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  1. Genuinely amazes me that this old thread of mine is still remembered and somewhat regularly quoted, 6 and a bit years later! I did love the 451, albeit a slightly different slant to the OP here - i love the fact that you can use one "formation" to create so many "shapes". Here........well its very interesting reading, but not really about the 451 formation per say (most involve some varuation.......although including the 41212 diamond is.... a stretch! ) I have tried a few times to recreate the 451 flexibility, using that exact shape (5 flat midfielders) but not had much sucess in recent years with how the ME has evolved. I might have a gander again this year, especially since i am playing an Athletic save again, and they have a lot of players who i think could well suit it. Will keep following this with interest as well. Interested to see some more of the tactical stuff - A couple of years after my thread. Ozil-to-the-Arsenal i think did a great thread which centred around using different midfield setups, and quite specifically moving the main "playmaker" from game to game to suit the opposition - sometimes a DLP at CDM, sometimes the same player was an AP at CM, or a RPM at CM (maybe, not sure that role existed!). I think it was an Ajax based save he did and i specifically remember the playmaker was Stefano Sensi......an FM fave.
  2. Game 1 - Leicester City v WBA Ok so the way i dealt with this, is that i took verbatim notes as the game progressed and i will just paste these here......to try and show a bit of the changes i made, i will stick some screenshots of things i looked at as well: One thing - Specifically set our CAM to man mark the Leicester CDM - the formation clash allows for this (Leicester will play 433 CDM) First 10 - started ok, couple of chances on the break forced a couple of corners. not letting them play too much. Under looks dangerous against Townsend. - No tweaks 12mins - goal kicks are being taken long which is making us lose the ball. Check settings. - change distribution to "take short kicks" 14mins - erm, put the players in the right spots.... (Like an idiot, i started the team like the screenshot above, with 3 players in the wrong position!!) 16mins - our 4th corner, but all being easily cleared, check corner setup and vary 18mins - Grant gets in the channel great chance 1 v 1 on the angle but saved. 25mins - analysis check 26mins - Slighty scrappy, but its a goal. Long clearance headed by Townsend, then by Busquest, to grant, first time header through ball to Defoe, just clips it over the keeper. 26mins - mentality to cautious for 5mins 28mis - My RB is taking a thwo in on the left hand side. WHY. check throw in takers and amend. 31mins - back to balanced mentality 36mins - Vavro tries a long pass - terrible. Switch his role with that of Ahmedhozic 39mins - great chance, 2 v 1 with Defoe and Grant but Grant dwells and kills the move. HT - stats review Ok so overall, its looking ok for us. Its surprisingly even. We are in the game. Our team shape looks good. I always like to look at the opposing passing stats - its interesting that we are limiting the opposing Midfield and the majority of those passes are coming from the fullbacks - i am ok with that. More of the same hopefully. 51mins - Half started with them attakcing a bit more, but wait...Ferri plays in defo with a lovely ball in behind, Defoe finish.......GAH, VAR disallow it for offside. 63mins - game is pretty stale at the moment but we are holding the ball well and not inviting pressure. 68mins - TIMe to look at subs. Diangana for Collado - later has not played well and has not been in the game much and is tiring. Sa for Ferri for fresh legs in a crucial position. No tactical changes 74min - still holding out fairly well, they have gone more attacking but same formation. Final change - Kronovic for Grant who is knackerd. Set him to WM (s) 81 mins - mentality to cautious, time waste to max 85mins - CM(a) to CM(s) 88mins - we have an attack going. Diangana has it in a good place to hold it. Tries a shot from distance, goes about 4 miles wide. Idiot. 91mins - half chance for Vardy header from a deep cross, over the bar. 92mins - we have it again Diangana again in space wide. He runs into a defender and loses it. Remind me to fire him. 92mis - immediatel fom this, Barnes breaks and takes a pot shot from 20 yards, pushed round the post by Sam 94mins - in those last 120 secs we had the ball FOUR times and gave it away immediately. But the whilstle goes Final Stats: So overall Leicester ended up on top in terms of shots / xG, but much of that was the last 5-10mins. We performed very well in possession stats and pass completion - very pleased by that. Takeways 1) The overall gameplan worked. Leicest had the better of the stats, but they created nothing clear cut, we didnt let them get into the Tiki- Taka and we also carried a theat. Away to a top 7 side those are big things 2) Some absolute basic rookie management errors that cant happen 3) we really need a "Hold out" tactic which is more effective than the simple changes i was making. 4) Collado was the only real "poor performer" - Need to consider his role and duty, alternative players are not plentful 5) Defoe will score goals. So, onwards we go.....only the small matter of Man Utd, who are 6pts clear at the top next up.......
  3. Ok game 1, as shown above, is away to high flying Leicester. They currently sit 7th in the table, Goals for and against are pretty much equal, so to be expected for a mid table side. In preperation for this, i split it into 2 stages: Stage 1 - what can we realistically do with the players available? so looking at the set of players we have, there is a little bit of versatility there Realistically, there are maybe 14 players max that i would want to choose from to start, but some can play many roles. So i think realistically we could go 433 (the CDM / AMR / AML thing), 4141, 442, 4411. With where we are, i dont see any logic in trying anything more exotic, we are probably not suited to a narrow formation, and 3 at the back is also not really something we have the personel for. In terms of style, we again have a bit of variety. We dont have the quality, pace or player types for a full on gegen press, we might have some players suited to a counter style. There are options here , they are jjust more narrow than they would be if i was managing Liverpool. Stage 2 - Oppposition scouting Our scout reports can tell us a lot, and at this stage it would be easy to get caught up and lost in the detail, i looked at a couple of main aspects. Firstly, it shows us the formation, including roles (is this new? is it because i have the editor enabled or something?) which they are most likely to use: It also tells us they like to play a tiki-taka style. To validate this, i took the time to watch around 30 in game minutes of the last game they played and it is very apparent. Lots of quick passing, short passes, interchanges between the central players in particular. How will we setup? So, i scibbled down a lot of ideas here, but i also watched back most of our last 2 games before this. The last defeat against spurs, i had played a cautious mentality with a counter attacking set of instructions. Watching it back, we were just simply not in the game. by standing off, we let them totally dominate us. It was a good idea to watch this, because until that point my head was in the space of "lets be tight, hard to beat, and counter attack". After that, i started to delve a bit deeper. I decided, that we simply could not afford to go full stand off against such a proficient tiki-taka side. It would be folly for us to go full high press, or an overy attaking formation or set of duties, but i decided we would not simply go full on "Big Sam at anfield". I settled on a partial press. I wanted to set up to press the central midfield area, which is where Leicester tend to focus passing. I also wanted to mitigate how much of the ball the CDM would get. So i came up with this: Disclaimer - there are some errors in the player selection in that screenshot. i had been messign with multiple systems. The roles and duties are all as i intended, but Busquets should be the DLP, Ferri the CM(a) and Wilshire the AMC. Also the CBs should swap roles - Ahmedh should be the BPD More to come on this.... So we go with Balanced mentality - makes sense to start like that. We go with a partial press - more urgent, but a standard depth of Dline, combined with a lower line of engagement to try and keep the midfield compressed. Also narrow defending to force them round thee sides. In attack. I have gone for shorter passing -we do not have many great passers and i dont want to needlessly give the ball back to a team who play tiki taka. We also want to stay disciplined -we need to keep some shape despite the press. We have also set a counter, but not counter press, in the transition section, reflecting that i do want to offer some threat on the counter, as with our attacking setup its one of our best routes to scoring. The roles and duties are not too complex .Down the left, we want to utilise Grants attacking qualities to get foward and be a threat alongside Defoe. To compliment that , we want Townsend to go foward, but double attack duties down that side might be too risky, and Townsend is low on quality so full on Roberto carlos might not be the way to go. On the right, i am fond of using a fullback as IWB(D) to create a double pivot. This is also somewhat driven by the personel - i probably would not with Layun but Furlong is limited, so lets give him a limited ask. Keep it narrow ,and help protect the CBs. Infront, a W(s) is conservative but with the central roles, we need to not be over attacking In the middle ,ive gone for a DLP(d) which suits Busquets perfectly, gives us our ball recycling outlet as well as a defensively stable presence. Next to him i have taken a slight risk. I absolutely love the CM(a) role on this game with how it can break the lines. So i am going with that, but using a player type who is also very defensively capable in Ferri. I also manually increased his pressing, and that of the AMC to help create our central press. The AMC(s) is a choice to try to create a partnership with the 2 behind and to leave room for Grant to cut inside. Finally, defoe really has to be an AF(a). Will that all work? lets find out..............
  4. So time for a bit more of a detailed look at what we have at our disposal here, spoiler alert.... it aint much. But our tactical approach will have to focus a lot on how we best make use of the strengths that these players do have, both individually and as a collective. I wont clog up the thread with screenshots to every player, will use hyperlinks to keep it neat. Goalkeepers Sam Johnstone - The clear number 1. Not top notch but probably is good enough to hold his own in the bottom half of the prem Backups - I wont bore you with details, Sam is basically the only keeper we use. We have Jon Bond and David Button in the club as well but neither are more than bench fodder Centrebacks Anel Ahmedhozic - A popular signing amongst FM'ers im sure, ideally he would have a year more to develop before being a prem starter, but he is the best we have. Has some good ball playing qualities Denis Vavro - A Jan signing from Lazio, he is a more powerful and solid "old school" defender. Strong, good in the air and not dog slow at least Backups - We have Cedric Kipre and Dara O'Shea as our backup CBs, but neither are close to being as good as the two above so its not really a decision here in terms of who wil start, and playing with a back 3 is largely impossible Fullbacks Left back Jordan Amavi - A Jan signing to replace the ageing and frankly rubbish Gibbs. He is an attacking type of LB for sure, his defensive qualities are suspect at best but he looks like he could perform ok in some attacking fullback type roles or as a wing back at WBL if we made something work in that shape. He is also injured for 3 weeks Connor Townsend - Basically, a Championship level Amavi.......below the level needed for the prem but has some attacking qualities, if not the traits of Amavi Right back Miguel Layun - Another very attack minded fullback and Jan signing, he has more defensive quality than Amavi on the other side, but still has bomb on type traits, wcould influence how we set up. He is injured for 10 days Darnell Furlong - A more defensive fullback, only slightly, but also not a very good one, to be quite frank. Central Midfield Oriol Busquets - A loanee from barca, and well suited to a variety of roles from the CDM strata, or a defensive duty in the CM strata Pedro Sa - Also probably best suited to a deeper role, less playmaking traits than Busquets but somewhat similar profile Sam Field - Somewhat versatile looking, if not exactly prem class in a few areas of his game Jordan Ferri - Hard working, good mentals and physicals and might be well suite to some form of support role or B2B, although the low finishing is not ideal for such a role Rekeem Harper - more one for the future, his technicals are a bit lacking. Probably a more attacking CM type maybe if we need to change and go more attacking, could also potentially be a sub at CAM Jack Wilshire - What to make of him really.....Clearly still has some qualities, but its hard to say for sure what his best role is really, and how he might dovetail with some of the other options above and below Carlos Alena - Another Barca Loanee, probably a CAM only, with some lovely technicals and mental abilities and traits. Also injured for 2 weeks currently Filip Kronovic - Yet another loan, can play multiple positions, but is a bit lazy and lacking in a few areas which mean i would probably not choose to start him in an ideal world Wingers Grady Diangana - Pacey, but his mentals and technicals are probably below what you need in the prem. Can play either side, and given we are quite short of wide options, we may need to make use of him Alex Collado - Continuing our attempt to be a Barca feeder team, another loanee. Has some obvious holes in his game but was brough in because he ticks some basic boxes in specific technical and mental attributes. Interestin mix of traits and can play off either side Karlam Grant - Could also be considered a striker, but given the rest of our options is likely to be used from wide. Looks a very good player amongs our other options Strikers Daniel Sturridge - Has unfortunately lost the pace which was his trademark, and has a mix of good and bad traits. Still clearly has the ability in front of goal, but can be a bit of an enigma Jermaine Defoe - Yes, really.... he is about 100 years old, but he can still play on the shoulder and bang in the goals. Feels like a pure poacher / AF type Kenneth Zahore - If this guy makes an appearance, we are in trouble.... just there because ive been unable to shift him tbh So that is the squad we have. I am now building up a couple of options for my first game, away to Leicester - looking at how best to use those those players in a cohesive system, which is suited to an underdog team. Morale is not great, and little i can do about that in the few days before the game, so we will try to focus on opponent scouting and tactical approach.
  5. Long time since i posted anything in here of substance, last years game most passed me by and this year ive barely dabled, but its still a game that draws me in, and the tactical side of FM is always something i feel i want to invest more time into. I started to dable recently with creating some wild, asymetric, strikerless madness at RBL, which was designed to embrace JDP principles. All good fun, but also things lots of other people are doing, i guess. Instead, i decided to look at a slightly different scenario. One more common in real world football than in FM saves, granted, but something like: - You come into a club in Feb - You are in the relegation zone, not cut adrift, but 4pts from safety and the team has not had any consistency all season - The squad is a mess, frankly. There is mish mash of player types, very little sign of a cohesive plan, generally pretty poor quality - The transfer window has been and gone, and the club has not really used it wisely, hence the above point - In reality ,the overall quality of the squad is bottom 6 at best, and close to bottom 3 So what do you? Tactically, and in team management terms. Do you analyse what you have, see what you think best suits them, and hope you can simple do bette than before by getting a little more out of the same players. Or do you stick to your own footballing approach, making "Best fits" where possible into a system you believe in, and hoping that over time, the team will form into your character and start to play as you hope. Well, it just so happens, i have a save where i find myself in this very situation (albeit with a slight twist!) The Save So uh, the slight twist here, is that i do not truley "come into a club" in Feb. This is actually a save I started months ago. I started out at West Bromich Albion (i have no personal connection as such, but a close friend is WBA mad, so i kinda get drawn in a little). But at the time i started this save, i was not really "Into" FM if i am honest. I sleep walked my way through the first 3 months - few random buys in the first window, slap a 4231 in, struggle quite a bit. Slap a 433 on, pick up the odd win, then struggle again. Jan comes, i get a bit interested again, think "right, its time to rebuild this squad", but i am only half interested really , so instead i sell off what i can, and i make a serious of somewhat random signings.......we continue to struggle. Then, i decide i want to do "this" - this thread and approach. So the scenario, as it were ,starts here on 12 Feb 2021, with 14 league game remaining in the season (and we are out of the cup, so that is the lot) The current situation League Table Remaining Fixtures The Squad The Tactical Approach So, i went back and forth quite a lot around how to approach this situation, and indeed how to even make it thread worthy. I thought about looking at an approach of "can you attack your way up from the bottom" or "can you impliment JDP in a rubbish squad at the bottom of the league" and a few other similar things. In the end, i felt like all of these things would be simply folly. It would also be a little bit boring to be honest. What i landed on, eventually, is to look to see if i can evolve something here over time. There is the short term, and the long term. In this situation, we need to react differently to each. In the short team, we face a number of issues: 1) Our remaining fixture list will give us different types of opponents, in comparison to us, and in play styles. We are not good enough really to simply dictate our own style onto games against better teams 2) The squad is a mess, and, crucially, has key injuries, which would impact our ability to play a specific structure 3) Tactically, i am not that clued up this year, and dont really have an underlying system that i know works that i would "port across" onto WBA So, where that lead me to, is that the best thing to do is to take it "game by game" - Obviously not drastic changes, but adapt our tactical approach each game to reflect both our opponent, and also the personell available to us at that moment im time. In real life, its a pretty basic aspect of football management. For many FM players, Its almost alien. We plug n play, right? Even if we create our own systems, so many of us just uniformly apply our system and make small tweaks based on intuituion rather than the actual situation - Now i should caveat this by saying, that is not the way everyone plays FM, and there are a shed load of brilliant threads and content on here showing people "managing" the tactical side of it into incredible levels of detail. So what is our formation and tactical approach? Well, we will need to see game by game .As it happens, our first match is against Leicester away. Its not quite a "medium difficulty" match, with Leicester in 7th in the league and we know having a strong squad, but they sit outside the true "big 6" so i feel like we can use that game to establish somewhat of a base, and adjust up or down when we face big 6 sides, or sides around us. But first, we need to look at the squad we have inherited in some more detail. I will do that in the next post. I would really like to get feedback as i go here - i am years out of date in my FM tactical knowledge in some ways, so i will get it wrong and it would be great to see people looking at the tactical decisions i make game to game and giving me pointers and feedback.
  6. So uh the 451 took a bit of a twist before it even got started...... i still have a version of it but at the moment im starting out with something a little more....... out there As you can obviously guess by the screenshot, the club i chose was RBL in Germany. I will be honest, i did not give it a huge amount of thought, other than liking that they are a big club, but perhaps not truley top 2 in germany yet. I knew they had a lot of good players, and i felt that a few were well suited to my plan.......... but i was actually sadly shocked when i took over and fully analysed the squad. My "club DNA", for now, is very simple. We will press high and hard. Perhaps not quite heavy metal, but we will be "in the face" of opponents (the 451 last year started out as a "low block" - not this time We will encourage movement and rotation in attack We will prioritise, and require, technically proficient football players across all "non defender" roles (so everyone other than the 3 true defenders) To avoid getting over complicated at this point, i picked out 4 "base" attributes that i consider essential for "non defender" players in my team Passing - You must be proficient in the basic art of passing the ball First touch - Its kinda vital you control the passes when they reach you Composure - So key on the football field, i need and want players who wont panic in key moments Off the ball - Given that we want to create attacking rotations, we need players who understand where to be when we are in possession - make those runs, make that in to out movement, etc RBL are set up to be........kinda the opposite to all but the first point above They have several, at first glance, very "good" players, who, when you look under the cover, are far more physical and hard working than they are technically proficient. Guys like Poulsen, Laimer, Halstenber, Klostermann and even to some extent Sabitzer and Kampl - these are key parts of what RBL have achieved..... but they dont fit what we want. So this is going to be quite the challenge........
  7. Yeah it seems like so long ago...... had a bit of fun re-reading the opening posts, seeing how niave i was back then In terms of this year, i have not done much, but i am looking at updating something i had fun with for a year or two early in last years game - the good old flat 451. Below is an old image i found of how i had it setup: ## Its probably not to difficult to work out how it was designed to play, but i will likely make some changes to it. The WP(s) was also a WM(d) and WM(s) at various times, and i do recall i struggle to get the MEZ working effectively, but lets see how this years game differs. The striker is always a problem in this setup as well.....
  8. I am pretty late to this particular party, but what a great thread It brought back great memories for me of me doing a DNA thread back on..... um, maybe FM15 or so (how was that 6 years ago!) with Athletic. Also puts me in mind of my slight, and not overly sucessful dabble with JDB last year - trying to creat a 451 which involved a lot of rotation and movement. I won Serie A with Fiorentina, but i found the ME was killing it - last year in Serie A, the smaller teams just passed the ball 200 times per game between centrebacks.....
  9. Couple of bits of post season news. FIrstly, our keeper breaks the Lyon / PSG domination of the domestic team of the season Secondly, got this huge bid for one of my youths THe board let me decline it, and i did. We have no need for the funds really, the TV money in the top division keeps our youth costs easily covered, even when they are maxed out and our salary costs are crazy compared to when we started, but still very low for the division.
  10. SC Bastia - Season 6 (2025/26) League Table | Squad | Finances| Transfers Summary What a step forward! After last seasons struggle to survive, i was hoping to move up the league a little, cautiously optimistic as we lost none of our youths and really, in france, with the facilities we now have, we can develop some properly class players. We started slowly, slumping to the bottom after 3 games, but we slowly started to pick up some points, and gain some momentum, by mid season we were looking a bit more comfortably safe and looking upwards, not downwards. When Jan came and went without us losing our talent, i felt good about the 2nd half. Wow, what a second half. We went on a bit of a streak. Infact, across the 2nd half of the season, we collected the 4th most points of any team! Not bad in a league with PSG, Lyon, Marseille and Monaco! As we went into out final game of the season, we sat in 7th place, which was the last of the European spots! It was tight though. A win could have moved us up to 6th, which brings automatic Europa League Group Stage, a loss could have knocked us to 8th, and no European adventure at all. Unfortunately, we slipped up to a heartbreaking late goal, but luckily Rennes also lost, so we FINISH 7th AND QUALIFY FOR THE EUROPA CONFERENCE PLAYOFF!!! Financially, things are still very bright. Our facilities are getting very top notch, and we just secured another upgrade to both Training and Youth Facilities for next season, and still 20m plus left in the bank. Youth Updates Kadiena Teme (YP01a) - Has reached his level, and would make for a decent backup in the top league, but we dont have many CM types so he is a regular starter and just about holds up not badly. Lucas Durand (YP01b) - Released on a free at the start of 2025/26 season - never made the grade Julien Corre (YP02a) - Our main man between the sticks, a regular for the France U21 team and knocking on the door of the main squad. Surely too good for us, but thus far ive held onto him Gregory Le Berre (YP02b) - Defo our key player, when he missed some time with injury, we struggled. As you can see, Utd and City both want him, so cant see him still being with us next season. Shame, as we have no need for the money Saul da Silva Silva (YP03a) - Our most improved player the last 2 seasons, suddenly looks properly class and his goals from the wing powered us to the european spot for sure. Pape Camara (YP03b) - First choice CB still and holding his own just about. His partner (an untagged youth from season 2 or 3) is slightly the better player i think, but he looks set to be a fixture at the back Samuel Ashu (YP04a) - A step forward in attribute development, and a step backwards in goals / performance. A frustrating player who so far, i am not gettting the best out of but he clearly has talent Abdoul Karim Dante (YP04b) - Moved up from U19s to the 2nd team, but missed a chunk of time with a bad injury. Recovered well and picked up his development, likely becoming a first team rotation player next year Mohamed Amine Meziane (YP05a) - Spent the entire season in the 2nd team, and he improved quite nicely. Still not sure of his best position but he will get consideration for the main team next year Lee Stevenson (YP05b) - Our Scottish lad actually got promoted to the first team mid season. He was not really ready, but i was desperate for goals and he was banging them in in the u19s, Predictably a bit out of his depth but lets see if he can develop into at least a bench piece New Youth Preview - Hey look. new HOYD, still a golden generation........ Intake - Not too bad at all. We have to be mindful that our first team now is much stronger than before, so the stars are relative of course and a couple of good prospects look to be in this intake. Parfait N'Tounou (YP06a) - Some interesting attributes, but i think more suited to being a winger than a striker. We use MR not AMR at the moment, so some minor retraining needed Federico Marrero (YP06b) - We are low on depth at CM so this is a welcome addition, loooks like a good CDM / CM type if we can bulk him up a bit.
  11. Got myself a new HOYD at Bastia, the previous guy served me pretty well, with one great intake and a couple of respectable ones, but this new option was too good to pass up Welcome aboard Dirk Kuyt! Legend.......and also a "Model Pro"
  12. SC Bastia - Season 5 (2024/25) League Table | Squad | Finances| Transfers Summary It was always going to be a tough season, and so it proved, we started out very slowly, although we never sat bottom, we were in relegation trouble across the first 2 months. However we made the most of our fixtures against those teams around us, and put on a spurt to get up to about 15th or so, and we sensed a chance at safety. Then though, as the tougher games came around, we just could never compete against the top half sides so slid back down........... however, the second set of "easier" fixtures came around in Feb against those teams around us and we took advantage again, surging clear of the bottom two. We even picked up a couple of points in draws against teams around the 5th - 9th mark which meant we finish 15th for SAFETY!! Amazing achievement really, our squad is miles weaker than the others in the division. We also managed to not lose any of our youth, almost all had the max contract plus 3 years optional extension when first signed, so we are in a decent position, albeit salaries are escalating as time goes on. Our top earner is now on an eye watering £11.5k per week (YP03a). However the financial situaion remains great. 17m in the bank, and our youth setup (Excellent / Exceptional) and our facilities (Good / Great) are in nice shape, with an upgrade to training facilities on the way to take them from Good to.....whatever is above that! Youth Updates Kadiena Teme (YP01a) - Actually stepped up his performances a bit this season, the lack of technicals is not ideal but he was a good performer and we eeked out a little more development, although the ass man thinks he is pretty maxed out Licas Durand (YP01b) - Ended up staying because i needed a bench keeper, and although i have better prospects, i wanted them getting playing time in the other teams. However he made 1 appearance because our starter was injured... and let in 7. Oh dear Julien Corre (YP02a) - Our first choice keeper and now looks class, started to get France u21 caps and constantly getting interest from bigger clubs still, but exercised the 3 year contract extension Gregory Le Berre (YP02b) - Our star man in terms of attributes, again not many counting stats in terms of goals / assists but he looks classy. Going to be tough to hold him as he is now unhappy and wants to move to a bigger club Saul da Silva Silva (YP03a) - Huge development this year and is now up there with Le Berre as my best starting player. Pape Camara (YP03b) - Promoted to the first team and right into the starting 11 and he developed well, a bit over matched against the Monaco / PSG / Lyon types but still one of our best CBs available Samuel Ashu (YP04a) - We went bold with 2 strikers at various points this year and Ashu benefited by getting lots of playing time. He responded by being our top scorer with 10 goals, looks to have settled in nicely to the top team Abdoul Karim Dante (YP04b) - Spent first half of the season in the u19s then actually was our first player to be loaned out, but didnt get many games or perform...... New Youth Preview - Somehow didnt take the screenshot but yeah, the Golden Generation wording existed...... Intake - A little underwhelming if i am honest, i guess to be expected as we have had nice luck in previous years Mohamed Amine Meziane (YP05a) - Pretty good looking technical player not sure where i would use him as currently we dont use a CAM, but nice to have and looks to have good potential Lee Stevenson (YP05b) - Had to tag him as our first Scottish regen, and whilst he does not look to have huge potential, actually has decent enough attributes in a position we are still short in
  13. Welcome to the NFL, as they say........ouch. Its gonna be a long season...... At least we scored!
  14. SC Bastia - Season 4 (2023/24) League Table | Squad | Finances| Transfers Summary Well WOW! After ending last season strong, i felt we could kick on and towards the top half, and we started well. By game 8 we were in the playoffs, but we hit a bit of a slump around the year end, dropping down to around 12th and looking like mid table was where we would go. At this point, i tweaked my tactics, and despite losing my best striker for £5m to Lyon, we went on an absolute tear. From the turn of the year, to the end of the season we lost only once,and drew only 5. We flew up and finished in 4th place to clinch a spot in the playoffs!! The playoffs......oh my. The first round was a fairly routine 2 nil win against Le Mans. The next round, which i felt was probably reaching our limit, was a nervy affair which was goaless through 120mins and we sneaked it on pens. The final, oddly, is then a 2 legged affair. The home leg was topsy turvy, we led 2 v nil, got pegged back to 2 v 2 after a silly red card, then scored late to take an advantage. The second leg, ended up being a bit anti-climatic, but i was fine with that! We held on for a nil nil goal and WE ARE PROMOTED!! HOLY ***** WHERE DID THAT COME FROM Playoff fixtures Cup...man i never learn, same mistake again, fielded backups who were not match fit ,and lost to a lower league side! Finances of course are very healthy after the £5m player sale, and we have upgraded junior coaching again and also Training facilities and youth facilites I assume we wiill fall right back down next season, our squad is surely too weak for the top division, but still, a promo is always nice ::) Top Performer Gaetan Alfonsi - After we lost our main striker Guillot, this untagged youth from season 1 stepped up and took on the goal scoring burden. Did a pretty nice job Youth Updates Kadiena Teme (YP01a) - Was a mainstay in our midfield again this year, solid if not spectacular, and his development has stopped but he still is a good regular Licas Durand (YP01b) - A complete non factor, probably going to be released this off-season Julien Corre (YP02a) - Established as our first choice keeper and looks class, again had to fight off many bids but he is under long term contract Gregory Le Berre (YP02b) - With Guillot gone, this guys stands out as our best all round player by a distance. Does not really have the counting stats, but does a great job as a box to box / slightly more attacking CM Saul da Silva Silva (YP03a) - Came right in as our starting RM and was a little bit inconsistent, as to be expected with his age, but he did a job and is likely to setttle in Pape Camara (YP03b) - Spent the season in our 2nd team, but was subject of a few bids and is ready to be promoted to the first team squad i think New Youth Preview - Wahey! The old golden generation prediction yet again is back........ Intake - That is not too bad at all actually, a potential replacement striker for Guillot Samuel Ashu (YP04a) - A striker who can finish already, you would like the composure a bit higher but we might throw him in next season Abdoul Karim Dante (YP04b) - A versatile defender who looks like he could be useful as a squad player at very worst
  15. Ah damn Knew this moment would come but its only been 1.5 seasons. Not even a sell on clause either. He is clearly way to good for us but his goals were carrying us and we dont have any other great ST prospects in the pipeline
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