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  1. i can't remember if there was any journalists who asked this question to a manager in the recent years... LOL.. it's a stupid question I agree to have it in the game. but well, the whole press conference questions are dumb, repetitive and broken anyway...
  2. Quite agree with this.. because no one plays football on square pitch! SI should implement a logic that if a club is promoted to the highest division in the major leagues, the board will automatically expand the pitch size. no Serie A side, has a pitch shorter than 105m in length. and average with is about 68m. meaning average seria a pitch is 105m x 68m
  3. good thing I've put off buying this game.. will be skipping this version entirely. it shows just how little ME has actually progress in the basics.
  4. this was a major problem in FM16. clubs use to buy so many unnecessary players for huge amount of money and then don't play them at all.. I don't mind if this happens to a particular club or regarding a particular manager, but ALL big clubs throughout all leagues do it. the AI squad building I was hoping it to be improved before I purchase this game.
  5. my assistant report during a match always shows ''our midfield is heavily outnumbered''. why is that so? im playing 41(dm)3(CM)2(st). and prozone shows i have a solid midfield. why does it keep appearing game after game? is it a poor assistant manager or is my tactic really an issue? or should i just ignore it as a bug?
  6. yes. looking at that stats.....lol even Harry Kane in an excellent first season did not get that much of a rise until recently.
  7. i can vouch for this. my Lansbury at forest averages 7.5-8 game after game just because of passes.
  8. i used to be like you. now when my team wins or scores i have been the happiest and i've had unparalled joy when i win games when i shouldn't. you should try it too.
  9. this game downside is when you park the bus, the engine will definitely make the attacking team win because it has to convert some of the shots and chances to goal. so your best to just go attack.
  10. In my first save with Forest, and i'm not in the play-off position. My forest team is playing very well and Burnley is at top. Nelson Olievera is injured for 10 months and i terminated his loan half way. he was doing pretty decent. I can't believe that Britt Asambalonga can turn out to be a world class player ? 40 goals in a season. wow.
  11. newcastle this game is all about ayoze perez. get him to score and you'll shoot up the league. i think he's slightly overrated though. he's almost world class.
  12. started the season with 2-0 defeat to brighton. had 52% possession and 18 shots. dominated the whole 2nd half but wasteful in chances. haiz..
  13. forest has so many good players injured for almost 3/4 of the season at the start of game. annoying.
  14. we need an update for this for FM16
  15. i've just started with forest. am i able to sign coaches during transfer embargo?