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  1. Thanks Mizta05, most of these will only reflect in the next version and have already been dealt with.
  2. Thanks Foss. I'll take a look into it. If you have ever get a chance to see Khune's long kick passing accuracy, which is not only one of his strengths but what he is renowned for, you'll see that it's pretty warranted, especially out of hand. His pass-success rate percentage over the past few seasons has been in the nineties,
  3. Thanks, I will confirm, but 99% sure NTOFONTOFO (The Hurricane) is a nickname not his birth name.
  4. Thanks I will check his history.
  5. Thanks. Yes, there should be a new one in the Workshop now. Re: The Ajax youth players, a few will be added in the next edition. We were still gathering proper information, when this last update was done. Regards, Rob
  6. Thanks. Will check on these.
  7. Hi. Haha, I will def pop in. And I really enjoy your guys' adventures, makes for good reading. And if ever any queries, let me know. Good luck to all!
  8. It is the CAF version of the Europa league yes. Qualification usually comes through FA Cup success, but it can be league related, depending on how many qualifying spots a country has. Of course the Champions League in Africa also has the same calendar issues, so you'd face similar challenges there too. Rob
  9. No problem. Sadly it's happened IRL too that teams have got themselves knocked out early - on purpose? Not sure, but not taking the game seriously - even just last season Wits sent basically a youth team to compete in 1 leg and got KO'd. It really shouldn't happen in a continental competition, but it's hard to compare e.g. UEFA to CAF. For example there have been times it takes a team 2 to 3 days to travel to another country to play a game, so you're looking at over a week away to play 1 game with travelling there and back, and of course spending a day or two in the other country to play the match. And that of course can jeopardise your domestic competitions, which in SA's case are quite lucrative. But it's an interesting dilemma, as fans of clubs in SA are now demanding continental success, so PSL clubs have to face the challenges. Rob
  10. Hi, Was just looking through the forums and noticed your query about the African Confederation Cup. That I'm afraid is also what South African clubs face in reality because the SA PSL season doesn't run at the same time as the CAF Calendar (PSL is August to May, while CAF calendar is February to November) . It is one of the reasons many SA clubs have cited as why they don't do well in the competition, and because financially it can be a burden, why they haven't always taken continental competitions seriously. Obviously can be very frustrating if at the end of the SA season, your registered CAF players leave the club, and you're suddenly down to a limited squad and of course have to play during the 'off season'. For a case study of how competing in it might affect the following season, might be worth looking at Orlando Pirates right now IRL, who were Confederation Cup finalists in 2015. They are finding themselves in real trouble in the PSL at the moment, and for a club of their stature, it is a big shock. Regards, Rob
  11. No problem - also I believe that these 2 are now in the African database: Lincoln Zvasiya (13104107) he plays in Harare City 2015 Harare City Frank Sarfo-Gyamfi (13128628) He plays in Asante Kotoko 2013/14 (O1) Asante Kotoko (Loan) 2013/14 (O2)Maritzburg UTD 10/0 | Free 2014/15 (O2) Asante Kotoko
  12. Ngcebo Thango (65028950) he is a free player. Just a note - while he is not registered with Jomo Cosmos' first team (which perhaps transfermarkt refers to) he has played for their reserve team this season in the MDC competition. A few other errors noted above too, e.g. Mbava was a youth player at Bloem Celtic during the 2011/2012 season.
  13. Thanks Makul. We will take a look at all your above posts and edit accordingly. Rob
  14. Thanks, it is probably also due to the SA league being the only playable African league in the game, so the most comprehensive. Some other leagues in Africa certainly have clubs that are stronger than those in SA, but their leagues are also top heavy, i.e. they have a few very strong clubs, while on the whole SA's teams are quite evenly matched. CAF rankings are based on the continental competitions however, which unfortunately until recently SA clubs did not take very seriously due to many reasons (but that's another story).
  15. Yep we've got it thanks. Rob