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  1. Will try out the demo to check on the match engine first and decide if I want to buy. Fm19 was at times crossing simulator. Wing backs will wait until being closed down to play a Cross only for it to be blocked and go out to corner. Also none of the features feels like it deserves a new game. More like fm19 dlc update. Also the Pre match tactical briefing thingy had zero impact on anything. Quite a few bloated stuffs in the game which adds nothing. Let's see if all this is fixed in the demo.
  2. alot of the new features i see are using your DOF & Ass Managers more for feedbacks and insight. If the AI being used is the same as FM19's then the whole lot of features are gonna flop big time. I really hope the AI has been significantly improved to make the new features even remotely 'usable'.
  3. alot of these features are involving AI giving more feedbacks and new conversation options? seriously? the AI feedbacks are one of the first things i turn off.
  4. Completely disappointed with the 'headline' features. UI changes and adding colors somewhere and manager shoes with laces? This is a football simulation and those are the 'HEADLINE' features? not holding my breath for any announcement on the ME side. i expect it to be the same.
  5. if FM18 bores you then don't bother with FM19. it's worse. go back to 17.
  6. Fantastic work, fella geordie. Pictures are crisp and sharp. High quality.
  7. if I found a couple of cracks in the ceiling of my 12th century mansion, i'd definitely be looking into demolishing the house and rebuilding it. "few issues" Just stick to story telling ya...
  8. With a mentality like yours "no one is better than me now. so I shall stop innovating and start sitting on my laurels", football wouldn't have evolved to what it is today. A next gen ME should be a priority for SI or we'd be stuck akin to having a nice 21st century car design that comes with a 19th century engine.
  9. no thanks. not now. I think the game now already have multiple ME problems to deal with and I don't think we should blot more at this point until the current situation is fixed. I think the only other way they are going to implement your kind of suggestions is to completely revamp the current ME to a next gen ME. current ME is too outdated and limited to implement 21st century football.
  10. Actually though my Tammy is on a scoring streak, the rest of the 5 major leagues has no strikers with 20 goals. the highest is 19. French, German, Premier League, Italian & Spain leagues. and this is after the season has finished. I find it so weird.
  11. strikers not scoring this game? Tammy has been on fire the last 11 games..
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