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  1. 2nd race in a row where i have a podium from doing absolutely nothing of note On this one, i at least had one overtake. Overtook Hom on his worn tyres, in the same car.........and actually wait, i think i overtook Chugzzi who was on about 47 lap old softs........thrilling stuff WP to CJ - well deserved after his luck all year, and so harsh on Semi
  2. yeah its been down for coming on 12hrs now Amazing stuff, and they still have the brass neck to launch a new promo teaser midway through that
  3. Maybe the dullest podium i have ever had. Started P7 (i think?), never came close to an overtake on anyone on track, only thing even remotely like "racing" i had was Beckford on the 2nd to last lap into the chicane , where i just had enough to keep him behind, and even then it was not particularly relevant because of the time pen. Another race of just keeping it clean, not having incidents and boring my way to a result. Glorious
  4. I think that happens if you have DNF'd too many games without completing one. Play an SB match or something to completion then it should "reset" it
  5. Yeah great win Monty mate, well deserved Utterly pointless race, this season is really really getting boring for me. Another dull as ditchwater race, not really anythign worth mentioning. Think Myles was very cautious on the start into T1, kinda braked on the straight before we got close to T1 but im assuming it was just sensible caution from him, no real impact on me, other than a lost place or two, but it broke Mavs wing behind i think
  6. I mean, wth those 5 icons........ (6 tbf, VDS is also top notch), you dont need much of a team around them
  7. Yeah winter upgrades plus next icon swaps plus PIM are all due tonight is the rumour
  8. He had a pretty great year last year to be fair, both in KC and in San Diego. But yeah its a strong bet that the 2 years previously / post surgery were outliers, rather than last year being the outlier. Reliever performance year on year can be such a nightmare to predict. The amount of guys who have looked flat out dominant for a spell, then been out of the majors 2 years later is pretty crazy. Neftali Feliz comes to mind, given that he just popped up as an NRI for the Phillies.
  9. Oakland even caught the spending bug. Trevor Rosenthal for 1yr / $11m and Moreland for 1yr / $2.5m Meanwhile, Tebow finally gives it up and hangs up his spikes. Odd timing, shortly after he get a spring training invite, but whatever, opens up a spot for another NRI.
  10. I mean, my general distain for DP in general was probably made pretty clear by our mid race "verbal disagreement"......... but this is a bit much.... Yes he makes a mess of trying to let you through and he is at fault, but you can see he is trying to cut across the track to leave the racing line free. No need to be this over the top IMO
  11. Not really sure how ive ended up P2 there, felt like the williams was so bad all night, just zero grip in any slow corner which needs mechanical grip. Made a complete mess of qually. My counting lap was actualy good, but like an utter mug i tried to go out and squeeze an extra run, which i did, but then realised it was too late to pit and get out for a 3rd run. Even then, i had time to do a cool down lap and ERS and Fuel for one last flying lap. I made a total mess of that, i had cars right behind me as i was ending the cool down lap and i had let my tyres go cold, but still had 2.8 laps of fu
  12. Will do a lobby in 5mins, meantime here is my best TT in the Williams. Horrible car round here because it has zero mechanical grip. Make a mess of S1 here or it would be a tenth or 2 faster, and also mess up the exit to the hairpin, but 1:35.547
  13. Podcasts, what a time that was to be alive RIP Karun
  14. Pretty sure this was the origination of the "sunny, SUNNY, SUNNY..............awwwwwww there goes my wing" commentary from the end of season review
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