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  1. Couple of bits of post season news. FIrstly, our keeper breaks the Lyon / PSG domination of the domestic team of the season Secondly, got this huge bid for one of my youths THe board let me decline it, and i did. We have no need for the funds really, the TV money in the top division keeps our youth costs easily covered, even when they are maxed out and our salary costs are crazy compared to when we started, but still very low for the division.
  2. SC Bastia - Season 6 (2025/26) League Table | Squad | Finances| Transfers Summary What a step forward! After last seasons struggle to survive, i was hoping to move up the league a little, cautiously optimistic as we lost none of our youths and really, in france, with the facilities we now have, we can develop some properly class players. We started slowly, slumping to the bottom after 3 games, but we slowly started to pick up some points, and gain some momentum, by mid season we were looking a bit more comfortably safe and looking upwards, not downwards. When Jan came and w
  3. Got myself a new HOYD at Bastia, the previous guy served me pretty well, with one great intake and a couple of respectable ones, but this new option was too good to pass up Welcome aboard Dirk Kuyt! Legend.......and also a "Model Pro"
  4. SC Bastia - Season 5 (2024/25) League Table | Squad | Finances| Transfers Summary It was always going to be a tough season, and so it proved, we started out very slowly, although we never sat bottom, we were in relegation trouble across the first 2 months. However we made the most of our fixtures against those teams around us, and put on a spurt to get up to about 15th or so, and we sensed a chance at safety. Then though, as the tougher games came around, we just could never compete against the top half sides so slid back down........... however, the second set of "easier"
  5. Welcome to the NFL, as they say........ouch. Its gonna be a long season...... At least we scored!
  6. SC Bastia - Season 4 (2023/24) League Table | Squad | Finances| Transfers Summary Well WOW! After ending last season strong, i felt we could kick on and towards the top half, and we started well. By game 8 we were in the playoffs, but we hit a bit of a slump around the year end, dropping down to around 12th and looking like mid table was where we would go. At this point, i tweaked my tactics, and despite losing my best striker for £5m to Lyon, we went on an absolute tear. From the turn of the year, to the end of the season we lost only once,and drew only 5. We flew up and f
  7. Ah damn Knew this moment would come but its only been 1.5 seasons. Not even a sell on clause either. He is clearly way to good for us but his goals were carrying us and we dont have any other great ST prospects in the pipeline
  8. As expected, serious money is now being plunked down on the table for my best youths Managed to at least decline it for now, but i fear he is not long for us. ALso first time i have seen this message
  9. SC Bastia - Season 3 (2022/23) League Table | Squad | Finances| Transfers Summary Looking for a season of consolidation, and we started out slowly, it was a season of 2 halfs really, up until around feb time, we were struggling and never out of the bottom 4, but also never really in auto relegation trouble as the bottom 2 clubs were very poor. However for the last 15 games we caught fire, with 9 wins in that spell. Things clicked tactically and our youngsters seemed to get more consistent, in the end we finished in the lofty heights of 12th place for an easy survival
  10. SC Bastia - Season 2 (2021/22) League Table | Squad | Finances | Transfers Summary It was always going to be a struggle after getting a season 1 promo - our squad was woefully thin and below the quality in many places. Also ageing............sure enough we were up against it all season, never slipping to the bottom but rarely being out of the bottom 5. Bouncing between the 2nd auto relegation spot, the playoff spot and the couple of spaces above. A mid season tactical switch gave us a short term kick, as so often is the case, before we slumped a bit. Our last 5 games were
  11. SC Bastia - Season 1 (2020/21) League Table | Squad | Finances | Transfers Summary Well now thats a bit more like it! First season and immediate success. We finished 2nd to secure Promotion at the first attempt. We started out hot and stayed in the top 3 most of the season. A nice surge around feb / march gave us a decent cushion over 3rd place, which was just as well as we spluttered over the line, losing 2 of our last 3. Transfers, there were 3 arranged before i took over. The outgoing were more troubling though. All 3 were decent looking prospects and all 3 accept
  12. SC Bastia I mean, you would think after a) A failed Island save and b) A failed fallen giant type save, that i might have learned my lesson......but nope, we go to an Island save, with a former "giant" (ok, not so giant, but former top flight club at least!) Lets see if Corsica treats us more kindly. There is just about a squad in place to start, we have more than 22 players, but not much depth and a lot of aging defenders, but its a starting point Manager Profile
  13. Well, Russia ended up being an aborted disaster. Was having a poor season, and the finances were just mad. We were losing nearly 250k per MONTH and the wage bill was not all of that, so by mid season we were like 1m in debt. Then there is a 3 month winter break, which i tried to holiday, not realising of course that it would let some of my players sign bosman deals elsewhere.......so yeah, canned that. To france we go..........
  14. Anji play in a 30,000 seater stadium. This was our season ticket sit......... I don't think i've ever seen it that low
  15. First issue identified, its safe to say its pretty much me, myself and I running things here for now........
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