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  1. Alot of valid points raised.. This is why I have begun skipping editions as the price just not justify what's found in game.
  2. I think you should raise this as a bug and let SI have a look. It might make them want to improve the AI for the next game perhaps. AI squad development is frankly hopeless , but I've never seen anything to this level yet. I hope it's just your game and a freak mistake by AI and it's not a reflection of the game in general.
  3. I really don't know what happened to the graphical side of this game. it seems they have been pushing a lot for graphical improvements, but from Regen faces to stadiums, they are absolutely hopeless. It's so bad, an amateur can probably design 10 stadiums with better variety and realism then what SI has done. Lesser said about regen faces the better.
  4. upthetoon

    [FM17][SKIN] VITREX17 v2.0 (updated 1.1.2017)

    i get that.. but FlutSkin is like the only skin that works flawlessly for me at 4k resolution.
  5. upthetoon

    [FM17][SKIN] VITREX17 v2.0 (updated 1.1.2017)

    this skin simply has issues on 4k resolution...
  6. 30%+- from crosses... isn't this perfectly realistic?? How many percentage goals from crosses are you expecting? 5%? 10%? The only strange thing I notice is the number of goals you have scored from set piece...
  7. I don't know about this... seeing the way Regen faces have ''progressed'' through the years........
  8. upthetoon

    Why do regen faces look so bad/bland?

    a random software on the net can generate 3d faces better than SI. I really don't understand why this 3d face was released before it was anywhere near ready. its so terrible now and makes long term save difficult to get immersed into. FM17 atleast had the mods.. this doesn't even allow modding which makes it in harder and baffling on SI's part.
  9. upthetoon

    Game makes no sense sometimes

    isn't that realistic then? Newcastle were on a run and now can't seem to buy a win.
  10. could have done better.. concur with the 5.4 rating given.
  11. upthetoon

    Injury overkill yet again

    i have played FM all my life and I never experienced 11 games injury in a row. I'd dare say you are even lying.
  12. upthetoon

    Injury overkill yet again

    The people complaining are not really following football and just want a game they can win easily. Injuries are completely realistic and in line with reality. Luck and how u manage the player - training etc- plays a crucial role.
  13. I don' ttink there' s any issue with crossing. In premier league matches you see plenty of crosses in the game. Atleast 20-30 per game.. And only about 5-10% lands in the box.