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    A Football Manager, currently managing Winmau Wanderers.


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    Football, Pokemon Go.

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  1. Im playing on an i5 4GB ram with Intel HD graphics 4000 and it runs fine, not as smooth but there is no lag or slow processing times.
  2. That was a very nice goal, well done kyle, actually seeing that goal has made me want to load up FMT now for a quick game
  3. Was glad to see you rejecting offers for your 16 year old, if hes good enough to play i would play him, if he puts in performances then you may even get higher offers.
  4. Good luck with your promotion attempts :), keep pushing and you could well do it.
  5. Oh my i never even knew there was an unsackable option in game, that was my plan to stay at the club for ever since i created it, can i still use the unsackable option in a current save ? as i think im gonna buy the cheat thing where i can get accepted to any club so i can take my club back :D, nice career im gonna follow it.
  6. I created my own little club called Red Road Rovers, i managed to only manage them until december first season then i was sacked, i wasn't doing to badly then they go and appoint Barry Ferguson(Are you actually serious) then what does he go and do? goes and sells the best player in he team for 10k who was not only a striker but the top goal scorer and the best striker in scottish league two, oh well screw them im now gosport after taking over them in march and my first 6 games lost 5 drew 1 haha.
  7. I have never noticed this but then again im playing with my own little club, my defenders at present are getting in there 6's
  8. Am i right in saying they process for adding club badges to FMT is just the same as the full fat version except different folder names? im planning on doing some prem league logos.
  9. Sadly not it only has 512mb ram sorry you would need a better tablet.
  10. Does FMT for pc have regen faces, i have yet to see any thats why im asking thanks.
  11. The tablet version is limited to 3 countries and a max of 30 years game play, these are 2 differences i know of so far.
  12. I could be wrong here but im more than sure the kindle line up isn't powerful enough to run FMT as its base is for reading books, FMM will however run on it, like i said i could be wrong.
  13. First off sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I just wanted to let people know with integrated graphics cards similar to Intel HD Graphics 4000 that it runs quite nice. Im currently using an Intel HD Graphics 4000 card with an Intel core i5 processor and 4GB Ram and the game runs fast and the match engine runs too, now the ME only runs fine with everything on and the graphics set to medium, if you remove scenery and weather then it will run even better which is bonus. Anyway im actually loving the game so far and can't wait to get stuck into it even more. PS: Integrated graphics cards may not be supported by SI Games but i thought i would let you guys know that mine runs FMT Fine.
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