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  1. Looks like indeed a balancing act by ME. strange it's not even under review. A can of worms I guess.
  2. probably the engine is trying to balance things and keep the scores realistic.
  3. was just look up at this touted new rival to FM. looks incredible actually. the much needed competition might finally be here. just so disappointed in FM21.
  4. in Quick sim leagues, the highest scorer in my game currently is around 7-8 goals after over half a season. in full detail leagues, its around 14-20 goals. the disparity is huge. don't know how to fix this.
  5. i'm having the same problem. any way to fix this? only way is to change to full detail? and when will SI change the set-piece creator? it's horrible at the moment and even throw ins are basically broken as no one listens to the instructions. there MUST be a more intuitive way to deal with set-pieces and even corners. right now, it's a chore and a pain to work with.
  6. to me for a stats heavy like FM, it's unacceptable and completely shocking and disappointing about how they get away with it. unacceptable. will definitely take this into consideration for the next game.
  7. i think ME is ok. but i find it shocking that the passing maps & statistics like dribbles etc, are still not fixed. wow.
  8. installing the update now. please don't tell me an issue like this is not fixed for an entire version of the game?
  9. The topic is not about how you are using your extremely turtle-like players to great effect. OP's point is about pace & acc dropping off far too drastically - which is true. Alot of players in-game by the time they get to 34, their pace & acc skydives to single digits. Compare that to the in-game already 34 year olds and see if the researchers are giving them single digit pace & acc across the board.
  10. Fm is a game that has no reason to be released yearly. There's so many bugs that have not been fixed for years. Will probably get 1 last update and they will be working on fm22. This is the state of the gaming industry and world at the moment.
  11. It's not Liverpool who are overpowered. It's the gegenpress they use. Only way to beat them is use gegenpress yourself.
  12. under review since FM19. sigh... 2 iterations and wide defending is still flawed.
  13. problem is stats are not being recorded for the ratings. it affects so many other areas of the game -morale etc, that currently this is unplayable. a hotfix is required ASAP.
  14. just imagine how those who bought cyberpunk feel. it's the state of the industry at the moment. money above everything else.
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