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  1. Quick question. Is there anyone out there who uses a - working - tactic with a striker? FM seems to have a deep hatred towards strikers in the last 3-4 FM series. Is it a major M.E issue that just can't get fixed, or is this their take on modern football?
  2. Omg, did not know this! I honestly thought it was a new rule. Thanks for clearing it up.
  3. I'm currently playing in the second season of the Keukenkampioen Division and the substitution rules suddenly changed. I'm now only allowed to make three substitutions instead of five.
  4. The following player is injured for months, but is simultaneously rested for a day. That doens't make much sense (damaged knee)
  5. I "fixed" it, doing the following; When trying to save don't select the "local" option, but use the "cloud" option first. After using this option once, you should be able to save normally.
  6. When trying to save the game using option; "Save game" or "Save game as", the following message pops up - "Save game failed - the game could not be saved"
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