretty unhelpful response. He/She wants to know what/where they are. I've only had FM17 for a day now, so i'm not sure, but I THINK it means on the screen when you're looking at your tactic, if you click on the "Position Role Duty" box it lets you select many variants on their position with roles and duties. The tactic probably has a lot of players with support or attack duties, find and change some appropriate ones to defend IF you trust your assistant managers recommendations It's not referring to defensive line or closing down or anything like that. Good luck.
  4. If there was a player on the goal line clearly playing you onside but it was ruled offside and there was no other mention made of that incident then I'd say it sounds like a bug, because when refs make genuine bad decisions you have an option to criticise, don't you?
  5. I'd like to suggest that when a player complains about wanting to go out on loan to get some match time, and you agree, then offer him for loan and no one bites, then you offer him to your 3 feeder clubs and he rejects all of them in turn, you are absolved of your promise. Make him realise what you are doing for him. Also if he demands to go on loan please lower his expectations a bit. If he refuses to go to a team one league below that's his problem, not mine. Thanks!
  6. Hi, thanks for that. I just got home and before doing that I thought i'd try loading it up without changing anything, just giving it one last chance to work, and it did. I did re-verify last night, and reboot my computer but that didn't fix it last night, so I don't think anything of those could be the cause, and I checked the version, it was 14.2.2, so I'm at a loss to explain why it works now when it didn't last night. Unless maybe there was some minor update that Steam hadn't got round to installing yet? Do you know what caused the initial text disappearing problem? Thanks.
  7. The last time I saved it was like any other, the game was fine, but the next time I started the game up it had that blank text problem I linked to in the other thread. So I reinstalled the game. I have a work computer with steam on that I use to play at work (when it's quiet, honest), so I've tried the save here and it works fine. It's just at home where it doesn't work, after re-installing the game on that PC. As for game details it uses FCUniteds English league 10 modified db, large. Only English leagues up to level 7 were enabled, no foreign leagues. I guess it's not a save game corruption issue, it's just something with the reinstallation. Perhaps I should try copying the steamapps/fm folder from one computer to another? Also in the documents folder there are two /sports interactive/ folders with game stuff in there, but they don't have the same contents. I don't know how the computer can have two folders with the same name in the same folder. Very strange. But that was extant while the game was working, and had been since I first bought and installed the game months ago. I'll have to wait till I go home later to try other saved games backed up, but I did create a new game from scratch to test loading that and it worked.
  8. It just says the game couldn't be loaded. The game was created using a custom database, I've tried to add in all the custom files in case that had an effect, but it still won't load.
  9. I had a "greatest player of his generation", youth come through the ranks at Arsenal, but he was from Zimbabwe. Unfortunately for him, and Zimbabwe, I have a better player for his position anyway, so to punish Mugabe and make sure he doesn't get to use this kid for propaganda propping up his corrupt regime I keep the kid untrained and rubbish. I deserve a medal for my heroic fight against tyranny.
  10. Hullo, I posted here about another issue http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/382430-All-text-disappeared and to fix it I reinstalled FM14, but upon reinstalling it won't load my game, I figured it's a separate issue so a thread in a more pertinent area might be acceptable. Is there anything I can do to get my game working with the new installation here? I'd very much hate for this to be the second time my game has crashed in the 4th season. Thanks.
  11. Just so you know I uninstalled and re-installed the game and that fixed it. But now my save game won't load.
  12. Strange that I never noticed it in my other forwards, although now that I think about it I did throw a cushion at the screen and punch the wall because I got fed up of my defenders standing there doing nothing with the ball while an opposition player takes the ball and scores. Must be part of the same problem. Thanks all.
  13. Hi there, all the text has just disappeared from my game http://i.imgur.com/lHJ8CWF.png http://i.imgur.com/vPqhSuK.png Anyone know what to do? I've restarted my PC, I've tried verifying the integrity of the game cache doodah on Steam. I don't know what to try next. Thanks.
  14. Consistency 10 Work rate 12 Decisions 13 Not bad for a youngster I would have thought?
  15. Apologies to non-native English speakers for use of the phrase "dilly-dallying". I have a good regen striker who does well but often times when he receives the ball in the box he holds onto it for too long and gets tackled or allows the defence to get into place to block, it's a bit frustrating but I don't know what I should do to get him taking more snap-shots. I know there's the PPM "tries first time shots", which i've already trained into him, but is there anything else that should help?
  16. I noticed that the worse I was doing the higher ratings my keeper got, within reason, which sounded absurd until I thought about it and considered the possibility that when I'm a top flight team and dominating and winning everything I have a solid defence that means my goalie has little to do, thus a lower avg rating, but when i'm a lower league team and struggling he's called into action all the time. If he's good and saves me then he gets a higher rating.
  17. Wow, to those getting to the next century did you ever go on any holidays, or did you play every single year of those games?
  18. Yeah, I know, and that's good to see, but I don't think this is a mistake coded in on purpose. Usually when they happen you get the option to complain, or someone says something. This incident was treated like it was perfectly acceptable with no option to complain. Isn't that the indicator of when it's a ref mistake?
  19. It happened again, http://i.imgur.com/bV50KdH.jpg Ox is passing backwards to Ozil, who scored and was disallowed. As before I'm not annoyed at the prospect of refs getting it wrong, but in both instances there was no controversy, no chance to question the refs decisions, which suggests to me the game doesn't think it was wrong, which means the game was wrong, rather than the game rightly simulating bad referees. What do you all think?
  20. I never get top goalscorer, and I'd like to give it a try, I've got plenty of youths ready to be moulded and trained for specific roles, so if I can't adapt my existing players to a new formation I can train a new breed of footballers if needs be. Here's the basics of my current formation http://imgur.com/3gPm48U Pretty standard fare for Arsenal, but most of my goals come from the wingers and the amc, and it all gets spread out, which is nice but I just want the satisfaction of having got the top goalscorer. I changed the wingers from attack to support, in the hopes that they'd stop shooting and look to pass, and I think it might have worked, slightly, because Giroud is getting more goals now, but still not enough. Does anyone have any thoughts, or a whole new formation to try? Thanks.
  21. In my preseason friendlies as Man Utd I won the Premiership and the Spanish league. You can try, but you can't beat that.
  22. Is there any way to edit relations, as in make someone a family member?
  23. So how do you keep them from demanding first team action or to be loaned out?
  24. Also does it matter where players go on loan? If you have offers from a L2 side and a L1 side is it always preferable to go for the L1 side where he'll get more challenge, or is it the same, or might the L2 side be better because there's less pressure and he'll probably perform better?
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