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  1. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    San Marino squad was not quite that huge thankfully, maybe 35 at most before my first intake. I try to keep it at around 42 - 44 players in my squad at any one time. Ideally for each position in the 11, i have: Starter Backup Prospect Youth Generally if i get one in an intake who bumps someone to #5 in the depth chart for any position, i release the guy at the bottom.
  2. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Youth Challenge - San Marino Calcio Season 1 - 2018/19 League Table Past Positions Playout Transfers Current Facilities Squad Part 1 Squad Part 2 Squad Part 3 Season Summary We were rubbish, basically. Very little consistency, the odd spate of wins or draws, but a lot of heavy defeats. Tactically we were not good and our squad quality is low. On the plus side, we have enough players to always be covered. We bumbled along near the bottom, never quite sure if we were going to be in a relegation playout or not, because the rules are utterly bizzare. As it was, we won our last league game which i thought might save us , but no, it was a playout. Here, it gets even more mad. Losing the away leg 1 v 2, then leading the home leg by the same score i was preparing for ET....but no, game finished at 90mins....huh? Ok, so apparently we stay up because we are the higher seeded side!!! How on earth can a league function like this...... but i am alive, another season at least. Top Performers A short list..... Leonardo Fuchi - Our best player in CA stars and probably best performer. He wants a move to a bigger club already. Did not fit perfectly into our 442 setup, but if he stays could be worth building a tactic around Cristian Longobardi - The old man of our forward line, and sadly our top scorer with 11 goals. He is retiring at the end of the season, legs are gone but he did us a turn Youth Intake A good looking intake, one real stand out but good spread. They dont look the best quality, guessing the stars might reflect how bad the rest of the squad is... Intake Luca Rossi (YP01a) - Could be a peach. Already my best CM i would say and can hopefully become a building block Alberto Tenconi (YP01b) - Not actually the second best of the intake, but has to be tagged as he is an SI staff regen Albie might get some game time soon with the retirement of Longobardi Youth Updates I tagged 2 youths from the starting squad who looked interesting: Pasquale Elefante (YP00a) - Apart from a great name, he also has some useful attributes, good physicals, big and can finish. Sadly he performed pretty badly this season. Maybe was shoehorned into a role he wasnt best suited to Fabrizio Ciavatta (YP00b) - Less polished, but looked like he might be a useful CM. Also performed poorly though Next Season Aims 1) Make a more suited tactic 2) Stay clear of the relegation playout
  3. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Also made it as far as the intake, and it looks like San Marino get a split of San Marinese and Italian, so maybe viable. Guess as i expand the YR, might get more Italians?
  4. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Serie C..... i mean, you need a bleeding maths degree to work out if you are in relegation trouble or not...... Who on earth came up with that rule......
  5. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I guess there is only one way to find out Pasquale Bruno will take on the challenge of at least surviving to the first intake! Not a great starting squad, not helped by losing 4 of my experienced players right away as they had already been offered contracts, which i couldnt change, and they rejected and immediately left the club Couple of semi decent starting prospects though.
  6. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Well in general national ranking has a huge impact - that is why a team with poor facilities in Brazil will still have a far better chance of a good intake than the best club in Belarus. Just less sure how they judge San Marino - I guess its a bit split but i seem to recall the intakes are made up mostly of San Marinese nationality players.
  7. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Cant let this be the first year where i do not even attempt this challenge (Had several goes each year going back to inception!). I was thinking Italy, but is it safe to assume that starting as San Marino is suicide - presumably the quality of regen they get will be governed by the stats of San Marino, not Italy?
  8. You know, in all the months playing this game i never even noticed that diagram Yeah its FM 18, is it not the default on Overview > Attributes screen? I never migrated to the "new" style player profile. I am old school and want the landing page to be the attributes one like it was in the good ol days..... If not, I would guess that might actually be part of the facepack / logos or something?
  9. Just the standard one. Its one of those things i keep meaning to look at improving but to be honest, the skins on FM have never overly bothered or captured my interest. I think in previous years I used the skin with instant result enabled, because it allows you to do pre-season "properly" without playing each friendly (if you let the ass man take charge, you end up with 11 fit players and rest at 60%)
  10. So got a chance to play through some games. From my earlier post, I did not reveal the team or names of the poachers....... I am managing Lyon, and my primary poach is Mariano with the backup being none other than former Wigan flop Mauro Boselli Stats Analysis I posted his attributes and trait in the earlier post, and also showed a bit of my tactic and how i plan to feed him. In terms of stats, my side have played 16 games thus far, with Mariano appearing in 12. His return of 10 goals is not earth shattering (and hardly matches 5 in a game!) but given he is a notch or 3 below the likes of PEA, I think it is reasonable. What is also quite interesting, is that he has only 1 assist across those 12 games, showing he is playing very much the "poacher" role. Contrast this with his striker partner, Fekir is almost certainly a "better player" and in using him as a False 9 I seem to be getting the best of him. His goals are a bonus, but the real interesting difference is the assist numbers: Of course, Mariano has sat out a few games and Boselli, my other poacher has stepped in, his return is also more than decent, again with the lack of assists showing his focus on scoring goals Goal Types If we look in some more detail at the goals scored by Mariano in particular, what we see is that a large chunk of his goals are scored from inside the 6 yard box, or if not then certainly from within 10 yards or so. That is a penalty box poacher
  11. Ok so decided to spend a bit of time on this today in between bits of work. What do i look for in a poacher Well, this is probably similar to most. The key things i look for are: Finishing - Rather obvious, but no point in all the others if you dont have this. If you get in all the right places, then sky it, no good Composure - Heavily linked to the above, and with the nature of the chances I expect to fall to a Poacher, this is ever important Anticipation - I think this one is really key. A poach has to anticipate the action around him to be ready to pounce on things like second balls and rebounds, cut backs et al Off the Ball - Linked to Anticipation - as well as being ready to react quickly, you need to get into a place to react in the first place Heading - More of a nice to have than essential, but given that many chances "in the box" involve the ball being in the air, someone adept at headed finishing will help Player Traits - A less appreciated aspect, but there are some real positives and real negatives to be found in this area My Ideal Poacher This guy probably Alas, I plan to manage a good but not top side here for this so will not be getting the pleasure of this chap banging in 49 goals a season for me (as he did in the poacher role for me in another save) My Chosen Poacher(s) This guy ticks most of the boxes for me and is my first choice. I am playing at a top 4 club in a top 5 european league, but not one with the rep or resources to attract real world class players, so there is a need to compromise somewhat. This fella has 14 - 16 for all the things i look for, also as a bonus has very good acceleration and low teamwork. His only player trait is one i think could be a positive, albeit i confess i have never looked at how this one manifests itself in the ME - but the principle of a poacher getting a shot off early can only be positive. This is my backup / rotation / 2nd choice poacher. His anticipation is lower than i would like, but i chose him mainly because i am intrigued by the player trait "Static Target Man" - Obviously the name immediately makes you think TM not P, but iirc this very same trait was previously known as "stays in side the opposing box" or "Penalty Box Player" (I could be wrong on that). Either way, an individual player trait should not influence how the rest of the team chooses to feed him, so i am really curious as to how he will play out. The Roles and Duties Here is my opening gambit for how i will distribute formation, roles and duties to support and supply my Poacher: I have gone for a variant of 442. Up front rather than "big man / small man" i have gone for "creator / scorer". Alongside the poacher is a F9, who will drop deep to collect the ball, drag defenders out and help create space for the poacher. He will also (hopefully) supply through balls for the poacher as well as being a second body in the box to keep the defence busy on crosses. On the wings i have gone for varied supply. The winger will ping crosses all day long, the IW will cut in and provide support and through balls / one twos etc. I am keeping the fullback roles behind them both the same for now. The way the players ahead function, and the different player types i use will give the variation there rather than needing any role or duty changes In the middle i have 2 DMs, but both attack minded. I love the Segundo Volante role and an attack duty gets him right up there in and around the strikers, feeding them and feeding off them - remember my team needs to succeed here, not just the poacher. The RPM alongside i might tinker with, but he will supply balls from deep to both strikers and the winger. Although both roles and duties are quite aggresive, the formation means they will also provide good defensive cover. At the back i have been playing around with ST / Co lately and liking what i see. I wanted to include a BPD to ping the odd long one for the poacher to get in behind. Probably ideally he would be the Cover DC, but player types mean it was better to put him in the Stopper role. Run out of time on write up, but more later!
  12. I am going to risk going all Cleon here...... but a poacher can work in any formation - It is about how you set up the system. Certainly harder to make it work with a 4141 but far from impossible if you understand the relationship between mentality, Team Shape and roles / duties. Very much depends on how you want to have your poacher play and how you plan to give him the service.
  13. Surely this is exactly the chance to find that out for yourself
  14. Excellent idea / concept @herne79 - I remember trying to look at something similar but different years ago. Around the time Andy Carroll was flaming out at Liverpool i had this thought about the fact that Target Men are a lost art, and rarely seen in FM to be a success. I had some unstructured thought about picking the best 5 or so Target Men in the game and seeing who could make one into a top scorer. This is a far more structured and thought out approach though and allows for some real creative thinking I will try and get involved. Got FMO tonight which means no other FM time but maybe tomorrow.... I love the poacher role this year. I used it in a 3412 variant a while back in a save where i won leagues in Spain (Athletic), France (Monaco) and Italy (Fiorentina). At one point i had Carlos Bacca absolutely smashing it in that role, something like 13 goals in his first 7 games as i recall but i lost interest. Be interesting to see some discussions around the different "types" of poacher as well. 2 of the best / most oft quoted examples of a poacher over the last 20 years or so would likely be Klose and Inzaghi - both could lay claim to the title, but they went about it in very different ways. Look forward to some great detailed ideas and analysis
  15. So this is a pretty old thread, which i had grand ideas for but i ran into some problems running CM03/04 which is why it ground to a halt. I couldnt get round those problems, so i left things. However i am now going to pick things back up. I still couldnt get 03/04 running smooth so i am skipping onto 06. Originally i thought i would have an issue as although i have FM06 on disk, my current laptop has no optical drive, and there are reports that game does not work on Windows 10. Luckily I found an older laptop which not only has an optical drive but also still runs on Windows 7. Quick test seems to suggest it works So i will start again in the year 2006