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  1. 30 June 2021 So as the off season has not started in earnest yet, a few bits of random news First up, everyones favourite topic currently.......brexit Worst feature in FM by a mile, and i got a pretty bad one. Supported by this nonsense rule which is going to make controlling wages much harder for us This might help a bit i guess Also a nice first for County this........ Now, on to the heavy lifting.......how do we get a squad fit for this level, with our tiny reputation.......
  2. Cheers lads, not forgotten this, been a bit busy but getting back to playing it now
  3. 2 May 2021 Well, what we could do, was absolutely smash those last 5 games! 4 wins, (before losing the last!) and PROMOTION! Absolutely amazing season at Meadow lane! In the end it was fairly comfortable, with the 4 straight wins making us safe in the auto spot. Watford were on a different planet mind The prize money for 2nd place in the Championship seems a touch er.... low? No matter, the Magpies board have gotten rather excited at playing in the promised land and given me a bit of a bounty And the icing on the cake, showing that our young lads are coming through: The final key player stats, showing that we really didnt have one stand out, although Paredes 27 goals is a nice return, its hardly earth shattering in a 46 game season
  4. 1 April 2021 Right, now that I have calmed down (and explained to my missus what all the shouting and screaming was about.......her reaction was predictable....), back to the important business of trying to get to the promised land. As the calander turns to basically the last month of the season, 5 games remain and things are delicately poised. Our final fixtures are reasonable, 3 home and 2 away and none against teams in the top 10: Cup hero Grigg will miss most of the rest of the season through injury, but other than that, for the first time in months we are pretty much injury free. Lets see what we can do shall we
  5. 20 Feb 2021 Well its here! Cup final day. The Magpies are off to Wembley! Pre match We go in with our standard 4231 system, but in team news there are a few bits of worthy news and not many big decisions really: Fred Woodman recovered quicker than expected and played our last 2 league games so he starts in goal Our first choice DC's are both loanee's Rua and Wood, only other fit is Zakuani who is on the bench First choice LB and one of our stars, Wilson, out for 4 weeks meaning, so trusty backup Jack Iredale steps in All 5 of our first choice midfield are fit and start Will Grigg starts up top with Paredes out injured and Parrott cup tied. Means we have a youth backup ST! All starters are fully fit and match fit so we are in decent shape. Cardiff meanwhile start 41221 wide, with there main striker Zahore having 6 goals in 36 appearances this year...........The biggest threat seems to be Josh Murphy from the left wing. Match 9mins - Disaster, we dont clear our lines and a low driven cross from the right finds big Zahore who slides home. Nothing in the opening exchanges till then 15mins - First glimpse of a chance for us, but nothing more than a blocked shot from 18yards in the end. Almost sucker punched as Cardiff quickly counter and Fred Woodman has to make a smart save from Zahore again 20mins - From a deep cross from the right, Ryan Kent is all alone at the back post 8 yards out but somehow only hits the post 35mins - another half chance but we overplay it and end up firing over from 25 yards from Knox. Its not looking good 45mins - Half peters out completely with no real action 46mins - Decided against any changes, just a stirring team talk. Within 21 secs it almost pays off as Kent and Grigg both somehow hit the ball against the keeper from less than 3 yards out. You really get the feeling its not going to be our day....... 49mins - Pressure building, this time Texiera hits the keeper from a cutback inside the 6 yard box. GO IN BALL 65mins - With suddenly nothing happening for 15mins, its time for changes. Our bench is a mix of youth and more youth sadly Matty knox has not really performed and off he comes for young Oakley. We also go a touch more direct 70mins - Cardiff barely had a kick this half, and Kent again with a good chance hits the keeper. 71mins - HOLD THE ***** FORT. From the resulting corner, Kent turns provided and big Nathan Wood jumps highest to power home a header. His first goal for the club!!!! what a time to get it. Now...stick or twist..... 72mins - No time to decide! From our next attack, a nothing punt into the box and Will Grigg is pushed over. PENALTY! 72mins -- Who else to take it but the man himself.....its a poor pen, down the middle almost but power and it takes a touch off the keeper and in. WILL GRIGG'S ON FIRE!!!!!! 74mins - Oh god, just as i am trying to make some tweaks to go more solid, Cardiff get an FK out wide and after pinball in the box, Kouyate smashes home and the euphoria is short lived 2 v 2 now. 77mins - Second sub and its out of necessity. Our LB is blowing out his **** at 63% fitness, so have to sub him off and on comes RB Paulinho to play somewhat out of position. 1 change remaining and no real attacking option beyond an 18yr old who has played 3 games for my first team ever.....now im really regretting my Transfer window!!! 87min - after a real lull, Woodman has to be sharp to hold a long ranger from Lawrence of Cardiff. 89mins - Final change see's us get fresh legs into the middle. Valzania replaced by Ted Bishop. 90mins - FIVE MINS of time added on......... 91mins - gah, Bishop plays Texiera in down the right channel, lovely ball but he smashes it right at the keeper again. Needed more placement / composure 95mins - Nothing else happens, extra time it is ET 92 mins - ARGHHH. Jacob Murphy hits one from 30 yards which takes a big looping deflection and flies beyond the keeper. Could that be the end of the dream 94mins - BUT WAIT. Bishop again plays a lovely ball to get our RB to the byline, he just keeps it in play and cuts it back to the edge of the 6 yard box where WILL GRIGG IS ON *****ING FIRE. Back level. Good lord this game...... 105mins - Litterally nothing else happens in the first half of ET. Explosive 4mins followed by nothing... 105mins - With it being the League Cup, we are permitted a 4th sub in ET. Options are slim, but Kent is knackered so off he comes for young Kelleher who is not really a winger but needs must. 108mins - Disaster, barely made that final sub and Oakley has done his hamstring. HE will play on but barely. 110min - Oh my god......On one leg, Oakley gets fouled in the box! Another pen........ 111mins - WILL GRIGG. MARRY ME MATE. HATRICK. Keeper goes the right way but cant reach it, lovely pen. 9mins........ 112mins - We immediately try to park the bus. This is going to be a horrible 8 mins plus........ 117mins - Kelleher has a pop from distance but nowhere. Even more bus parking tweaks. Grigg is back helping out in midfield. Injured Oakley left up top. Ala Maldini at the world cup that time 119mins - we hoof it clear and in true rugby style, attempt to kick for touch, it gets a deflection and we have a throw about 1 yard from the Cardiff touchline. 120mins - Two added mins. YOU WHAT REF. 121mins - Rua intercepts a long pass and back to Fred. One minute lads. 121mins - Cardiff work it down the right and its blocked out for a corner. Oh god, please no 121mins - BLOCKED, CLEARED. YES MEN! 122mins - FULL TIME. OH MY ACTUAL GOD.
  6. 6 Feb 2021 So another window comes and goes, not the busiest ever for us but some business all the same. Outwardly, a few bits of squad pruning: Forrest, Gaydu and Bossin were all signings who served us decently enough when lower down the pyramid, but really were more suited to League 1 or below so out they went. Walker was only signed in the summer but never really settled for us and we had too many wingers so i took a quick profit. O'Dowda i mentioned in an early post and he finally completed his move and Fulton was also a recent signing, but had fallen to 4th choice CM so i got his large wage off our bill. Coming inward, we really struggled. I wanted to find a "difference maker" type but our rep is still so low and our wage budget so low that in reality i couldnt find anyone who would really upgrade us Ended up with a few youth signings, then just 3 loans, all out of necessity. First up, a spate of defensive injuries had us down to 1 fit DC, so we hit the loan market for a familiar face: Rui Rua Only months after we sold him to Huddersfield, he returns on loan to give us cover and has a good chance to start down the stretch for us Jon Mitchell A 6 week injury to our only decent keeper was a disaster, so i had to delve into the loan market again. Mitchell was the best i could find and did a job covering for Fred Troy Parrot Another injury right at the end of the window, 6 weeks without our main striker Paredes. Not fancying relying on Will Grigg to fire us to the promised land, i swooped in for this classy looking lad from Spurs on loan We are still bang in the promotion hunt with our cup final to look forward to as well. Lets see how the season pans out!
  7. Cheers man. Its going way to well! i think there is some truth that its a bit easy to bring clubs up through the divisions this year but im gonna enjoy it anyway. Kent has been a bit inconsistent for me. Not a great goals and assist return, but he has been in and out of the side a bit as i was rotating 4 wingers for much of the first part of the season. He looks like he should be a player though, two footed, usefull PPMs:
  8. 20 Jan 20201 Sweet mother of Jimmy Sirrell............the Mags are only going to WEMBLEY We lost the first leg 1 v 0, but cruised the 2nd leg. Kent put us ahead early with a well worked goal, and it was close and cagey for a long time before we got a pen with 15 to go, which our winger Teixiera off the bench dispatched. Valzania boomed one in from 20 yards to clinch it. It was almost the dream final as well Cardiff, by the way, sit 18th in the Championship at the moment............ what an opportunity!!!
  9. 1 January 2021 So first up, despite the last post being about the end of the window, it sort of wasnt. A few things happened. Our backup LB got injured for 4 months, and i discovered the loan window was still open so i dredged and got Brian Easton on loan from St Johnstone. A pretty poor player but he is only going to be backup for a few months I realised i was short a DC and had not decent youths. So i picked up veteran Gabriel Zakuani who is a bit of a lower league legend. Not Championship quality, but will be a rarely used backup again Near the end of August, i got a £1m bid for O'Dowda from San Jose.....and to be honest despite a very high early value, i could never get him to do well so i decided to take the cash. This was bang on 31 August, last day of the loan window, so as the deal was in flight i rushed out and loaned in Ryan Kent from Liverpool, who looks pretty decent. Bit of an error, as it turns out the O'Dowda deal wont go through until 1st Feb The season though, has been amazing. We are flying along. After 30 games, we are firmly in the promotion hunt, and to be honest we should have a playoff spot at worst sewn up already! As if that wasnt good enough, there is also this in the league cup: Now, that is not exactly the toughest set of draws......but a semi final! Its against Burnley, who are 8th in the Prem so that might be the end of that! We are doing it largely on the strength of our attack, but pretty good all round contributions: Could be a pivotal transfer window now!
  10. 8 August 2020 A double diary entry........ so in terms of who we added, lets just go by position rather than chronological....... First up, we needed a keeper and Fred Woodman had been great for us on loan. He was however on over £30k per week at the other magpies......but his contract was up and to my surprise he was willing to not only talk to us, but to accept a huge wage cut. Looks more than good enough for this level and still young for a keeper Next up was central defence. With Streete gone, and Ozturk gone, and Texiera not really looking like he is developming much, i decided to hit the loan market first. Nathan Wood from Boro looks good enough for our first team, even at age 18: To partner him, i took a bit of a flier on a freebie. Tiago Illori spent last season in League One at Reading, and did not exactly have a great season, but i love his physical attributes and with no fee to pay, it seems a worthwile risk: With left back sorted by my 2 scottish lads, Right back was the next focus. Having let Jones and Tootle go, we were down to 20yr old Portugal signing from last year Costinha. So of course i signed another Portugese to rotate with him Paulinho has bags of top flight experience in his home land and at age 29 brings us some welcome experience Next up, our central midfield. We had lost again 2 of our first teamers, and although Ted Bishop is still around, i dont really trust his fitness much. So firstly another Scot joins us on a free. Former bolton man Jay Fulton had some decent clubs after him, and we perhaps overpaid in wage terms making him our highest earner, but he looks a player: Having already secured Fulton, i was a little surprised when i found an Italian with top flight experience amongst the list of interested free agents. Luca Valzania might just be the pick of our signings, Finally, needing a 4th choice CM and not seeing anything on the loan market, i searched for transfer listed and a random German lad was there, 2 scouts were split on him but one was bullish enough for 3 gold stars, and his starting attributes really jumped out at me for a 19yr old. We had to lay out £450k for him, but with so many other freebies it was no issue. Sahverdi Cetin might be a name to watch develop With Knox still in place at #10 and young Oakley looking an able back up, i left that position alone and focussed on adding some more quality out wide having moved on 2 of our wingers from last year. As usual, i went for a market i know well.......... firstly, Scot and former Jambo Jamie Walker was on a free after a year at Wigan. I am not sure he is much of an upgrade, but was always a fave of mine at Tynecastle so had to take him On the other side, i also looked to scotland. Lewis Morgan had struggled badly for games at Celtic, but was once, not so long ago, a top prospect. A loan was duly arranged and with him and Walker both able to play many positions, we have a nice versatile attacking unit And finally, we had a decision to make for our main striker. Joao Paredes was last years main signing up there, and he had a solid season but is he really Championship Quality? To be honest, i struggled badly to find someone who was available, affordable and interested. Eventually i settled for someone likely to rotate / back up Paredes for now and we will likely look again come Jan. It helps that the guy who was available is a bit of a Cult hero in footballing circles. Can Will Grigg Fire us to glory........ Also made some youth signings, 3 from my many portugese scouting reports. But ending on Grigg gives me the excuse to chuck in my fave ever football banner from the last Euros......
  11. 8 August 2020 Been ages since an update, and a busy summer. First up, lets look at those we didnt renew the contracts of / wouldnt renew with us: Some quite notable names in there, from the first team. Vaughan was long since a reserve player, Jones and Campbell stopgap signings. Tootle had been solid for me but was ageing and didnt look ready for another step up. Further down, Calvet and Edwards were regulars in and around the first 11 last year, and Ozturk of course was a Jan signing but was always short term. As well as those, we made some player sales: Enzio was an original player for us, did us a fine turn over the first 2 seasons but is more suited to League 1 at best. McManaman never really clicked with us, had a few solid spells but i wanted better quality. Pereira never let us down but was getting older and we gained better CM options. Streete was the big surprise. he picked up a bad injury late last season and missed the last 6 games plus most of the summer, and his attributes plummeted badly. Probably reflected in where he ended up signing. Still a loss to us. Next up, time to build a squad for the championship
  12. Cheers man, yeah the deadline can be crazy especially around League One level with lots of coming and going. Championship could be tough with our low budget and the fact that a couple of our better players might be poached already, but ive been scouting non stop so have some potential targets in mind if i need to. We probably need a 25 goal striker though to have any hope of top half Ha, we shall see!
  13. 13 May 2020 First major event of the close season and its a brutal one. Unsolicited approach from my beloved JT's Has to be turned down of course.
  14. 11 May 2020 Well, we did it. Back to back seasons of glory! No title this time but automatic promo was above our wildest dreams! It was pretty tight all season, but we sat 2nd for nearly the entire 2nd half of the season. Barnsley were just that little better, but we fought off some much bigger sides to secure our promotion in the 2nd to last game eventually: In terms of the squad that got us there, its an interesting mix -we pretty much had a great season without one single stand out performer. Streete probably our best performer but the goals and assists were really shared around a lot this year In terms of next season, this will be nice and give us a bit of chance, athough the wage bill will still be the lowest in the division: Onwards and upwards!
  15. 21 March 2019 The season is motoring along and we are doing nicely. With 7 games to go, we are in the box seat for automatic promotion, and at worst are close to guaranteeing playoff action. This summarises where we are, and the overall position: goals shared around a bit, and Streete continues to perform, quite glad he didnt go to the USA in the end. Finances are healthy as well. We had our youth intake, and it was terrible, nothing worth mentioning but thats to be expected at this level. Lets see if we can take the magpies to the Championship!
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