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  1. Injury overkill yet again

    The people complaining are not really following football and just want a game they can win easily. Injuries are completely realistic and in line with reality. Luck and how u manage the player - training etc- plays a crucial role.
  2. I don' ttink there' s any issue with crossing. In premier league matches you see plenty of crosses in the game. Atleast 20-30 per game.. And only about 5-10% lands in the box.
  3. you can CHOOSE not to buy them yearly. Like me. I skipped FM17. and tried FM18 demo and did not like it, and i'll be skipping it too. No one is forcing you to buy.
  4. how transfers work ?

    I think there is no bug in this. It' a problem, if for eg. Newcastle can't offload Ayoze perez or mitrovic.
  5. Zoom is set at 125%. I used to play it at 100% but it's too small.. tactics screen view Player search view
  6. I played the demo and I found the UI truly atrocious. which is why I did not purchase this game.
  7. I feel like now buying a widescreen just for the FM experience. I'm using a 27" with 4k resolution and I love the viewing space I get.
  8. Well this needs to be really improved. even in FM17, the relegated clubs with great performing players are unable to move and still playing in Championship. SI has added many features but the AI logic of squad building and transfers is really still very very poor.
  9. Well.. they have added gays into the game. so why not Women's football? But it should be a separate DLC and maybe charge about 5 bucks for women's football add-on package.
  10. It simply means, this game is not meant for you anymore. You've grown out from it, for whatever reasons - maybe you'e grown older and have different views or commitment in life. Because of your past affection with Fm, you are ranting now that the realism of this game, is like baby sitting a class - which once in the past you enjoyed doing. Yes, baby sitting. that's what real football managers do. And this is a football management simulation. Instead of ranting here, you should play other games like shadow of mordor or assassins creed. I heard they have great loot boxes in there.
  11. For a moment I thought you were in the fm17 feedback thread. These issues are still not fixed? Lol
  12. if you see the steam reviews, the mostly negative reviews are because of the terrible UI. I think if they fix the UI, this might be a really really good game.
  13. When will SI fix this horizontal grass lines problem? I did not purchase fm17 but I asked my friend to check it out and it seems the horizontal grass lines are also in fm17. No one raised this? Or are we expected to raise it as a bug first?
  14. somebody must have been sleeping when designing the pitch
  15. Did no one mention why on earth is the grass using horizontal lines???? Is there any pitch in the world using horizontal lines? LOL.