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  1. Something i started to do a few years ago, had a thread about it with Athletic. The Club DNA really needs to be part of your overall plan. You need to want you club at all levels to play a certain way and the DNA should reflect it. You can apply it just simply to a few player attributes, or you can go much deeper into the entire club.....
  2. Hmm, the problem at the moment for me is that i have it working nicely about 70% of the time, and the rest of the time we look lost. We can work the half spaces nicely but sometimes we do nothing with it, and other times the defensive aspect of our game just lets us down Goal scoring is the other problem. Or to be more exact, chance conversion. We work lots of nice moves, andthe CMs do get into scoring positions nicely, but too often they fail to make the most. They have 3 goals each in circa 22 appearances. The vast majority of our goals were moves starting out from my DLP and my IWB and building up through both the Mez and wingers, but nearly always finished by one man. Mauro Icardi. I sold him. I actually found the AF pretty effective at times because his job was to push the opposition defence deep and create half spaces. It can mean you lack a link man in the final third at times and for that reason is best used for only spells in a game i think. The CF seems the obvious choice, as he will do a bit of everything, but will his roaming start to clog up some of the space needed for the half space dudes? It is a real challenge and i have not yet cracked this particular code. Mentioned in the other thread, but i was not specifically basing it on any of Peps "tactics" as i believe that is folly. You will not find many matches where he operates any less than 4 systems in 90mins. I am however heavily basing it on some of his footballing principles and particularly around half spaces and using central players to take advantage (akin to what Pep has used in parts of games against big teams). The other big factor which cannot be ignored is player types and traits. I have 2 main players who have occupied the ST slot in my last few games - Luan and Vietto. They have polar opposite traits in some ways,so will always play the role differently. Likewise, i will benefit if i can buy or teach my CM's suitable traits for this system.
  3. Really interesting topic this, shame it has not had more attention. I talked a bit about this in the Man City thread on here, as i have been slowly working on something which focuses on both half spaces in the final third as well as overloads. Original post: I have been playing around with the system ever since, and trying to find the right balance. Attacking wise, if you get this just right it looks brilliant. You need the right player types and a lot of observing detailed highlights and reflecting - This bit is important because it can change some pre-conceptions. Example - I play with 2 x W(s) in the AM strata, and both regular starters have the PPM "cuts inside". You might think "hang on, they are just going to end up in the half spaces in attack where you want midfield runners", and originally i did. In reality, i watch the games and most of the times this not an issue. By the use of "play much wider",and perhaps even the fact that the roles around them impact on how they play, I can keep the width in the team. They do cut inside, but they do it late enough that it ends up complimenting the CMs who are in the half space - can place nice 1 - 2 passes etc. Here is the touch map for my AMR in the game i just completed For me this is what i want - lots of touches on the touchline, but not isolated. Enough touches infield to show he links with the RCM who is my half space dude. The one part i have not yet really settled on is the ST role. I have played around a lot. With an AF(a) Icardi scored for fun, but it felt like it was inspite of the main aim of the tactic, not in line with it. DLF(a) has been a fave of mine before but it just did not seem to quite click. Been using CF(s) now but of course all of this depends on the player type available to you.
  4. Well, its an attempt to do what i discussed / demonstrated in the previous post?
  5. I dont mind sharing, but i suppose i would caveat it with two things: 1) The tactic overall is nothing amazing, it has its defensive problems and at times against teams who press us and play high tempo, we look awful. We just had a 2 nil lead over Fiorentina and completely collapsed to lose 3 v 2, including 2 goals from corners 2) The space creation stuff is heavily linked to player types, so what works in the Inter midfield, will likely not work exactly the same elsewhere. With that said........ In game i make quite a few tweaks. - Have swapped the IWB between defend and support, and yet to settle on that. - The CM(a) was a Mez (s) but felt like i wanted both roles to be attacking to get into the half spaces so moved to CM(a) for some variety. - Sometimes will add "run wide with the ball" to the Mez to create a Right side overload for short periods of the game, then will take that off again - The ST often changes in game. AF really at first glance is not that well linked to the rest of the system, but it can be used to create space vertically by pushing back the dline. Also, Icardi is unbelievable as an Advanced Forward........but at times i switch that to DLF(a) if i want him coming back to link the play more, or when Eder comes off the bench. It is typical of any tactic i make on FM so far, creates some of what i want, lovely space creation at times, overloads happen. Other times, we look like West Ham.
  6. indeed, evidently Miles is a fan....... I think you misunderstood (or i badly articulated) what i meant by the fact that Pep asks his striker to do everything. He does, but not all at the same time. You could make an excellent argument that Robert Lewandowski is a prefect definition of a "complete forward" - he really can do most things in the forward area of the pitch. However Pep would specifically want him do one aspect (slight over simplification here for the purpose of discussion) for 10mins, then something entirely different for 20mins when he changed the system. So in effect, for 10mins Lewan might be asked to operate as an Advanced Forward - Play right on the line, push back the defenders to create the space for his advanced midfielders. Then, Pep notices something, and changes it all. Now Lewan is to drop deeper and drag defenders with him so the wide men can come inside, and then the fullbacks can advance beyond them to........create an overload. Long story short, to recreate how Pep uses a "complete forward", you cannot really use the FM complete forward role. You will need to alternate the role given to your striker multiple times during the course of the game, depending on many factors. All coaches make changes, very few do anything even close to what Pep does. I dont have the sources to hand, but Phillip Lahm has talked eloquently about it in the past. At Bayern, Pep had the team completely versed in around 8 or so main "systems" and they would be asked to seamlessly move from one to the next during a game. During most games Bayern will, at times, have operated with a back 5, a back 4, a back 3 and a back 2. The same player have moved from pivote to number 10 and back several times. Wide men will have changed from hugging the line to cutting inside. The key is all the changes must happen in unision. Other managers would make one of the tweaks at a time, maybe 2. The challenge that comes with that, and one of several reasons why last season was not a run away success, is that it requires 11 men to learn a vast discipline and depth of tactical knowledge, and not only that to 100% buy into it and make the changes without giving it a second thought. Lahm has stated it took well over a year for Bayern to adapt to this, and that was with a squad including many of the most intelligent football players you will ever find Sorry - bit of an essay and not overly relevant to the thread, hopefully my other post is more tactical relevant
  7. Whilst i have no great desire to "recreate Peps tactics" (see above post), this part is something i have been working on trying to emulate, if not recreate. Creating and controlling space are so important in football, and have to go hand in hand. The other linked factor which compliments this is overloads. A lot of Peps tactical approach is premised on creating an overload in one area. Will try to do a few screenshots below to show what i mean: Situation 1 - Double Overload In the shot below, we have created one overload already, and are on our way to creating a second. In the black box, you can see Gagliardini has the ball and has team mates either side of him. The opposition here have 2 CMs (The DM is naturally too deep to become involved at this point) and one of the CMs (number 4) has had to pick up our #77 who is breaking forward. This initially gives us a 3 v 1 overload on the remaining CM for Roma (#6). Of course Roma need to help this guy out, so what happens is there wide men (AML and AMR in this game) have to come infield to help. In particular i have highlighted #8 who has been drawn quite far in field, which then gives us our second overlap developing, and this time in a more dangerous area. We have a 2 v 1 overload now down our right on the opposition LB This actually leads to a lovely constructed goal, which i would show if i could get FM to properly upload clips to youtube Situation 2 - Central Overload and Half Space So this one starts without standard shape in place. In actual fact, the opposing keeper has just taken a goal kick and it is about to land on the head of Valero (yes, i am using Borja Valero at LB...). Interestingly, you could look at this shape in quite a few ways. Almost a diamond in the middle there, but key is we have a standard solid looking back 4, in the event that Valero does not win possession, As it happens, Valero does win it and takes it down, now what happens is he pops it quickly into Gagliardini, who you can see has started to move toward him. At the same time, Cancelo has come infield to recieve the next pass, and this is where we pause to see what situation we have created. By having the RW playing as wide as possible, and stretching the field side to side, we create a lovely half space for our #10 to run into if he so chooses. The reason we have created this, is because the opposing LB has started to drift out to cover our wide man. The opposing wide man cant do that, partly because at this stage Roma are behind and gone attacking, but also because he has been drawn in to deal with the start of a central overload again. As it happens on this occasion, our #10 does not choose to go into that half space (it is the 93rd minute, and he knackered to be fair), but instead drops back in and again we create a central overload, 4 v 2 this time which makes retaining possession easy. It also frees up the RM (who is cut off this shot - oops) to be an easy passing option on his own out wide. Is that a recreation of Peps tactic? No, i would not say it is. Some of the roles likely are, but other aspects are just me using (or trying to use - honestly i am not that good at it) the options available to me in game to try and recreate those 3 principles - Space Creation, Space Control and Overloads.
  8. YouTube Uploads

    So was not sure if this was the correct forum for it, but i am having uses using the upload highlights to youtube functionality. Firstly, i have gone through the steps to link my youtube account etc, all fine. I used the ingame option to upload one of my goals, the dialogue box opens up and lets me choose the 20secs or so clip around the box, and has the options to set the video quality. I do that then select to upload the clip. What happens then is two things: 1) The game itself hangs with the "uploading video" banner at the top (see attached screenshot). The "Cancel Upload" button is not active, or does not do anything. The application itself is still responding but i can do nothing other than use the X at the top right to close down FM, which when i do it still gives me the option to save the game, showing the application has not crashed. I have left it for circa 10 - 15mins like this and nothing changes. The clip length and video quality with my internet speed should upload in probably 30secs max 2) The uploads that do appear on my youtube channel are messed up, as below: A) The clip does upload, but all players bar 3 seem to be wearing white strips (Neither team played in white in this game, fwiw) White Shirts B) The clip seems to upload, but after the initial FM splash screen, all i get is a black screen for 20 secs Black Screen Any advice?
  9. Books about tactics

    Yeah The Italian job is decent, only a section of it is about tactics with the rest being around the differences between Italian and English approaches to all aspects of the game. It is tricky to get hold of, not available as an ebook on any platform as far as i am aware. I had to buy an old fashioned paperback
  10. I always find these threads interesting, people trying to recreate "Pep's system" - It does not take a huge amount of detailed reading or watching to understand that Pep does not have "a system". He will apply anywhere between 3 and 10 (roughly) different systems across any 90mins. He is the ultimate "anti FM" coach, because he prepares for each individual game and creates a different plan based on the opposition, his available players, the upcoming fixtures, even the weather. He certainly has key principles but they evolve and change. He is a pupil of Juego de posicion, but he applies it in his own and avoids the pitfalls (mostly...) which come with the rigid application of it. If you read about how and why he used the vertical lanes in setting up his Bayern team initially, it was almost exclusively focussed on the fullbacks and wingers - They should never occupy the same vertical lanes. If one goes inside, they other must go outside, and vice versa. The variety is the part which is hard to re-create on FM. In theory the entire reason for the IWB position being in FM is to replicate how Pep uses that, but he rarely has those operating for a full 90mins. I am personally not seeing FM properly implement the role as of yet, but the theory behind it is to let his two "number 10s" (Silva and KDB at City, at Bayern a variety of players including at times Muller and Gotze) to break the lines and become attackers, overloading the opposition centrebacks, and making the fullbacks decide between tucking in and leaving space for the wingers, or staying on the winger and leaving the channel for the forward breaking number 10s. That last paragraph is probably the part of Peps "game" that you can have a good go at recreating. But to argue over whether he uses an F9 type, or a AF type is fruitless. He will ask his striker to do both, or neither, many times per game. At times at Bayern he had Lewandowksi do everything. At times he also will tell you he played 6 attackers.......create that - its fun
  11. Books about tactics

    Inverting the Pyramid is hugely in depth and great historical reading, although sometimes i find Wilson a bit self-indulgent as a writer. Still a great read. Rinus Michels books is incredible in depth, but is probably more about the mental side than tactics. Marti Perarnau's two books on Pep are excellent and go into real depths about his systems, formations and tactical approach. Yes they are focussed on one specific coach, but he goes through such a journey that you can learn a lot about tactics in general although obviously it has a heavy hint towards positional play.
  12. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Cheers, the laptop i have gone for "only" has 8gb RAM but that should be more than enough. The card looks decent and i value light / slender laptop which is why i am going for the Stealth model, to get the 1060 in that it whacks on another 500 quid or so the way the models are configured.
  13. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Anybody got actual experience with the GeForce GTX 1050? I am looking at a new laptop, it will likely be MSI and the model i am looking at comes with the 1050, but its passmark rating looks crazy low for some reason, below older cards like the 970 and miles below the 1060, despite in theory not a massive price difference between the cards. Problem is, i also cant seem to find anywhere which would customise an MSI laptop, and they dont seem to sell direct.
  14. [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    Jamie Walker is set to transfer listed at the start of the game by default. This should not be the case. The club never actively tried to sell him. If it is intended to reflect his ask to leave the club in the previous transfer window then it should be transfer listed by request (e.g. at the moment i can simply remove him from the transfer list on day 1)
  15. [FM17] Heart(s) of a Lion (Rampant)

    National Team Update So not that much to update on in terms of games, since we have nothing to look forward to in the summer of 2018 Couple of friendlies, one a very good win over Belgium and one a hard luck defeat to Mexico, who came from 2 v 1 down late on to win after made a raft of subs. Overally, after the disgraceful end to the qualifiers, i tried to have a real look at the national squad and move on from some older players. The problem is we dont have many great national team ready youngsters, and in some positions we are completely bereft of any quality. I have promoted some younger guys, and worked in a few of my Hearts team, but we still seem short of what will be required to get to a major tournament. If i look at the squad position by position: Goalkeeper Craig Gordon is 35 and no longer first choice at Celtic, but probably still just about our best keeper. I wanted to get him to Hearts for the last year or two of his career but his wages are still too high. Marshall at least still plays every week for Hull, and at 33 still is ok for a keeper. Not much between those 2 really. McGregor has retired, so Jordan Archer is about our 3rd choice and he seems like he will never be more than a solid championship GK. Gunn is in there just as a former prospect who has stalled at City and despite having England U21 caps, was willing to accept my call up. Cant imagine he ever becomes more than a #3 keeper at best Prospect wise, there is little to be found. Robby McCrorie at Rangers is the best rated Scottish GK prospect, but he has played one game in 2 years and not been loaned so has not developed, and is now 20. My own Jack Hamilton has not really developed despite playing every week and there is pretty much nothing else Central Defence As i deploy a back 3, we need 6 players here. With us being blessed with 2 brilliant LWB, i have been using Tierney as a DC where is capable of playing and is our best defender basically. Mulgrew is back at Celtic and still pretty good as a cover in between the 2 other DCs. Beyond that, there is little to choose between the experienced Berra, Hanley who is a physical beast, but has played 9 club games in 2 years, Souttar and Wallace. If everyone i fit and playing, my starting 3 are probably Tierney / Mulgrew / Hanley In terms of prospects, we have one great kid who i highlighted earlier who came through the Arsenal ranks (Williamson )and my own Hearts prospect Paterson, but both are a good 2 - 3 years away at best from the national team. There is little in the way of U21 prospects who are both close to ready and have the required quality. Alex Iacovitti and Liam Lindsay are probably the only ones i would consider and i dont see either being top quality Wingbacks Arguably our strongest area. Robertson is excellent, although Liverpool loaned him out last season it was to Lazio! Kingsley has developed well and played 44 times for Swansea in the Championship last year. On the other side, Patterson has moved to Newcastle and is first choice for them in the Prem which is a positive. Phillips is more of a winger but can play WB and is good to have against smaller teams who are not attacking us. Guys like Anya and Craig Forsythe and Liam Palmer are around if we get stuck but dont really want any of them starting games for us. Prospects, we have a good LWB in Greg Taylor who moved from Killie down to Southampton, although was loaned to Hibs last year. Southampton also have a Scottish U21 RB who i dont think is a regen, called Kieran Freeman who looks like he might develop into something decent, if not spectacular. Central midfield Similar to my club side, i operate with just 2 CMs, so they need to be strong and we are ok here i think. Fletcher is clearly in his twighlight but still provides experience and plays a fair bit for Stoke. Cairney has been a late bloomer who has been consistently in form for Fulham. Gauld was the big hope for us when he went to Portugal, stalled a bit, but has really kicked on during some loan spells and is ready to start at International level. McGinn is a bit more borderline and probably the one of this 4 who might be rotated out, but he has done well at Hibs. On the fringes, guys like McCarthur and Morrison are getting older and never really performed for me or at club level. Stuart Armstrong cant get a game at Celtic and as good as Charlie Adam has been at Hearts, i have not recalled him for Scotland. Up and coming players in this position.....hmm a few at my club, Laing who is noted above and Nisbet who also came through my first intake, and the stand out Johnson from my latest intake who could be a top international player. Lewis McLeod is 23 now but has developed a bit so could still be a call up. Forwards (AMC / ST) I vary my formation between 2 AMC and 1 ST (sort of Conte formation) and 1 x AMC and 2 x ST. So grouped this lot together for now. Griffiths is the pick of the bunch, having had a brilliant club season and scored 44 goals. Burke is probably our best young player and has played up with Griffiths recently. In behind, Snoddy provides experience and is, somewhat strangely, playing regularly for Roma in Serie A! Behind those 3 in depth chart, its a bit of a mix. Kiltie is promising and is another who went from Killie to Saints, and was loaned back to the SPL. Vaughan has to be in based on his club season, and Cummings just beats out Jamie Walker. Outside of those there are a few good but not great options, in terms of the likes of Walker, Steven Naismith, Jordan Rhodes and Johnny Russell On the youngster side, we have my own Jack Harper, Adam Frizzell who was the 3rd Killie player to move to Southampton and at the younger age group Adam Morrice who i snapped up looks an international prospect potentially. Lots of work to do if the National team are ever to progress, is the summary!