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  1. Facilities - upgrades start Season 4 Really happy with those updates. The Youth facilities are expensive but i hope we'll get some crazy GIB wonderkid soon
  2. Pre-season - Season 4 - 2023/2024 We started with beating Tirana from Albania in our Champions league qualifications. Now we need to beat Olimpija from Slovenia and they have some good players. First Eleven This is our first eleven for important games . Olivero replaces retired Nano. This is our first eleven for other games in Gibraltar. Transfers in Signed five regens from other clubs. I'm very excited about two. McMahon: Very good prospect, i'll loan him out to gain experience. Lloyd: a good AMC prospect. Buckley: Good Dete
  3. First major interest He wants to leave but i'm trying to keep him.
  4. International duty June 2023 New faces from our Class 2023 at U19 GIB:
  5. Retirement Nano I'm going to miss this legend ! I can't sign him as youth coach, he is to expensive for us . I would have signed him because of his PRO personality. 39 assists in three season (GIB & Europe).
  6. Review - Season 3 - 2022/2023 League Fixtures | Play-off Fixtures | League Player Stats | Best Eleven| Accolades | Finances | Transfers | Loaned players | Youth intake | Gibraltar National League This year we did it ! The Gibraltarian invincibles ! 60/60 points. Gibraltar Rock Cup We needed extra time in the final but we won our first ! Pepe Reyes Cup Europe Happy with our performance, managed to get a draw against every opponent from our EL group. Intermediate League (U23) Squad Key players An
  7. Promising U18 ? Our U18's won two of their three games. Not against the biggest countries but i'm happy with that. With five of our players.
  8. Pro = u can arrange friendlies against teams from Spain or Africa and u need to do this because some months you only get one fixture. Contra= This is the smallest European country and u can't use them in the youth only challenge because the second tier has no promotion (only youth teams + Hound dogs).
  9. Had two great seasons with them (posted here about them). The only thing i don't like in Iceland are the long winterbreaks . In Gibraltar i have a shorter season but the winter and off season breaks are not that long. One day i'll return to Iceland, good luck !
  10. International duty March 2023 New record ( 39 ) . A new face called up for GIB U19 : And GIB U21 :
  11. Development update - Class of 2022 March 2022: March 2023 (one year development): DNA average: increased 1.8 Technical average: increased 1.2 Mental average: increased 1.4 Physical average: increased 3.5 Total average: increased 2.1 This class improved in comparison with the class of 21 a lot. Details: No determination changes yet. Everybody inproved overall with 'Professional' Lake and 'Fickle' Salah as best students of this class at the moment. Lake: Conclusion : If i compare this with my first development u
  12. Youth Intake - Season 3 - Class of 2023 Two players above 40% , overall a weak intake. Average determination = 9.3 . Class of 22 was 9.06 . Class of 21 was 10.1 . Average total attributes = 35,76 . Class of 22 was 34,7 and class of 21 was 33,5 . So this is the best class . Best of class 2023 Barber seems ok but he is not very tall and low self belief could become a problem. He scores 45,41 and is our best youth intake player since starting this save. I believe in Davison , he could become our best winger with his pace and dribbling and good personality.
  13. i love the 'real' pictures that you add to your updates
  14. Youth intake preview - Season 3 A DL a DC and a wide midfielder.. but the last sentence is the spoiler
  15. Facilities update - Season 3 I requested to update this and after three attemps they accepted but for a lot of money. it was Adequate . Youth Recruitment and Academy coaching was easy to update till now. I'm very happy with how fast we are improving but i don't expect any miracles.. if we get one good youngster every year it would be really good for a Gib team.
  16. Gibraltar that scores is special.. if your hotest prospect scores it is very special
  17. Gibraltar only situation The pool with GIB players is very short . Sometimes a good Spanish or English player that plays 730 days in Gibraltar can get GIB as second nationality. Most of the Spanish lads aren't doing that , realistic. But two Foreign players did : Lee is a Sheff Wed youth product, starting his third season and has GIB as second nationality.. i'm following him. Rosa is playing for Europa FC , his fourth season and he is eligible for Gibraltar.
  18. Gibraltar National League - Player Development - Season 3 We are almost their ! from 1 to 12 in 2 seasons.
  19. International duty november 2022 New record with many new faces from Class 2022. U21 GIB Not his first U21 cap but never changed his face, now i did. U19 GIB U18 GIB
  20. Player Name: Olivier Macland Nation of birth (choose from: France, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion) Guadeloupe Month and date of birth (year will be set for all) 8 Aug Ht/Wt (in meters/kgs) 1.85/86kg position(s): DMC / DC Assign one attribute (4 total) (technical/mental/physical) at 18, 15, 12...and 3. Rest of attributes will be randomized by the database.: Determination- 18 Tackling- 15 Work rate - 12 Long throws - 3 You may select one PPM Throw Himself Into Tackles
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