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  1. Meanwhile, my struggles to get going continue! I restarted with my clearer vision of how to play, specifically targeted signings who have the attributes to fit into that style. Trained the system hard through pre-season, and between friendlies and the Europa qualifying games, we seemed to be starting to get to grips with it, pulling off the types of moves / goals that i was looking for. Early fixtures up to the start of Serie A: Then Serie A kicks off........... Problems scoring, problems keeping goals out. Not a recipe for success! The attacking side, i feel is likely to get better as we get more tactically familiar and our new signings in that area gel, not to mention getting Berardi back to full fitness. I also need a plan B, and have some thoughts, but for now the goals against column is my worry. Looked back at the goals we conceded in this run: Torino - 2 goals from crosses, both times very bad marking in the box, but also on the second they double up on my RB (Lirola) who cant cope and means an easy cross. Action - Added "Mark tighter" PI on my DC's and well, signed a new RB who is better at defending Sampdoria - First goal is a second phase from a corner (cleared, one pass then long shot). Set pieces will be a theme.........second goal is the stupid GK bug i posted earlier. Action - Need to look at my defending corners setup Inter - First is a rebound from a 45yard screamer which the keeper palms out. Nothing to be done with a shot like that. Second is a penalty. Action - Nothing, hope for better luck Fiorentina - Corner, headed down, blasted home. Action - These damn corner settings....... Udinese - Corner. I kid you not...... Action - Someone sack the defensive co-ordinator! Wait, what do you mean this isnt Gridiron and we dont have one?? Soligorsk - Second phase from a cross, after we deal ok with a first cross. Its not great defending but nothing too obvious Action - It was my 3rd and 4th choice DC's and we were 3 nil up so would just wear it Palermo - First, DFK, Second one is a cross ball, which is a bit of a worry as the opposing RB gets to the byline, we have a man with him but he gets a cross in and our RB makes no attempt to mark his man. Third is a corner. Seriously. Action - Pray more to the god of luck and sort out these damn corners Work to do then........the irony is, after never even looking at set pieces in a save for ages, this one i decided i would make the effort. The corner defending routines are ones i set up. Perhaps i might revert back to default.......
  2. Yeah latest version, i do still see fairly regular stupid goal keeping goals, both for and against me and its pretty infuriating when you are trying to set up every little aspect of a tactic, but you cant legislate for that. I mean i get that you cant legislate for individual errors in general, and i am fine / can accept when we concede the odd goal from a short backpass or a completely missed defensive header, but these keeping ones......... My third attempt at this is going the way of the second. Breezed pre-season, breezed Europe qualifiers........2 games into the actual season, 2 defeats and about to play Man U away
  3. This type of goal is why i am being driven mad by this game / challenge.......
  4. @ThePinnacle - 5221 DM @nugatti 424 DM Wide
  5. Sorry been a bit slow in replying / allocating today. @Almighty Thermos - 4411 2 DM @kingpa689 - 4321 Narrow @jstu9 - 451
  6. It looked a nice pace of play on the 2D view I was watching (I generally much prefer watching 3D for general gameplay, but when trying to analyse / understand tactics I go back to 2D). I might try and upload a GIF of the 3D view later. What I most liked is my ST being involved in the passing, then making the run in behind when the time was right, and giving the through ball option. Without that, we just have pointless possession
  7. Last post for tonight i promise......... Trying to show some of the type of moves i envisaged, now that a few are actually happening at least: The second goal in the game above, scored by Politano who is my DLF(s) in this game #27 is Ricci, my AP(s) who gets the assist after twice being involved further back in the move. #12 is Sensi, my HB who interestingly strides forward here and #6, involved 3 times is Pellegrini, my BBM. #16, Politano, scores after being involved 5 passes back. Really nice move, with just Luan (my SS) not involved. A chance for Luan which was saved, but came after some more nice interchanges I like this a lot. Ricci (#27) starts off picking it up deep in our half from Pellegrini (#6). He dumps it off to Sensi and moves forward. 3 passes later he gets it back, again from Pellegrini, but 7 or 8 yards further forward. He moves it forward more quickly this time to Luan (#11) in the SS role. Luan finds my striker Politano (#16) dropping off, with nothing on forward, he slides it sideways to Ricci, picking the ball up for the 3rd time in this move. From here, back to Duncan, sideways to Sensi (again far forward!) and foward to Pellegrini, involved also for the 3rd time. He plays a nice through ball to Luan who had made a fun forward after his earlier involvement. Missed, but that is what i am talking about in terms of linking between the central players. This one is a bit more direct to start with. From the back, we get out to Peluso (#13) who finds Politano (#16) coming to offer from ST. On to Luan, then round a square of Pellegrini, back to Sensi, to Duncan (#32) and back to Luan who then has a through ball on to Pellegrini who is through on the keeper but its a great save. There we go, some more visualisation of how i want to see my team play. Whether or not we can keep it up beyond one game, will find out in due course!
  8. Ok, so i mentioned the initial go around did not give me what i needed. To mention, for the purpose of just now i am just messing around again, using a random game in one of the "failed" attempts to try out concepts (Europa League, away to Schalke......chose a tough one!) . I am also without Berardi and Evandro, which maybe isnt ideal but i wanted to look at some basic concepts. My first issue, was that we were not getting the inter play between the front 3 / 4 that i had hoped for. Below is the "with ball" position map based on the tactic i mentioned in post.....erm, we dont have post # any more, so the one above with the pictures...... Quite a disconnected between the ST and others i want him linking with is the obvious issue. For completeness, the "without the ball" map from the same game: Aside from the obvious HB issue, again we do look a little disconnected here. The shot map from that game, showing just how long shot happy we were, and how lacking in chance creation we were (In fairness, the 3 shots by number 32 were all DFK........but still not good). In addition, watching the match in comprehensive (2D) mode, we just were not getting what i wanted. Too much aimless possession, not enough interplay, and if anything we were even deeper than i expected. I made the following changes: 1) Team Shape - Structured to Flexible - I wanted to bring us closer together, more of a single unit. In line with the other changes, i hoped this would bring our front 3 / 4 close together to get our interplay going. I also felt it might "remove the shackles" a bit, even with "be more expressive" i felt we were a bit turgid at times 2) Striker Role - DLF(a) to DLF(s) - Not going to lie, i also played a few attempted games trying everything from Treq to DF in this role, nothing looked good. Refocussed, simplified. He was too far up with attack duty, lets just make him support duty. Combined with the team shape change expect quite an impact. I know from experience that DLF(s) can still be a scoring threat 3) Left Back Role - WB(a) to CWB(a) - Should be a fairly cosmetic change, but Peluso was just not quite as attacking as i hoped. These roles are very similar, but he now adds "get further forward and "roam from position" as hard coded PI, which might help a touch 4) TI Removed - Retain Possession and Drop Deeper - Retain possession seemed to really discourage the type of moves i wanted, so i took it off and replaced it (see below). It really seemed to give us almost too much possession. Drop Deeper was a gut thing, we just felt a tad too deep at times, although i am taking a slight risk in making that change at the same time as moving the team shape, as i suspect that the team shape alone might move me a touch higher (the fact that i am uncertain on that, underlines that it might be a risk / mistake) 5) TI Added - Shorter Passing - My replacement for retain possession is to add this alongside my higher tempo to try again to create the type of moves i am after. I am totally messing about rather than playing serious, and to really get a sense for my changes what i did was simply reload and replay the same fixture. I did make a couple of player changes, partly based on a lazy "assistant select", but they shouldn't make a big difference, same types just Politano in for Matri (actually just reviewing, that might be a bigger difference than i realised, given Matri's PPMS) and swapped my right backs. So, to illustrate the difference, here are the positional maps from this tactic: Now that is better - more connect between the front 4 (including the BBM) and the striker looks less isolated. The shot map also tells a different story: Again, different. More threat inside the box. I wasnt really interested in the results of these games, but for for comparison, in the first game we unsurprisingly lost 1 nil. Second time we lost 3 v 2, but both goals were inside the box and results of nice play. Ironically, after saying i was more comfy facing crosses, we conceded 2 goals from crosses, but both were just horrible defensive mistakes really so wont jump to conclusions. I feel like i am little nearer to getting what i wanted out there on the pitch, but based on one (replayed!) game only. Time to put it properly into action tomorrow at some point.
  9. Cheers, yeah i noticed although the HB did nothing like it says on the tin, the system defensively did not suffer really. Was a small sample size but probably will stick with that. Thus far, defending is not the problem........The attacking game is not translating at all as i had hoped. Our striker is too far advanced, we have masses of possession but no penetration (that is somewhat a problem i expected, given my desire to play quick passes, there is always the issue of an end product) and, of course, we are addicted to long shots Some thought and analysis needed on the attacking side. Need to give more thought to how we break teams down, since our "pass and move" lots of bodies does not seem to work as i hoped thus far.
  10. @Parri - 4231 DM wide (there is possibly an argument that this is too "common" - if you think so let me know and i will redo for you exlcuding this one)
  11. Thanks - Yeah the HB thing is a crock of sh*t to be honest, based on my first game. He plays nothing like an HB I have not thought about the hybrid back 3 / back 4 in this formation (have used it before, re-creating Conte's italy at one point). My fear here is just that we will struggle for passing outlets wide, unless i can make one of the CM's go wide when we have possession, which i have not found easy. Certainly going to need to try the DM(d) and a few other roles to see what works best at staying close to the DC's. Seems like splitting them is impossible.
  12. So, finally, my attempt at taking a (somewhat) methodical approach to things with my given shape. Its interesting, being given a set formation. Usually my first question would be "how do i want to play" and build from there, but with this experiment i have to allow the answer to that question to be somewhat shaped by the card i have been dealt. It is not to say you cannot created different playing styles with the same formation, but in particular with one which is so narrow, i think i have to let it shape my mind. So my key points of how i see us playing: High tempo, short sharp passing - I have 5 players in the middle of the pitch who can all take part in the opponents half, but they are all close together. Lets embrace this and try and work lots of triangles and try and create things that way. This needs technically proficient players to make it work, and we have some of those, as well as the option to suppliment via the transfer market Using width both as an attacking weapon, and a means to help create space for my many central players to operate. Without the ball, i do not see us playing a high press, despite the obvious temptation to do so with 3 central attacking players. We are just too exposed on the flanks, and a central press would just let opponents knock it to fullbacks who have the run of the pitch. I see us defending somewhat deep, to avoid balls over the top and round the corner with our FB's potentially pushed up. I want to defend with 3 strong central players and one who will do a bit more chasing around. I have reasonably big good in the air DC's so would prefer to face crosses than balls over the top Whilst i wont press as such, i do want my ST to be busy and closing down opposing defenders so they dont have all the time in the world, So how do i turn that into reality. Well, mentality wise i am taking the easy option and starting out on "standard" for now. Team shape though, well, i have really gone back and forth on that. I thought about very fluid, because i love playing as one unit, but on reflection, i do not think this system really suits that. I tried highly structured, because i can (in my mind) seperate us very much into defensive unit and attacking unit, and i also wanted to create more vertical space. In the end, i am going to go with "structured". I wavered on leaving it on Flexible, but i do see that we are broadly 2 units, but not exclusively. The 2 x DC and the DM as well as the defend duty CM should be only really defensive phase (although the DM naturally will look to recycle the ball). One fullback (support duty), one CM (support duty) and one AM (support duty) should be my transition players. One fullback (Attack duty), one AM(attack duty) and my ST should be my many attacking outlets. Roles and Duties next.......well, i drew this out to outline how i want us to play in terms of transition / attacking phase (blue arrows) and to try and make sure i have passing outlets for each player in possession (yellow dotted lines). It looks a bit like a kids drawing but...... A few thoughts on Roles / Duties Defending - gone with standard DC's and a HB to make up a 3 and get the DC's wider to cover when the fullbacks go up (this wont work, as noted above.....but lets see how it plays anyway). I have also gone with a BWM as a fourth defensive player to hopefully keep us solid, and as the one player in my midfield who should natural press the opposition somewhat (and hopefully allow him to go out wide when my LB is up field) Transition - Split duties on the FB's. When observing before, i found that attack duty meant they went forward to early, and were not a passing outlet for the DM / DC's, support duty meant they never quite got high enough to be a passing outlet for the AMC's.....well, lets do one of each and give ourselves! both options. The AP is going to be our key creative hook, responsible for initiating and hopefully driving the high tempo passing moves. he has the attack duty FB down his side as a passing option. The BBM is the one player i am least decided on probably. I want a support duty there i feel for sure, and BBM should get high enough to be a passing outlet for the AP as we retain possession, and also move into the space the SS might vacate. Attacking - As well as one of the FB's being an attack duty, i really need one of the AMC's to take on some of the scoring burden. SS feels the natural way to do this, but i will need to see if this fits with the possession / tempo approach - there is a risk it doe snot and i might refer to an AM(a). The striker role always causes me issues in this system. I want him to stay more central, hence DLF over CF. I have given him an attack duty for now, as i like the balance of that role and duty. One to monitor closely. For my Team Instructions, the what and the why Retain Possession - This might seem at odds with "higher tempo" in my stated desired playing style, but i do want us to really focus on passing it around between the transition and attacking players, waiting for a gap or a run from one of them. It will slow the tempo, but i will offset that later. High tempo possession is probably very ambitious, but i feel i have a few players to make it work. Play out of defence - This might be overkill with the above TI in place, but i really, really want to avoid hoofball and find that i need this TI in any tactic to achieve that. A "plan b" might be to remove this and have at least one DC look for direct balls to the SS Work ball into box - I genuinely cannot create a tactic without this instruction, or else it ends with 80% long shots. It does also reflect that I want my midfielders inter-playing, not smashing it from range. Drop Deeper - As mentioned above, i do not see us operating a high press, I would rather stand off a bit and allow us time to potentially get the FB;s back in position as the opposition play in front of us. We have a decent keeper, so i can deal with the opposition banging in long shots. I also hope the HB can help clog up the middle and counter balance the chance of teams doing to us what i want to do to them - using the time i give to technically play through me. Be More Expressive - A little undecided on this one. Mainly added to counteract the reduction in CF that comes from "structured" - i do want some creativity from my attacking players, but this might also lead to us ignoring my desired style of play. Will closely monitor and may remove and replace with PI for a couple of key players. Higher Tempo - To create the desired tempo between my close together players, and also to somewhat offset the adjustment made by a later TI Dribble Less - Again to support the vision of fast tempo passing. I might add a PI to the SS, depending on what i see, to get him to ignore this / offset it. I have very little in the way of PI's to start - Keeper distribution as always, and shoot less for all support and attack duty players (to reduce long shots again). Player wise, i am probably about to start from scratch with this. I enough DM / MC who are all round types to cover off competently at HB / BWM / BBM (although potentially Sensi is not a great fit for any). I will add at least one more creative player, almost certainly Evandro for AMC as i have signed him both other times! Ricci is also a nice creative type with good first touch / passing / technique, and Berardi also possesses those qualities. Delfrel does not, which worries me a bit and in my second save i sold him and replaced him with Luan (The Gremio one )who does have the type of attributes i want in my AMC's. That said, Delfrel, and Politano to some extent, are more direct running types which i might want in my SS role. Decisions decisions........ I also need a plan B, but lets try and get plan A working to some level first..........all feedback on the ideas and execution very welcome!
  13. Well, thats annoying and pretty much nukes my main idea for a tactic Oh well, will post it up anyway to try and get feedback on the thought process and execution.