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  1. Sorry lads. been on holiday... @Maradonna - 4132 DM Narrow @jstu9 - 4123 Narrow
  2. @bere23 - 4222 DM Narrow Also mate worth reading through the opening few posts as it seems like maybe you have not quite grasped it We are all managing the same club
  3. Apologies to those who have said they wanted to sign up over the last 10 days or so - if you dont tag me i dont see it in this thread as i have not been keeping an eye on it. Assuming some / all of you still want a go...... @Dwarf 4231 narrow @>LJ< (Tagging wont work on that name) - 343 @Fraser - 4240 DM Wide @thels - 5122 DM narrow
  4. Barely had a chance to touch this, and not got beyond pre-season yet, but did make 2 of my allowed transfers to boost the squad. First up, used up my loan on an old Betis favourite. Slightly surprised he was available to loan, and although he is no spring chicken, his player traits and versatility really attact me. He will likely be our starting CM, but can also cover ML and CDM, giving us a different look in those slots Then the first of my cash signings, from south american and with some potential my scouts think: A bit similar to Benat, but i had no one else really in the squad i liked in the CM slot and this guy gives us extra options through the middle, again with interesting traits. We have barely any transfer / wage budget left and i have no real obvious hole in the squad so might keep my powder dry with regards to the 3rd signing and leave myself the option to add in Jan. Initial impressions are that the AP(s) and BBM(s) can end up occupying the same space, something i will need to watch out for as we start the real games
  5. I am not in game at the moment, but do we not have at least 4 pretty good CBs? With plenty wide options, i would be looking at using the transfers on at least one CM maybe 2 and a striker, but Joaquin up there is an option as well
  6. To be fair, i think restarts are pretty common on this I know most years i have 3 or 4 attempts at least........... It could be asked about a number of the "defaults" to be honest, at some point i hoped perhaps one of the mods might glance at one of these threads and stick a review of the default formations on the big "to do" board at SI HQ.........but after 5 years, i doubt it I actually think a couple were added this year, have not the patience to go back and check the list from last year, but i also think all sweeper systems have been removed?
  7. and its taken me an age to even set up my own save, let alone my own tactic, but here goes the starting point. 4141 DM Asymmetric AMR On paper, we have quite a balanced shape to start with. The initial concepts here are pretty much in line with that, nothing too complicated. Carvalho as the HB is somewhat of a nod to how he has played IRL for Betis at times, but also to enable Firpo to be an attacking force for us. With Barragan staying more deep, we will hopefully slip into a sort of hybrid back 3/4 as we transition. Guardado then tucking in central to give us a body in there as Firpo overlaps. In attack, we have width from Joaquin and Firpo and i have gone a little unorthodox with Poacher on the sole striker for 3 reasons. Firstly,i want him to push forward and create space for Lo Celso to operate. Secondly, i want him to stay mainly around the box, i do not really need him involved much in the build up. And lastly i am really interested to see how that role plays specifically with the player traits that. Lo Celso is the heartbeat of the team but i am less settle on the CM role. Obviously Canales is not really a BBM so i might look to fill that space with a transfer. At the moment i have not changed much in instruction terms. Going with controlled possession but we will likely need a different approach v the big 2 teams. Hopefully get some more time tomorrow to try this out
  8. There has to be some irony in the fact that i also somehow missed this reply @herne79 - 5131 DM WB
  9. Right apologies lads, was busy this evening (e.g out on the Ale), so here are the next allocations: @jasonbuids - 541 Diamond WB @Rooks - 42310 DM @Coach_G - 3232 DM @Tactics Tom - 4231 DM Wide
  10. Yeah fair enough, if you already did it on the challenge can see its not ideal. So.... @Fosse - 31312 DM
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