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  1. It is simple. but it is so easy to not follow it. I have done it plenty times myself. Picked a team and started with "oh well, Cassano is a prefect Treq,so i need one of those" and "we have 2 good DMs, lets go with that........" - no thought around what i am trying to create. There is nothing wrong with shaping your idea to fit the squad you have (as opposed to using the idea to shape your transfer / squad policy) but you need to think of the entire idea, not just a few roles. I think / hope i did a hybrid of this in this system. The idea for pacey players running into space is shapped by the squad i have. The idea of a playmaker supporting is my idea to compliment it Yeah i think you have to accept you will come up against different types of team. I dont commit any more men forward in that situation (i am already verging on very risky with the attacking wingback and BBM). Infact, in the 7 or so games so far (i am behind in write ups) i have made only very minimal attacking tweaks at any point. I trust in my players and in the system. We might not score until the 70th minute, but that is fine. Control mentality against a parked bus might work at times, but depends on the context. For example, control plus "drop much deeper" might create space and give a nice level of risk, but you need to have the right blend of roles and duties. Oh and runners from deep are a brilliant weapon in any system, and when you have one with "arrives late in opponents area".......... nteresting thoughts. I would not expect Flexible > Structured to overly incease long balls to the head, but maybe i have not thought about it enough. Interesting that structured has tightened things up - the overall effect might depend on a lot of things, but of course it nudges down creative feedom a little, which will help keep the shape somewhat. One of the surprising things about this system, is that Mahrez as RDM does his share of tracking back. With your system..........well, you listed out a load of roles there, but how do you see them clicking together? Who is Catermole picking out with his playmaker passes? CM(a) and BBM is an interesting combo, but what do you want from each of those in attacking and defensive phases? The CM pairing i have is one area i am not totally sold on. I will try and do a post looking at in detail. I like the attacking balance, but defensively the CM(d) does not always behave just quite as i would like. The lack of a DM can be a concern, especially since my team is not very compact vertiically to start with. As with most things, a level of compromise is going to be needed. I cant have it all - amazing solid defence and potent attacking from a 2 man midfield is not that likely
  2. Sorry just now catching up on various replies, as been so busy writing up the posts! Interesting to see how you get on with Sunderland. I actually had a very quick blast with them on day 1 of the Beta. The squad is not that awful. Although not sure you have a solid RB (Manquillo is great going forward, not sure he is a great defender, and Billy Jones always looks just a touch below PL level). Defoe can be an "on the shoulder type" but maybe his pace is just a tick off that of Vardy. He does have the PPMs. With Borini, the poor decision making would worry me, and i hate the "Shoots from distance" PPM. Also be good to understand what the thinking was behind Flexible? Interesting thoughts. Personally i dont want the additional risk taking that "attacking" mentality brings. Your setup sounds more true counter attack than mine. I also think your sounds like something which would not necessarily involve a little number 10 / playmaker, which was something i wanted to work in. As you will see now i have written more things up, there is defo a difference depending on which team we play, and i enjoy that - looking to make sure the system can handle different situations. Crikey, i am nowhere near qualified to offer Ranieri tips :D:D I will probably fail badly after about 10 games here! Ranieri has done ok this weekend too Personally, i think Musa is a mistake signing, but i could be proven wrong. No worries - nothing wrong with posting suggestions. Especially since you have seen more of him in real than me I guess my point was more that when you talk about how you would put him in Plan B, are you really thinking over the overall system? You would leave out the creator of the team, in games when, actually, his ability to unlock something might be more important than ever? Yeah i will stick it up over in the bugs forum. I have also scored 2 with Fuchs this season already.
  3. Post 3 now updated with another game analysis, and some more detail around my approach and how i see us creating chances (above and beyond the bits i have already talked about)
  4. post 3 updated with another bit of analysis. Less detailed, but more amusing this time.......
  5. With due respect, @TheJanitor, it feels to me like you are thinking of one player rather than "a system" - How is a DLF who flicks things on going to help me with the goals i set out in the OP? Also, bit surprising that you are suggesting stuff having not seen his attributes, so presumably not having managed him..... Right, about to right up post 3 now
  6. That is a great point, worthy of some discussion. The £30m man....... He has qualities for sure. First things first, I dont think there is anyway i can start Vardy, Slimani and Mahrez if i also intend to use a "creator" type in the mould of Saponara. That would be 4 very attacking players, 2 of whom are strikers. I would need to, probably, risk 442 with Sap and one other CM, which would leave us light. I think i need to acknowledge that, to keep balance. One of those is going to have to sit it out at times. This is a dilemma i often have when squad building. I have a specific way of playing (Plan A at least) which relies on a specific player type. So what do you do when that player is injured / unavailable / needs a rest? Most times, what i do is have a backup striker of the same "type". So i would have another speedy AF type on the bench to cover Vardy, with the only noticeable impact on the team likely being a slightly drop in quality (I clearly cant afford a £30m backup). The challenge with that, is what happens if you feel you need to alter your style? You have only fast quick strikers, so how do you change it up? The other option, my current situation, is that i have a great "plan B" type in Slimani. The opposite in someways to Vardy. He is big, strong, and plays with his back to goal via player trait (The polar opposite of Vard's "likes to beat offside trap"). I look at this and think he seems idea in games where i am up against a parked bus. He could play the ST role, but in a very different way. He can hold the ball up and the RDM then becomes all the more important. I could either move Vardy out there, and move Mahrez out to the wing (only likely to use that for parts of games) or use those opportunities to give Vardy a rest. However, then back to the conundrum - What about when i am facing a team who will attack me, ripe for my Vardy / Mahrez combo of pace and running in behind, but one of those two is not available (given the CL schedule, it is gonna happen). Ideally, the solution would be have a 3rd striker who is "Vardy-lite", but my budget is not likely to allow that without a fair bit of manouvering. Probably my answer to this is that on those occasions, I will use a combo of Mahrez and Schlupp in the 2 most attacking roles. My other option is Okazaki but he is not quite the pace in behind type. I am only really keeping Oka around for his versatility and the need for that in a CL campaign. Slimani in those games is likely to be a great option if we have a lead. Come on and hold it up. Is it the best way to use a £30m man at a club like Leicester? Probably not. But i could not come up with a vision to fit them all in unfortunately..........
  7. Barrie McKay at Rangers has 2 player traits which i dont think should be able to co-exist. he has: "hugs line" and also "cuts inside from both wings" - Surely it has to be either or, for a player trait? I have not seen enough of him to comment on which, and appreciate its a tiny point but it caught my eye
  8. Updated Post 2 with a first game analysis, screenshots and clips to try and give some idea of where it is going. Yeah.....Mahrez and Muller is probably not a great comparison is it! However, if you look a bit closer. Mahrez is very quick, has movement and vision and can score goals. They are a total mismatch Technically and Mentally though. Mahrez miles better technically, Muller miles better mentally. I suppose what i see for Mahrez is that ability to float from wide, find pockets and use them in the way that Muller can do (although i am less sure Muller plays that way now IRL). Mahrez can also do the things a traditional winger can do, which helps. One of the bits of analysis in post 2 sort of shows that, him supplying a cross for Vardy
  9. Game 3 - Finding ways to win So mentioned in the OP that i expected to hit some challenges against lower sides, who sit in against us on account of us being champions and having top 7 expectations. Next up after the West Ham shambles is a game at home to Bournemouth. This is exactly the type of game i expect to make it difficult for us to execute our main plan. I dont expect Bournemouth, being away, to come out and leave us space, even with our "drop deeper" approach. That said, i need to find out just how our system works in these games before i think about starting with a "plan B" approach. So we start with the same lineup and tactic as before. Albrighton is still out so Gray has been our RM for the first 3 games. First up, my fears are confirmed about how deep Bournemouth are: You can see as we build up, the lack of space in behind meaning Mahrez and Vardy are well marked with no where to run into. Another view, this time we are even deeper in the buildup phase and again you can see - no space. Ok, so we sort of expected that pre-game. The question is, what do we do? This is not going to be a one off. My system will not be much use if it only works against bigger teams. Probably worth expanding on my thoughts in the OP, when i thought about how i felt we might "get around this". For anytime, it important to have more than one idea of how you will attack. So i talked a fair bit about my primary approach being the pace of Vardy and Mahrez, fed by the creativity of Saponara, however i do have some views on how we score goals when those 2 are nullified. These are: 1) Crossing - I have a winger on the right who should stretch the opposition and provide crosses. Albrighton and Gray both have the potential to be great "proper wide men" (although Gray is a bit green, needs development). Vardy is not at all shabby in the air, and the RDM can be a big danger at the back stick from crosses. Exhibit A below: (hits the post sadly, but nice idea) 2) The BBM - This guy can be key for me in tight matches. Vardy and Mahrez will push teams back, even when they dont have space to get into, they still pose a threat which should create room. Saponara is my playmaker in that space, but against teams with a DM, he is going to be marked. This is where Drinkwater comes in. He can get in and around the edge of the box, with room to get off a shot. Exhibit B below: (Drinks with plenty space to get off a shot from a nice distance. Hit it right at the keeper on this occasion, but i like the movement. 3) Finding ways - This is a bit of an arbitrary one, but good teams just find ways to score. It might be a direct free kick (Fuchs has 2 now this season), or corners, or a counter attack from a defensive corner. A lot of this is down to players, attributes and even personality types. Onto this game. As the screenshots above show, we struggled for space early. Our shot map from the first half also reflect this. However, we did number 3) above - we found a way. Just before HT, a corner from the right and big Gonzalo Rodriguez rises high at the near post to head home. Gets us in front, and more importantly, means that Bournemouth are now more likely to need to come out. There are few better ways to help create space against a "parked bus" than to simply score against it once Comparing our second half shot map reveals that there was marginally more space (i subbed Vardy after 55mins, simply to save him for other games. He was not going to get in behind much, and i felt we could win with Slimani). We also got our second goal in the end. and it was somewhat related to point 2) above. Clip below - Slimani as the AF pushes the defence back, there is room for Drinks to get forward to a point where he could easily get a shot off from 18yards, but instead he cleverly slips in Slimani, who smashes home. Much to my annoyance, we conceded a set piece goal with 2mins to go (wide free kick swung in and Grabban header - very similar to first Zaza goal against West Ham), but none the less, a comfortable win against a defensive team. It bodes well, but i do expect these games to continue to be a challenge and to provide food for thought. Next up is Sunderland away. Could be interesting to see how that plays out. They are again a side with much lower expectations but they are at home, interested to see how that plays out
  10. Game 2 - One of those days- West Ham v Leicester So, after the high of the Utd game, we open the league campaign away to West Ham. An interesting game. I figure they will have expectations around our levels, so probably wont sit back, and they are at home. If i just leave this one headline here, you can get the idea of how it went....... For me, this was a stark reminder of something. Sometimes, no matter how good you think you are, how much thought you put in, in football, you will just have one of those days where it all goes wrong. The big test on these days, is how do you react? Can you accept that sometimes, it just is not your day and the world is against you, or do you feel the need to tear things down, disect your tactic based on one game? Firstly, lets set out just how his game went. 10mins - Nothing much happened so far, but West Ham get a free kick wide. Payet floats it in, and Zaza is totally unmarked. Heads it past Kasper, who doesnt move. Ok, 1 nil down. Not great. 12mins - A perfect execution of our plan. Mendy has the ball deep, pings it to Mahrez who has found space in that inside life channel, gets all the way to the byline, cuts it back and Vardy 13mins - West Ham direct free kick 19 yards out. Payet. Top Corner. Behind again before we can blink 17mins - West Ham direct free kick 30 yards out. Payet. Top Corner. Oh come on......... 29mins - We have struggled but are puting something together when we lose the ball. Feghouli gets the jump on Fuchs down our left and gets to the byline, cuts back and Zaza has a tap in. That was preventable if i am honest, and its basically game over now. 32mins - Nothing else happened, Obiang gets the ball fully 40 yards out. Ping. Top corner. What the hell.........give me a damn refund on this game right now! 44mins - West Ham direct free kick. 20 yards out. Payet.........yeah i dont even have to finish that do i. 6 v 1 down at half time. Thats it. I am re-installing CM99/00........ What can you do at HT? The heads are gone for us, morale shot. We have been out played, but hardly by 6 goals to 1. Payet, by the way, had 5 DFK within 35 yards in that half. We have no one set to tackle hard. Go figure 47mins - West ham throw in. Goes to Noble inside the box. Smash. Bottom corner. That was preventable. Our team just look shot though. 7 v 1. Thats it, someone send me a link to eastside hockey manager. 59mins - Hey, we can still play this game. Mahrez, to Vardy, to top Corner. At this point i sub off 3 players. Game is gone. We are totally shot morale wise and no point doing anything. Payet, by the way, has 3 more DFK within 30 years. i have no explanations. The game end, and here is the final line. A complete catastrophe. So then. Post mortem - What do we do? is our system just a wreck? What on earth..... You know what. Move on. Ignore it. 3 direct free kick goals. Really? Another from a set piece. Another from 40 yards. Nothing you can do about that. Blips happen. I cant really analyse the tactic at all based on this. It was a complete anomoly and i will treat it as such. I will ignore this game entirely, and look at how we perform next week. Good laugh though.....
  11. Step 4 - Testing it in a game situation - Pre-season and Charity Shield (Yes, i still call it that) Ok so time to get serious. Can this actually work, or was it all just abstract ideas and nice pictures (ok, there were not many nice pictures in the OP, but in my head there were!) . The players are signed, the tactic is setup, time to go. We start, of course, with pre-season. When creating a new tactic, pre-season can play a vital part. It is the chance to iron out kinks, spot flaws in your thinking and try a few experiments without real consequence. However, i chose to forego that and just let the Ass Man take charge of the lot........why, i hear you scream? 2 reasons: 1) I have always found that pre-season in FM bares no relations to actual competitive matches. I am sure this is less try in FM17, and probably was not as true in FM16, but i am burnt by years of creating something which played like Brazil in pre-season, only to look like Norwich when the real stuff starts 2) Probably more relevant, but when i play online i dont get to manage friendlies. So its a bit of a "prep" for that. Turns out the Ass Man aint bad. I didnt view any of the matches, other than checking after the first 2 that he plays my tactics, including roles and duties (which he did - i think that is an improvements / fix from FM16 - good work SI). Not exactly the toughest set of fixtures ever, but nice wins against Monaco, Olympiakos and some Turkish mob i cant pronounce give me some confidence that the system will not be a total shambles. A nice enough spread of goals as well. However, now competitive game time (sort of...). By virtue of being Champions, we get to play the Charity Shield at Wembley against Man U. Quite a way to start. I actually think playing bigger teams might suit us, since we should have less issues getting space, but lets see.... Game 1- Leicester v Man Utd They line up 4411 which i think will be fairly common against us. Rooney as the deepest CM, a less than scary DC line of Jones and Fosu-Mensah and interestingly far more attacking RB, which will play against my attacking left side. Thinks start of even enough, a bit of jousting in the opening minutes. Mendy appears to be snapping at heels, and perhaps closing down a bit much, as he is almost on top of Drinkwater at one point, but they seem to combine well so i am leaving it. 5mins in, we get our first chance to use some space. Saponara picks the ball up in a good area, and lets stop and look at what is around him: Look at the space Mahrez as moved into, and look at the space ahead of Vardy (he is deeper than usual, as he actually started the move and has just given the ball to Saponara. Also not Fuchs already bombing into the space Mahrez is vacating, although Lingard is tracking the run well. From here, actually Sap doesnt play it into space as such, he finds Mahrez with a ball directly into him, Mahrez finds Fuchs outside, who finds Vardy in the area. After that, well, the gif tells the story A pleasing start and a nice move. I watched the rest of the first half on "comprehensive" and really like what i see. We are on top. Utd create one good chance from a cross which Mata of all people heads but right at Kasper. At the other end, its turning into Vardy v De Gea..... This graphic shows Vardy's shots just in the first half: Here is the build up to one of the saved shots. Sap again is the ma picking the ball up, and note the space Mahrez has and Vardy is one v one against Phil Jones (i will take that match up any day The outcome is not quite another goal, but a good chance - For me, this is Vardy playing exactly as an AF(a) should: So half time, no need for change. We are well in control against a very good Utd side. Most of the tactical concepts are working ok so far, Utd have had some chances, but other than the Mata header, nearly all from distance. They have more possession but im not interested in that in the slightest. Early in the second half, Utd get level after a lovely move between Pogba / Depay / Ibra which ends with a tap in for Mata. Our DC's are caught ball watching a bit, but its a nice move involving some world class players. Tip the cap and move on. Within 60 secs, we do exactly that as Fuchs smashes in a direct free kick. We are still creating chances, far more than Utd, and our second half shots analysis shows they involve a variety of players: And if we look at the build up play (how cool is this little feature on the stats tab btw? Did this always exist and i didnt notice it?) No Tiki Taka here. Huth at the back into Evandro (on for Sap). Into space out wide for Mahrez, cross for Vardy and header just wide. Lovely. As the game goes on, Utd go more attacking, bring on Rashford and go 4231. Rash gives us some problems and they create more chances. We go "contain" and "time waste" for the last 10mins and hold out, but the pressure they give us when they go all out attack has me making a note that i need to consider what tweaks i might make against that type of situation. In theory, it just opens up more space which is great. But in practice, when a top class team want to throw everything at you, you might need a plan to adapt. One for later. We hold on and pick up the pot. Nice start
  12. So, its been a while. But there is a a new Football Manager, and i thought i would give posting in here a new go. Last year i had a couple of attempts at creating something tactically, posting in here and doing some detailed analysis / tactic building (Both in Italy, with varied success.......none at Lazio, a fair bit at Parma) but to be honest, i was jaded with FM16. In the end, for the last 6 months i created a basic tactic, stealing best bits of others off here, and exploiting the heck out of fullbacks / crossing / corners and just plugged it into every save, playing exclusively online and winning everything (Champions League, Euro Super Cup and World Club cup with Hearts inside 6 seasons, and 23 trophies in a 10 year online save across Italy, Spain & England). It was fun, but not quite the same level of interest. So with the new version out for a few days, i figured i will at least try something tactical before i become jaded again :D. I will be playing online again in a few weeks, and by a random draw, i get to manage Leicester. An interesting one for me, as they go against the grain in many ways of what i traditionally like in my teams. I love silky flair players, which generally is my downfall. I think at one point last year i played 4231 where the "2" were Ante Coric and Unai Lopez.......go figure . Leicester, by contrast, are all about the opposite. Speed, work rate, strength. We all know by now what they did and how they did it last year. Managing Leicester is an interesting challenge. League champions, but only tipped to finish 7th. When was the last time that happened (never, i am guessing). Few would argue with that prediction either. They have a well settled squad, who have lost a massive part of their success which might, or might not (IRL) mean a change in style. Rather than try to recreate Ranieri's style, which has been done to death to be fair, i decided i want to create something of my own. However, it would be foolish to take a squad which won the league, and try to totally transform it. I cannot realistically expect to make Leicester a gegenpressing / Tiki Taki side right out of the gate, so why would i try. To quote someone (many people really), i want to go for "evolution, not revolution". I will try and detail here the approach i take and the way i develop a tactic. It will almost certainly contain wrong decisions, mistakes and frustration (i freely admit, that since FM15, i have completely lost grip of some aspects of the TC). Infact as i type up this intro, the first huge, hilarious blip has occurred, but more of that later. I am hoping to generate discussions, take suggestions and, of course, learn a bit from how others read things. Step 1 - The starting point - having an idea / vision I am, almost certainly, repeating something i have said in every thread i have created in here, but none the less.........you have to start with an idea of how you want the game of football to be played by your team. It can be as basic as "i want to be counter attacking" or "i want to gegenpress", just as long as you understand how to take that starting point idea, and develop the component parts required to create the final solution. i will pause here to say that i think Formations are a bit of an abstract concept when it comes to this. I dont think you should ever start with "i want to play 442" or "i want to play with 2 DMs" - Those are not really visions, those are parts of the solution. Put the horse before the cart. How do you want to play? Then figure out what formation, roles, and duties will add up to that. Formation, is, in essence, your defence shape. Thats one part of how you play, but why would you start with an idea for one part of the game? So, my idea / vision for how i want to play the game (in this save - i am whimsical, i might be totally different in the next save!) - I want to have a style of play which creates, and ruthlessly makes use of, space in the final 3rd. Our 2 best players are Vardy and Mahrez, and both are blessed with pace and running ability. I want a style which heavily involves those things - I want to augument the space creation, with a player who can unlock that space. We will not be all about true counter in the way that Leicester were last year. We will embrace the idea of the pace and space creation, but we will add creativity - I want width, but varied width. I do not want to be predictable when it comes to my use of the wide areas - I want to defend with 4 players at all times. That is not to say that none of the 4 will ever be in the attack phase, but i want 4 players who are dedicated primarily to the defensive side of the game. In FM terms, that likely means 4 defend duties, but at this stage the principle is a solid defence made up of 4 players. - Our defensive approach will not be pressing based. We will keep our shape and force opponents to play through us if they want to score. - I want to transition using primarily 2 avenues - Wide play and a single creative central player - I want to vary my attack, but focus mainly on use of space behind the opposition Thats a bit of a random assortment of principles, but i am just writing as i go. I think that covers the basics of how my team will play. Note that there is no mention of the words "tempo", "dline", "crossing", "width" (ok there are many mentions of that, just not in terms of how wide or narrow the team will be), creative freedom or pressing. Indeed very few of the terms i will find in the TC are mentioned when i come up with my desired style. That is because those things make up the ingredients. I want to describe my vision of the final dish first, then ask the Chef (who is also me......this metaphor has really gone wrong.....) to pick the correct ingredients and recipe to reach this goal. Step 2 - Implementing the Idea Ok so now the hard bit. How does all that waffle become something within football manager 2017 (beta)? Well, in all honesty, there are many posters on this forum who could just take it, create a tactic and boom, off they go showing how it works. At this point, i am not one of those people. It will be a long and probably frustrating process, which will require some trial and error on my part. However, i have an idea of how i might start. First things first, i suppose. The formation, roles and duties form the backbone of any system, so here they are. and the explanations: GK - G(d) - Basic keeper. We will not be a high line team (more on that later) so need for an SK. We just want him to get it out to our fullbacks and start the game rolling again - PI - Pass it shorter, distribute quickly, distribute to fullbacks, roll it out DC - CD(d) x 2 - Again, nothing fancy here. No ball players in this team. Might add PI later, but for now, just do what DC's do - PI -None RB -FB(d) - On this side, i want to stay very solid. Simpson has the PPM "stays back at all times" so knits nicely into this. He is our 3rd defensive player. He will just give the ball to those in front, and keep us solid. PI - Cross aim far post (related to Mahrez) LB - WB(a) - So the variation starts. This is Fuchs, who bombs on all day. The way we are set up in front of him encourages this and he provides the attacking wide on the left side - PI - None MCL - CM(d) - The 4th defensive player in the side. Want him staying back and giving us a strong backbone. Mendy has "plays short simple passes" PPM which is perfect. Win the ball, give it to the attacking unit and stay where you are PI - None MCR - BBM(s) - The first of 3 "transition" players, and also part of the attacking unit. Drinkwater is perfect for this, can get around all day, support the striker but also help out Mendy. PI - Shoot less often MR - W(s) - Another of the transition players, and the provider of width on the right, to give space for the AMC to operate. Albrighton shifts over and has all the attributes to be a winger (as does Gray). PI - None (partly due to Albrightons PPMs) AMC - AP(a) - The creative force who gets the ball into the spaces. The "new" aspect to Leicester. An absolute key for us. The attack duty was not my first choice, but with support he drops way to deep. PI - None AML - RDM(a) - The one role i am least certain on, but it is the first of the 2 main scoring roles. I toyed between IF(a) and this, but i really like the idea of Mahrez as Muller type. Ideally, a right footer would fit here, or Mahrez in the same role in the AMR slot, but i need to balance this. Albrighton and Gray are my wingers, and both are right footed. My fullbacks heavily trend towards being more attacking on the left than right. So Mahrez will come off this side. PI - None ST - AF(a) - A lot of people would recomend a support duty alongside an RDM, but i am going for another approach. Vardy is just made to play on the shoulder, take through balls form a creator, and in doing so create space where Mahrez can cut into. PI- None of course, formations, roles and duties only exist within the confines of a team shape and mentality, and governed by over-arching TI. So...... This is basic - The mentaility i am sticking to "standard" to start. There is certainly an argument for "counter", but i think i can create what i need by means other than adjusting the overall team mentality, which impacts so many things. Also, starting on "standard" allows me scope to go up or down during the game. The team shape, i struggle with a lot the last year or so. I love very fluid, buts its not appropriate here. The more structured we are, in theory, the more vertical distance we create between the lines. I want some space between the lines, since we are about space creation. I also do want a sense of discipline about our side. We want to defend strongly, and the way i have set my team out above, in terms of those who are involved in each phase of play, broadly fits into the "structured" description. Team instructions will start minimal, and almost certainly be added as we go. For now, there are 2 distinct characteristics of my style which i believe need a TI right away to create. "drop deeper" helps both with my defensive vision, but most importantly with my attempts to create space in behind for us to exploit. "pass into space" is a key element of how we take advantage of that space. Clearly one of our immediate issues might be that we are a top 7 side - some teams will simply not give us space, but lets cross that bridge when we come to it Step 3- Having the players to pull it off There is, of course, very little point in a good idea, and even a good implementation of it tactically, if you do not have the players at your disposal to make it happen on the pitch. Of course, in this case, as with any manager, i took account of the players at my disposal when i came up with my approach. This was not a long term thing where i aim to transform a club over 2 / 3 years - I want immediate success (yet to define what that means....). However, the squad was not perfect for my vision. I immediately identified 1 major need in order for the team to be able to play this way, and 2 other areas where the squad needed tweaking to meet my needs Need 1 - A creator This was the most glaring issue. Leicester are not build around any type of playmaker / creator at all. My vision relied on a "number 10" type who can pull the strings and find those pockets of space where Mahrez and Vardy should be. Knowing the type i needed, i looked for a number of criteria in a signing. We had some money to play with, but not mega bucks. I am not getting James or Pjanic here, lets be honest. I wanted someone with passing ability, vision, technique, first touch and decision making. For me, those are the most crucial aspects for the role i have in mind. PPMs are also important. My search actually initially lead me to Dani Parejo, who is far more of a DLP and has some PPMs which i am not wild about (NB - full disclosure, my first attempt at a save with this concept went awry for a couple of reasons, and i did actually sign Parejo in that and he didnt look great). Second on the list though, was Riccardo Saponara. A player i was always a fan of in Serie A, and who seems to tick all the boxes, including a key PPM - "Tries killer balls often" Needs 2 / 3 - Depth and quality at the back These relate less to the tactic, but more to the strength of the side. I really feel that Huth and Morgan, whilst brilliant last year, are not top class overall. I went out and bought another experienced guy, but one i percieve as an upgrade, and certainly a big upgrade over our 3rd choice (being in the CL, i want 3 quality DC). Gonzalo Rodriquez is a wily old campaigner. He might not be the quickest, but given our playing style i am not worried by that. We also need a backup LB for Fuchs, and Tyrone Mings was cheap, English and has a nice attacking PPM as well as good attributes going forward. We then need a backup for Saponara, given we have no creators in the squad. Evandro is a low cost, somewhat similar player, albeit with less quality. Gaztanaga was brought in purely for depth given the amount of games we have. He can play DC or MC if needed. On the outward side, Ulloa is surplus as we only need 1 striker, Matty James was already transfer listed and did not really have a place in the side, and Musa and Benalouane were both high earners who really, in my view, are not cut out for this system. There is an argument that Musa with his pace would fit, but his technicals are so dire i just wanted rid of his wages. Chilwell is a year away from being ready, in my view. So thats it for the first part. Next i have to actually try this out, and see how badly the theory works out in practice! Since its 4am now, i might leave that until after some sleep
  13. Leading up to the Community Shield against Man U (I am managing Leicester), i get my regular pre-match report from my Chief Data Analyst. It says that their "key player" in the last game was Liam Smith. Which would be good, except Liam plays for Hearts, no Man U........Hearts were the opposition in the last match, which somewhat explains the error but still think its wrong let me know if you need a save at this point.
  14. Came across this guy on loan from Vasco to Brugge, who appears to have a loan clause of £8.24m if his club wins the domestic cup? Seems wrong....
  15. 16/20. Got screwed by the nationality of a certain Chelsea GK being wrong (he was russian!) and also for some reason i had in my mind that Bontcho was a goal keeper, so discounted him on that one. Also got Conte mixed up with Nicola Berti, and randomly Jeff Kenna and Mark Atkins confused. Some of those ratings.......all the 20s