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  1. I do! I have plenty open for my saves - I have my squad building one that assess players in first team, u-23 and u-18 for the positions I need in my formation, I have a scouting spreadsheet, a training and development one, a staff one. (All expertly colour coded might I add)
  2. What I do A) Use snipping tool to capture what i want B) Save in My Documents. C) Upload new image to Imgur D) Copy & paste the BBCode from Ingur into the forum post.
  3. Yes! all set and ready to roll. Haven't settled on a team yet - messing around with Tamworth at the moment but looking for inspiration around Europe for my thread.
  4. Maybe there should be one more thread knocking yours down a bit further...
  5. I'll pass your details onto the guys at Irchy, you sound like you are in your prime. With the new league we will be in there should be plenty of good home games, much more competitive than we are used too. There is no excuse not to get down there now - to sweeten the deal i'll suggest we sign an ex Barnet player!
  6. I'll take anything from Leek. Was once there in about 1999 and we were winning 1-0 with 3 minutes to go when the game gets abandoned because of some kind of chemical leak in the building opposite. We were holed up in the pub down the road for hours before being allowed to the coach. Then the rearranged game, turned up at Diamonds to await the coach to take us to Leek. It never showed up. Two people in the supporters club thought each other had booked the coach and neither did. That led a convoy of cars to race to Leek, arrive at 7.40pm and the reward was a cracking 3-2 win.
  7. Yeah there was. The regionalized divisions work for sides that aren't based in Northamptonshire. Season just gone we had to trek to Petersfield but had a few more matches within an hour away. This time round it works out travelling will be enhanced by an average about 35 miles per match. Not too downhearted though - it means plenty of new grounds i've not been too and a few old teams from our Conference days like Northwich and Leek.
  8. Real life! That's the problem being positioned where we are, right on the border of North or South. Corby have been relegated to the same level as Kettering but Kettering stay in the Southern Premier League while Corby have been placed in the Northern Premier League despite just 8 miles between the two.
  9. AFC Rushden and Diamonds. We are being moved sidewards from the Evo Stick First Divison Central.
  10. Coming for you next season Nobby. My team have just been moved into the same league as Newcastle Town!
  11. Not a complete disaster..... Happy Anniversary though.
  12. Massive well done for the promotion - highly unexpected. Good luck going forward.
  13. Wait till FM18 and you'll be able to start as Yeovil in the lowest league possible. (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  14. Off topic somewhat but go with it....Any here have a new (6 months ish) baby called Max? And yes, if there was an award for most random question of 2015 i'd expect to win.
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