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  1. Leaves ball for opposition forwards Stays offside Does not cross in good areas Heads ball to opposition players
  2. I didn't know Work Rate is linked to physical training sessions. how many times per week must we have Endurance, Fitness? or physical?
  3. I have had players who has absolutely shi* stats and go on to be a star in the top league. don't look at the stars/CA/PA and all that and look at his actual stats and hidden attributes. Your fela may well still go on to be 100m player in the future.
  4. in my save, was looking at the French league and the top scorer is Moussa Dembele with 8 goals after 17 games played. Wut???
  5. the latest .4 update has the below - Allow mentoring within non-first team squads may I know what's that?
  6. I Dont think so anyone plays like this for the whole match. It makes no sense.
  7. What is training intensity and how does it affect training? if I put intensity as double does it mean he will work double on the additional focus only?
  8. It's very difficult for reasons already stated in this thread and feedback threads etc. Play your best strikers as inside forwards instead and you might have success. And head to tactics thread if this doesn't work too
  9. May I know what is training intensity? if I have a player working on a new position and also individual focus and I set it as double intensity, does it mean he will work double on those areas?
  10. how do I edit this? there are panels that showing all red. im using 4k resolution with 125% zoom.
  11. I think it's a miscommunication between your CB & GK. you need to do more team cohesion & teamwork training.
  12. how is Harry Hampton not a Villa legend or even under Icon???
  13. Perez takes up good defensive position in our half. Whoscored website has defensive positioning as his strength. Also, I think it has to do with rafa instructions on perez pressing zones and he stop inside our half.
  14. I think replacing the DLP with perhaps a carreilo role might be better. Because shelvey as DLP but he really doesn't have anyone to thread the ball through and will lower your possession rate due to turning over possession needlessly.
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