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  1. Good luck @stefaanpeeraer is in his 4th or 5th season with them / youth only.
  2. In my Caley Braves save , five or six players have been poached. Three of them are visible and are Scottish . Caley Braves produce only french regens with French names and Scottish or African second nationality. Players that have been poached had a Scottish (of Scandinavian) name, never a French name. @Seb Wassell , is it possible that those players never would have popped up in my youth intakes , or could they have became visible with a french name ? It's very strange that i'm losing young players with names (and nationalities) that would never get through my ranks.. Thanks for the help .
  3. Poached players I've had four or five players being poached. Three of them are visible and two of them are good (and have an high value). Tempting...
  4. This are my overall best players in season 9 (rating - own calculation technical - mental - physical attributes): Zié Doumbia - Class 2026 (B) - 48.71% Lemoine - Class 2027 (C) - 45.24% Fritsch - Class 2028 (A) - 45.13% Henneuse - Class 2024 (A) - 44.89% Garnier - Class 2026 (A) - 44.18%
  5. Brave calling ! Caledonian Braves - Season 2027-2028 (Season 8) review - Scottish League one Pre-season |Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 |Past positions | Season review After I lost the playoff finals last season, my ambition was to reach the playoffs again. We started the season pretty well and were always in third and later second place. We got to play the playoffs against Dunfirmline, a big club nevertheless. In the other semi finals Stirling (4th) had to compete against the second last but one of the championship, Inverness CT. We had to play those four games without Doumbia 26B,our star player.. he was on international duty with Ivory Coast U20 We reach the finals again, and Stirling defeated Inverness ! We did it ! Championship here we come ! We also did better in the Scottish Cup, beating Ross County out of the championship after replay. In the end we got a nice galamatch against Celtic in the 5th round, they won only narrowly. Squad| Best eleven| Transfers | Staff | Finances First full season in a 4 3 3 system so the team got a number of new players . Henneuse 24A got a starting place and Robert 24B got a lot more playing minutes. On the right, Lemoine 27C got a spot in the team and seems to be finally solving our problem at WBR. Really Happy with our first internationals . Doumbia 26B (U20 Ivory Coast) and Amewou 21B (togo). Player of the season McLaughlin was the topscorer again in League one but Zié Doumbia 26B was our main man with many assists and goals. He signed a new deal after playing for 30 euro / month for two seasons. Young player of the season They have to be U20 for this trophy, that is why Michaud 26C is winning it again. He provided 10 assists and had a good season. Youth updates Class 21 : Paulle 21C was again the best player of his class. 4 players from class 2021 got minutes. Class 22 : Nabab-Aquilon 22C was our best defender. He is the only one that's got a spot in the squad. Class 23 : Bultel 23E remains first goalkeeper and is the only active player from class 23 . Class 24 : Robert 24B was the first sub for the MC positions. He played a lot of games and did good. 2 players active from Class 2024. Class 25 : No players active this season. Class 26 : I could make a special update for this golden Class 2026 (United would call it the class of 92). 6 players active at the moment but Doumbia 26B is the star. Class 27 : Lemoine 27C played almost all the games as WBR and did a good job. Only one active player. Youth intake - Class 2028 Youth intake preview Fullbacks and wingers.. maybe one or two good ones but no quantity? Class 2028 Signed 14 !! players, almost everyone had a positive personality . very good from my Hoyd (his third intake ).After the golden 2026 , this could be the next golden class from 2028. Below the best four : Fritsch 28A Is the best youth intake player (rating) i've received. He could play on WBL but maybe i'll retrain him as a BWM. He played in the last games of this season. Ferreira 28B is a new option for the MC spot and with his resolute personality could get into the first team very soon. Dufour 28C is a new prospect for the wings or AMC spot. Hamon 28D played in a few games already and will be a contender for first team DC spots next season. Improvements No money but we improved our Youth recr. again. Next season Championship... now it really starts! Survival in the coming seasons and hopefully some good youth intakes ... Prize money is normally high enough to get our balance back positive over time without having to sell players. I will stay semi pro for the time being and expansion of youth or training facilities are still impossible.
  6. First international call-up Doumbia 26B has three nationalities (Ivorian, French and Scottish) . This is my first international player (not easy with al my French regens to get call-ups).
  7. Brave calling ! Caledonian Braves - Season 2026-2027 (Season 7) review - Scottish League one Pre-season |Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 |Past positions | Season review Our best performance in league one and we spent most of the season round spot 2. Because we still went down to fourth place after an weaker February and March month, we had to play the second last out of the championship in the play-offs. I won three of my three play-off rounds in earlies season.. could I be succesfull again ? Championship level ? no problem. Leeds in disguise ? Proud but we missed it and this hurts ! Squad| Best eleven| Transfers | Staff | Finances Because we switched to a 4 3 3 at the end of last season, we needed some new options. Certain youth players got (new) chances. Others confirmed the high expectations. Mclaughlin went deep into the attack. and the three youth players from the previous intake played it all to pieces. Michaud 26C in midfield, Zia Doumbia 26B on the flank and Garnier 26A on the left back. Player of the season First time that Kelly didn't won this. Mclaughlin had a great season alone up front. He won the player of the year award. What a performance ! Young player of the season Michaud 26c was my destroyer and runner in het middle. Youth updates Class 21 : Paulle 21C had a great season as a central defender. 4 players of this class featured this season. Class 22 : Nabab-Aquilon 22C was the partner of Paulle 21C and had again a good season. Only 1 player of this class in the first team. Class 23 : Bultel 23E remains first goalkeeper and is the only active player from class 23 . Class 24 : Henneuse 24A played some games as inside forward and was the best of his class. 2 players from 2024 featured this season. Class 25 : Desbordes 25C was my backup right wingback and he had a few good moments. Not good enough yet. Class 26 : Michaud 26c was the best player of a great class. 4 from this class in the first team, 3 played every game. Youth intake - Class 2027 Youth intake preview A good central defender and fullbacks.. we need a good WBR .. begging for this since the start. Class 2027 Signed 11 players, not as good as last intake but that one was reallly amazing. Maybe one of those three will be promoted into my first team. Below the best three : Ouadah 27A could be our next good left wingback (we already have a few good options). Mason 27B scored good as BWM , determination is high ! Lemoine 27C wait.. a WBR ?? let's hope he'll progress. his personality is good, his determination is not. Improvements We got lucky because we don't have any money.. but they agreed to upgrade our Youth recruitment and junior coaching. Next season Can we confirm our fourth place? If I can keep all my players, yes. Hopefully they'll grow and I'll get playoffs again. Championship clubs are very often bidding for our three good players from class 2026. And maybe i'll promote two more good prospects from class 2026 : Schmitt 26D and Poiret 26E
  8. wow that was a good player ! In my Caley Braves save i had three good prospects from thet last youth intake. They are in the starting line up (i changed my 4-5-1 to a 4 3 3 at the end of last season) and all the championship teams are trying to buy them. I need money but if I don't get 100k or more, they are staying: ) Best position is AMC (adv playmaker) but i'm using him as a box 2 box This one is my main left wingback. This one is my main inside forward.
  9. Good job @XaWwith winning the league and playing CL next season(qualification round ?) . You are going hard again in your save Winger looks good.
  10. Brave calling ! Caledonian Braves - Season 2025-2026 (Season 6) review - Scottish League one Pre-season |Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 |Past positions | Season review Our best performance in league one but still a long way of improving and aiming for playoffs or more. At the end we won three games in a row, otherwise we would had a problem. Squad| Best eleven| Transfers | Staff | Finances The big squad overhaul from last season wasn't a major succes. Our biggest problems remain.. no right wingbacks and no real quality at the back.. this changed after my last youth intake(see below). After the winterbreak is opted to drop my libero tactic that i was using on this and last FM because it remains a difficult system and i tried to use a 4-5-1 . The last three games i played a classic 4 3 3 and this seems to be a good choice. Trying to build from those games and pick my squad for next season for that formation. Was able to extend all the contracts, only lost a few old players in the first 6 seasons, some youth players were poached. Player of the season Kelly, 6th time in a row but being our best player with only 10 goals and 3 assists says it all.. Young player of the season Bultel 23E , second time in a row. He'll be my goalkeeper for years (if we don't lose him). Youth updates Class 21 : Amewou 21B was our best player. After the tactic change i used him as an MC and he did a good job. Class 22 : Nabab-Aquilon 22C played a second season as first choice dc . His reputation is growing. Class 23 : Bultel 23E was the best player from all the classes and the only one selected from the class of 2023. Class 24 : Henneuse 24A played some games and still looks promising . It could be a good thing for him if i'm going to play 4-3-3. Class 25 : Meunier 25B was my first option as right wingback but not a succes. Youth intake - Class 2026 Youth intake preview A golden generation.. what else ? second preview from our new Hoyd and i love to see if we get that good mifielder and winger. Class 2026 Signed 12 players, a lot of players could be promoted directly into my first squad , four of them have a rating above 40% , the highest one i had before scored 39%. Below the best three : Promoted this three youngsters to the first team after the intake. Garnier 26A will be my new left back. He looks great but bad personality. Doumbia 26B was promoted because i started using wingers. He looks good and has Pro personality. Michaud 26C seems to have the best attributes and could be used as a MC. Improvements Upgraded our Youth coaching and Recruitment again. Next season The aim is to get more points again and fill up for the new 4 3 3 system (with some variants). Again I will have to carefully compose the squad based on my calculations in Excell per position and role.
  11. My 6th youth intake at the braves and received two great lads : Got 4 players with Ca 3* or more . three of them went directly in the first team and eleven. Only bad thing is that they both got a bad personalty and determination.
  12. In the middle of season 6 with Caley Braves . decided to stop using my libero 3 4 3 (quite unrealistic) and used this with IR (Iceland) and this team for too long.. Added almost all the 'normal ' roles to my excel, updated the calculation of the most important attributes : Updated my excel squad (youth intakes and first team) And planning to create a 4-5-1 . more about this in the next update.
  13. Just got lucky playing at Hearts in the league cup (every year this is a mix of premiership, championship and league one teams in the pre season period). Gained 120k from this !
  14. Brave calling ! Caledonian Braves - Season 2024-2025 (Season 5) review - Scottish League one Pre-season |Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 |Past positions | Season review In our first round (18 matches) we gained almost the same amount of points as the entire previous season. unfortunately due to a bad round back we still dropped to position 9 and have to play relegation playoffs again. We escaped again, fortunately! I expected it to be much harder because we hadn't won since the beginning of January. Squad| Best eleven| Transfers | Staff | Finances After a huge squad overhaul we had to wait and see what we were going to get out of it. Not only Bultel 23E ended up in the base team. Nabab-Aquilon 22C and Lutz 21F were almost all matches in the base as well. There are now four (also Amewou 21B is always playing) youth players in the starting line-up. Player of the season Kelly, 5th time in a row but not his best season. Young player of the season Bultel 23E was my main goalkeeper and he was the best youngster. Youth updates Class 20 : nothing to report Class 21 : Lutz 21F was the best player from this class, played almost all the games at WBL. Class 22 : Nabab-Aquilon 22C is a first team player now. Class 23 : Bultel 23E was the best player from all the classes. Class 24 : Henneuse 24A played some games as sub, advanced forward. he looks promising. Youth intake - Class 2025 Youth intake preview First preview from our new hoyd. It looks like we'll get some right wingbacks or wingers.. lets pray ! Class 2025 Signed 10 player, not the best youth intake. Some good personalties but CA's of most players are very low and my excel looks very red. Below the best three : Michaud 25A Could develop as a good central midfielder with his spirited personalty. Meunier 25B and Desbordes 25C can be retrained as WBR , something we really need. Improvements We got a partnership with Hibs, just to get their annual fee and pre season friendly. Upgrading our youth facilities isn't working.. so we updated our junior coaching again. Next season no idea what to expect. Trying again not to be relegated and that some youth players are still maturing? I expect we'll have to fight four or five more seasons in league one before we qualify for the championship. It won't be like in league two (rising suddenly after three seasons). I'm having big issues concerning my staff.. can't resign any of them (except one or two average).. so my Hoyd, assistent manager , coaches are leaving or staying without contract. Can't upgrade our wage options for them .
  15. U need right wing back like me ? I really need one , i'm playing a WBL at right wingback and retraining an average prospect from winger to wbr. Edit: five minutes later i received this... :o Let it be!
  16. Just a quick question, i can ask for this Hibs link ? but i can't loan or sign players from them (logic). But is it possible they or the board will force some loan transfers to us ? Anyone got experience with this ?
  17. A small update before I start season 5 : I'm going to completely reform my squad and re-select it based on my excellence calculations. Risky because I'm going to move a number of senior players aside and select a number of young players purely on attribute strength according to position/role. 13 from the youth intakes. 4 from class 21 ,2 from class 22 , 4 from class 23 en 3 from class 24 .
  18. Idd from model prof to prof is not a big difference . his judging PA and CA are better so i have hope we'll see . I would always pick the highest personalty but it's not set in stone. Your looks good concerning attributes. Balanced is tricky but can go both ways
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