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  1. my assistant report during a match always shows ''our midfield is heavily outnumbered''. why is that so? im playing 41(dm)3(CM)2(st). and prozone shows i have a solid midfield. why does it keep appearing game after game? is it a poor assistant manager or is my tactic really an issue? or should i just ignore it as a bug?
  2. yes. looking at that stats.....lol even Harry Kane in an excellent first season did not get that much of a rise until recently.
  3. i can vouch for this. my Lansbury at forest averages 7.5-8 game after game just because of passes.
  4. i used to be like you. now when my team wins or scores i have been the happiest and i've had unparalled joy when i win games when i shouldn't. you should try it too.
  5. this game downside is when you park the bus, the engine will definitely make the attacking team win because it has to convert some of the shots and chances to goal. so your best to just go attack.
  6. It's really interesting though. Dummett actually rarely sprints in games. But i thought he kept pace with Martial relatively well. On a sidenote, Wijdnaldum is one of the best players to have graced the black&white shirt since Shearer retired i believe.
  7. In my first save with Forest, and i'm not in the play-off position. My forest team is playing very well and Burnley is at top. Nelson Olievera is injured for 10 months and i terminated his loan half way. he was doing pretty decent. I can't believe that Britt Asambalonga can turn out to be a world class player ? 40 goals in a season. wow.
  8. And can you please add Pavel Srnicek as a favorite personnel for Newcastle United as form of tribute perhaps? RIP to a Geordie.
  9. Thank you Michael F. I completely agree with everything you mentioned except the point on Anita. I think he do indeed has aggression and bravery and gets stuck in challenges. He was Newcastle's most dynamic midfielder in the wins against liverpool spurs and draw at Villa. you may find his opta stats on tackles success and interception online which shows he is aggressive in his play. But i respect your opinion. Below are few more i think must be done. FIRST TEAM PLAYERS Dummett - needs to have his stats reduced as well which better represents a limited full back. Positioning perhaps reduced by further 1 point. Haidara - needs to have his stats lowered in his defensive areas. He isn't good defensively and i think Mclaren will be selling him as i don't think he's as good a fullback as he is in the game. If you think he will be good maybe have is PA increased? Sissoko - His work-rate needs to be dropped. His lack of work rate is what gets Janmaat exposed game after game. Lost against Palace and Leicester shows his lousy work rate. Consistency & Determination needs to be lowered. I'm not really into hidden stats and i'm not sure what's there as well but i think his hidden stats need to be relooked. Like for eg. he only turns up against the big teams to put himself on the market. Cisse - His first touch has been awful in recent seasons. His First Touch, Decision, Off the ball(Consistently offside), Pace & Acceleration needs to be reduced by 1 or 2 points. Has he has aged and his injuries have made him slower he has improve slightly in hold up plays and coming deep for ball. Maybe stats from the areas that are lowered is distributed to Vision, Passing & Teamwork, Tackling. Rob Elliot - Maybe his Reflex and Agility needs to be increased by 2 points. Tiote - I wonder what's your opinion of him? He has declined as a football obviously and no longer represent the stats at the point of time that was made for him. Is he still a good player but is playing poor because he no longer as the motivation to play for Newcastle? Or has he really declined? Either way Work Rate(currently 20!) needs to further reduced. Rest of it i leave it to your judgement on what's gone wrong with Tiote. Under 21 Players Daniel Barlaser - 1 of our better Youth prospects. No saying he's going to be a decent player or something but needs significant increase in stats which represents a decent player that with right coaching can turn out to be half decent player. He was called up for England U-18 last year albeit as a replacement to another player injury. He has played Central Midfield and Right back for our U-21 this season. RB(Unconvincing) CM(Unconvincing) to be added. Jamie Sterry - Increase his stats across most area by 2 points which represents a improving player and he was on the bench for us. Potential wise, i don't know. Sean Longstaff - Held in High Regard by our coaching staff. He needs significant improvement in CA and PA. Right now his stats doesn't represent him at all. Should be 1 of the jewels of our U-18 and challenge should be trying to polish him. Lewis Mcnall - Has already been promoted to train with the U-21s instead a few months ago. Another player who needs his CA and PA increased. Mackenzie Heaney - Already scored for England U-16s. Another potential and one to watch. Thanks for reading my post.
  10. There are alot of player data issues i feel. 1) Widjnaldum heading ability. If you think he's not good in headers then you are kidding yourself. He has a great leap. I personally feel his Jump should be 16 and heading 12. He wins alot of aerial battles. in Fifa he has a jumping 93 and heading 79. Not trying to compare but people in Fifa aint fools too. Right now we have Jumping 9 Heading 11, completely wrong. 1.1 Widjnaldum is all round a much better player than he is currently potrayed in FM. 2) Anita needs a better distribution of his stats. Reduction in certain areas is needed and improvement in others. Will leave that for the researchers to think. Eg. Reduction in his dribbling and technique and distributing that stats to Aggression and Bravery. 3) Ayoze Perez is far too overrated. His stats are way too high in so many areas. He needs to be slightly weaker player now with higher potential instead. He's still too raw to be rated so highly. 4) Colocinni's positioning needs to be reduced to may 13? 14? He has been positionally suspect for the last 3 seasons for it to be 16 now. Way too high. Colo's stats has barely been touched for the last 3 FM if i'm not wrong. He no longer is as good as he used to be. And oh' he has no leadership. 5) Chancel Mbemba is way too poor. He's an excellent centre back and that must be represented properly. His defensive stats needs to improve drastically while Colo's defensive stats needs to be reduced across the board by 1 or 2 points. 6) on the debate of Mitrovic, i still do not know. and i leave it to the researchers. he's rubbish in the game so far and i think it reflects him in real life too. All in all, to be honest, most of our players stats needs to be reduced and a couple of players needs to be improved for correct representation. In short, what i mean is, we need to have more shi* players. Sorry NUFC fans who has players like Anita and Ayoze Perez playing a blinder in this game so far.
  11. newcastle this game is all about ayoze perez. get him to score and you'll shoot up the league. i think he's slightly overrated though. he's almost world class.
  12. until this is fixed i think playing with a back 4 is almost a no-go.
  13. started the season with 2-0 defeat to brighton. had 52% possession and 18 shots. dominated the whole 2nd half but wasteful in chances. haiz..
  14. forest has so many good players injured for almost 3/4 of the season at the start of game. annoying.
  15. we need an update for this for FM16