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  1. Not true. In Economics or even in the course of an individual growth, competition is always necessary for growth. Competition in technological markets has resulted in much better consumer satisfactory. AMD - INTEL - NVIDIA etc. Competition in the marketplace boosts innovation and always benefits consumers. Economic policies are also developed with competition in mind. The modern world and every technological development is a result of competition one way or another. Without competitions and/or rivals, we will still be stroking wood for fire and light. SI not resulting on their laurels & not being in comfort zone is your opinion. I respect it. But i don't agree. My opinion is on the contrary. So far most competitors have been useless that SI have managed to blow out of the water. Which is why i'm advocating the need for a healthy credible competition. Like intel has been for AMD. I always believe, with competition, we would have seen a completely new ME with the latest technological architecture some time back. Only with competition will we see SI grow even stronger. The competition may never usurp SI, SI are likely to be still the best out there, but it will keep spurring SI to innovate and give their best. Competition is absolutely vital for growth. I'll end here. Thank you.
  2. I agree. If there was competition out there, the match engine would have been modernised perhaps even with a completely new architecture and philosophy. Like all things in life, a little competition will spur one to go beyond and not stay in the comfort zone. I feel SI have been quite comfortable using the decades old engine and just playing safe, simply because there's no competition. Which has ended up with bugs that have been in the game for ages still not fixed. I'd even say the lack of competition is also holding SI back to be an even more successful and greater company than they already are.
  3. I hope they will just forego putting this pandemic into the game. The game has more than enough long term bugs that needs fixing and effort should go there instead.
  4. Nope. Bought 19 after the last patch. wasn't impressed. Skipped 20. Reading the comments they are almost exactly similar to 19. Shows the problems in 19 is still carried over to 20. and looking at the ME in youtube by popular players, i'm so glad i skipped it. this series is definitely stagnating or even going backwards to the hardcore fanbase. in my opinion the game is now more for the larger casual fanbase. the hardcore fanbase who have high expectation and are used to having a great ME are going to be disappointed in the upcoming versions as well. unless i see a drastic ME changes, i will skip 21 too.
  5. The vast majority of paying customers are extremely satisfied with this game. the number of players playing this game is at the all-time highest and the number looks like it will continue to grow and is growing. the numbers don't lie, and FM20 is best-ever FM selling series. the hardcore few are the ones apparently quitting the game, but the majority are playing it and loving it. just look at the steam reviews i've never seen such positive ratings before. as far as SI is concerned, they can even don't bother to release any other patch and focus on Fm2021, and FM20 will still be considered a huge success purely by numbers. and let the minority complain here. but SI has always been known to release patches. the current world we live in now, is all about statistics and bottom line - dollars and cents. so be patient and perhaps we need to try to understand why the vast majority can still enjoy this game.
  6. Great to see FM 20 being the best FM ever with the fastest growing sales. I think Miles tweeted that it reached the fastest million sales mark and have the highest ever concurrent players. With so many enjoying this game, wonder what's the complaints in this thread about long balls and what nots. Great work SI
  7. This is spot on. There's way too many shots in the game. Almost any game regardless of quality will generate more than 10 shots on target per game. It needs looking at.
  8. Exactly. Its buying players with high attributes to only increase your teams collective current ability to dictate results in your favor. Having 2 save games, 1 LLM and 1 elite team but what goes on in the pitch is the same. What does attribute like first touch or technique suppose to mean? A Sunday league player with first touch 7 and elite player with 17 work the same way in the ME. There's no sequence of play lost due to a poor touch. Long shot 5 or long shot 15 makes no difference. If the ME decides a long shot needs to go in, it goes in all the same. What happens in a Sunday league pub match and champions league final is basically the same on the pitch. The thing is this is not a problem for 'fix'ing. I think the only way FM can seriously start seeing difference in LLM football and elite football is with a completely new state of the art engine. But as it is, I can enjoy the ME within this flaw.
  9. I totally agree and this has been the case for a very long time. Its a great ME, but I don't see any difference between LLM play and high level elite play. If you have players in your team with much better stats than the opponent you have higher chances to win. But I just don't see any impact of having low stats on the pitch. They all seem to be doing the same thing. Players in LLM also ping balls across the pitch like Modric. Everything just plays out the same on the pitch. I don't see what actually player stats does in on the pitch anymore in this ME, aside from higher win probability.
  10. Yes. It sure is. I hope in the upcoming patches if there are any, SI will look to give more penalties by using gegenpress. For one, the condition of the players should drop more playing gegenpress for 90mins. And being punished for using the tactic with unsuited teams. Like more mistakes made, closing down the wrong passing lanes and general fatigue etc.
  11. My personal opinion and what I've seen, is there is little to no difference whichever level your playing. Playing in an obscure league or with the elite teams, there is not much difference in the ME. All of them are capable of the same things. Like obscure teams playing the op gegenpress to perfection to players playing crossfield passes like elite players.
  12. Seems like the same problem from fm19. Still not fixed.
  13. I agree to a certain extent. But part of where FM is in now, is in no small to the small community that visit and provide feedbacks to the forums. Some feedback may be critical or over the top, but it's still a feedback nonetheless and has helped the developers move forward and improve the game for you. The reason why the vast majority are enjoying the game is because of the few who visit the forums and bother to show the pkms and moan about how bad the game is. Just because you stop visiting this forums, and prefer to remain oblivious to gameplay issues, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. FM is a game where this small group of vocal community play a big role in its development. You just cannot deny, that FM is such an incredibly good game, because of the minority who are helping the SI via forums.
  14. How does ign and pcgamer already release review with such high ratings in such a short time? Did they even play the game and notice this major determination bug? Lol.
  15. Seems like the same problem from fm19 then. Its overall problem with the ME, that strikers score so little goals.
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