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  1. every year the nation's coefficient for the Europe league changes just like in real life. it might mean that in your 6th season, Germany has only 2 slots for the EL and not 3 like in present year.
  2. surprised this problem still exists in 17'. FM 16' was the same...
  3. you must be only watching the premier league then...
  4. this is simply clutching at straws. I have played FM for hundreds of hours in the last few series but doesn't mean I've enjoyed it. i'm 'enjoying' it only because there is no competition in this series. I have no other alternative. I love the feel of coming home and managing a club. it's a chill out game as I don't really play fast action games or whatsoever. but I can see the game has stagnated and even gone backwards. fundamental issues are not fixed. I don't need to repeat as you can just go to the bugs forums and go have a look. so anyway, please don't equate time spent in game is correlation to how much a person is enjoying game. it's lame. especially with a game like this. facing the reality is much better.
  5. to be honest, the reviews are a reflection of what the community thinks of this game in the current state. SI can go on lying to themselves saying Chinese people have downvoted their game and take solace from there. but the steam reviews are cold hard truth of the decline the game is in now. go on in the same direction adding useless social media features and there will be further drop in players and even worse reviews in future. my advise is take the reviews seriously and reflect on the condition of the game. it's going backwards.
  6. i noticed this problem in FM16. what I did was just a play a striker in the inside forward role. they do just fine. but if you are looking at specifically requiring the player profile to show good ratings for inside forwards or finding very specific stats, then you have a problem.
  7. we have been talking about failed AI in the transfer market for years. nothing new here and nothing's fixed till today. move on and accept it.
  8. Dave I understand your frustrations. Games nowadays are released without it being at least 97% polished even. my opinion is FM games are needlessly released every year without it ever fixing fundamental issues. it's all about the money nowadays. the problem is not just FM but the gaming industry at the moment. just chill, accept it and just try to enjoy the game. good luck.
  9. which is the whole point isn't it? why on earth do you need to release FM year after year? releasing a game, with things like updated goalkeeper physics, more realistic player movements, new UI and skins? LOL. The much drummed about Social media addition has already gone stale. FM does not needs to be released atleast for another 3 years why they 'rework' it from 'scratch' implementing much needed changes to enhance immersion.
  10. I don't think FM is decaying, but as others say, it's been very stagnant for years. I think the problem now is obviously financial motivation and trying to cater to the new younger generations. the social media feature and all which are absolutely nonsense. SI does not want risking the financial prospects of this game, by implementing something radical or revolutionary like what some ideas over here are. It is a bad time for gaming overall with developers only caring about milking everyone nowadays. To be very frank, releasing an FM game every single year by itself is not necessary. Everything is about money now and sadly it will be at our expense. I bet nothing evolutionary will ever happen in FM atleast for the next 5 years. P.S please don't tell me social media inclusiuon or better goalkeeper physical movements in 3d pitch(LOL) is revolutionary to FM.
  11. this is really a fantastic read. can't believe it was written in 2015. and I agree SI can do more for immersion of players in the game world..... I did not buy this game this year, only because the new additions just seem all aesthetic with nothing ground breaking like what was discussed in this thread.
  12. i can't remember if there was any journalists who asked this question to a manager in the recent years... LOL.. it's a stupid question I agree to have it in the game. but well, the whole press conference questions are dumb, repetitive and broken anyway...
  13. Quite agree with this.. because no one plays football on square pitch! SI should implement a logic that if a club is promoted to the highest division in the major leagues, the board will automatically expand the pitch size. no Serie A side, has a pitch shorter than 105m in length. and average with is about 68m. meaning average seria a pitch is 105m x 68m
  14. good thing I've put off buying this game.. will be skipping this version entirely. it shows just how little ME has actually progress in the basics.
  15. this was a major problem in FM16. clubs use to buy so many unnecessary players for huge amount of money and then don't play them at all.. I don't mind if this happens to a particular club or regarding a particular manager, but ALL big clubs throughout all leagues do it. the AI squad building I was hoping it to be improved before I purchase this game.