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  1. you are doing great ! Only played 9 SPL games, drew 3 ( away against motherwell, hibs and home against celtic, they were the better team , 1-1 is a good result). So i'm 4 points behind celtic. I want the win the league 3 times in the next 5/6 seasons. El: won against Midtjylland in the last qualifer with penalties.. so got a bit lucky their. Won home against Spartak moscow , 1-1 away against fenerbache and the third team is Ludogorets . No real ambition in the first season in europa. In the near future i want to get into the first knock out of the CL or quarter/semi final in E
  2. Starting my last save on this FM with rangers . I have a question, U20's aren't playing in a competition in season 1 , will this change in the second season ?
  3. Anyone playing with a (lower) English team and uses the 'british or English' singing only policy ?
  4. I'm about to stop in the 6th season.. It was a great save with an amazing newgen Santamaria and a lot of important wins / games ! I enjoyed it very much but i want to start something new . I wish u all the best !
  5. Hello, planning to start with benevento .. last year i had a long save with Parma. Just a quick question, when can i pre-sign players near the end of their contract ? in january ? I'm not sure. Thanks.
  6. After winning many trophies last season, i'm stuck in my 6th season.. only played one league game in one month. I'm trying to pick it up where i left it.. but not happening.
  7. Season 6 : life after Laporte... I lost the europa supercup (1-0 against Bayern) and won the 4th super copa in a row against Atletico. Azpi (leftback) is doing a good job. Only played a few games this month so i hope to post a full update at the end of this month.
  8. Griezmann for 131milj (he is +- 30 now) and Oyazabal plays for arsenal, they won't sell. No problem, i promoted a few regens / wonderkids .. lets pray !
  9. hmm.. i already had +- 200milj on my balance and bought all the good basque regens . Now i have 354 milj on the balance and for what...
  10. i'm before the pre season start / 6th season and Man utd made an offer for laporte .. 156milj (euro) and that is his release clause.. The first important player that i'm going to lose.. i have Martinez San José Nunez and Yeray but it hurts..
  11. 5th season : Won la liga with 99 points after only loss (against sociedad :o) Won the champions leauge after beating PSG in the quarter final (5-1 home) , against arsenal in the final with 2-1. So won 4 la liga's in 5 , 2 cl's in 5 and 3 cups in 5 . Next season Benat and Garcia will retire . Merino already took over from Benat this season with Otegui and a regen as backup. Santamaria (regen) broke the assist record from la liga .. His value is +80milj now and he is my star. Azpi will join me on free and play on the leftback position. Also promoting two or
  12. Halfway in my 5th season. Leading la liga after a win(4-1 , 4 goals from Williams) against Real madrid , 42 points out 48 . CL group 16 on 18 (liverpool, inter and Lille) and in the first knockout against Marseille. I'm doing good without villalibre (injured in preseason for +- 9 months) Just signed Azpiliueta in january (he'll join me on a free transfer in season 6.. he'll be 32 but replace Balenziaga as leftback.. 1.5 years younger and he'll buy me time to get a good regen in the DL slot.
  13. i'm planning to keep San jose till he crashes Garcia , Benat and Baleziaga only one more season. I have good youngsters. Best La liga player was Santamaria (posted his attributes) so he is a key player . I have two great strikers , both named Alonso from my own intake. Two good mc's, one good ML , one DR (regen bought from sociedad in season 3) and two or three U19/21 goalkeepers from my own intake. I don't have great central defenders or left back .. can't find any good one yet Javi Martinez en Otegui will be in the squad for years , i loaned them out till this season. Otegui
  14. My squad in red . my 5th season is going to start, 18/8/2021 so i'm one season behind you. U'll notice i'm quite loyal to most of the players from the first season, i'm trying to keep them till they retire.
  15. I sold Iturraspe in my third season , for +- 15milj to Middlesbrough . That is a crazy result against PSG , Bowie. What is your full squad now ? number one and two for each position ? I'll write down my a-squad tonight.
  16. Great la liga result(s) , bowie ! Just lost Villalibre in pre-season in the 5th season. After his great (topscorer, spanish international) 4th season , this will be a big blow ! 7 months out after a bad tackle on training.
  17. Most assist in la liga (ever) , best rating in la liga etc.. won almost every award. Gave Garcia his last contract extension , updated Herrera Sold Lekue for 10milj to burnley. I'll play Laporte as DL now , Balenziaga and/or Saborit as backup.
  18. Season 4 update : Won the supercopa against Villareal. Quarter final CL : lost against Chelsea (2-1 at the bridge , 1-2 at bilbao) Won la liga for the second time (3 games before the end - 10 point lead (real madrid is second) Won copa del rey for the third time in a row , 1-0 against Barcelona. First season i'm playing with striker(s) . Williams is doing great but Villalibra is la liga topscorer , he scored 30 goals in 37 games(copa and cl included). My 4-4-2 is really going great and fun to play with. Next update about a few regens that i'll prom
  19. I bought Bautista in the winterbreak for only 1.2milj ! he'll be my backup striker for Villalibre - Williams in my third season. scored a hattrick in his first (cup) game. Currently flying with my 4-4-2 , 30 on 30 in la liga, 9 / 9 in CL.. Played real away in the cup and created 7 ccc's. Now won against them in la liga (3-1 ) and created 8 ccc's. really going strong.
  20. great idea to put laporte on the DL position. in the 5th season i'll do the same and replace Balenziage with Laporte. I still have Martinez - San Jose - Yeray and Nunez for the dc spots.
  21. created one , first time in years ( i don't like to play with wingers or with real strikers.. time for this challenge) in +- october of my 4th season. the only problem i'm facing is .. not enough strikers. Control / fluid - close down more - dribble less - higher tempo and play out defence
  22. Yes i scouted him but he was not good enough when i played strikerless (with three AMC's) or with only one striker (williams or villalibre) . Diarra is quite good , but i'm in october/november so can't recall anyone.
  23. nice ! can u show us your tactic ? PS : nice update bowie. some good newgens ! Your 4-4-2 is inspiring me to create one myself.. i think it's the only formation i didn't try to create on this version :o Still having tactic crisis (after winning a trophy or important game.. i want to create something new / challenge). 2 strikers is idd not easy with only Williams - Villalibre - Newgen Alonso AND Garcia as a backup striker) to play. Aduriz retired at the end of the second season.
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