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  1. Manchester united are the sole dominating force in FM. there's nothing you can do about it. but if someone can do a research on why it turns out like that in every game, that would be useful to all.
  2. Curled shots animation?

    you won't see it. because it's more to do with the engine and right now there's limitation to this I think. just imagine it in your head that the ball is curling.
  3. no. in FM scouts get 100% right on the attributes. but my advise is not to see into attributes so much. I've had players with very average attributes playing world class standards.
  4. Taking your money, but you have no clue what are the features. Lol. Nowadays gaming industry has such an easy way to ask you to part with your money. They don't even need to release any details! Wow! I won't be giving a single cent until I know what I'm getting in return.
  5. You are spot on. SI should take into consideration the concept you worked around and develop it further. Right now, it's just boring and useless.
  6. As I said before priority for sound needs to be minimum. The way the game works and match speed we use, a generic sound is much better. You can imagine the rest in your head. Things like sound can be better left to the modding community instead of SI.
  7. This is the kind of marketing I'm absolutely against. Please watch YouTube gaming channels who are completely against it and see their views. No wonder gaming industry is going down the toilet.
  8. How do you rate FM17?

    completely agree with this. there's no way out unless SI can develop an AI that can produce it's own questions through logic checks or somethings. But the most easiest way to improve the interviews is to find a way to integrate this element more into the game's context. maybe repeatedly giving the same response may generate some sort of feedback in the social media where fans turn against you or become more in your favour. etc etc. it just needs to blend and integrate with the game more. right now, it's too isolated which is why it becomes boring and repetitive too quickly.
  9. i know what i'm talking about. The way the game is at the moment, sound should be in the bottom of the priority list. You can just turn off the sound and load your own music in the background. Priority should be in the ME & improving the AI squad management, Social media, press conference issues etc etc. there's a million things to work on but not sound.
  10. I don't understand how some are wishing for better 'sound'. the problem is this game isn't played in real time. this way how can there be 'sound'. a generic sound like how it is right now is perfect. if you want a better music, just go to youtube and type 'football manager background music' and you got a whole lot of playlist there for your 'IMMERSIVE' fm experience.
  11. How do you rate FM17?

    did not buy............. refuse to.
  12. Pre Season Training

    During Pre-season you want your team understanding your tactics more. so slight them into More Match Training aka all the way to the left. During the regular season you should slight down more to the right perhaps just one notch to the left.
  13. the mid season collapse is certainly avoidable. look at my results right now. When I feel like i'm going to go on a losing streak If I don't do anything, I change my tactics or drop players to do what's necessary. after a defeat at arsenal, I quickly knew QPR would be a difficult game and I won 1-0 with change of tactic. if I did not do anything and just slam my spacebar which I think most do, i'd be moaning about 'mid-season collapse'. https://ibb.co/cTER4v < sorry I do not know how to uploaded image.
  14. I think I like training as it is. it's a simulation game and we can't have an element like training taking 10mins of our times for micro-managing it like real life just for every single continue screen. at that rate, a season would take 6 months of real time to complete. an extremely simplified version of training like it is now is just perfect. 5mins during pre-season and a couple of mins to tweak abit in between seasons is just about right.
  15. mid season collapse basically means you need to relook into your tactics. many people have studied and understood tactics and know how to prevent this. I think the ones complaining about this are players who just load tactics from others and have no understanding whatsoever.