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  1. Genuinely amazes me that this old thread of mine is still remembered and somewhat regularly quoted, 6 and a bit years later! I did love the 451, albeit a slightly different slant to the OP here - i love the fact that you can use one "formation" to create so many "shapes". Here........well its very interesting reading, but not really about the 451 formation per say (most involve some varuation.......although including the 41212 diamond is.... a stretch! ) I have tried a few times to recreate the 451 flexibility, using that exact shape (5 flat midfielders) but not had much sucess in
  2. Game 1 - Leicester City v WBA Ok so the way i dealt with this, is that i took verbatim notes as the game progressed and i will just paste these here......to try and show a bit of the changes i made, i will stick some screenshots of things i looked at as well: One thing - Specifically set our CAM to man mark the Leicester CDM - the formation clash allows for this (Leicester will play 433 CDM) First 10 - started ok, couple of chances on the break forced a couple of corners. not letting them play too much. Under looks dangerous against Townsend. - No tweaks 12mins - goal ki
  3. Ok game 1, as shown above, is away to high flying Leicester. They currently sit 7th in the table, Goals for and against are pretty much equal, so to be expected for a mid table side. In preperation for this, i split it into 2 stages: Stage 1 - what can we realistically do with the players available? so looking at the set of players we have, there is a little bit of versatility there Realistically, there are maybe 14 players max that i would want to choose from to start, but some can play many roles. So i think realistically we could go 433 (the CDM / AMR / AML thing), 4141, 442, 4411.
  4. So time for a bit more of a detailed look at what we have at our disposal here, spoiler alert.... it aint much. But our tactical approach will have to focus a lot on how we best make use of the strengths that these players do have, both individually and as a collective. I wont clog up the thread with screenshots to every player, will use hyperlinks to keep it neat. Goalkeepers Sam Johnstone - The clear number 1. Not top notch but probably is good enough to hold his own in the bottom half of the prem Backups - I wont bore you with details, Sam is basically the only keepe
  5. Long time since i posted anything in here of substance, last years game most passed me by and this year ive barely dabled, but its still a game that draws me in, and the tactical side of FM is always something i feel i want to invest more time into. I started to dable recently with creating some wild, asymetric, strikerless madness at RBL, which was designed to embrace JDP principles. All good fun, but also things lots of other people are doing, i guess. Instead, i decided to look at a slightly different scenario. One more common in real world football than in FM saves, granted, but some
  6. So uh the 451 took a bit of a twist before it even got started...... i still have a version of it but at the moment im starting out with something a little more....... out there As you can obviously guess by the screenshot, the club i chose was RBL in Germany. I will be honest, i did not give it a huge amount of thought, other than liking that they are a big club, but perhaps not truley top 2 in germany yet. I knew they had a lot of good players, and i felt that a few were well suited to my plan.......... but i was actually sadly shocked when i took over and fully analysed the sq
  7. Yeah it seems like so long ago...... had a bit of fun re-reading the opening posts, seeing how niave i was back then In terms of this year, i have not done much, but i am looking at updating something i had fun with for a year or two early in last years game - the good old flat 451. Below is an old image i found of how i had it setup: ## Its probably not to difficult to work out how it was designed to play, but i will likely make some changes to it. The WP(s) was also a WM(d) and WM(s) at various times, and i do recall i struggle to get the MEZ working effectively, but
  8. I am pretty late to this particular party, but what a great thread It brought back great memories for me of me doing a DNA thread back on..... um, maybe FM15 or so (how was that 6 years ago!) with Athletic. Also puts me in mind of my slight, and not overly sucessful dabble with JDB last year - trying to creat a 451 which involved a lot of rotation and movement. I won Serie A with Fiorentina, but i found the ME was killing it - last year in Serie A, the smaller teams just passed the ball 200 times per game between centrebacks.....
  9. Couple of bits of post season news. FIrstly, our keeper breaks the Lyon / PSG domination of the domestic team of the season Secondly, got this huge bid for one of my youths THe board let me decline it, and i did. We have no need for the funds really, the TV money in the top division keeps our youth costs easily covered, even when they are maxed out and our salary costs are crazy compared to when we started, but still very low for the division.
  10. SC Bastia - Season 6 (2025/26) League Table | Squad | Finances| Transfers Summary What a step forward! After last seasons struggle to survive, i was hoping to move up the league a little, cautiously optimistic as we lost none of our youths and really, in france, with the facilities we now have, we can develop some properly class players. We started slowly, slumping to the bottom after 3 games, but we slowly started to pick up some points, and gain some momentum, by mid season we were looking a bit more comfortably safe and looking upwards, not downwards. When Jan came and w
  11. Got myself a new HOYD at Bastia, the previous guy served me pretty well, with one great intake and a couple of respectable ones, but this new option was too good to pass up Welcome aboard Dirk Kuyt! Legend.......and also a "Model Pro"
  12. SC Bastia - Season 5 (2024/25) League Table | Squad | Finances| Transfers Summary It was always going to be a tough season, and so it proved, we started out very slowly, although we never sat bottom, we were in relegation trouble across the first 2 months. However we made the most of our fixtures against those teams around us, and put on a spurt to get up to about 15th or so, and we sensed a chance at safety. Then though, as the tougher games came around, we just could never compete against the top half sides so slid back down........... however, the second set of "easier"
  13. Welcome to the NFL, as they say........ouch. Its gonna be a long season...... At least we scored!
  14. SC Bastia - Season 4 (2023/24) League Table | Squad | Finances| Transfers Summary Well WOW! After ending last season strong, i felt we could kick on and towards the top half, and we started well. By game 8 we were in the playoffs, but we hit a bit of a slump around the year end, dropping down to around 12th and looking like mid table was where we would go. At this point, i tweaked my tactics, and despite losing my best striker for £5m to Lyon, we went on an absolute tear. From the turn of the year, to the end of the season we lost only once,and drew only 5. We flew up and f
  15. Ah damn Knew this moment would come but its only been 1.5 seasons. Not even a sell on clause either. He is clearly way to good for us but his goals were carrying us and we dont have any other great ST prospects in the pipeline
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